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WILK Friday Beer Buzz Christmas 2017 Part 3

Wed, 20 Dec 2017|

Ho, ho, ho! Part 3 of the Christmas Friday Beer Buzz!



  1. Rocky Balboa5:05
  2. home brewers10:39
  3. grand cru2:08
  4. Chris Martin0:45
  5. Anheuser-Busch8:08
  6. Forest Laboratories2:35
  7. craft beer6:52, 7:09, 8:23
  8. Sierra Nevada9:41

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    remote trigger brewing yeah. I think that's what to buggies and he. Chris Miller hardly nice guys that hey guys thanks owning right. In the name of authenticity we did invite Dominique the donkey we did it and he but we've got to shake rattle and roll it was a as the expert wears buttons and Dominique actually chose to go to Disney World instead of coming on the show and I I had passed out the bikini Jim let's let go I can't make them

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm noticing it more. Yeah. That's right. I played us on reversing. Yeah he's. AI. It's. Win and you and I like three. The only thing WAOK Friday here but here we are always government and you. Did it because he's not a Joplin are lining up in the bank there. When does that yeah elevating the studio now yeah. Iowa's winner even though thank you very much looking very good thank you guys are very good. Chris Martin Prager brewing out within the next morning we talk I. Oh yeah I don't know audience Amanda's here and back easier my lovely wife Candace here at our belt broke my beer buzz dot com. I love and I'm Chris now. Boy I run. Oh yeah. It in May surprise you do we have a beer for the third. And you may be familiar from a few weeks ago wink wink when we did this year a version of this spear on the air. This comes to us from Hershey PA from the true mystery today we have Nat L grand crawl rule. Now Imad Al we know obviously grant crew is where I am and I'm rocked here so so the guys are calling this sort of there's director's cut. Matt elf is sort of the match I felt that they've always had in mind but now they they have the materials the cabbage. To to be able to bring this here. That is a great crew this in this that I wind returners and it is yet the only white term I know is is mad dog and there's also a night train I know those cheers and had. Yet both farm apple. Think that there he. Straight I it is meant to refer to to a good vintage in the wine world and the beer uber beer guys use it's referred to like a really good version the grand cru version of an exit well I can't just sit this one uses ballots and cherries and and if you taste it we tasted a right out of the that. From the gate here and we're getting more part to. Monasteries in Matt elf. And there are had a sense of balance and cherries in it and that Matt elf is ballots and cheering like what the TARP where the Turk comes for me that the targets coming from the cherries in budgeted there's room cherries in Matt out anyway anyway it's our brightest cherries is his charter this medal ballots and Terry is vs Forest Laboratories talked. And are coming from the city's supply is actually the creek got back I guess he uses PA wildflower honey and it. Uses Dem Aurora sugar. Got a sugar yeah I'd like to say that a money. She got and Deborah. Assured that comes out a guy and I guess it is what the original colleague colonies in Guyana were referred to were named camera are itself. Do you know what and I would notice turban not a sugary if you've ever heard a total. Sort of a raw sugar and they use that in this so it from the camera sugar mine until protest. And and it's 11% fifteen is sort of a sweet. A I BU number here but eleven pursue any BV this is another one to gets from its ads and share with friends and families and loved it but I have to pursue it puts us in the gastric. Britain really really nice in this one I think -- aged I am open window wool was set down a bottle or two and hide them away for your two NC with this case like it here I think this will wage really really well if you can get some get a couple bottles to drink and a couple bottles that age. Do it well we don't add up myself you know each is what we did it 22 weeks ago when a Roma yeah yeah. We had a vertical tasting in 20101000 out and wasn't it was like him it was like a dream come true combat tour was really fun that morning. He went down the tracks the back. So we're gonna do another over extended segment that again I'm regretting already OK very good we decided this segment three we're going to give away the first ever but Z a war I. I don't think. Yeah. So I. We're gonna make up our own categories we're not necessarily going to do these and any first second third order we're just going to named are our favorites and some of these category security keep track yet it's probably we will name a winner our first category is best beer name that we can say on the radio. One of them is council brewing beg for murky. Okay president northeast style IPA berg dog make earth great again. McKellen has a good but you do once we're doing style I PH flock he Balboa. 5 o'clock Eiffel populations. You tell us guys for not immediately say yeah dropping out and jumping over accounting rules are not dropping edited to bring term. So Rocky Balboa they also have Merck he's a law. Merck Tyson. Networks and Freddie and politically it Freddie Ljungberg theory you can I was competitiveness do it again I don't think Chris I think. And everybody at the plant and it puts its faith that the. My my favorite and what I'm declaring as the with a winner is Coronado brilliance. Punk can probably park. That it that's my answer everyone. Another category here best of brewery name that we can sing on the radio okay. The first and I'm not sure I can say on the radio but it's I'm gonna I'm gonna help. I had it. And it's an actual burning on your license and how big of this got licensed and built the business around as it is called ass clown. Brewing company. There and Cornelius North Carolina believe that the German word of god I hate him. Norwegian. Which they wanted to be arcs clown are yeah yeah. I think somebody else is okay it's soon Britain saying on the radios they're actually naming the bridge to themselves. And here. Founder Leonard asked me. And my all time favorite this one cannot be beat and if we do that but these next year or ten years down the road this one will win. It is called who hearted career huh. There in the Rangel Ohio both parties you cannot. You cannot be that one I. Ice melted in the not only wins this category we're gonna make up three or four more categories just so that we can sit here for more time comes. Best local craft beer news OK and we have several here now our third place goes to last year's guest on the show Benny brewing for open up opening band neighboring company up on the same suing we think that's really really great at least an hour verses of the state of Pennsylvania Penn dot and it was like geysers hoops he had to jump through our second best local craft beer news is probation coming back to the area. How can you know in the house so that's really really good news and are our first place and winning is that breaker brewing. Do these canyons. An extraordinary resilience these kids. I honestly don't. I'd like to think Marmol and com yeah I think that's great news and we really we actually in segment for you join us feel good that I hear about some of them why we drink them. Our next category most surprising your news. Ballots point being valued at one billion dollars in first heard that I thought he stumbled into a billion. Yeah it just it doesn't sound right Gillian I mean like Goldman. But that's it. A billion dollars yeah I don't know. The other big surprise in your news or second place or the silver medal goes to rate beer being sold to Anheuser bush. Are being purchased by Anheuser-Busch. And then that's a tie for first for me because these two just shocked me anchor sold the soup for. That would just sucked the crap out of me and Avery 30% amongst them ago Avery has campaigned they've been one of the leading campaigners for craft beer. It just doesn't make any yeah. Yeah exactly right we checked under somebody's noses and here and I guess. Next category most appearances on the show person could. I'm. It isn't. Hands down chuck your army right so chuck chuck wins but what apple about this woman I was actually making the notes thank you. I thought about it and end chuck has been beat by three different people really ya and leading chuck is is Nancy. Oh leading Nancy is John. And leading John is me yeah. Sure that's most appearances on the show I. And I think I noticed outshot to that theater and really live that's true it probably looked like he had eyes nose down chuck threw well. Com yeah I've been on every single show I don't think my confirmed. Which is right out let's face it if you don't show up there Libyan news that are. We're we're what would be wrong with that. Next category regulate our winners are the most definite candidate Larry area most appearances on the show. Burglary. Now who who would be your guess is on this. And we'll work backwards. So in seven appearances on the show anchor. Certain appearances on the show terror pen yeah Sierra Nevada we've had a one that we not a candidate. And they aren't out yet here they are 88 appearances on the show. Also tied with stay in line to repeat appearances on the show yeah now bumping up ahead of them with today's appearance is breaker yeah. 919. Appearance on the saudis threaten my peacock. To deal laureates. And also tied with wire walker in victory with nine appearances on the show up and our winner for appearances on the show is still own sanity I mean yeah. She's on yeah. Up plus the talk to them in her yeah. Our next category most cups required for the show how. I'll come. We had a big one in 2015. When homer came on yeah they had three guests and I think seven Beers yes. So three guest five or six of us five Beers it was a lot of cop yeah plus how about George from the home brewers also brought through percent to yeah we had its age and meats and cheeses and smoked means an off. And tell the truth but that was not the winning 120 winning was in 2013. We did a Christmas show and we had pizza boy on their and we did a vertical Santa Claus tasting. We did the Burry we did imperial sort of biscotti and and pizza boy themselves brought four or five Beers now. So that win I'll a few quick he's here early wake up call yeah. I think you're crazy man. It is different yeah. I don't know south paper and while I want to believe our earliest wake up call goes to Mattson Davis live from Hawaii yeah joined us. Well our latest wake up call as Markel pastor read a lot. Joined us live from Belgium via our longest distance call was Mary tally in Estonia. Craziest beer ever I'm not gonna we've done the beer geeks civic who kind of thing that that's crazy. But but but the the craziest woman was dock street walker. The smoked goat bringing hope for any I have to win. But it's gonna rain and the most dump button used past the B Martin Dicky. Do you remember the latest right now I don't know our latest arrival. No no no in person our latest arrival in person was. Joseph per Coco to overcome. Literally pulled into the parking lot at eight very easy to forget. Literally. Bomb. And we're gonna just named best brewer name and then I know get tight on time yet this burning Japanese gets is it's a guest we had on the show desperate Grenada and yours yum I'm stumped here and go to the way though the runner up would be Brett. Porter from goose island agreed during name again my favorite. From blue mound is Gil Patterson. In Paterson. RA system so those are the bus he's at first and probably only ever by the. A prestigious but the work that's outstanding gradually to a lot of winners and now we're enjoying throws a meadow ram crew here in segment three. Of the Friday beer buzz holiday pageant of the airwaves stick around fast break right back with scores and.