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WILK Coffee Talk 10/23/17

Mon, 23 Oct 2017|

Mary Tellie is here from Electric City Roasting Company!



  1. world traveler0:34
  2. gas station5:44
  3. San Joaquin2:29, 2:58
  4. Santa Ana3:04
  5. mountain range3:07
  6. winter months1:58
  7. Dublin0:41, 0:44
  8. Napa3:06
  9. delivery channel6:01
  10. Mandarin orange4:39

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I. According to western Tennessee and WLK and every so often we are great with the presence of Mary tallying frontal. Hosting company. All happy happy Monday to you can't do much. Apparently I need my help your money moment in my mind and it is playing I think they're all minor problems just before five in a row but that's neither here or there and that's how we have coffee for. Exactly right semis like the saving grace here and we're gonna talk about this company brought in his second but a minute ago before we get on the air here. You tell me you're just and you as you always are your world traveler and your. A big shot in the coffee world and has now many people though. The years come back from Dublin is our. Get an opportunity to spend some time in Dublin there are some meetings for the statistical association. And so I had an opportunity to to attend those meetings. Which was great because I was never I was never in Ireland before so this is there was beautiful our Gloria there does coupled as I'm as it wound and there's just. I was in ice time had an opportunity to visit the Guinness factory of coral and question owners had a chance to swing by there so it was really interesting the way they they structured the tour. Say it starts off. An N in the basement and you actually end up going up a series of grants to get to the top of the building of course you don't get it appeared to Aaliyah and her. My thought it was interesting how they went through how they process all of the different ingredients and and the history behind them. MF and the heritage with the family in in my how they started and how is the the founder action was Smart enough to sign. It is incredible lease for a very long period of time is and also to get the water rights. Daria years ago when I was just saw a significant terror and that that was kind of fun to end and has pretty cool so what's new and exciting and electric zero because. The best -- red because it's the fall we love the weather is fantastic right now but we also have this opportunity to get in all of our copies if you recall. In the eighth in the winter months in the spring you were out kind of visiting our countries to make sure that we have an app in the origin countries. To make sure we have an opportunity to see how the harvest is going on what's happening and if we uncover any opportunities to work with traditional farms and what that looks like and so. This now is reaping all of benefits of doing all that because all the coffees come and now I obtained a B and resting and so. We're drinking a coffee that is the first ever. Opportunity for us to work with farm in none Al Salvador and this is San Joaquin. So we we had it we we have an opportunity to work with several farms this is the one form or featuring as a single my glut origin on the coffee. And Sen McCain is is owned by the puck as family men to. Mr. Pollack is actually was responsible for uncovering a varietal of a coffee cherry. That is the puck up. And so so what ends up happening is since December is rich in heritage is solid stuff but this particular farm San Joaquin. Is off Levine slope of need. Santa Ana and apple Napa mountain range and it's just beautiful but the beauty of this farm for me anyway to be this farm was it has a natural shading. To a just because of the it's aspect to the sun. So this particular farm only gets morning so until about noon. Pain and then it just. It doesn't you can imagine. It heats up the coffee cherries and red and some militant cooled down so anyway and yet it's. And it from a farming perspective it's an interesting on case study for sure and an. Just a minute overtime around the fact that you are you travel the world Anderson one of the places where you that's how cool that has to be that we go to the farm where this is happening in C and and talk to these people and watch how this happens via and then reap the benefits in the rewards in the copy. And this I'm tell you it's Christmas for us right now because this is surely feel like such a nice present read this cup is fantastic and is that you because anarchy now what he has visited was call it and actually dozens of farm name and we did we've kind of collapse in the farm name and as our unlike a lot name because I love the name and Atlanta it was a pain images. Actually the patron saint of the families. Hometown. Oh yeah I call. So he wrote this in and we take a little a little taste here to NYU we agree that this is like go to citrus sound was trying to this rate get so this copy has it's a it's it's. Unbelievably clean to a point where it's almost like brilliant from its decision Dayton standpoint yeah it's not it's not harsh. It's very delicate. But you do get a sense of I like Allen said he idol actually the witness but my. Hi I actually pick up some of Mandarin orange in this and almost to a sweetness some second candied. Yeah I'm Kelly our player coffee snow is everybody's out there just listening to us but. He can actually get that inherent so. Especially as equals MI don't want in the wegmans and find this you are we can find the idea here you're all over the place now yes we are all trying to be more trying to mom and make sure that we have and entertain each distributor coffees. Appropriately. To the folks who really want to understanding you can get a cup of coffee anywhere rate and it great so. Well why would you wanna go to a Dixie machine in my view because. Throw we'd like to think that what we can do is we can step it up a notch yeah we can bring you coffee that is traceable. We can bring you coffee and has the story behind it where you can understand the process a little bit about Leo what makes this taste this way down. Why are we doing there and what is the reason that this coffee is this what why is it that I have to hear about. Someone traipsing all over the place to uncover coffee like what is that and then put what does that mean today is to me are with the scheme of things always talked about it before I mean you can swing. The gas station and we're working one and pick up a couple whatever is in there and read all your interest in his caffeine buzz but if you wanna be enjoying a cup of coffee Sharon you know it's nice you can go elsewhere yeah I enjoy the plays. Thank you I mean I think's done a lot of work isn't as saying that a lot of work goes into his cup of coffee most on our site setup a easy delivery channel. And a chain excuse me but also want performing side shirt mean we've gone over this many times mean this form sounds Dana sounds wonderful blood. You had to get up there with an ox. And there's no not there's no hot water I think I share that with last summer's here at the end. But it and so there's there's two different. There's there's a lot to distort there's a lot of of hard work that goes end. To making sure that there is no doubt fabulous couple mom oh yeah and this particular sleep prepared. And that's it and painstakingly. Process to a point where it's ingrained probe bags. So then it's it's rep dependent chute bag and then it's put on a container into. And it's. He and the oxen got to bring it down the mountain. A lot of IL but I have told you before whenever we are copier or almost on a coffee is like panic situation sure as I red lights are going off the sirens and everything else. Unbelievable and we love the opportunity to have a platform to be able to share that with you on on on the radio show but I think. That speaks for itself when people start to say oh my gosh yeah I know no doubt you know I don't wanna go backwards sit around the and so. That's why we've always said if you try our coffee you would buy it in check out then you'll find a lot more information into your website electric city roasting dot com Larry Talley from electric city Mary always a pleasure nannies and now that the coffee either on regular road new livery. We don't even happier than anybody does I have to say Jun I think you Monday's going a little bit better. And I can't I still cannot be in very belly from electricity roasting us yeah. Thank you. Yeah.