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WILK Friday Beer Buzz Christmas 2017 Part 2

Wed, 20 Dec 2017|

Part 2 of 'le Buzz Noel!'



  1. light Beers9:46
  2. brewers association5:42, 5:44, 6:26
  3. United States3:36
  4. Anheuser-Busch10:10, 10:13, 10:35
  5. Brooklyn brewery3:17, 12:51, 12:58
  6. alcohol Beers9:51
  7. craft breweries9:47, 6:55, 14:37
  8. craft brewers10:17, 14:06, 14:08
  9. Lincoln Nebraska3:54, 3:57, 4:00
  10. craft beer10:18, 10:58, 11:24

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next make up make up. You hear why. Okay well. You know. I think oh all the way they like their own Lola for the thank you you know. Little or less OK okay. He's seventeen now. They let let me airwaves the Friday about part two years powered by seventy pieces that he's got a job bar Wyoming avenue and exit they're let go Sabatini I don't. Yeah partly because the governor got your holiday attire on a hit the that's a question I had where you see cousin Eddie. Here are you admiring my hat and that was. Lately where once again yet check out the video a little bit has got his holiday attire on there dumping our gay apparel that's where were you when it's like. I got it thank you I got my head. Check out the video W out in his radio welcome bill from my beer by the congress segment to him. Their argument re route to be talking about the guys in a minute and a that you gave Friday there does did the I'd it is here for the beer. Now are very kind of misuse him. Why didn't work today my lovely wife Karen lovely wife Karen yearn to be introduced into the studio we're gonna over and yeah. Ireland they. They all have their three minutes segment to they're gonna recite a holiday called. They're a quality even as we speak the so segment you're going to do a beer and we're going to do a thing called the year review which I'm regretting already I'm nervous I'm but. Our beer it comes to us from the Los daddy were just mentioning lost abbey in the first segment it's our pal Tommy Arthur who we've also had a show up it's a brand new beer. Is called no well that Abby and Noel is spelled with BG so GMC IO EL I know we got a couple of fancy things going on here because again it's Noel with the G ya and Tommy's name is what TO MME it is and how hot. Yeah I'm not sure that came and Nadia I figure that sounds even fancier than we really need credit for how has so it's a holiday tale it's 8% also so it's a relatively big beer. They are really really pretty bottle and it hasn't homes and so that's where the G in the know. Well come into play analysts and engine. And it pays tributes to the gnomes that come out every holiday and it really doesn't so much pay tribute to them coming out every holiday. It pays tribute to the fact that they have to sit in a cardboard box on a shelf for the entire. And a half months while before they come up for the holiday smelled delicious beautiful bottle and they are really really pretty bottle really flavorful Beers column will will we're gonna launch into the year review here but double come back to I think it's a really really nice spear and one that you should buy it Sabatini and share rich your family and friends because this is a great one to give his gift or to bring to a holiday or are you take downstairs to sit behind the first. You do that yeah. Back. To rock back and forth you cry yourself to sleep that might plant so this is going to be a heads down segment because I got a lot of notes. Here we go okay so that 2017. Year and in review as far as they're concerned. We have a new facilities right let's run down some of the new facility. The Keller New York City Brooklyn brewery in here's the top one clout Pavia Lithuania. And that one of the hard he did it too. A dark attic Lowell or something like we talked about that why they'd failed a lenient I have no idea they'd somebody's brother lives there are just a favorable taxes yeah haven and fired PC that this is thought. Bird dog United States bird dog Australian blue point new Long Island breweries coming in summer 2000 saving to 2018. A balance point is outing in Chicago brewery in 2018 the brewery is adding a union square in in Washington DC I pledged to visit everyone and and green flash has purchased property in Lincoln Nebraska now you're asking about Lithuania Lincoln Nebraska now we have reason to go to Lincoln Nebraska. So new ventures. Another topic that was big in 2017. Mitch steal our buddy from stone throwing to his new place and Peter Booth cart our buddy from new Belgian going to his new place. I Jeremy Morin from revision the starting a new place chuck silver from green flash. Eric harper from summit taught hug from Shirley kind of an own ceremonies departure from certainly start his own place Todd ma from Portsmouth starting his own place. Johnny Cochran from Tara and starting his own place. I'm. Johnny Johnny. Different wanna. Com and enable outfits you must drink it ever watch for Manchester king also meeting started oh plan controversy in 2017. There was a lot of controversy in 2017. I'll say one of these and you everybody here's your. Apply the appropriate level of who did the content that rate beer web site purchase by Anheuser-Busch. The move. And I think that's a bigger isn't that you you know now now. People rating beer and scoring what has been predominantly craft beer area. As a controlling interest by some when the really didn't have a whole lot of interest in anything but killing craft here exactly. Dog fish dead bear republic and several others now have dropped from great beer because of that they just they said we just can't be fairly raided on rate fear I mean imagine Anheuser-Busch count us out on the rate beer. I want but why can't carry the parent or that yeah 101000 plus rob Graham and backlog that's twenty million palms up. Plano. But the big one after 26 years flying dog leaves the brewers association. Now we have talked about the brewers association record. If it with my wife Katrina when I don't know where brewery has. Had air out of my favorite kind early life Garrett say it. Through it and all right so after 26 years they left not because they couldn't pronounce that they left because. The Burgess are. He nation has been doing all sorts of things but they just. Developed decency standards now. We we kind of argued for and against whether they use the whole definition craft beer that things still kind of smells fishy to me but they develop decency standards in the naming of Beers. Well you know flying dog is famous for a handful Beers yes. And an even though the brewers association has that were not aiming that you're really not aiming at you. They just said we we can't support any organization that would. Filter our right to whatever it is to drink something to read something to see something. So they left after 26 years. And then after buying all these breweries and ball will run down who owns who is that sort of a last segment here on. After buying all these segments Anheuser-Busch's of the high end that's what they call that the segment that buys all the craft breweries. The high and realize lighten we don't need all these brewery employees and all these employees are behind in and so they laid off close to 300. People. After buying Anheuser-Busch thing you. So that's that's that's a big do. On trends this year and beer we've seen a lot of phone I think the biggest one new guys correct me if I'm wrong. New England style or northeast ally PA's right hazy style IP citrus forward hops. Are everywhere. And is that an invented like there contrived it is. Kind of beer or is that something that their wives and yell at everybody jumped on it you know we've done enough homer competitions. That I'll tell you that's a flaw in her in an idea you would get scored down for having Haiti ZIPA yeah integrated into the idea category like you know what it reminds me eight you know he seal on the big chain of jewelry stores are about chocolate diamonds. They used to be the diamond that ended up on drill bits right because they were browns stadium and now on yeah they're chocolate here's the thousand dollars. Non. Talking about it and get regular I don't get it says something. I'd like on the game the guys here from breaker make a line one probably more than one now right make more than once. Yeah I. I like Malawi we just had debt will come Brando and Armstrong in and and John stammering from free will and zero day they both brought in their New England style idea I like them one thing about it. That attract a lot of people the style is the bitterness on the uses it is not really there yet the way these jobs when they put the cops laid edition and into the beer. It's not you don't get a lot of bitterness so all the sudden you have IPA's that are very bitter people attending good champions of the settlement not only is he getting a lot of citrus notes and choose unison and that all comes with the with how they brew the beer and a nine UP lead it would never drank and it would never order and I PH two years ago. Other cumin and and they're looking for and I can't we give them one. That accidentally has a lot of hops. And it ended tastes than they say they don't like that woman that's what it is is is this really opened up a lot of people that PA. Base on the way that it's not that. There's this idea how taste too good. The other picture and we saw come back and and it's come back more than 2017 it's been back for two or three years that goes. The fruit forward coriander salt kind of beer. I like him very refreshing great summer beer they can be too much there are some extremes out there other people that are blown away with salt and blown away with too many other things. On another trend that I'm quite confounded by but it's back Mexican style loggers we've done one or two on the show. It's not style it's not a style known for being craft I was getting chills up my do you see Mexican style lager and Canada and the other scary thing coming back are quite a few light Beers are a lot of craft breweries make him a light beer. And and non alcohol Beers are making a comeback there a lot of Bruce put a lot of money into researching non alcoholic beer so kinda out. Your seatbelts I'm not eleven added so let's let's run it down because 2018. The landscape has changed quite a bit we always do this is one of the segments. Who owns who OK okay yet so let's start with Anheuser-Busch. The high end desktop so Anheuser-Busch the high and not a high and that's kind of there's that's the division of guys up craft brewers right aircraft that their craft beer division. Rape here Red Hook Widmer Kona appellation mound throwing who we cut on the show goose island blue point shocked top ten barrel golden road Breckenridge car but at least Ian. Northern brewer that's a home brew supplied as another weird entry for Anheuser-Busch rate for peaks devils back prone. Brewery boss deals. That's they own not day yes and triple Carmelita some the other Beers you've heard about. Dear they'll forgo Camden town for pines Australia wicket wheat and boxing capital while Anheuser-Busch on. Believable now and then their motivation behind that is what they wanna be making a lot of great diverse Beers or they want it knocked the wind out of the sails of craft beer and the sale. His own mainstream beer sales have been flat or falling off. Craft Beers have been up like 1012% down your Broward they want if you can't beat him yeah Bosnia why they wanted to game they want that profit you know he'll he'll wanna brewery craft place and they want you to go how did billion dollars I don't have to like that they would turn it down while I had I don't know many people. We turn it down I'm so Miller course and CBM Miller and Molson course tenth and Blake is there a secret name there at their craft beer division okay up. Blue moon line and cools terrapins seen archer revolver brewing and hot valley brewing. Com Trudy. And and now you know there's all the stuff were Anheuser-Busch is trying to buy SA did you Holler she got back craziness going on. Michael need us now has purchased shorts brewing but Heineken has a 100% controlling interest in life and hideous. So figure that one out. North American breweries is magic hadn't pyramid another big brewing conglomerate Constellation Brands bought balanced point 41 billion dollars up and literally a billion unveiled a billion I know generation million dollars paid and they just bought funky Buddha -- man ballots don't I need to vote I know. You buy any calls per billion dollar. Doable has Burry only gang boulevard and arsenal walker so pearl has now anchor brewing. And not Osama gal just purchased stock Avery brainer controlling interest and Avery during a round. And then we have the craft guys. Green flash Jones Alpine beer Hus brewing but by pop ago beer Krebs during bought by I bought up very arsenal's new Belgian. Would be yourself and Dick Cantwell by magnolia brewing in San Francisco. Coronado brewing acquired monkey paw. Clown shoes was acquired by harpoon just recently telegraph brewing purchased by epic literally two days ago. I'm palmetto brewing acquired Mike Taba Brooklyn brewery sold 2525%. To cure into the big Japanese conglomerate. 24 21 and then it's all the minority stake to Brooklyn brewery. Who is owned by Kieran. Bound and funk works all the minority stake to Brooklyn very who has also owned by K. Now aside from the obvious nefarious phase of this thing here it is there any chance that the these major the other the big beard that my all the little guys you know at some point you know while. The book that many that we can get that at a current rate of we've mine from the guy in the back of the truck in the yeah like the quality or we're gonna suffer they gonna keep making the year re. Are this they say if you ask any of these robberies they say nothing has changed and that nothing will change him we we had Scott argument on from anchor back in the beginning of December with anchor and he said nothing's gonna change they're gonna. Expand their distribution and and get the more international because assailant or we talked about that before if nothing else you when the big guys come in a vital little guys at the very least that distribution can improve right distribution. Buying power all of a sudden that there might be only how contracts they couldn't get beyond order so there I mean there are positives the idea that they're gonna and never be told my ball that they can't take cans. I mean that this kind of stuff but now that there there there with a bigger conglomerate during to have better access to certain privileges of the Bieber had. And yet that the craft brewers they are no longer craft brewers right to by definition or not yeah I definition immediately when that happened Avery Avery is no longer craft brewery we have last year for your Fort Collins was acquired by red truck and red truck just close that got rid of it. I'm brew god guts out sold the 22% stake to TSG consumer partners. So they're not completely controlled Biden Martin and James anymore on the caller's now in San Diego with LL Smith. And victory brewing and southern tier got together for Artie is no brewing ventures that we'd like to just to craft breweries gaining. Gelder network joins forces were enjoying I know well and Abby says that while with the G by the way from Los having here on on segment 22017. Holiday pageant of the airwaves the Friday bear my big fast break. Yeah.