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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 1/05/18

Fri, 5 Jan 2018|

A Green Flash to start off the year on the Friday Beer Buzz!



  1. light Beers9:24
  2. Bud Light8:34, 8:35, 8:56
  3. TV show6:24
  4. Lincoln Nebraska11:18, 11:34, 11:41
  5. Barley wine5:31
  6. brew master3:03
  7. San Diego California9:49, 11:06
  8. New Year's Day1:31, 4:05
  9. Tacoma Washington2:44
  10. Coors Light9:25

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I can second exactly. This is the first beer by the 28 team in Yemen. You. Know. Winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcast. The association award. Promoting and advancing the crap in my group the Concord north east Pennsylvania this is the inaugural edition of running 181000. It's Friday beer buzz is always powered by seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shock and Barney considered a theory is greatest collections of brain aircraft and imported Beers. Ground there isn't travelers I hand palm O. And 36 rotating draft the seventeen he's pizza and seventeen these final shot the barn coming avenue an exit. A 70 morning and happy new year good morning happiness that I came into your house him. And I think about and I mean and he showed up and nice New Year's Eve as this fantastic has very good. Bill from my dear but I can't say for you and doesn't billions every Friday after we enjoyed our yearly. Ceremony where we throw the Christmas tree awful the deck I saw you today was. Try that we don't celebrated deal I didn't throw as well but that now you've got me think and I'm now available after the mrs. bush beat down for a lighting it and then throwing and cutthroat fashion feline. Yeah they deck is our closest we put the Christmas tree in front of like a sliding glass door down. So it's like the Christmas tree gets mugged on New Year's Day I'll drag it out guys were all earlier days of July and all the sudden you just like get out there. Later and then for the next week or so we will find ornaments out in the yard. That you know I think our FaceBook I'm there was there is no and claws and paws or something like that raskin people who donate their used Christmas. It was a link long python. Is it good to listen kind of an outdoor golf on the icy event and they use that for like the perimeter instead of what I saw was a similar to win the animals like to play with the trees yeah. And eat them. I think he's actually helping to heighten the. The trees I thought they just I just I didn't think they anything they do you have animals they have up there this season they sink come in some places they sync command sort of artificial reefs as well I've seen that house are able donated for that it's possible that we just dragging into the curb in the mulch it neagle get free mulch might be okay. Under the steps in the basement that's my trichet Leon graduated to the mound yet when they also thought that. Again they get better every year and got a water every day if I'm paying benefits. So you wanna hear that good craft beer news the bad draft your mom how well the best affirmed okay yeah that's that is fun of them funny actually it's funny bad just don't be in state it's I Tacoma Washington brewery yeah. They had someone on social media one of their patrons about social media and say that that was the only marine they've ever been to where they had to spit the beer back into the glass. Fool me. Frigid which has got I think harsh you know you like three. But the brew master you know normally ever master in the co-founder of robbery would just like oh well you know we're used to critiques from. And he's probably doesn't know what he's talking about non non non they live a month on social didn't take it well there's. Now they let him upright relieve a NN penal private things on social media don't ever state pride yeah and so. That got dumped all over the Internet they call them some really nasty names and amazes. Tonight is really nasty insinuations. I think so then social media lit up against this Doby in state. Which he not a surprise there I wanted to be surprised by any in this to the point that this is a first ever. That's untapped had the blocked check ins for just don't be in state Beers really because people were checking in hundreds of Beers. And raiding them low and giving them really really nasty Kano Taylor is very big lesson yeah yeah don't you check it should go to our series. Usually I'm drinking yeah. On that serious Jovian just okay you say yeah. And shortly thereafter impact on New Year's Day just hoping states FaceBook I had a little post on it saying you know we screwed sorry about do we were. Yeah I was just not who we are. So and and they decided the guy's name and in in their threats that a social media threat post they were and we LA or name and that kind of thing so they cited the guys' names and we hope you give us another chance and I kind of thing. So yes so what you wanna do god so notre Murray's house here. Give people don't like your beer that's the really hard for somebody's always not feel like something or something it's about you and as I'm sure investing is to just lay Lowell letting golf I am. A Clinton Joseph look our time yeah right your social media of Korea yeah and in this frustrating you know we I did tie and and I would say not even a fair amount I get a handful here and there are a few of not friendly nice class yeah. You never win it's it's the Obama mom would say is need me no never wrestle with a pig you. The customer is how to always be right and you don't how like you don't wanna poke at night don't wanna do that don't wrestle with the pay because you both get muddy in the pig likes it. Social media just loves the Phillies find something to be manic. The idea around ten minutes gang mentality and every so Modesto beans they lost the battle. Some good news on the gang they do a series of Beers that are wrapped around game thrown I know nothing about being thrown right at the next call will be called and the queen and it's a Barley wine. And it's a new series is some sort of reserved series for the game thrown Beers I'm going to be guy I don't think the current ones are very hard to get but going to be hard to get if that means and then do I recall. Where was yet you go without you there was talk about how the game throws line actually got introduced I mean the don't want to merely getting. There's some are New York bar nearby and a place where yeah the TV station there are those the studio that. They actually write that they are broadcasted these guys in front of the bars and home again we should team up with and we make a game and how has that right now that's. I was led Bartok Beverly Bartok not a big deal. I don't know much about the the series but does this apparently there is about a person in the series that is a backhand all the queen. I need out some took almost but. And ends there's going to be a beer named after that person well here vikings veered into my. Watch that I am seeking to throws but I I think we'll reach a point where every single TV show has collaborators and we're right. Staff and is coming as your data optimum. Beer that's been around for years and years and years. They've renamed it a triple IE PA now. And they're changing the recipe and they're claiming that for 2018. How the mom will be the hop is here they have ever produced really don't hear about it. There's hundreds and learned about how tough it is probably okay and we did not coordinate that so. This they're calling this changing the name but they're also changing the recipe that's what they're saying yeah. We get new beer to me I don't like you'll optimum that's been the a new name be I know I. I think you need to refresh mean it's been a really good beer but thirteen hour time change tastes change a lot of things change the levels of pop that people are accustomed to have changed quite a bit yeah. Lot of people renamed their Beers and give it you know different moniker like a red I teams that are ready Hillary triple idea some belong out. Alignment with the way the industry works now we find that a lot of people just wanna try something no Trace of the other bird that keeps put out the same here over and over and over and over yeah. Peacefully we see sales slowly declined by what Sarah that I think today is that I might be getting tumors three neighbors who share really today. Notice that the never really is before a show various are seeing. We don't you bring in a new Beers or maybe changing ones fight. Mostly just change the name yeah. This guy because they're bringing attention back to that that best suit them and they really increased sales and increased Chechens and untapped and all this stuff makes learning how does that make perfect sense Estonia and their masters that there are yeah there's there's new narrow time from stone guy I have a list your friendly we won't go through today but there are 1234567. Eight different all IP Beers coming from stone in 2000 unbelievable seriously though not just Vienna re reincarnation of like I need this is coming out with their second and it's going to be called something easy. And Sullivan easy elk. And that's coming out soon ARD package did I think jealousy it's. Shortly I think we'll probably see there was doing they make it was a little song or something so they are young they do have some some little thumbnail. Com and and they did twelfth of never was their first came here because they said they would never going to be here and that's when they tend to air. I'm a fan and in a final twist of shaven things you could never make up Bud Light is coming out with Bud Light orange. Yeah I'll. Fiat sudden silence and are all just when you thought if you know you need. Flavors for Beers I know I mean I'm the only thing isn't there I am laying on the beach new bishop ray a do over there and I my and then there's. That's only salt water and suddenly something washes up on the beach and has Bud Light orange I don't think yeah. Looking for a I know I really. Relieved and not envisioning any other scenario where I'm the only Burnett in my life aren't. Eurocard for strawberry don't know but my marine life. I love I think is down 20% less. Roll up your. There was an article showed what their old album let alone scanned murderers like this it makes sense of the moment and orange wildlife Doral general kind of struggle and there are a lot of light Beers and you know Coors Light Miller Lite and Bud Light are all kind of find the same market herald kind of the same beer at least to my pal they're kind of the same beer so yeah I should be interesting to see what comes out next level and aren't we do have a beer today. To kick off 2018 OK and then did you did you miss Friday morning beard on no I was from Friday morning they are just. Yeah that's just a bit on the TV it's okay. Home version of are beard today comes to us from San Diego California from green flash brewing it is called jive JID dive. Ossetian IPS I've never had a bad green flash anything here on and did you did you make that did you visit when you're out there yet IA we did if so tell us about green flash itself that is well I was overwhelmed me you know I guess everywhere you look there's something great going on area and then there's you Michael's satellite areas and stuff do. But I've always like green flash I was intrigued by green fresh when I just heard the name green flash is all about sunset over the ocean after and for a sometimes they're not always been occasionally when the sun just disappears. Beyond the horizon says yeah there's a green flash guy. It's an optical illusion that apparently that perimeter the edge of the sun is death appears greenish through our hemisphere there. There and it's certain times with sunrise and sunset you get the screen flash or not. The meteorological. Explanation is that its aim magnified images of the green rim of the sun produced by dispersion in the bulk of the analysts believe this version you say it's amazing he remembered that. And I'm. But I'm looking up for that. Hud agreed last year they and a quiz I have. Started in 2002. Mike and Lisa Hinckley. Brew master former masters trucks over chunks of the zoo's own thing now need they are in San Diego California. There are now in Virginia Beach as well so if you wanna get green flashing get on the East Coast pretty fresh because it's coming from June Virginia Beach. And they just about the former plow share brewing company in Lincoln Nebraska do. If that's not fun enough they have a they what's called seller three and put away California that does all their seller and barrel aged peers so we're seeing a lot of that there are many have breweries we've seen over the last couple years that are moving to his pennies goes we're seeing them down south and stuff like that wouldn't Lincoln Nebraska. Don't get a whatever we've we've joked about satellite what is in the I don't know offense the Nebraska Lincoln Nebraska but it just doesn't seem Mel I don't know if you if they were they don't they don't Alpine gear. They bought the former plow share brewing to get into Lincoln so maybe there was some deal there where they were kind of saving plow share down menu is a borrowing from nearby cricket yeah I mean I didn't seem resources are going to be interest in in in pierced this is a session IPA and through gruesome co cascade Camarillo hops. This is what they think a session nine PA would be like we know the category session night game means that it's a lower alcohol. This one is 4% ADV 1065 I mean you know it has all the sort of satisfaction you seek an NI PA. Without all the crazy he's 567%. Eighty horizon right you can't always expect you know a lot of flavor into intercession IP yeah but and this when this got you mean like I'm I'm enjoying founders all day I PA and yes this is up there to I would say it is pretty good idea and they describe this as we see pine. Eucalyptus. And for all blank asked grapefruit now. I never my favorite and breakthroughs are going to I think they really labor to me say this is just like that and it is like Laura why did you. He and eucalyptus is right up I was just gonna say that the epidemic well Cameron joined green flash giant JIBE jibes session IPA. And a WLK Friday your bus powered by Sabatini pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in eggs that are one of the area's greatest collections of aircraft an imported Beers. Palace in Crowley is at hand pumped in 36 retained contrasts. Sabatini pizza in Sabatini spinal shop and bar Wyoming avenue and it considers the Friday they're bringing good Beers and get people together. Simple. Narration. Can't. What. Can.