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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 11/03/17

Fri, 10 Nov 2017|

Rum King Imperial Stout from Indeed on 'the Buzz'!



  1. missing man1:04
  2. Anheuser-Busch4:00, 4:30, 4:59
  3. Minneapolis Minnesota8:35
  4. craft breweries4:32
  5. Chase Bank9:44
  6. Bernard Mcguirk7:54
  7. IBM10:30
  8. Robert King11:49
  9. craft beer4:22, 9:28
  10. dark beer3:08, 8:27, 8:54

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm doing this now. How Questar everybody it's time for the Friday here was now two time winner. On the Pennsylvania association. Of broadcasters award the two time winner of the Pennsylvania association president broadcasters association more. She'll come out in advance need Kraft in my group grew culture in northeast PA it's another addition off. Just feel there's a. He that I picked up and. I guess Friday realizes. I can't you want to know. On the right on your buzz word he's seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar now considered one of the area's greatest collection of rare Cranston imported Beers. Rallies and Crowley is on hand come oh my. And 36 repeating drafts at seventeen he's beaten seventeen is I'll shopping bar Wyoming avenue an extra of course we have bill from my nearby as dot com every Friday and we have windows seventeen for 17 is the morning Linda and morning welcome I guess so it's just seem weird like without John here. The hour we should be fine in the missing man formation although Jason fills in that missing in action. This thank you for calling me a man I. Don't get penalized. How do you come down on your Jason and we chatted a little bit before we came on a guy like beer nice huge crater here if I get this thing you've ever amazing sounds strange I lived in California for ten years I got out there and I a hinders their higher Asian population Miller about something called the Asian blow your realistic for now it's an allergy that is permit is something you're allowed Asian people get what they drink their cheeks in her face get proud. Off they call the Asian glow. I thank you get to I'm not easy at all. I must be something bad but I have little thing in it that gives you a reaction to pending a public you're right I had answers into Simpson a spear MySpace already close. Brad and it's like at 8 PM it's pretty crazy sells some of my feet if you may do like here once and my. I like star some really ugly way right itchy feet did I hear eighteen feet and he alleged but I do drink beer ever once a while I like is that like you don't standards of a blogger but I like dark Beers yeah I saw you slowly step so we actually have a good -- refer you to be here today yes we do yeah we we could have thrown all different kind of curve balls today and I and I know with John now I. Unit chief. Now OK and we know that and we you and I had not yet these break in if they do get a kick in the need medical assistance to us now it never gets like that and it looks honestly it's just it's just enough of an hour here's something from her friends and economy okay. Just as clear as was even that close well I know it's just beer for the most part it's going to be something and then. Our I don't know TA IC did before though I mean if you if you go to any Irish pub pretty much in middle of them Saturday evening you'll find a lot of people with I'm a little below. Wanted to drink but usually it's we can tell us the settlement are trying to look like a very unhappy and you wanna UFO let me give me a Benadryl I see colors in his. I've heard people describe as a draft night and how. Top passers and I get the same reaction from a Bennett I think that's exactly. Very low tolerance guy so the irony here probably is if you have itchy feet they tell you to take Benadryl and then. Nature coming in the months. I'm amazed the covering a dark beer and small plastic yeah. I it's it's and it's a super today for sure it's a big beer. How we have some deer news and we had a lot of big your news and then typically we have a guest on them without a guest we try to catch up on your news. Big bigger news the most recent came yesterday and the day before harpoon brewery stay in canary guy we count on the show. They purchased their they they're using them a much softer word. But they have acquired clothes shoes beer and if you're familiar with conscience we had the moment there on the radio as well. Get a very irreverent sort of sense of humor your reverend your names but in every one of their packaging every one of the bottles and cans there is someone wearing clown shoes on the label. Well now they have joined the harpoon family that's how harpoon is putting it. Clown shoes has said it's it's infusion of money it'll be good for all of us were still independent so. Pounds that's good good good it's not one of these stories we normally do where Anheuser-Busch sure. And Tim Laker Miller cores are buying up some of the small guys wearing just a that's good news story that's cold. On top of that there's a movement and I'm not I'm not really sure where I come down on it it's called take craft to back. And it seems to me to be just a bit north of click bait and just south of like a legitimate kick starter kind of thing. But it's a bunch craft beer lovers that are put together a campaign videos and they're trying to get you to donate money. And that money will be used to purchase Anheuser-Busch. By the craft breweries. So good off OK yeah 213. Billion dollars. That's the generators and generate a G. Champion I don't see her here close somebody did the math and since they know they have 5000 number reason they say defeat Hillary had you know 700 or thousand or 101000 drinkers how much each person would have to give to get to this to an end thirteen billion and it's ridiculous so. I think it's another case where you know Anheuser-Busch and send them Blake Miller course they have a lot of money to market things. And this is another one more I think they're just gonna take craft appearance profit in the locker it's just such an easy setup this this the whole take craft Actel. I'll watch along seem to do with the money see how much money they get from Stewart goes from there was a Mario on the trail in LA right yeah. That's what everybody's asking hardy hit a bad. Yeah big party but it typically in those things if they don't if they don't get to their goal they don't get any of the money that would be a good thing so I don't think they're gonna get to a thirteen to. In woman I'll stand up right now on sale donate 101000 dollars. Yeah I don't know. 213 Elena and then you have. Hey you gotta pony up the other did two other big fear news big beer news I have to put the hyphen in the right spot here news's yeah. Big. Large. News is from the lower after half a of founders has more. Release are going to release in December probably their most famous beer CBS it stands for Canadian breakfast out it's a an imperial stout agent in. Maple burba in barrel casks. Wow which are apparently not easy to get well. Only because they look assessment company didn't go does but primarily it's maple syrup. And the mostly political sir about the but the beer and there any of mental and Durbin all one lovely blend of beer yeah. And then even tees and if for awhile they say anything public address and it's terror group of about loyal followers and they sent out a bunch of a thousand packets to their followers. And the packets were hint about what this next barrel aged beer would be. And the packets all have a Canadian flag and I'm so. I had seen already that they had approved the label so we reported very very early then like a day and a half ago. He hit all the markets and everybody broke the news for something that we had broken actually Farah says they are very happy instead of treasury just speculated that it was you know I some of the people who cadre not a member of characters from the people look at her posted pictures of the what do some of the flag and then maybe they didn't figure it out by there was only one beer that had anything to do with Canada and there was Canadian breakfast out so good Rodriguez right is hockey flavored whenever that. Yeah I think I tastes like a case like this it was around ten bodies flavored candy is right you want Enron ice here with pop flavor goal. It's nice to something but anyway yeah you're calling. I'm fire as Alicia I yeah. Get the period they had a fire the other big beer news we talk about Trappist breweries we did one of the Trappist breweries are few weeks ago with a trap there's going to be a twelve Trappist burying you know it's not easy to get certified as a trap as early as a lot of conditions and a lot of conditions in that hole you have to be a Trappist monastery I think the biggest basketball people down it's just so hard to put together rapist monastery and these are some feel funny Furlan. But the twelfth one has been approved its and Lester Scheyer in the UK and it is mount Saint Bernard Mcguirk called. And they are converting like a sheep barn or her some some milk and dairy facility in Newbury school so stay tuned for that actually owns some. We actually do have a beer yes. That's an adult. Why are glowing you aren't rent look at these is correct yeah this is us I mean it's not good enough. Every every every texting and as a reason let me get mr. Webster doesn't like spiders embarked doesn't like beer what's wrong with you guys. I don't like beer so I just not everytime you breaking your face was on fire exits you're going to be any idea of going how much of six pack isn't my thing I love in the dark beer I'll ask sip of beer in there and I'm not gonna just chug beer that's my job delicious beer by the way we had our eyes and it is quite tasty it is yet. Suez from Minneapolis Minnesota from indeed brewing and it has called run came. And doesn't have the name they give you a little bit of a clue as to what's going on with the beer it is an imperial stout. And so we knows doubts are typically brewed with darker malts are there darker Beers does not necessarily imply strength. Tom a dark beer can before 5% dark beer can be nine or 10% this one to give away or that tell on this one. Is that is an imperial stout and so Susie put the word leaked imperial or double in front of the name of the deer are the type the beer. That means they put twice as much typically twice as much mall in the beer. And that it's a little confusing until you break it down and say that twice as much mall creates twice as much sugar twice as much sugar is sitting there waiting to Furman. My alcohol to get to turning to move to twice the color red light. I want you hate to hear the adjacent in the craft beer swimming pool this is the deep end. I know god we're on FaceBook video I. You're phase which is a friend on FaceBook this is okay yeah like and I had literally half of this class at all and then saw a list of his good. It's really Chase Bank now for your buck on tankers for medium and I'm waist high ticket mapped. It's silliness colonel red lights that number that indeed does on this is they use the term needy strangers as. The script there which I've heard before but it's nice in that caliber using navy straight to. Terminology as Smart thank him this is a stronger and they. They also put in. Evaporated cane juice that cane sugar sugar more for rentable sugars this has only one hop and it glacier hops. But if you taste it if you're familiar with hoppy Beers this is actually pretty hoppy beer. And I think it hides a little bit behind boos this is seven DI BU. And ten and a half pursue any BV so. Some of our poppy is double IPA's we've done have not been seventy IBM so this this does cranks it right up there is not one that you wanna be. Drinking a whole heck of a lot of like you're sitting at a I mean like out about Willis yeah driver for you really Harry does he really has like a whole world flavor though it is so much going on when that guy and and and it has a lot of depth than it has we were talking before we came on the air it has now feel very rich in complex mouth feel very heavy kind of in the mouth it's not a it's it's it's more into like a whiskey Europe urban hum where has that sort of boo Z heavy mouth feel. But it's very tasty I could there actually is to me it's it's kind of a really good one for the holidays coming out I don't know you know just sitting around afterwards it is yet not a good super dark pierce your round and those kind of some people don't wanna drink and in the summer on this one in the art work if you look at the Cannes they have an artist and his name is chuck. Do you. Chuck this has been very caring guy. Well I'm very very slow. This is a grown man who draws animals robots and astronauts for a living and if you look at can. There's almost always an animal robot or an astronaut on the air. Com open in 2012 indeed brewing they've been around and for 56 years good are we thought two good Beers. Good stuff. But a lot very subtle let's send repeat Nancy this is what John usually does which is drinking. You brewery and Robert King imperial out today with no idea. I was gone. Distributed immense and blah I. Now Phil well so if you guys want you to go somewhere but he has lots of similar imperial stance for sure okay good morning and is it can suck finances out. The WOK Friday your most paradise seventeenth pizza and seventeen these final shop and bar an exit or one of the area's greatest collections of aircraft and imported Beers. Crowley Crowley is at hand pump and 36 rotating drafts. At seventeen he's pizza in Sabatini is bottle shock and RA the Freddie beer buzz bringing good Beers and good people. To honor the. I.