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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 12/15/17

Fri, 15 Dec 2017|

Family Drama, it's an Imperial Pilsner from Flying Dog on 'the Buzz' this week!



  1. brewers association11:36, 11:42
  2. First Amendment11:25, 11:29
  3. Frederick Maryland6:32
  4. music awards0:21
  5. Tropical fruit4:48
  6. Bruce Carter0:28
  7. Nancy will9:48
  8. Thanksgiving Day6:48
  9. first amendment rights11:32
  10. new England's4:44

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Take rattle and roll as of today for foundation is thirty seconds that was about fifteen seconds ago us on the I can do the math but I with the valley view. Time winner of the Pennsylvania association broadcast is more than two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association awards to. For me and advancing the craft and my group you know music awards don't mean. It sounds like even a bigger award this to promote and advance the crap in Michael Bruce Carter northeast Pennsylvania friends another edition now. It's Friday nearby as paradise Sabatini speed since seventeen is bottle shock and Barney that are. One of the area's greatest collections of rare crafted imported Beers. Ground listing Crowley is a handful. Am 36 during taking jabs at seventeen is pizza and seventeen he's a bottle shock and are planning avenue innings America. Irony of the same name in the camera into which he grabbed when rose coming in today or video review duties on my sideways soliciting a sideways I know we're. Why do and a 17 news in the morning though you mornings and and Merry Christmas happy new year to you Mary is still we did announce that this will be are those of the final final why you vote for Fred yeah buzz of the season brain death okay so that's going on today. And that's why will we exchange gives your little one. I don't for my beer buzz I've come of course a parent happy Friday we've changed guests and I'm proud to say that I we'll head out and give them probably one. From anybody else at Christmas time and this will be a major Christmas even more memorable than I might have otherwise been and is he a little more bull. Toilet bowl has just seen. That's just dresses C a Christmas a joyous Christmas scene into your toilet water it's on the so let without my life knowing. Downstairs shattered city of San glass on the toilet water huh you just turn a surprise thought. And well. Qaeda targets in under the present Patrick that he gives you confidence I will surprise and this is gearbox yes you know what he's really hitting between your car and her her I'll just say we usually. Looking on the toilet cedars yeah and it shoots a scene into the water. As that beautiful glass ceiling in a few. I'm happy with this scene at the water already up a fight over that Joseph. There's not already so yeah I. Anyway I think you can categorize. Are you so happy Friday we should. Have a programming note we will not be live next week or the week after. There will be doing the home version of the Friday beer buzz that's right we didn't for anyone in the room that doesn't remember which is probably every one in the room we did record. Our Saturday a extravaganza. That will air sometime we're not really sure and until. Our long gonna figure that out today and mightily hats off to Lindo who and Nancy are you left do we we as we sat around here play I'm planning your head. Mostly we were doing and how window they took it upon himself to stand under the on the top of the thing here and Freddie are disobey all my son and I know. I that are already saw that we were braced knowing Casey toppled out there and we would have namely can do we know. Out here I was I was beat unfortunately. I was being thanks I think he's in the I think is truly a home in the motor so that. And a lot of time trying to find Disco ball motors. But I didn't find. The no luck there we treasure. The highly technical solution and now was pulled the plug out of the power driven put it into a different Claudia and that didn't know that didn't work and then we spend another ten minutes trying to get the titles and. Only love you you guys verse here I think enjoying the beer and putting your hands in to the wire. Always something that makes me feel very good about keeping the place behind. Saramago every holiday season. We are put your hand on the wire we did declare we should open the first pile that if there were wire wire you like not a plug wires and we would bail out right then and there. Numerous fighters well. Oh that's well prepared and there may have. Don't let John know that do we we record for a twelve ish minute segments yes it takes us roughly four hour about a week. Course has yet. So it takes is an hour per. Twellman well I'm betting on this studio audience here in the WRK studio is it is a lot of your foreign takes place between segments it's a lot of cups and you and I think we didn't sit quite the record. What was really dig away the buzz he award for the previous record we did have a hundred pack of of cups and we did pretty good Centene oh yeah. So we have a little bit of your news Dallas point you know they've been doing skull open you name a flavor and there's a school opened flavor Ford there's have a narrow there's great food there's all kinds of stuff news they now have a low cost open hello mosque open is jumping in on one of the crazy is that we have going on in craft beer. And that is that and ENNE can be north east or new England's IL IPA. It's that easy. Tropical fruit forward IPA's so watch for. Fur. Aloha. And huntress who's who religious food. I think it's just hops. And and the haze you know can be sent he had. I also. We talked about the hops in and the fruit in these Beers and the haze and that we talked about Saturday extensively about how they creep Hayes. It's really interesting how they create haze because some people do it differently and some people up. Use flour and. Is all kinds away really the data make the haze and I know I create my behavior that had been slower others these senators like buy a Hummer yeah Ali muse that'll just be. He achieved this is the best suspension walk to it so I want. Ali is not felt I was fortunate enough filtering. But it's a question that's just cosmetic is not right getting something to a causes it to be hazy volunteering in Haiti is spearheading hands. Yeah yeah and I mean there are some residual depends upon what you adds ten at the haze there is some residual to a but the ice on the empirical clarity yeah but yeah he's that apple and try to achieve your. When you work so. You would get days to do is not really don't know how does a good beer yeah but now let's change hard Cornell and now the now familiar the haze around you know there's actually various and have made jokes about it then. They're just using flower in the name of the Mir because they have fan doesn't sound like. I have given bags of sold bags of our two. Juries and the need for brickyard 400 pound bags of flour from bashers out polio yeah I have no idea cancel. At a curveball on people trying to make clear Beers rather be clear here at home just throw little flurry of your enthusiasm Claudia. Come here in the episode so we have a beer today are our beer comes to us from flying dog down Frederick Maryland new. And end our beer pays tribute to sort of we we talked a few weeks ago about our our holidays Thanksgiving weekend. And I thought it was appropriate to. To use today's beard to pay tribute to our Thanksgiving Day celebration okay got today's big Crist called. Flying dog family drama. Any idea where where they've been. Roses I suspect I know now based on news some of the events that may or may not have happened for Thanksgiving and for me on. Yeah you know everybody's got a little Stanley stuff going on on their Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays come. And so now the yeah yeah it's ironically enough their reasons families only get together once a depreciation perfect. It's not travel. Just it's the and this isn't this is a bit of a style curve ball so this is a pills and her. And we know that appeals and there is a longer break so he uses a little bit different you spend. 99.9. 99%. Of all the Beers he'd ever featured on the Freddie beer because we still feature loggers I'm not a huge order fans I don't featured on the but you can tell this has been sort of distinctive taste of a logger and this is an imperial longer so. It's it's a bit more beefy it's eight point 4% AVV. But a top he's got that about pills there's known to be a hockey style blogger so it's got 35 I'd be used 35 international bitterness units. And so you'll tasteful but a floral NN ill taste a little but the spice in it. But I think it still has satellite underlying. Blogger thing yeah and is a 100% is a serial loggers as something that's been around a long time reduces their recent invention now the you know they make strong while the loggers they may. Double box and triple box and then and so they make us stronger loggers they made darker longer lighter loggers. But I I don't have Linda beard imperial blogger used a lot of. So username imperial life. Lived you don't earlier material in front of the but there are a lot of stronger well here's senior. Then there are available now come from this this fear firm for me as uninteresting is always come and looking for Christmas beer but they want something a little later a little easier for you. Little more approachable for some is not. Three minute hold up for this beer there. This year to see so boring summer customers. That are looking for something that's not your normal big stronger barker on Christmas warmer here so it's been a -- addition to us anyway hell yeah I'm not a big larger fan either but if American ally under I can pills and earned more so yeah I'm not and that's when I actually am enjoying this is a branding they use till their all and so it's a traditional pills or any uses German size SA daisy pops very traditional for all kind of noble hops and they don't declare this one is a noble hop but I'm not a topic to discuss the sweetness of the damned yeah yeah. Just got that it's not that there's a multi thing in loggers that is almost. I find it leans to creamed corn for me and I know that's not a great description that's a brewing flaw lets a die now possible floss and a brewing. But it leans into that territory for me. There is on the side of the bottle and probably only Nancy will be able to read it they put mad limbs on the side of the ball. Oh I'm all you can imagine. I'm I'm fox none I. His opinion on FaceBook I'm actually a box right up. I'm so other amendments on the side of the bottle. And the fine Doug said that this pairs well with and Kathy hugs because they point four per say any BV home cousin Todd to brags. I guess that doesn't odds bragging about his car whatever. And Graham the Gary's gas. So. Grant and Gary I can. We all know flying dog flying dog the name comes from up eighteen. In romp in the Pakistan. Where founder George strand a hand in 1983. Was hiking K two and a few big if if you're out there and you're in front of a computer right now move will pay to. And look at this it's serious hate who is like a mountain bike serious serious amount. So go okay too they were hiking K two and they said the most dangerous thing on this journey was set on day seventeen of the 35 day trip they ran out of alcohol. Dallas morning wondering do it and I. Eight to loan little. Listen mightily when looking at that the Matt lives are lived there. Yeah that looks on the right at the bottom of that I don't know did we mention that this happens BA point 4% for Danielle is more about 35 I view while. Can we should also mention flying dog has done some really interesting things in 2010 they sued the state of Michigan over. The raging beast. A beer name as human skeleton they sued them and they want to and when they won they founded a thing called the the First Amendment society where. Use the money from the winnings of that to found this First Amendment society. So they're very active in first amendment rights. And as part of that in 2017. They left the brewers association. We've mentioned this before because of the decency standards that the brewers association put into place for beer names. Now they were they were really going after things like. Dumb blonde and and sort of more sexist kinds of things re not the things that that's fine dog is traditionally doing but find I take no more Al. Tony secure membership. How unbelievable and were gone I will listen Merry Christmas and happy that I just on the sausage did the video just turn and so far the live video lines okay. Soria M there will have the audience anyway is going to be on the test pattern a 45. We can't we're enjoying find out you have Ruiz family drama here this morning don't blame Merry Christmas everybody. S and we went on an issue onto up to celebrate responsibly everybody else so and have a great Merry Christmas and a happy new year behind our hourlong edition bullets you know. When the holiday edition airs the Freddie beer buzz power advised Sabatini pizza. And seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in banks that are one of the area's greatest collections of rare craft an imported Beers rallies and rallies and called in 36 rotating drafts. As seventeen speeds up in Sabatini is a bottle shop and bar landing avenue and Exeter. I'm afraid they're bringing a billion people together. Oh.