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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 1/12/18

Fri, 12 Jan 2018|

Ithaca 'Hopkist' and glad beer doesn't stain, this week on 'the Buzz!'



  1. Kevin Sampson2:23
  2. New Zealand11:33, 11:41
  3. Southern Hemisphere6:21, 6:26, 6:45
  4. Chico California11:42
  5. pale ale10:42
  6. Sierra Nevada6:19, 11:27
  7. New England10:36, 10:39
  8. Ithaca7:33, 7:36, 8:22
  9. Bob Barr4:19
  10. Northern Hemisphere6:30

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Kind of sit thirty seconds that was about two minutes ago I don't know what's happening. Association of broadcasters award the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press front passes OC we're only minutes a lot of work that's a lot of awards in there too so. Promoting and advancing to craft a microphone ultra northeast Pennsylvania is another edition. This Friday nearby is powered by Sabatini pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in and see her. I'll what is the area's greatest collections and other craft three aircraft an imported Beers crowds using crowd pleasing him come home and I. Eight and 36 rotating drafted seventeen these pizza and seventeen he's bottle shock and are planning avenue in antenna. Windows sanity in the studio the morning when no good morning raining on the way up here was it is a wet out there are known. A little bit slowly lose a man named bill for my beer buzz account is your course happy Friday happy Friday to you bill through rainy day in the studio. You know the set up here in the show prep was taken place a couple of minutes ago the south hills village clean billion yeah I did the sort of three stooges and move their card go via the bottle shook around in the car guess on the way out. All had been only. I popped it it was a delay foam it took like two seconds before it foam. And in my haste to grab it and prevented from dumping all my headphones and everything else hits I dumped it into my lap. Starting the day out with went not only feels like you pee your pants but you got to snow like you been drinking all night yeah that'll go out. I'm never big but I can vouch that the blow dryer in men's room doesn't work half hour or so needed to get a picture that you would that brought shame doesn't. As we hit huge. It is adjustable nonetheless the three guys they came in while I was a thinker. Turn into lighter turn there really ran you left with a story I heard them running down all things in Italy has gone on a little bit. Anyway are you miss right now from that somewhat. Frenzied fans here's our tax external yeah. Internally maybe not so much for. Who we we do have an event coming up next Wednesday that we should talk about and it's seventeenth starts. Hello officers sixth annual herself on her own doom this is this is our black Kevin Sampson Gonzales served. Ambassador himself throughout the aircraft and the name comes from the fact that all this report are boring and play caller and so assault. Stokes. Listen bump somebody good PA is some black bloggers. Really fantastic went up one of the headliners there isn't so sure his blue point founders too many breakfast out. Oh cool and blow the contrast. But there's a little bit of fantastical us oh great line up to the self I'm not. On FaceBook cure our website to see low seventies I come galaxy CBS moved the rage of CBS trying to get CBS CBS. Canadian breakfast out found it is aged in. Urban me pull Merrill's. So it's kinda unique in our producer all the time I don't think they've produced in a couple years but it's a legislators say this in the the re release has really been. The series of them they had loaded or looking forward so you can tell that I'm sure it'll be an end scarring on draft no lesson that. It is hard to get maple Berman parent Austria and I finally secured enough to make a very big enough bachelor. So attendance just don't tell us if you wanna get your dad if you wanna sit down at a table you gotta get to the pizza shop five or six issue. Has its thirty day out is is pushing that button somewhere in there he'll do you really listening and we run the event at the go to pizza shop from seven minutes alumni and we do our raffle. Well great prizes and arousal and then at 930. Close up the last seven years the bar exam plus fund almost out of time. How we have a little stone news journalists don't know. Ali SO Spanish stone is launching in China. Get out a year and not Kenya in China yeah I'm what's been dead that's remarkable in and of itself what's really remarkable is they are. Creating something they call un un interrupted too cold to change. Which means that the beer from the time it leaves Escondido California. Did that time and arrives at Bob Barr serving it in China. It will have never. Ben anything by our refrigerated only guy is unbelievable you think about they'll get this kind of inexpensive thing to me. You have to start to finish and think about the logistics Omega how the only answer on that is a they're True Blue to me they're trained to make sure this delayed time it takes you to be there is below harder to get that area. Being the but the bigger schools can save fresher longer southern and really get into the bar 120 days. And so does that this colds remote they want you to listen to your and Jimmy really intense. And she should they choose to send that you be really interesting to see how they package enjoyed by. I physically yeah I thought I suffers figure they were opening a brutal really are because their guy and obviously there in Berlin now I have IG's China believe what just the fact they're selling beer in China yeah. Dad's gonna be like India you know enjoy by the year of the dog enjoyed by day. You Russo serves on the ticket that. I mentioned last week stone is coming out with a raft of new IPAs in 2018 years I thought we would run them down since we started the stone news today. Stone scorpion ball I PA scorpion bolt yep BO WL IP they say it's a punch to the stinger whatever that. Know this for a IGA I hate when I get applies to this than I had stone buzzer beater double IPA. They said very similar to be enjoyed by a recipe poundstone exulted IPA hop worship series that's coming in Cannes. And stone Loral and doctor Rudy is inevitable adventure double IPH. And they're just some of them that's not all of them got to ask for that by name what do. Drugs is taking some of the Disney I Syria I was thinking he's. There were these names come from I I you know I think it's a combination of two things if you've noticed evil twin is doing like. Those are the most amazing Deere the John will ever have that's called the night I think in the end here in a long long names I think it's artsy indie current cease and desist. They're coming up with names that you can't say that's better I'm doing here it. So well craziness coming out must own a little bit more California news. Sierra Nevada has always done a southern Southern Hemisphere harvest IPA now it's based on the fact that in the Southern Hemisphere. They harvest there there are hops at a different time than we do in the Northern Hemisphere so fresh cops are available at a different time. Sort of play on how. They're coming down with what looks to be I'm bum break in the news we just put it out on my beer buzz saw a column yesterday. They're coming out with Southern Hemisphere IPA. Southern Hemisphere session IPA. Southern Hemisphere double hi Pierre Karl and Southern Hemisphere hopped pills are and they're all twelve ounce cans. So looks like a variety pack of some sort coming. And the interesting thing and we'll all wait to see if this follows true. They look like they're going to put the labels on the cans or print the Cannes upside down. So I hope. Focus Southern Hemisphere right right here right so those labels are all approved upside down now I don't know what that's gonna mean when somebody tries to open one the wrong way or or thinks it's not there's not don't non interest and intensely curious. You're in their allow the puck at. And we we do have a beer today if it comes to us from Ithaca, New York which kind of narrows down who it's from it's from Ithaca beer and it's called how kissed the KI ST hockey is not mandate if we can fan out of flour hour hello that yeah. Started in 1998 they just. They must of started me right before 1998 yeah. Because they just celebrated their twentieth anniversary on December 4 county do the math from 1998 that tells me it should be nineteen years the yeah it's a thing now I think a budget and maybe beginning their twentieth there I don't know maybe. Celebrate an early guy was founded by Dan Mitchell he thought it would be a fun idea to. Great brewery in wine country there. Yeah I'll move which doesn't necessarily not make sense of kind of makes sense in palm and so he did and so they come out with a lot of Beers and as you mentioned flower power absolute favorite of mine you know really really good beer. I'm Ithaca has several claims to fame for me competent and not all good claims to fame I love all our power the little ones. All of our power. They are the most of misspelled. Names in my comments not Jessica no I usually get simple but I get a ton of I TH ICA is now. Okay Dhaka. So home. Claim to fame or otherwise. They are also the most ridiculous Burry as far as trying to get them to come on the show I know that's that's true I know you've tried it many times I only took a couple of shots ahead of myself again. You get a nice email back if if that if that. He didn't see your response I have they actually done something that I never never never do like I'm unlike you I don't wanna talk to anybody on the phone I really. I can't talk to anybody just found. I called deem and see if I could get them to come on it's just it's it's. The first and answering the phone and no I'm not sure they even knew they were working at it the it around and around we go at the you know for the most part I don't get any response at all. So. There I have tried it lately I had. The rest of the Maria bridge the same way down yeah. And we have an appointment for a tour there are none of these or do they get into events yeah. Nobody showed up there they that's a good from a thinking that the only got that you know we were showing up at our. Really about half an hour is my. That would find the beer we were looking for ten this is Kendall had an amazing though that they can admit it. They make good beer and yet there's another department that you can use a little Pluto lay up. They focus and on the beer I guess that's a good thing their their third and last claim to fame for me is that. The date coating on their stuff is just so impossibly difficult to figure out try to figure out a date code on an Ithaca beer I used to be a little stamp on the on the label and they stop doing that now they have that it illegible sort of don't think imprint on the bottle brown on brown the only model yeah. I'm big and pull it up the black lighters and I had. They do one of my favorite cases which is called box pops and John as you know it's a great place to visit it ever really really cold place it is. Indoor space outdoor space how vines growing. How pissed is a really interesting beer it's sort of that it plays into the arena of the New England northeast dial but it's not really in or New England style IPA. It's more along the lines of hoppy pale ale. With orange zest in it and that sort of I guess it's a play on sun kissed her up just yeah I'm session a bull. Four point 8% a B twos because they don't they don't promote it like DeVon it is four point 8% so yeah yeah and its us a trip equinox Amarillo Columbus. Pops in the dry hopping and then drew pedal as well. That's an important distinction people being used to be simple enough to say this uses it drops he. And that meant one thing now there there are all kinds of processes to. How brew with pops to dry hop with hops to ferment with cops I mean they're all kinds of things going on with the hops palms so. A bit more complicated but a little bit more interest seen as far as the hop bill. Yet the that's Sierra Nevada southern amateur you're talking about a man I wanted to ask you why you're talking about it. This is going to be widely available you don't have to be in New Zealand to get it is that yeah yeah no and then they claim to fame again with that is that they get the fresh hops in some ridiculous timeframe from New Zealand and Australia to Chico California. And into the kettle and it's like twice also reiterated this one suddenly to having two hour now she's doesn't do you think about the logistics of that hunt Portland forward to that and also almost don't Beers you were talking about this morning you're enjoying it like how. Hockey is still out of the predator does. And the Freddie beer buzz paradise Sabatini Steve and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in exit or one of the area's greatest selections over aircraft and imported Beers. Using palace to hand pump and 36 repeating task olives Sabatini is pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue an exit or afraid or I'm bringing you merely good people together.