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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 10/27/17

Fri, 27 Oct 2017|

Happy Halloween from 'the Buzz' and Elysian Brewing!



  1. United States8:36
  2. fire department2:51
  3. high school6:04
  4. James Beard4:57, 5:00
  5. Anheuser-Busch8:04, 8:17
  6. James Burke4:55, 5:01
  7. Seattle Washington7:39
  8. BP6:08
  9. UAL1:57
  10. imported Beers0:46, 13:22

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It because it's so much fun. The video the railway and that we don't pay all the becoming. Twice that of on an individual animals. If given the microphone. That have a big time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcast toward the tee time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press digest association or promoting me. My breath and Michael who culture movies Pennsylvania its friends is another edition now. The spreading your Verizon powered by Sabatini beat them seventeen he's bottle shock and learning center. When the area's greatest selections over aircraft and imported Beers rally since travelers hand pump. 36 you're dating just sitting seventies. And seventeen these bottles up and are planning avenue an egg sinner able. Hang on a second in the glow suffocating. Edit any others in the island of hello there and all that all of Halloween. What would you call this. Does and guess you win and he's he's saying now. All this. What's it like I. We have in May and builds custom built for my beer when I come courses here. I don't think Friday and you went above and beyond that I don't know why blurted out and we wanna let the viewers of the video they enjoy the story. He lives we have light thing we can video even more out I should start with. Do you know what day it is. Hey that's a Friday and I'm Dalai Lama I mean I think they got in the die. I don't insult but I also see the costume started as just really wanting to take off the guy in the so we started as the main and then there was a low budget mean you know I don't know but I got a teacher from the wife and I if I have recycled some beer goggles and literally beard are well above and beyond and let me say that your customer's outstanding but there's something that is outstanding beyond the outstanding UAL. No have to look at the video it's. It's a sign that I'm wearing camel and when I first looked at this time that is paying dearly as to when I when I look at and I thought that looks like that looks like some kind of stay. It looks like I think. And I don't LA because your minions aiming. By the way we don't ever fog machine this year because last year we turned on our new world smoke alarms went off. Fire truck showed up no ground on that in the manager's meetings they did not allowed to do that it is so disappointing. That was like part of our I thought I would we are traditionally on the part of the charm was making a false alarm fire the only that in charge you when they showed off what. Yeah. There's that our season is about money press. Here's some six years we did not set off the fire alarm and we had nothing we have that smoke machine more than once this was easily fixed if only we just now we had to go and make a phone call ahead of time listen fire department Hilario. Go there's not a real what about people that got trampled on the way that's how. No I don't see bull's eye on half hearted let them on it you don't have to nevermind it's gonna be allowed siren ends flashing strobe light. Think it's yeah part of our show and one had a seizure of some kind of a tied to minor detail yet slant and the other a dime a dozen but Carroll got deposed with the fire truck so now with. It's a good thing which happen. Where she goes by the way yeah. Cool. And and I don't know why I hope is until we had a catastrophic phone failure. The cat's tail is wet the phone as well you giving FAA says a disturbance in the far. Well I think we lost I think you're going to cost airline easy. Knowing. Even through the news here is that's a miner deep and we had as it is waterproof iPhone wasn't me I was. Normally have really really like. I cannot not a big deal is a rarity and the way my day has gone so broke up I. This is par for the course stays I was cutting associating it are negotiating now I mean you need your forgot at home. On the house without the beer down here I went back and then left the house a second time without the car accident so now that if this. Not a shocker so we very you have some. Some of your new child. Your honor fur and clean up is and it's semi local Philadelphia thank you the yards brewing is announcing a new facility in north liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia I bet you've ever been DR insurance is just a really cool place to go and have a beer down it's really interesting neighborhood I like the north liberties neighborhood even better it's a 70000. Square foot facility what's the name you build a big place yeah. Largest in the city Betty does this yes I do blimp hangar it is a huge anti Amanda's and there are Perry you know. Okay here. There's a new beer the blimp hanger I can I let's say we had who was their previous under their thereof brewery was previously. Bulldozer does showroom. I'm they're they're pairing which chef James Burke who oddly enough won the James Beard award if you get those two crossed up may be James Beard won the James Burke award. Com they and a canny mind a high speed canning line. And I hundred barrel brew house. If if I start singing all it's just another brick in the wall here. Think that's my Arnold and I think that that look like Rush Limbaugh but I think you're writing is the guy from that thing played out. I think it looks to me like yeah looks like Tampa frustrating for the wall poorly designed always got a gouge my corny idea on those early himself how are. It's too big for a job that Hitler angry bloated his learn yeah. Good in my hands to make sure that's sure about Firestone walker is doing their popular 805 session an old era I've only ever had wants and I had it out in California it's actually a really good nice drinkable beer they call like a session blond ale there it has a little hop to it I think it's a tasty beer. They're putting that in 24 ounce can't. Now we've seen. Eight ounce twelve ounce sixteen pounds. Nineteen point two ounce yes they're putting it in 24 ounce for ounce cans that's. It's exciting I don't know you're between I think that'll be good for session up my nickname in high school point Ras Khamis was the best in the keystone. First can take BP as this for uniformity I imagine at some point they're gonna run up against cooler shell being issues and and showing height issues with some of these can be -- is too short Chelsea short time on their side too wide to slide into the little sliding thing. I'm we have one last little bit lust Abbie just released two Beers. One is called no well the abbey it's a Christmas beer and it's G and OEL. Also has no homes on it sort. On harness on he's known as I know well the abbey Christmas sale and they just want something called 24 steps out. And Tony four steps is a tribute to monk's cafe down in Philly again racked Philly. And it's supposed to be the number of steps it takes to walk down to the basement of monks Soledad to get a beer here and bring it back up and it's a tribute beard done by bound by loss that before he. Ford to afford monk's cafe press and it's coming out on Saturday it's coming out tomorrow and monks is doing a series of clever Beers this this year with many of their friends in the brain industries to. Commemorate their anniversary console is what has an iron and then their anniversary. This celebration and it and it's. I love monks but senator Troy forceps or go down and yet 35 steps gone back up business loans lol yeah. How does look monks if you've ever been amongst it's tough to get a part hundreds take to who steps they give you something here he's a toy for referring Danica had. The irony path. We we have two Beers in front of us today. This comes from at least Ian brewing and then releasing and it's something we've never featured on the show before they come out of Seattle Washington. Founded in 1996. They've been around a long long time. Founded by Dick can't well. Armed and end. Ironically enough Dick Dick Campbell has a few claims to fame. One of his claim to fame is that he is the boyfriend of Kim Jordan can Jordan's a CEO and founder of new Belgian during OJ so there's a nice beer connection. He founded leasing in policing was taken over by Anheuser-Busch in January of 2015. And then I'd take unceremoniously departed in April of 2000. Unable to two. I guess deal with whatever may get word yet whatever Anheuser-Busch was bringing to the equation here but he just got together with new bells and ironically enough with with Kim Jordan. Numb and would be yourself from Belgian and they're gonna do California Atlantic's. They bought out magnolia brewing. And they're going to have to bring. On fermented war from Belgian into the United States to be able new the first real lamb Dick in the united state that's pretty interesting actually having to bring in here. I realize there's some legal did they can still call that -- no they can't because of where was created it's like champagne you can't you can't penal like cost peaceful Monty you can't you can't call it champagne whatever comes from champagne from the every church where the fermentation happens as a terrorist list who was that the whereas the Beers than bird catches so this wasn't that is pleased wasn't hitting it. And does a little just didn't think definitely take only Ayers then then I have had ever becomes that makes sense. Ten and the other thing they can well is known for is theirs they call it seasonally notorious. Selection of pumpkin Beers don't they're known for making really really good pumpkin Beers they do a pumpkin festival every year that has a ton of different pumpkin Beers. They do all kinds of experimental Beers. And they released a bunch of me every year I thought today we would taste too. The two were going to taste who I thought I would start with the original pumpkin Beers they ever did. And it's called night owl pumpkin now I don't know four was originally called night owl pumpkin L but it is called night owl pumpkin hill. I screwed up I went in reverse. There's there's there's no wrong in Halloween again we do hurt and no wrong in Halloween Bierbauer. Sorry I'm not tell us your original hear me out if episodes of and its owner. On your whole life giving it the stupid case not me I can't just up the video because everything is what worked like oh. You're so I know. I'll know that we do have some video up there but I had to get pay the iPhone and Texas coming up pretty really until 2000 I don't. I'll tell you our most popular shows are the ones that we supposed to be here. Why those videos people like to watch people heard I I guess they are suppose to happen in the studio you covered by the studio for a thousand dollars. Good idea I just admitted that pays off and it's always pining I think we have that petty cash ahead. So this fear has seven and a half pounds a pumpkin per barrel a lot of pump could now we you know pumpkin has very very little taste to it. This also has ginger I'm gonna run them down for you ginger cinnamon Nutmeg cloves and allspice vineyard can you discern. The only idea all spice and everything very narrow it should there's no harm or are there may be Carter on the net they may have hit and as I was get me. It's come you know who we talk about on the Mears all the time pumpkin doesn't have a lot of taste so it's all about whatever you add in with that. It can be hard to taste pumpkin Beers and discern what you're tasting but there's a lot of sentiment in the spirit. It tastes good I think it's really nicely balances six point 7% ADV. And I think a nice drinkable pumpkin beer you. We also have a second one that's called bunker chino all look at you know that's where I started I'm sorry I jumped the gun here but and then they called a pumpkin beer with an attitude and attitude of a war a world wearied the restart say say that three times faster. If these two and a bogey stocks where. The theory be a short shot of stump town coffee in his chest thump down comes out of of Portland OK I think so because I guess they develop the town so fast they cut down on the trees and there were some response. Com but punk geno has a little bit of coffee in there and you and you tell me if you can taste and you taste copy and well you know why I tasted more like almost chocolate I think in coffees yeah. I mean that's just me but yeah I think there's a roast beef flavor to it I think there's coffee and there's not it's not gonna bowl you over like a typical coffee beer now did it has the same sort of mulling spices are high spices this one's a little less potent at 6%. A B. Traditional pumpkin Ailes calmed me you know they can Alter he's kind of the same that this does have a little bit about two different twist is a point copy there but there's. It's kind of hard overpowered. The pumpkin pie spice party card the card mom. I guess I don't worry about it I'm getting in and of itself I mean if you made a pumpkin pie with only DuPont going to be right do that you would certainly a dog cookie right yeah I. He's tasted in doha I pass. Well people are curious are some point. These are these are actually some of the best I mean I have some favorite pumpkin Beers that are sitting here in front of us but if you wanna try pumpkin Beers a leasing and has a really great way to do diving into the pumpkin beer pool. They make two others say releases here you can try both of those as well. Emissaries I'm so I don't until I like the package you know a little bit better than the night I'll come get me you need to and isn't it's a darker beer in it's it's more about the style then we would call it traditional pumpkin ale that's pretty good so it's an easy and brewing plant in chino a night how little punk email on this mornings or Friday nearby. Did you did it go via radio and finally got my phone ahead. Right the tiny earbuds powered by Sabatini pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar and eggs that are. What a theory is greatest collections of for aircraft and imported Beers rallies in travelers to hand pump. In 36 or take contrast ads Sabatini pizza. And seventeen he's bottle shop and are planning avenue and exist and. Friday they're about bringing him here is a good people together. Yeah. Oh.