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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 12/08/17

Fri, 8 Dec 2017|

It's hard to hang onto Mad Elf but you'll be glad you did! Troegs Brewing this week on 'the Buzz!'



  1. John Galliano1:41
  2. Belgian Beers3:24
  3. Christian Bale0:40
  4. Kiefer Sutherland1:38
  5. temperature changes9:01
  6. ale brewed9:21
  7. Al-Qaeda4:13
  8. Great Lakes5:28
  9. craft beer9:40
  10. imported Beers0:33, 12:38

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every. Association of broadcasters award the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press right. Associate how we're promoting and advancing their craft in my program culture in northeast Pennsylvania it's another edition out. Trying to get this on FaceBook like video is really testing my patience. The Friday a dear buzz is crunchy bites Sabatini speed since have a teeny bottle shop and learning center. The area's greatest collections of rare crap and imported Beers rally is I and equally sorry colors and color I have mom. I'm very Christian Bale be. And 36 or taking jabs and Sabatini beat Clinton seventeen bottles off the mark Wyoming avenue an accidental. Leno's entities in the studios and as the bad men over there you mourning mourning. I know it's by the way when he blew away our sales people give you a thing of popcorn deceit and the and a popcorn and actually certainly say look yeah isn't that good like Israel here more than left networks built for my beer buzz or should bat man's reminder. Happy Friday. And Republican but a hell. I couldn't resist I you know I I'm not a movie guy but I have seen now one mrs. beer buzz it is a movie person and so she has is dvds all the time every Friday Saturday night shall go through two or three and I see now on. I'm a fan of the original black man you know the bad man. The tongue in she he had a better for kid when I was in affirming oh it's him. So the adult dark ones kind of just play and just doesn't well the same thing to do it that's oh what's his name Kiefer Sutherland on the president show what's anyway let's show 24. Got a John Galliano one now I don't want that done whatever that he does the same voice hinting all the time. You resident I'm I'm hungry. Let's do lunch talk nice day isn't checked my watch I think it's a nice day I had yeah you can he do who could resist the all my end bad means. Good I'm gonna just a bad man I'm but I hate I heard you guys on the way up here and I thought I don't have my bad men constantly try to study shows that kids do better at tasks as he left the address is bad. What prompted all the bad bans on this morning this study does is gives the okay yeah I bet measures help them out yeah. Or Bob do love the alert early explorer cannot sponge Bob. I don't know about that early lead and rid of Randy yeah. So we are supporting an event today that event is next week it is an annual event that I how many years are we celebrating this event. This is the first one Santa comes to sound bar nice and Santa always brings the beer and our. Tell us about the event possible area a little this is to become yeah. Pretty much earned our guests' favorite moment comes we share. And I think is the party were to. Is this is a fantastic event and our team is a of course is saying this coming all the Beers are going to be winner or Christmas related chair. So and these sheer we try to get Beers we have a number four is getting harder and so one of the things we're doing is aging gears now because for the event. And the long we're focusing today is an Asian version of man elf yeah but should be at the journey to. So the woman wounded Koreans at the event as a 2014. Keg. That's been shown how our solar uses them so we're I have and this will be a bunch of fantastic age Belgian Beers 2013 emotional well. December is Christmas. Those Christmas and now all eyes turn spears learn not all. Portable Christmas Beers so don't get a little variety owners there's to really the first concern about a celebration so opponents and wow there is there are cops and all of Christmas is tough yeah. And find out Christmas Day APA. We really pouring jet setting up early summer holidays. India tell logger. And then we have some cells to. Couple cents us just how Smart he would park. Edged ginger gingerbread slowly and why this is a popular thing every insurance help murder and barrel gingerbread all out and then we have very rum barrel. Imperial self from port so called sends little helper. So about her really fantastic. Beers agreement. Al-Qaeda penetration and witnesses apparently it's I think assessments that make. Antennas will help for one of my absolute favorite holiday is some fans had a fantastic career in this one in this barrel we have we've been ages since 2015 now it and there are more some that we can't say on the radio. Just go down and check it out for yourself there's specialty pizza for this event. It's called could Christmas feast. In the Christmas trees we've been doing before this surface and then there every year is. Our original pieces coupled with. Exercise throughout peppers green conversation for job. Also a sausage and onions and oh that's excellent excellent sound great competitor and it domicile one knots one of the favorites like Linda said yeah. Hum we have a little bit of their news this time of year and end it may be its meeting this time Tom but. This time of the year the breweries all start to launch their 2018. Portfolio next year's portfolio that didn't seem this frantic. Last year. This year it's it's crazy they're coming out one after another after another after another. Pumped stone just did fierce stone is still doing very IPA centric for 2008 inning got the email I saw that yes you can as you can imagine. Great Lakes new Holland there there are all ramping up first for exciting things in 2018. We have just publish them all. And there's a what we call a topic or a label on my nearby stock on the can go to call released calendars and it shows them all so if you wanna know what's in store for 2018. Wright can go to release calendars on my -- must bring click on the word release in any post and go to them isolated and important to point out as my Bierbauer is dot com guess my beer buzz dot com yesterday. Oh we also have one little tidbit of news because I think it's exciting the brewery. Now the brewery has gone burger retail row and that's their sort of up. Beers that are based on the Lander that care law that the beer comes from to Hawaii I. They're different words a French wine word who we write we. You me and but they've also done a thing called offshoot beer an option beer they decided that they would do the things that the the brewery would never do they would do. I PA's only Newbury doesn't do any I appears. And they renewed cans only soft shoe DB here is doing hands and IP is only. I'm the brewery is releasing I can. A mile slaughtered sixteen ounce cans coming out of the Burry cumulus locker gala you thought you would never never see cans coming out I'm number read. The buries doing cancer. Haskell well I mean Kansas then you know let's. They estimated the academia is for sorry for the future and every brewery that comes down says we're not going to do can end up doing it and undone and the public has demanded webpart that stone for you talk a moment ago they are part of the announcement was all about the Kansas. Different variation on the theme like big cans don't order six bags of sixteen ounce cans that we're seeing it I mean we've seen traditional tossed cans there's a lot of different designs and twelve ounce cans were seen sixteen ounce cans which I personally like a good IPA in a sixteen ounce can I just think that's a great package and I PH. We're now seeing nineteen point two ounce cans yeah. 44 rounds can I answer the right to own skin 32 hour. And it hasn't mentioned Melissa thirty to a the idea wow so is it we're wrong and crazy here so that's a good thing that's nice. So we have what we would call a vertical tasting in front of us today. I think it comes from our pals John Christopher opener at Trojan Berea in Hershey PA. It's a classic isn't mad at all and we plan to infuse abilities I don't know I just started eight. And Fred. Yeah I know she would send to start and there are no great rules with a vertical tasting you know you can start with the current and work backwards you can start with the old ones and work forward I'm a lot of people realize what a vertical tasting you know for those who don't deserve the same beer but is there any women I got a call porn in here. A stroke saying hey don't do 2000 and yeah I did a vertical tasting as you did it comes again out of the wine world than them we don't wanna get too too fancy but it it comes. Out of tasting different vintages of the same beer do. And I would tell you we have we have three different vintages we obviously of 2017 it's nice to compared to the current one the latest freshest one. Pomp and we have to that I saved in my cellar so these are personal solar bears Karl. Arming them when are we are god. We have a 2011. Which is crazy enough right six years old and we have a 20107. Years old and I will tell you that. The proper way to sell their Beers. These these Beers have been seller properly and then some of these have been seller end in a dark case so there inside the cardboard. In a cool dry place that does not have rapid temperature changes on the hot in the summer Coleman the winner armed. So you cannot seller these any better than these have been salary excellent Condo building until later refrigerator the light comes on and off enough times during the day it'll definitely that it. It is better to have it wraps of the polite can't get too wound so we have three different images this is a Belgian strong ale brewed with Pennsylvania honey. And sweet and sour cherries and this is pretty much from what pros on the map there initially crazy idea this is this is a big one they just celebrated twenty years but this this smear really really put them on the map nugget nectar took off quite a bit for them up and nugget nectar put them I think in the mainstream craft beer world. But mad else I think made the business done really for them umps did the money yeah. Actually it. This is why there's this giant can brewery in Hershey that there a destination brewery you know. Not only for the brewery itself on the dedicated scratch system they now have the that's just the splintered cellar they call it do they these giant twenty foot tall would orders. Just did it got a great destination. And a fabulous spear these Beers. Are excellent yeah. It's so so look at the difference right I've never been a huge mill family unless they don't want a rich for one but this year earlier this year. Somebody opened a woman so well last forgot that there was melodies with the age yes how they Mel oh no doubt. So we're 20101117. Here in front of us that ten and eleven look at some just visually. The seventeen is ruby red and clear perfectly perfectly clear on the ten and eleven are a little bit more hazy. So is a little bit more and suspension in these Beers. And they are there a little bit multiyear. A little bit sweeter. And and still no less alcohol these are 11% ADV Mears. And a and a whopping fifteen idea which means they're sweet. Com they have that dull honey essence that I really really like the presence of cherries it is really really good. And they change coming how different is a seventeen days from. Oh no actually I like mad elf generally speaking anyway and as often as not a weak when it's time to put up the Christmas tree 2002. Bottler to a matter else out to help make sure is lined up. Outside like Madd help but I haven't really done a vertical facing a matter health they go back this far 2010 the 2010 is like practically magical ice my god it's it's it's smoothest as smooth out the edges and that's hard to say but it's smooth out the edges. And it it becomes a tiny bit more multi but not a bad multi you know I was Maltese are the same firm they're practically match. Met a man out and then if you look we check our radio how different the label looks from 2017. Has the mad elf. They're a little bit more sinister looking Manuel Jimenez throws logo that's like sort of the guitar pick up. And then the older one from 201011. Is almost cartoon. He can't kind of strange great but it ages well this is a beer sit down so it now is a time grab some 2017. And sitting down to our database and unscrew the ball in your refrigerator. And during throat trophies matter healthier vertical tasting going back in 2010 this morning. Give it a try yourself if you got some hanging around and use actually kept it in place spot ray ceemea. And RA WLK Freddie beer buzz paradise Sabatini pizza and seventeen is bottle shop and barn eggs that are wanna remind you tomorrow after 12 o'clock in the afternoon be checking FaceBook love live video from our. Taping of the holiday beer buzz okay. One of the area's greatest selections are rare craft an imported Beers just relishing travelers to him pumped. In 36 rotating drafts all at seventeen he's pizza and seventeen these bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue and eggs will. Only dawning are gay apparel tomorrow as I understand yeah. Tied the I'm Fredricka a pretty good Beers and good people together. Yeah. I.