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WILK Friday Beer Buzz Christmas 2017 Part 1

Wed, 20 Dec 2017|

Merry Christmas from the WILK Friday Beer Buzz!



  1. Silly Putty4:37
  2. pale ale5:34
  3. Flaming Lips8:59
  4. craft brewing8:18
  5. Chris Miller1:18
  6. craft beer12:22
  7. beer can12:01
  8. Bruce Simpson6:47
  9. imported Beers0:40
  10. grandfather grandmothers4:30

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now our job OK very good cameras rolling grieving the deaths of 2004 technology related. Bodies Germans surplus equipment fairly well and three. It. Broadcast lord let him. Two time winner of the Pennsylvania associated British broadcasters association awards. To promote and advance the crap in my group opened with Pennsylvania is the 2007 holiday pageant of the airwaves addition out. I've seen he's pizza seventies pop shop and bar in eggs that are. The area's greatest collections of rare crafted imported Beers. Travelers and travelers that can't talk hopeful. Why. Can't 36 starts hitting traffic Sabatini speaks in Sabatini bottle shock and Bartlett on the avenue and. Let us seventy any of the studio window Merry Christmas happy new year audio Merry Christmas and let me just say were were gone for the best dressed award today hands down and I do. You gotta check out the video with me right now on the radio go to the video at W out in his radio dot com. Linda as the winner there's no doubt about it there's a 110% chance highway. I can't take full credit Iowa does she may still keeping it. And turn the wardrobe looks great irony Chris Miller mark Lehman are here from breaker really I had. And guys are just a little bit of course WLK Friday beer by studio audience. Can have built for my beer buzz act on the morning to your Christmas Merry Christmas feel it is our. All by the end of the show to have stains on windows white shirt. Not not the jacket you can get a stain on an and you could never never. I kind of meet that goal every week here was players that whenever you win hands down. Nice job and a look at Sharpton and thank you it's our first segment we always pair of beer with with food and as we like caller we just kind of sit around and he gender. As you may have guessed that today we're pairing it with pizza but not just one pizza from stabs where Lester we did like pickle we did a whole bunch pizzas. Did give us a rundown on what we brought today well. Today I have decided that tries as Mexico and two strikes and he brings impeachment if you haven't tried in the studio before. About four. Where the pizzas one farming is our traditional pizza but with that Christ extra cheese and onions. About. Barbecued chicken pizza witches are two regular Crosslin and cheese blend. But with barbecues I'm murder son Eric and its us chicken and green peppers. Our white pizza which is a double crossed us. Three different cheeses and it was. Some spices on top fantastic my favorite across like he's ahead. And and the other one was our vegetarian special which is green peppers red peppers for for Christmas and yeah. But that must have perfect now let me ask you did you swing by the shop in full attire to pick these up on to be honest I have I changed on the under the. I wondered about that when I went over when you walk in the front I did put the pants on this topic and kind of a lot. Thank industrials eyes and so I'm telling you gotta check out the video and check out windows holiday attire because it's where is well worth the price of admission. It is it is and and has anyone calculated the number of different pizzas you can actually make between thin crust thick crust. Him and freed him telling some toppings oh with all the toppings that crosses different. She's ever. It's it's a lot there's a pizza that walk by me. By them and table. While almost. No different combinations people don't and right now they're complaining currency is complain during pickles. We'll have become very popular so people. Schools communities and in doing. It really has. It's turned into a very popular topic so. Difficulties is a good example is that something you guys can cockpit urges a resilient you should try and media that. As a lot of good stories start this one nightly world drinks. Ahead. We carried out this story that I you guys around me are trying to deep fried pickles and then went very well in a battery and all we're doing and money isn't just. Like that would put it on pizza and then the next rising and it it's electrical pizzas and cut them like in the peoples are ordering in Guam and then it goes from there but in 1958 my grandfather grandmothers are the rest I don't think they think now that. That's the story that's similar to like the invention of Silly Putty but that's and destroy it different day and have you ever said no. Like has has someone ever asked for like Al blades or something and a lot of people lesser topping zealots and that we don't we don't count me in Annapolis this for example and we don't have them then some in the of course those. There's people bring their own topics and times Ellie you know all the different diets or reason to bring their own cheeses BYOT. I had. I had so it pepperoni recently was very. Now. There's a lot of faces in the studio reflect a sort of like a real aberration of nature there are some children. So. Who. We brought a beer to pair with us today. And it and it's a beer that's been out since I think 20142015. Time frame it comes to us from our pal Sam cal Joni who we've had on the air with definite times. A dog fish had. This is he a tuxedo. And it's an interest in beer it's it's a Palin right now underneath it all to pale ale and but the twist in this beer. Is because it is a collaboration with will rich. They have used Pennsylvania north central Pennsylvania spruce TI so that explains Pennsylvania but what about tuxedo what does that mean much it has named company ID refers to the sort of flannel and where that that clothing that that bull ring produces. That that hunters and outdoorsman know where I'm not mistaken is wearing a wall rich tax cuts. And and so yeah that is a collaboration with war Richard prom ended and it pays homage to the clothing they put out if you look at the bottle there are some people wearing suits not dissimilar to its list there it's government and the red and black checkered old on things well yeah you should Wear orange right shots at the rest of the read them Latin scuba revert to a supposedly sucks. I guess I met my dad at those. Red and black tuxedo and they they hand formed the spurs tips both in in Delaware where they are and in non north central Pennsylvania where war riches. Now this for stiff you know we thought we had Beers in the past and is some of them based on supposedly Benjamin Franklin's recipe yeah that. Anderson what because they couldn't get it actual better ingredients is we're kind of prompted it yeah. From what I. Understood is abusing Bruce Simpson Jennifer and different types of pine and start it was a very prominent in Finland. So it based off a different old finish recipes and and people started to use them so. Hop substitutes. And so society is another beer that. This has made which is based on this is a finished and open style that's going Jennifer and I won so remembrance for stamps are kind of uses hops and since. And juniper Wii is where we get Jin is fantastic it's truth one of the player retention and and it makes sense you know beer will be without some sort of bettering agent a beer will be like a mall bomb it'll be a super sweets he'd been on on drinkable. Concoction. So yeah and the days that predated hops they use Bruce tips instead. So this one's big eight and a half percent he BV. As another one our our our thing. Yeah headliner remote refrigerator Beers yeah and then this was fifty IBO. Bombed so it's it's it's it's hot beside of the pale oil equation you know leans into an IPA aunt and an and I think it it it reminds me a lot of us some of the arrest in this tops that they use you know of these if you see sticky tiny rest in this top justice this is right up that Alley. So do we like it well. I'll tell ya like crap I'm pretty hard pressed and not like a beer anyway. You know and I like copy this is a fifty right now generally speaking or forever and I PA write down the middle probably around sixty right yep so this is in the ballpark and copy is good and I like that it's Becky and better and that's how how how big crack the craft brewing company. Is she is like an expert here. There's. Really is yet. And you like yeah so there's translates and that's what it's actually pretty good. It has it has a grassy sister seem to add to that sort of bounces out all out and simply cannot see intelligent any calls this a session noble concoctions and a half percent and a half percent. Kind of session I have very short session perhaps his conditioning is outstanding team. I'm guessing he's pretty good about it he's probably practiced quite a bit. They're coming out with one call dragons and yum yum I just think it's a really really cool name it's a collaboration with the Flaming Lips. Indie punk band to you know what what the inspiration were dragons and yum yum yeah my name is yeah he used his dragon fruit and young varies. Greatly. There are good because it's not like a kids gamers and the candidate a young Barea is as a sort of a Chinese Japanese strawberry ish looking vary so. A leaf through new zoo and the other things are finally assuming a man and heard you know most efficient is known for stuff that's really off the water I mean that their their motto is about something about off centered Beers and that is often heard tales Ross and her people and it wasn't there like as there was a spit beer and there's more jobs each. Yeah I'm. And then they have or they've resurrected the DNA of ancient peers off of pottery so recently and Samaria and pottery that they scraped up for their ancient tale series and they were one of the last than and I think there is still alas they're one of the last to do cans be a lag we need is held out until. They release the twelfth of never and that sort of refers to their. And there are not wanting to do a beer and that in the can until the twelfth of never. Doctors had said they would never do we interviewed Sam on the radio what lessons have you ever do cans and he said no we want elevate Beers. We will never do cans and an insurance they have can well you know I. I guess people feel like in a bottle you get them more of I don't know. Higher end of like an elegant presentation experience yeah but the packaging is such that and you've you've talked about a hundred times now is superior to glass in that light can't get an PI and its its leadership it's cheaper to ship its. On this just a better package for beer and and we've seen a lot of people using it are doctors had Dallas put out for five Beers and it like we need this has finally given in and done it as well. A couple weeks ago on the radio we reported on. The brewery is actually doing a beer and can and that's something they said they would never do. As far as I known window back me up on this or guys jumpin. I I can only think of one mainstream big time Kraft for re not doing Cannes right now though there's some smaller ones not too intense but. The only big when I can think of his lost Abbie I don't think lost Abby they do. They lost heavy duty ends port forward on the port side unimportant right now and I'm on seven the report rightward we do have some poor IPAs and stuff right now. In can't support does Cannes to Los stabbing themselves lost heavy though is just recently doing twelve ounce bottles and it's. It just like the purest reaction or something to give because again you know it's obviously superior package yeah and you know I think what it comes down to not so much it's a great package in the superior package it comes down to the fact that the drinkers have demanded cancer are they gonna make money that consumers are saying that there that's what they. Or when we first opened the bottle shop we had one. Section called camp town it was a one corner and cap there that was all cans now you're watching the shop and this. Ridiculous. Oh percentage and two years has changed hands. There there was a stigma many years ago that which you have beer can and a case of making Mike McCann yeah there was again fairly or metallic taste to them and then they have solved that now they have water base lining now we see twelve ounce cans we see sixteen ounce cans we see in that nineteen point two ounce cans we see 24 ounce cans 25 ounce cans 32 ounce can 64 ounce cans recyclable cans on being open top cans and cans are the wave of the future for for craft beer. We see whining cans now home ice. Candle line ha yeah our idea. And I thought it was I thought by the wind was as fancy as it was. Islam and met who can't out you know one at a vending machine about a wine vending machine that would be a dream come true. I was in where we're enjoying dog fish head PA took. He knows PA not Pennsylvania I was EPA tuxedos 68 net present and in many of the different pieces from windows seventy's at pizza and or polish up in bar. And out that we have a whole bunch of stuff coming up here remorse segments ago because this is special. Hourlong presentation at the holiday pageant of the airwaves. I'll stop right there must be right yeah.