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WILK Friday Beer Buzz Christmas 2017 Part 4

Wed, 20 Dec 2017|

Holiday cheer, 'the Buzz', part 4!



  1. Disney World2:52
  2. severe weather9:54
  3. Chris Miller2:40, 13:18
  4. Pennsylvania Dutch12:09
  5. shake rattle2:49, 14:08
  6. New England8:49
  7. East Coast8:55
  8. West Coast9:02
  9. artistic director14:29
  10. New Zealand dollars0:23

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah I am rolling the green shirt and I didn't do anything he he look at all. What I hear got him. Everybody gets their croissants and you got your bills ready is headache. I got there. But the photos yeah. He's come under the New Zealand dollars in back. I don't know what we're don't GDP you know you and everybody knows that isn't great and we're well. I passed out at 32. Okay. He has America. Laura the holiday accidentally in a way that I will yeah. He holds three and a half minutes but now. No we didn't have Friday beer by the courts are my seventies beat the seventy about a job Embarq. He further ahead on Christmas Carol zoo breast. It's. Not a pretty geography today sporting a new do carry the very lovely and I and it's not just the antlers and I'm talking about either but yeah. And things you build provider does dot com for all his hard work yeah. Percent yeah. Seventy US elevated the stature of the show by showing up today was the only. And it's a suit is not just the sport go to the pants and tie actually match. You got to go check out the video at W out in his written about content and check out windows holiday attire in the know. I don't think I've seen a sharper looking colony since the night he knew that I know the time matches is again a 100% of the violence they got us she found assize. Becky had the rap rob an old lady to get these little or no way it. Did he cross from grounds growing use here course that's how does get you anywhere and there are you wearing. 2017. Snowflake unicorn pattern from the ground I barely had met her and only. Why don't you knocked Italy I don't know where she injured her out of the way they hate when you see you gulf war that you've got an important thing. I think there's a warmth of the season yeah. Happy holidays Barack and I'm mad as chairman of the white Canada's here game. I've forgotten your remote trigger brewing yeah. I think that's what to buggies and he. Chris Miller hardly nice guys that hey guys thanks owning right. In the name of authenticity we did invite Dominique the donkey we did it and he but we've got to shake rattle and roll it was a as the expert wears buttons and Dominique actually chose to go to Disney World instead of coming on the show and I I had passed out the bikini Jim let's let go I can't make them like you don't want to ship. Well a Florida and it's their mind. How huge priority. You. And so so a lot has changed since we've had these guys on me Tom we're gonna with two Beers in front of us here we're gonna start talking about them in a few minutes but first off. Everything has changed up their first off the the brewery itself has moved. And well I I moved as a strong word because it's a new brewing system currencies and let's start their maneuvering system okay how big fifteen barrel. Old system was three barrels I barrel loose they're going down 31 gallon so you do the math on fifteen yards into the original system in this area that's basically is in conjunction with guests to show how the old system that you. We brought that. 345 times and now us three barrels yes so three barrels that the system before that was your small barrel and a half in and Barack. Guys Jack I'll never forget and ever the personally to you guys it was all about grandma's air conditioner. Grammy yeah. I'm bigger calls the joke as we were trying to say grandmother's antique air conditioner and one of us said antique grandma's. Conditioner no Internet and older grab. Penalty drama so fifteen Barrow brewing system. You do you didn't build this one yourself decrease when you put yourself yes yes we bought this one. Got to also add up to summer. Are brewing on it. It artists yeah I remember the first pictures coming out the first batch your hand through and and how do you get. How even test something you do just run water through it first offered. Bill this one of modifying and yet Leo yes anything that. Doesn't work with the that we do ya do things is just being modified and actually the the manufacturer stopped by a couple weeks ago and you know what that means like boy this is the way we we presented. I'm alienate our agents. And so fifty government system you don't have to workers argue not doing batch after batch after batch initial working hard. True. It's serious system. Really tree you're standing in front of everything is right there yeah big system. It's turned out it's only get a pretty good work that you do get fifteen of fifteen barrel bats at a time which is me as much nicer and you're selling more high I assume which is it is is great news for us at times it's about our favorite place in the valley to go for beer. Location of the marine system is no longer behind the bar behind the wall where the kitchen is in the tap room that is now just kitchen space. This thing that's there that's that that we're calling the pilot brewing out there the three barrel for Borough system that still make it. So that's still there at attention the get a kick tonight that one but the fifteen barrel brewing system is not out in the parking lot it's not now behind the kitchen it's not upstairs it's in churches that your insurance that's praised it so if you remember the church to church has giant cathedral ceilings. On a big big space where I think originally when we first when you first bought the place and we first sat in there and had our first beer in there. I think originally thought that's where the brewing system would be from the go. And then the church became a little bit of a I'm a rehab challenge yeah I it took about was about six to nine months the I'm ready to go. Before report concrete fortress. So it's it's alive and it's a huge huge huge effort to do with the result in every witch project went out for anybody who's listening to as a band where Gary brings located we are that 77 east north into street Oxford township is going to your car guy there on giants despair right. About halfway out you know. It's it's a new building new location challenges with that challenges getting a fifteen barrel system up to speed. Or it's all gone smoothly. We always ask hiker is within me it just that changes that we made and reduced interest tells viewers that we like to do any bad batches right out of the gate. Now. Are our friends that are printed hijinks and inaugurated their ten girls system and got their efficiencies. All wrong on the first batch and so they made some to call learning curve. Completely different that was a no no crazy. It didn't go right on the first batch stories that scale I mean we brute effort there was a weaker which is usually pretty easy Beers so we you know. That was easy to do so we're talking before the show. Before you guys got here. You guys don't brew of bad beer everything you do seems to nail that style Algeria it is it's a scary truth it's. Yeah. As and we have two in front of us and and the first one is going on tasting for the first time the second one is one that I think I've had every vintage ovens on my absolute favorites first one is. Tasty outs. And let's first talk about who's that guy on the label yeah. It. Picture of a Quaker is here quicker and OPEC. Patent tournament Leinart and it doesn't really doesn't. And you said the key word there this is packaged in sixteen ounce cans yes. So there's a canning line a break Cabrera we blew that out in the media buzz the awards have been. Canning line is some one of the best news things I've seen coming out of breaker. It's fantastic cans selling well and you just launched this one right. Yeah. This week was just move that mean yeah yeah. There are pretty lately there early last night technically still a lot of example if you can't. So tasty Yost tell us side where where's that name come what severe style. Well this is a note I PA. Into New England style but has its twists we did we did it like a clash between the west and the East Coast house. And that gives you more obvious presence and not quite as is floppies is time. As the West Coast we used also cinco. Lou Glenn potter yeah. CNET guarantee that basically good. But the feeling powder is sort of new thing it's a new move exciting little tricky thing that you can do you think the best part of yeah and that's exactly what you're density and packeting. A lot of harsher edges you can and dole you can actually hop a lot more with these Helen you don't need as many top. A beer as he would previously it true that if your baby is he's a diaper changing your on the road in your desperate. And you need powder you can use the appeal and powder as baby powder. That is not right. Yeah I and it's an area where the entire honey but I do have this thing and look ahead. So so what do oats impart in severe weather what's the do significant the votes and beer votes there. Is going to. Make an annual thicker and give you clad in his mouth feel too yes yes and what that's going to do it is. In this case is going to keep the options expansion over the longer. Yeah that's older. We're going forward with this that this ADV. Five point 2000. And infinitely drinkable it's right on the edge is a male or expertise Kyoto tea is tasty. Extra stuff that you ask it isn't it's. How important it has a ton of pineapple and we return a joke in the for the segment colony canned pineapple in honor of of over front nine year old Otto a lump. It is a very flavorful beer beyond that the loop guilin powder reports that the three times yeah. I'm beyond that powder thing. What other cops are net there's mosaic in such advantages. Challenges through this one hard to group. We've got a couple of the price of it and this is the Cannes yeah. The challenges are that the amount pops that going to yeah like this with the new system yet so Chris decked out in India. Happy. New. And a hop basket is I think that pops fighters carries a basket that goes in if your home amber it's small ASCII option that we. We ordered one from this company that makes them but it's John and it just goes cattle Sally it'll catch all Hopson that the ticket straight up and chiller and give everybody some idea of in some quantity pounds home a batch of this. Pounds of popped and I know powders and their two organized with a basket. We do we think he's 45 pounds per barrel. Wow so a lot of out yet so there there's an if there's a different efficiency going from four barrel to fifteen barrel. We have one of my absolute favorite Pearson perennial favorite absolutely we had it on the show we've done vertical with a spear I think we've done this peer since the very beginning we've had it all kinds of shows we've had on the Christmas show. This is Beltzner clear they'll snicker makes its triumphant return it's one of my favorites. First tell everybody about the name does it's it's it's the city teens sinister sinister Santa dad a Pennsylvania Dutch sinister Santa. Stemming from the and this crap crap yeah. From Germany's Alois. How. Guy but he still premium salad for a bad boys or girls that don't snicker camera Democrat and a tiny negative image as like this in a furlough we're off. And that the style with the style beer. Belgian out why Belgian ish and so squad we know his big clot has four times the mall typically which means for times trigger four times the alcohol which the AB on the sport. It's guys 9% this year. 9% what other ingredients because I'm getting like cherry and little sweetness so happiness yeah a lot of happiness in the bag and they'll thinking. That. Actually it belongs to them and there are diseases. From Sarah are sure ticket. A really really nice beer available now on 22 ounce bottles that's yes that's at six under. Excellent enjoying my absolute favorite here Stacey Allison Beltzner clear affront the breaker brewing it guys here Chris Miller mark Lehman gentlemen thank you for being here on bad guys and success rate right. And I'm very happy new entity you guys windows Sabatini Sabatini beat the seventy abolish up bar a Wyoming avenue they're beautiful eggs that are. They have the greatest collections of aircraft and imported Beers guerrillas neutrality camp on 36 retaining draft seventeen he's beaten seventeen models show up and are lapping up and like that are sounds like you said that before. Yeah thank you for your support throughout the year throughout the years in Merry Christmas happy new year happy holidays you have memories. Yeah I. Still tried to buy dot com a labor of love from day 17 now twenty years we're going on here yeah I. And bill does all the have you if I think you could easily go we we. Get like we collect that I inducted are without children now. They'll Merry Christmas to you and to mrs. beer buzz us same do you think you very much all right thank you Jake and shake rattle and roll. There Friday beer buzz studio audience Becky content across brewing company. You can tell somebody your yeah. I'm islands nation. My favorite quote show me the woman who actually loves beer and I will take over the world Gideon Kaiser will notice it will. I managed jet dec artistic director director of writing about a mandate he was saying. No that. My lovely wife Karen my lovely wife Karen who were 35 plus years has put up with what honey it's show biz yeah. It. You like to work day yeah. Community and I haven't. Liked her to Wear WL came after the Freddie beer buzz listeners as well Merry Christmas happy new year and how. He holidays won't. Many say these did what I had without any help you celebrate celebrate sober and responsibly on the road and have fun at home because of the bracket there. I'm bringing good. Yeah.