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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 11/17/17

Fri, 17 Nov 2017|

Free Will AND ZerØday Brewing, four big beers this week on 'the Buzz!'



  1. Movie theater5:11
  2. New Jersey2:23
  3. Russian imperial stout11:04
  4. craft breweries6:48
  5. tropical fruit8:12
  6. Grand Island2:46
  7. Great Britain9:45
  8. New England8:01
  9. New York City3:44
  10. imported Beers0:40, 12:25

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or. I turned on the camera this camera sold out you can only set the date to 2015. Offseason to hammer nails if you only see this can't. You can see and now he. Two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association weren't promoting and advancing the crap in my home country. These Pennsylvania friends it's another edition. The Freddie nearby as it always is not. Brought you buying power advised Sabatini pizza and seventeen he's bottle shock and darn exit or what is the area's greatest selections over aircraft in imported Beers. Crowds using crowd there's a hand pump don't mind Ian 36 radiating throughout the seventies pizza and Sabatini bottle shop and bar Wyoming and a. There and owner Linda Sabatini in the studio morning window in my that was the most tantalizing no mileage wasn't. That's how well they're really I don't mind you're thinking is back in the news and we come as close we can't do actually sound like we're built for my nearby dot com happy Friday happy Friday to you so we have two guests representing two different for a reason we have four Beers and a bowed to money for. Cup semi autonomous. I make them Indian leg wrestled to. I'm just Soledad so without further ado from purchasing Pennsylvania from free will brewing we have John stem are created. Arafat and from zero day brewing in Harrisburg PA who we have Brando and Armstrong are. You guys first off thanks to make in the ride thanks for having us through different directions. Come when we really love having people in the studio. We have four Beers in front of us but before we get to those I always like John story when John was on last time we asked them where did you get the name for free will brewing. Tell us or tell everybody where we're free will came from. Also an embodies my in my brain style. I like Braun times a bears balls during you know has a mere political opportunity brewer. So it's you know it's the way amber only had time to approve all kinds of exiles and I'm as I do enjoy them all expense also Charny is these are memories DL yens and appears not free Karl. I'll wait a minute moment why the hell that is not free. He had two locations one's an courtesy no one's in peddlers village is just a tap room until shopping district ever buy a new low near New Jersey. And what did you interest in starting to Marie what we doing before you started number Iowa is a construction guy actually I have and allowing our irrigation general contrasting how I never planned on November had just started doing it for fun and found out I was reasonably good attitude. Home brewing gone wild there's only 21 they west Orlando and I'll learn now you know sorting employees had. That's great it's also loved and Grand Island now same same question first off zero day brewing we we think all sorts of things and and I love the logo for zero day as a computer guy to zero with a slash through it is always like on my favorite secede but. We're in the name zero day brewing come from. So there are a lot of different ways that you can kind of take that but our actual name came from a hiking term. So doing a long through high college you would do an Appalachian trail RAU laundry days and miles so you'll have a sixteen day or 23 day. The zero day is a rest day battery charged day and you take them sparingly because you always wanna get to your point. Lolly gag too much. But when you lolly gag we want you and its us feel like you're taking a zero day at zero day to rest to recharge. To drop your stuff at the door and come in and just have a beer. Thailand's rarely. I can't say I was thinking nuclear. Am not a we're intending endured a convention in New York City so there's a lot of fun play with a mathematical size out. Obviously the mathematical symbol. So really it's what you make and I feel like that's indicative of Marbury in general you know we drew our Beers and they are what do you make up what does and fibers make I have no idea there was actual name for my favorite activity not hype and as I. I do it's soon. Want my heart actually did the Appalachian trail. In 2005 from Maine to Georgia. I only zero day despite months of the day might I say so it kind of took something from that personal journey and something. At that point he had done that was the biggest thing in his life caliber is I think but yes so that's where it came from. That's cool guest there I mean 20 days in a five month high kid is definitely impressed on and off one on Thanksgiving actually and how. Oh you know we're getting close to celebrating his zeroed in debt including and you guys are Harrisburg you've been open and for two years three years yeah two locations and Harrisburg. We opened our second location aim multi tap. Our in our largest farmer's market in the area on the broad street market back in July. So we operate out in some locations currently on the hand dark. Growing. Did you start in a rehab caboose we still. Once fading caboose. Hey. Movie theater so in the front of our building there is a independent art house movie theater. Back behind it used to be paid on it the whole thing with a grocery store and then and then the seven he's a grocery store closed. A plasma donation Sunderland and how so when we moved and it looked like saw and a bogey night it was error. It was like am I gonna get like experimented and you know while but I have. Yes so leave rehab the entire space because we really wanted to see urban and a spacing and and reinvigorating. Otherwise dilapidated. You know useless area made more sense and constructing new at that point. Nice so so John everytime I see you on FaceBook you are either. Expanding the brewery or traveling here and I had another brewery somewhere give us an update on the brewery because the last time we had you on you were relatively small. Now you're relatively large where I want my heroes I don't. I'm trying to sail and I don't see you again I'm gonna ears and bags in your sounds Ontario and I was in Florida moved to revenues to pay as saying you know Dejuan which has thirteen thousand square feet were on totals 38000 square feet now floundering historians and our our main facility as a fifteen rubber mouse and a I'll just say he's bound to thirties we were our own here are some broad tumbled contract beaters. Well brewing as well I guess as a thrill everytime I look on FaceBook there's a new fermenter on a forklift rolling into the facility are your thoughts essays alone. Of course they only have a couple from miners coming and it is coming in from our our current contract partners at salt about a brain some other stuff fans is our production startup gets so we have space so our eyes on some Tyson. So you both ranked one beer. Very exciting and very sunny seat craft breweries could grow especially the ones to start a really really small it's undersea. We four Beers in front of us. I'm the first one is one of Johns is called love letters from the ninety's before we even talk about the style tell us about the names. Well this is a real collaborative effort of the office personnel the my partner dominate actually came up with a name and we were talking about making a cream now for some time. And we I got this really really hard to get how galaxies here and I down under. And I just started you know they were talking about it mall they're talking about I'm my wheels started spending and sirens recipes so it's doing a style. Imperial India for email really don't. That's sort of a style and yes. Tom and what's really in just say about this particular recipe is the corn which is traditional notre email your we were supposed to get. From a supplier which we didn't I never gonna get a from distillery which we forgot about Soriano getting from a local. Milk and oil sound. And it's so bloody butcher heirloom corn. Wild fancy fancy kid had a really nice beard could I hire real India cream mail Norton New England. Kimmel and I think it he had that is the category GA BF next year you got to go yeah I think so. That's 17% AVG. I love the hazy all of the tropical fruit and is really to here is really really nice beer. Up next similar style coming from zero day. And this one's called Johnny Romeo and it's a collaboration. Yes this is Johnny or me L com I call it a Jews bombed fear it is aid tropical IPA with tangerine and Guatemalan. Generously Hopwood mosaic. So it's got a really hard firm no from the tangerine but. It was a collaboration with an artist actually so he hails from Australia. We got linked up because all of our. All of our projects that we releasing cans or bottles are collaborations with artists yeah. And he was releasing a book. So we we went for it and we release her first cameras are first can't release graduation and I'm really happy with the way that it turned out it was a four pack collectible and it's the same beer with four different pieces of Johnny's art. On each for a pack. Very pretty sixteen ounce cans she found powders also smoke like a dream come true it does. Was slightly thicker and move tropical fruits and there are six and a half percent ABB 47 I BU who. Up next. From Josh played very happy. Where he can go go go back and forth and simple as we go but up next and John a special cookie and again. The name. Well that well this this was born from a guy. My English or. Are represented in these from Great Britain. And he wanted to make spectacular as O'Neal brown now. So this is designed to taste like a spatula Skokie from Belgium's but. The only shorten it SO being really really can see great I love stories sort of used senior COB so alias did this play out of that but SOB didn't work isn't going to be used and in some form so we end up with special committee itself and it worked out really well also basically just fall and a half percent imperial Brownell was undone by zen it tastes like a cookie I don't. Friends college he's a may special. Angeles and so there's a sneaky part twelve and a half percent the aroma and this is fantastic Christmas cookies ginger cookies. Fantastic aroma through this one will sneak up on you yes at twelve and a half percent move. South necessary and laughter. Didn't danger cookie that they cannot be good to plow millions garnish your dad now or bad fortune cookie yeah. We have one last one so midnight angels from zero day it's a Russian imperial style one of my favorite styles. You can't see it on the radio check out our video of this is a really really pretty beer brand won't tell us about them in ninety angels. This is one of our specially projects were not very large and space so we can do these sporadically. This is a wry and will it dry and Willie Byrd and barrel aged. Russian imperial stout so it aids in the barrels for a little every year is the bottom conditioning for about the same time. It is a wonderful just. Beautiful linked and fluffy and with the aid. Silky mouth feel this is one of my favorite beer did you ask now my favorite beer we've ever produced as they're probably be this this month. Nice and you really go deep dark rich coffee chocolate lots of flavors I'm looking down for the EB eleven inch. The us eleven point 30 believe strong and it was named after a cabinet or something. And all these we have to mention all of these are many of these at least are available at seventeen east today so if you wanna get over try anything he's out go get a much actually everyone are delicious and they really are some wonderful bears and let me do the run down here we have free will brewing with special good in love letters from the ninety's yeah I zero day brewing and that's zero with has oh in there with the slash. Yeah I Romeo and and midnight Angel rented out an imperial stout. All right so Randall in all things panel found enemy because I'm in charge of the camera again look I have had something to do here and the extra combat that. I.s so a Brandel and Armstrong from Europe day in Johnston for free will thank you for being here elite guys here's our standing there are things happening now is absolutely on. Awesome stuff to WLK for any nervous paradise seventeen he's pizza and seventeen spinal shock and barn exit or remember you can get them there today. Polity area's great selections Embraer aircraft an imported Beers. Balancing calories a hand pomp and 36 surge hitting dressed all in Sabatini speeds up seventies bottle shop and are planning avenue exit learn. Right here about me and here's yeah. It didn't punt. To him out of it.