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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 11/10/17

Fri, 10 Nov 2017|

Boulevard Brewing and Saison Brett on today's edition of 'the Buzz!'



  1. Belgian beer8:50
  2. Scot Shields5:25
  3. John McDonald7:57
  4. beer festival2:52
  5. West Coast1:49
  6. New Hampshire6:15
  7. beer can11:26
  8. imported Beers0:47, 12:18
  9. Portsmouth6:14
  10. Missouri7:33

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Party second clinics that. That he only cared. And my shoes almost ready. You might not touching my vote for on the radio in Yemen we have it right now I will be delivered an electric shock. You know. And winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcast who warned the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association awards. Promoting and advancing the practice might put. Comfort northeast Pennsylvania this is another edition. And the Friday the Airbus parent by seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's funnels up and learning center theory is greatest collections of rare crafted imported Beers. Ground losing crown there's a hand on. He and 36 or taking drastic seventies pizza and seventeen he's got to shop and bar landing avenue an ankle. Orlando 70 in the studio morning you know the morning how you don't sound like he's commonalities in the papers here. He did but I was still shaking my head from the overly loud introduction about. The volume control unemployment doesn't work or not. Bring it up when the screaming was that louder doesn't matter where the boy that was built my beer buzz that I'm happy Friday happy Friday you can sometimes I sort of get off to the side of the Mike from the screen pars and I don't think I did today and that was that I enjoyed the very tired and down the middle. It's our miss you guys last week by doing this I know yes. It was weird it was a weird it was weird we felt like something was wrong doing and nursed his or is like a hole in our nearby shop yeah I think there was extra beer and then I have had to land there was nobody going Asian two minutes for man's run. So I'm 25 I'm going the. I didn't say this is good that. Give us a report here on the West Coast and it involves. We're in San Diego San Diego beer week and we went to a familiar what are their 130 breweries or something and around San Diego aren't pretty one way to get to all of them together 130 of them so that was its. We got a among new one was closed. You don't play 3 o'clock and we had to leave you waited yes that's not only having a good senator it to you know we can try to visit as many as we could we get to lust Abbie we get to half dollar we get the society we get to counsel. We got to. Low balance point and of course we have the stone deaf and I bumped into and say hello to Jerry. DA know candy was on the show here when a mother had two months ago I was what are the odds so bumpy and I sort terror recognize him from the last time I recognize. I always him for sure it was like a jerk and didn't say anything to lose this summit it is introduce myself. And he said he had a great time he's ever on though the Friday beer buzz although it's early for him Bailey gets up early anyway so lowering I don't know we're a great time to buy a beer it. It is not a seminars like a half hour thing Gary Jeremy when DA as the guy who drinks the beer festival that they're listened to that that was cool did you have any favorites any standouts anything that seem like everything I tried was my favorite you have the next ones seem to be my fear because there was also a two day event on the here at. The park pavilion down and it was a good two day deal it can only go to the Harden 2030 different did get a brewery set up again you're you're tasting glass and you go through we try to many of those because it. So every little ugly almost every bit I have highlight his son and the you know there was a barrel aged room and everything there was to 1113%. Fifty different planet I currently has premier we'd. We really enjoyed stone but we really love and lust Abbie is well give us that he was nice of them I have very vague recollections of lost Abby because everything we had a loss that he was like 14% eleven and a half percent twelve person like you don't know little Beers so I added IE I attended a bunch a lot of things together but I I was able to go chronicle every place we visited because every place we visit that I got a T shirt hat. Nice like I. I don't know I got a stack of T shirts and you're set for the next I'm pretty good when he 131 show is for Australian. I think so that we haven't missed an event coming up it's coming up next Wednesday its apps tell us about the event we're gonna line up a beard have to feature to a sporting event I. Analysts anyway Kyle yeah it's actually turned his head phones and all the way down. Sure well really excited that this coming Wednesday were going to be featuring boulevard. During. Come on draft than the moon the thirteen OK yeah. So. Spurs haven't any innovators who boulevard are going to be available more recent Pennsylvania. Numbed some models landed here a couple of weeks ago but now felon Malia some draft and in my opinion the lineup is pretty spectacular. I haven't had the most of the fears that turmoil because Bullard as a man who ran right here. But and one that I just can't stop thinking of is that's called a mint julep decibels and triple pumped. And an agent and urban barrels movement I. A year ago I didn't aficionados are they knowing he had you might have. I have Belgium but I have done in Belgium and only the professional world in Belgium spaz. Hey. That's the technical term I'm sorry I didn't know that path and a bunch of a bunch of other fantastic Spears'. Those those of this is and sank seven is one of their standard Beers it's. A essays on environmental change is one of the for agrees to actually get known for that you have thumb then there's a thug or Merrill. Stout go on everybody's. Some Scot Shields criminal our special guest potentially. Yes many many human glare from. Hello you all will be then her worse partying with us I. It's gonna be a really good time zoom in some sway you and now we drink. Some fantastic Beers and our pizza for the maniac Telus is. Always have both crowd favorite this called the program. Hang around it is our regular crust and she's so it's going to be tough twist Turkey who. And them clean doesn't cranberry new fuel vehicles on someplace I'm substrate asylum. Gravy and stuff. Site of gravy in Saudi. That's excess is coming Wednesday the fifteen range NRC calendars and we have one little bout piece of your news that I could not resist okay and I not making this up this is not an April 1 non news story Portsmouth brewing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They're releasing a beer called lies live beer Asian. And it is brewed specifically. For menopausal women don't match. Economic and SLY our owner and her Jones Francis says it's in their goal to respect their reach women who truly understand what it means to be hot and they're brewing the beer specifically for them okay now but is just the right to save a lot of questions right there's something about the way the beer is mayor of the ingredients or is this just coming on a label on. It's and it's. Menopausal women I'm gonna guess yes OK and I don't know if you remember there was an earlier story about what affect your may have on guys yes yeah. So maybe this one it. Amplifies that affect I don't know Smith and coolers goes you. It's nice there. Yeah that's it is really rotten that maybe they just need to filling that gap it's just don't get ahead menopausal women at the bar. I there was a lot of internal debate about this story is an underserved Democrats. Yeah so we're so you don't calling them let us know if you've had a beer and how it worked out I don't know. Announcing that you're menopause okay I want that don't. For a friend Leon not for me I'm asking for current. Weird how we have a beer today it comes to us from bowl of are brewing they are in Kansas City, Missouri. We've not seen on other stuff is window set up our way. I was lucky enough to get some their stuff early on the tanks seven we had Jeremy dinner on the radio Aramis Jeremy is there ambassador of her. Which sounds like a dream job re just lets you don't do any of that heavy lifting you just sort of hang out via tried to hear pretty cool about dad and talk on the radio and go to festivals and I kind of thing while I'm starting in 1984. John McDonald was a guy that started it. He was in Belgian enjoying Beers and and and realize that we don't have anything like that in the states Jeff. He sold his house dust or the parade wound he ironically enough. He was the single way yeah OK yeah so that one honey I. Play a hole. And I had opened the doors in 1989 and and there's some irony in the story because recently in 2014. They do hold. Was down the the Belgium buried that he visited in 1984 indulgent and doodle is now the Belgian brewery that owns. Boulevard brewing Leon I'm so and and he approached them you know most pleased they say like all they came with big money and they. He actually approached them to to purchase of boulevard burrowing. Oh and and if you're familiar with Google really really classic Belgian beer really really good beer they they also owned brewery only gang in name Cooperstown new York and there were very very familiar with you know but it doesn't count our. Often go that way does it where you put a for sale sign on the plays he and eating in that didn't even sound like he offered it up for sale sounds like he offered it to do all you know and only 20 okay so. You know that that worked out well I think it's worked out well for us in Pennsylvania because and how we have boulevard here you've reached describe bunch from next Wednesday they have a lot of good Beers again. Tanks seven window mentioned. Classic farmhouse ale they were one of the first ones to do it it's a really really good beer one of my absolute favorite peers from boulevard. I'm we've chosen a different one note today because we did tanks seven but the this is a family member. Of tanks seven this is called face on Brett say son Missouri only Brett and as it starts its life as tanks seven. So believe it or not this is brewed right out of the gate as boulevard tanks seven and then magic happens to it and then yeah they pre condition it and bottle condition and with wild piece one of those yeast is Brett or birth ten MI SS right. And so. It alters the beer you know you and we know if you remember tanks seven you probably don't. You know how. Picture of tanks seven in your palate but tanks seven is a little bit softer and this and not this funky. Donkeys were we always associate with Brett giveaways are while he's when we talk America what we've done our duty out while he's in the past that we've talked about giant vats of beer just opened the air and down yet and that's exactly they they captured. Regional east typically they captured out in the air and sometimes that's done by opening the bats and letting the external aryan to interact with the beer. Sometimes they captured on fruit and other things and then they culture that and then that it's most likely what happened here aggressor cultured strain of while these. And and pretend MI SS you can buy I mean literally can go to any of the them. The could feast fermentation shops and my brilliant minds as well. This is and I'm looking at the ABB here's a half percent which is surprising is you know you can I didn't think this started moving that direction and and yet I wouldn't say it was that just by tasting had no it's not end and they when they talk about the spear I don't know if you saw when I was trying to poured I think listeners might have heard it when we open it it's a very active here yeah I was busy yeah very carbonated. Big rich frothy head on it and really just a pretty pretty beer it's just that a nice appear to look at. It has that cleanliness I clean this back clarity to it and then this big almost whipped cream like had honest. Bright east is east if you don't use it right if you really overtake the beer can cause or take your Drury had. They use has felt the need to be careful position cross contaminate another house and Aaron but this they used to my shirt in my opinion sometimes because some additional this I think system pretty well. And one other thing I wanted to mention about the built our lineup is don't be worried if you just the contiguous all Belgium bears that we do have a couple myself PA's themselves to that they that they burned there will also be available. Exactly and that's the big events coming up this Wednesday that the fifteen that seventies but the pizza shop and and next door person I'm mark. Yeah I really really ice appear and I'm one little tidbit of news about the lord before we go is they just came out with something called thus any market cider it's their first ever cider so they're releasing cider as well actually draws boulevard brewing essays on Brett we're enjoying here this morning. And the Freddy your bus powered by Sabatini pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in eggs that are. What the area's greatest collections of aircraft an imported Beers relishing palace to hand pumped in 36 rotating drafts. At seventeen he's beaten seventeen he's bottle shop and bar. Wyoming avenue in exit errors in the Friday we're bringing good years ago people together. It's.