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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 12/01/17

Fri, 1 Dec 2017|

Christmas is almost here and Anchor Brewing's Christmas Ale 2017 is ready, this week on 'the Buzz'!



  1. brew master12:17
  2. San Francisco California1:33
  3. craft beer1:49, 1:50
  4. Paul Simon2:38
  5. Siri2:29
  6. brewing company1:35
  7. beer cans5:13
  8. anchor steam1:53, 2:04, 2:11
  9. imported Beers0:41, 12:39
  10. MicroHoo0:20

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here we go. Here we go tap video we don't know. Any association of broadcasters warn the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award. Promoting and advancing the craft. And MicroHoo country northeast Pennsylvania it's another addition. Ollie you're gonna all have to just wait a second for me because I'm totally screwed up. I know Freddie Deere run. It is so brought to you by Sabatini speeds up. Eyes and seventeen is funnels up and learning center put the area's greatest collections of rare crap in the imported Beers play my FaceBook is totally screwed up a good wife video right now. Online videos FaceBook we have groundless and currently has eight hand pump now. Oh playing. And 36 irritating drafted seventeens pizza. Eight and seventeen is bottle shop and bar landing avenue in egg. Okay shows a dedicated to load glamour piled yeah. Windows seventeen it was an island off the market not a big fan and armor or even your neighbors as the way at the end sad news. I heard the dog leash is Sam in home. That's coaches hey I'm somebody else. It's this in their last. Pay the bills might nearby that I'm happy Friday thank you and rented a goalie was a lot easier than trying to sneak in our armor there. I love her Indy 500 so I'd I don't know that's on my heart. Or we have a guest joining us now we have awakened him earlier so how. I don't want to delay any more from San Francisco California from the anchor brewing company today we have Scott hunger day. Hello yeah our young grades got things are behind you today good morning Scott. Good morning. So. Back when I first learned craft beer started tasting craft beer one of the first ones I encountered was anchor steam and and there was really here I really knew for a long long time so much so that I think for four or five years I thought the brewery was named anchor she seemed. I didn't even know there was a difference between anchor steam beer in an anchor brewing itself. But now I hear that there may potentially be a dry hop diversion of anchor steam. Yeah actually yeah we get that a lot eight. Redford says working pretty acres chamber real time. This team is an image there an anger brewing is it is the company that makes the beer and done. We minute drive tops he must Siri. There was it was a lot of fun to make him that was it was us special release didn't see you know. Paul Simon released Boris a year ago so I have come that they resolved and it really enjoyed making it. And mr. It's. You'll have to don't make it again may be. And an impact. We are here we are role now. And didn't need small batch. Beers here at the brewery we just started up pilot period have houses across the street from our it has toward courier services go to where we're we're role now batches of other. Period there have come and gone from the past but we we just. Product coming in on Obama throwback there's yeah. A lot of fun to make it appear again. And that's anchor public taps are calling it right. Don't. I'm so. We we would be remiss not to mention you know I was sitting on the beach in August and I happened and look on my phone and got little notice a ballot the relationship. With banker and support road changing. We should mention that because people. People wanna know what will change an anchor itself with your new relationship with some for a. Sure very additional question a lot so I don't know purchased. And I Sapporo back. It was announced then in August and actually called on September 1 so it's still a very new relationship. For us. Just so everyone knows that anchor brewing over our 121. Year history has had about eight different owners. Change change had a number of times and moved locations always in San Francisco but. Move should locations. Once one from Berkeley want from fire various southern. Things have caused us to move in the end in fact we've been in this building since the late seventies. Weeds. We purchased by Santoro let they really good news there is there there brewers who have been brewing for loan that we haven't been around for a 140 years only care about here they care about what we do and how we do it and so as far as what's gonna change on the what we sink in how we make it won't change at all we we still make anchors seem they're exactly the same way and intend to continue to make it exactly the same way here and never just go it's really just change in ownership. As far as you know when it comes from from my perspective we're still doing the same things today is that we've been doing. Plant and like Santoro will you be putting beer cans now you can hammer and nail with. Not enough. Futures and and the other end look at are pretty. Here's Ernie and then and I assume that their their distribution network is something you'll be able to take advantage and then get your beer out of potentially more countries and more distribution. Yeah I think -- believe that's probably the biggest change for us is there's. We knew we can work with them internationally they owned breweries of Canada. Actually when buries so we will have a relationship with them in Canada where they will help us get our regular Beers. -- much wider distribution in Canada. And then in Japan obviously. More war and -- that. We've had tears in Japan has always been kind of a small market for imagine there's gonna blow that and then there are several other countries that we're looking at. As well so globally. Confirmed for us to extend the reach of our Beers. That's were already in twenty countries internationally but we we do have opportunities. To do a lot more when that. Exciting news I'm I'm I'm actually glad to hear anybody here we're always glad to hear that you know essentially the beer will remain the same and and we always like to hear that. I'm unrelated to that design master collection and end. Any new releases for that and argun a collection are they continuing on her sign master and organized sort of done for now. Since you're on the shelf as well bomb that we knew we moved to win. But what we're what we're going to be doing is now that we have this this little pilot very proud mistreated. Seven girls system and and that is really where we're gonna develop appears in the future. I think that. Can tell you is we we haven't released any of them yet we haven't even decided exactly what happened what we are going to go out with something under the patrol project name. Because. Petroleos our location here and everything goes so. I mean did you do that global. First we're gonna we're gonna kind of cheese in them and developed some beer here. And then. Once we have some things that we're really happy with the we'll take a mounds in the wider distribution. He says something a second ago there's going to be a great name for a package I love the sound of Beers of the future has happened sound. That's cool that's why actually you. We've got a couple of movie night show. Here they're still where we've made it to fund more off bears. In Bergen is another format so and paired with movies every bit of activity we didn't act and he's I'll. And and I made beer from the. If I could call this the guy and and you guys it was all right. Only a cake label what you guys have one of my favorite beer names of the year as far as I've peered beer keg labels Iowa's kick east bank AL so yeah. I tell you right about now on data. Those are a little weird there was. It is something we made. Or her grand opening across the street none data heavy damage tagline on. Lose though look at dirty hippie but it is so good. That is so we have sitting in front of us the 43. Incarnation. Of anger brewing I'm Merry Christmas. And happy new year or our special tail we call it to anchor our special aero Taylor a west say I'd tell us about the 43 version. Look at how we Halloween generally recruited Christmas sale there. They did it is our special well. There's one. Has really get into a really nice here I'm really happy with the Madonna's came out there and I think it has got to seal the classroom we talk but do we are working on Christmas though in March found. And that's when we start kicking ideas around doing gruesome back to London and yeah. Years go into it with a with a concept of how we had changes did you start with the basic recipe you really last year's end to end moves some things around in the end. That I'm going to take some things away of course we keep their recipe the actual recipe. She greater. Only a few people on the people burning hair no really and there are other people in the building knew who don't even know I think probably figured out they were. Asks but generally it. The exact present it is it is kept in lock down and so. What we're trying to do the last couple years is is really focused on we know how much people like engage these fears and slim down and contains articles you're over here and so we we we can do this with with that in mind and how it's easier from now two years from now three years from now. What should we be doing to make sure they do better and one of the things that we thought of right away I was won't be alcohol a little bit until last year was the first period we went up over five point five and have been but what about for years or six point five and 2016. Union does seventy we ratcheted up just another notch to bringing up six. Point seven. And in support of that higher alcohol we know like more multinational. Horror. It's more painful his body even robustness to the beard and bruised egos in a song on the especially mall side. Was more of what we were looking forward to make it true winner warmer with a lot of small T. I waved red Roma and color in the deep dark brown talked believed. Really complex beer and then I'm must play notice we decided to really focus then on no. Uncertainty by is that they that we wanted to pull out mom and so we. We've actually over the last couple years kind of pulled out some spices. And then a little bit or replace them with some new things and I'm overall low load the Golan to make something that was a little bigger and bolder than Christmas is over the past. And it hasn't done new Molson additional specialty malts I noticed that it has more prominent spices. That's sort of silky velvety mouth feel remains and I'm. All in all very nice here and we do agent Scott we do sit it down my brother has some that that date back to the eighties and maybe they weren't necessarily geared toward aging but. They they hold up they really do hold up and and it's a favorite of ours year after year come. We ask every year we thought when mark carpenter retired on his last year he might give up the special ingredient that year and we couldn't twist his arm we have to ask what is the special ingredient. Our way it is it's. A little bit of that ghost of Christmas past. Great answer her own magic well you know December 1 incidents in the meteorological winter is on as you're kick off the holiday season and it's tradition for us here. With anchor brewing Texas governor wanna thank you for being on the show this morning we preach his guys to brew master VP of production and anchor brewing they make anchor steam does not anchor steam. I'll have to get there I got it right yeah the other side got things remain empty. I think you guys so I'm. They regale the WLK Friday dear buzz is powered by Sabatini pizza and seventeen is bottle shop and bar in exit art of the area's greatest selections over aircraft Dan imported Beers grab listing palace to hand pumped in 36 or dating drafts and seventeen he's pizza. And seventeen is bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue an exit out Friday Baird bringing in the Armenian people together. The.