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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 10/20/17

Fri, 20 Oct 2017|

What was and what is, Hopworks Urban Brewery and Eric Steen on 'the Buzz!'



  1. Vancouver Washington2:31
  2. East Coast3:53, 4:43
  3. West Coast11:05
  4. New England11:02
  5. imported Beers0:30, 12:49
  6. drinkable beer10:51
  7. Omaha4:57
  8. micro brew0:12
  9. Oregon1:12, 3:31, 12:27

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pennsylvania so easy to broadcast Jordan the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcast so you can work promoting events in the craft a micro brew conference Pennsylvania another mission. Only got speed healing begun throttle. I'm anyway the spreading your buzz is powered by Sabatini pizza and seventeen these bottle shop and bar. I'm that is the next hitter when the area's greatest collections of rare crafted imported Beers and rallies in countless hands come home I. In 36 rotating draft. Seventies pizza and seventies bottle shock embarked Wyoming avenue in tanks that are not already Lindo is on assignment is that right yeah oh yeah. He called me from Monday night brewing in Georgia and just to make me jealous. Keisel windows not in the studio this morning when he is on assignment a bill from my beer buzz dike on the show doesn't happen if he's not here and bills here is so good morning bill happy Friday happy Friday Leo did you hear reopening not cans during the M previous segment or did I do that quietly enough. Well I knew you what you were doing so I thought that was a transpose his son that wasn't there yeah. What were we have a guest and we have awakened him early yeah so I wanna get it right on our he comes to us from Portland Oregon from pop or chairman Marie I today we have marketing manager Eric steam by air carrier morning. Say hello. Eric how how early did you have to wake up your time today. Well it's 530 ever wanted to make sure that actually awake saw them practicing. Saying hello hello. For about fifteen minutes. I'm so far so we're having every word airing now so Garcia yeah so how did give me an excuse to crack at being. Angela it's always a good they have Pfeiffer hey he's a particular. I thought the how well it started around 2007. And and the one question I get asked a lot is how ports urban brewery tell me where in the name came from. Am yeah also. There was a variety of names so. The owner Christian editor is important for any other insurer would think about option that they are not up early like these. Our hub as an actor and then stand so they knew they fight hard work. Republics. Either you wanna do. Get you in the middle name but it could happen actually M and them was the word that they came up what. You can now open up. Occurred locations in Vancouver Washington and so some people juncture I'm most urban. You know. Well that word is there a suburban community health care. But I think it's so technical means I'm good. And I know bicycles play a key role in sort of the brewery in the and the name of the bar and so hub. Plays into sort of a bicycle part. Tell us about the importance of of being organic as I know organic plays a role in all of your Beers. And so all of our beer is made it. Organic ingredients for a restart with organic very small. And move. We will unlock some super rare occasion you're asking how something it's no we reuse it completely organic based small. Then. And we source. Our costs. Primarily organics from Oregon and Washington. And so. Little R&R and the motto you'll see do you believe. Bad she can and on occasion we it's okay in the world do they compare that top US GA organic overeating local tournaments is so I'd opt from to include. Any mention something that we're not completely familiar with on the East Coast just yet and I hope that we do get more familiar with it. What are salmon safe hops. Yeah I'm saying is and so it's an eco label much like US DAX. Rather firm. That your farmers your business with if parents they certify that means that you are niche mitigating or. Storm water management. And storm water run off some big like. In the way that it does not negatively impacted. The water so good especially for Jewish population impairments. And configured in the to sort of unplug the good indicators you can. And so. Really empowered to make sure that type so that we re just you know Jane event. Arming members and I think on the East Coast we think it's it's it's hops it would be safer salmon to eat and I'm not yeah. If I say absolutely not it's clearly we have lowered so an environment in both Europe and I think it's insanity dollar Omaha. Environmentalism isn't it isn't a key role key importance to you guys is it true that one of your bars actually has bicycles that you can pedal to generate power. Why you're at the bar drinking. Sir Terry yeah oh god back harder and that's what. You know what he did the Mitterrand that I think after one of the 2000 modular free beer is that how it works is that I love this oh. Well it's the year better than that all you have to do and also fifteen minutes and start looking at a discount call simply. Com idea and that's unbelievably well that's. Do you works out a lot I would kill you guys it's great. Yeah you guys earlier figure you'll figure out how. A bit of a long ride for me out but I'll dogged unlike any time now that it can't you guys are certified B corps by your I think you the first in the Pacific northwest and tell us a little bit about that. Yeah I yelled when we became because I think really sick of the suburbs and the world. So. Big corporations basically. A business. Has undergone a pretty rigorous. Certification process. Is that. A thousand questions that we used to and where you're asked to. Sort of prove. You are. Fast and cost. Saves. Protecting them permanent worker business practice through. I'm getting back to your internal. Workhorse. In this primary here we are at stake holders whose employees. And then all of the people who. Well in the community it's. Them and they also judge you based Oslo you've got an extra good governance in your business and so. Wouldn't win you see. That only but certified big corporation I mean that they were honored on that certification process and come out. As victors on the other side it's not. Not an easy thing to do and they are held accountable. In the mean time to. I'm keep your. Our I don't pretend to continually improve. Flow you'd call triple bottom line he people are that can process. Every doomed you have a successful business model that also. Is important not just. Fully focused on making money. Well good deal and congratulations on that I know I know it is a big deal and I know it's it's not something easily obtained. We have two Beers in front of us. And we're doing something we've never sorted down on the Freddie beer buzz we have our cups Eric are marked a new and old. Trying to organize a birdie start with a all the and I use that word that that's the easiest word to write on our cups. And it's not really that big you're correct word I Shanley in Spokane so I'm really familiar with top port side PA it's one of the Beers I chased down we get out there. But the burst first they were going to taste is how it works I PA but. It's an. Actually a beer that you're going to discontinue. In favor of the second beer were chasing which is something we've never done on the show we have sort of compare and contrast are so Billy mark becomes old and nobody because he didn't have enough room to put down up until now. From now on and on the cup here. Thought the key. We are just continuing and we actually each and making people hopper RPA. So it can do it on the subject our club that is sort of the last opportunity to be able to try them side by side who over the next month or so they will completely disappear and they are not come America. So that that's a huge challenge because and you view you have a crowd that. You're lose seeing him maybe nine and and beer lovers and other gonna come come in and find another beer B alienate people a little bit that love the original. But you also are doing sort of a disservice to the new beer lovers that want a bright hot for word. Juicy sort of by PA by not developing something new. Rather you and thrown that's exactly elements that we were sort of caught the body big old popular sightseeing with a new. OKK which we got the word or dare compare Serbs or some dinner I PH couldn't. So what he emphasized the prayers are general and see you out. One of the certain type of like what we could call on nine news silence is how another one is much more contemporary Jews forward. I'm PM so yellows because the big game. Topic of conversation at the Marines so long time at the end you know a lot of us were really excited about the idea that we understood that are fired at your wounds so. When it came out who is like excite even knew they had contempt sir and interfaith. And and then are how that changed and our consumers I'll have changed there and I like the old beer a lot but I really think that this new users. I don't want a year and carriage. And the much more part of fans and and what I think of and I appreciate nowadays I think of those like really showcasing ops and uninteresting way and not just getting about bitterness. Macro we've gone with the spare. Yeah and I and I think the original one is more like you said in ninety's style more of us sort of a blonde what I would call a British IP it's really heavy on the sort of karma mall. But it really nice pleasant drinkable beer and a different way. The new one and and you managed to make the ADV in the eye view sort of match up on these new one has that almost. It almost leans in to what people are calling that New England style IPA. Or or West Coast IPA where it's really juicy. Really really hop forward and and I think what most people wanna buy right now is that type of IPA. BR I think that's true and then there's army couldn't you call. He made candidates and renewing my kid being. So you know looking up there. It's totally clear compact it's clear. There and be so old if you could. Yes the sort of comments. Jews forward characteristic. Is definitely Italian social. And I'm one last question air before we get tight on time here the original one was in sixteen ounce pounder cans. The new one isn't twelve ounce any I mean I love the sixteen ounce cans any chance we'll see maybe a sixteen ounce of the organic IPA in the future. We're not opposed about who we have Blum moved away primarily. Sixteen ounce cans and we're moving towards twelve hour. That doesn't mean that word done much I put packaging kind of altogether we're just sort of thing in the nude for the actual right now. Well let's say Yahoo! if it's been nice to have an opportunity to try what was then and now what is. Between opera type PA hop words organic IPA opera's urban marine Portland Oregon salmon safe hops by the way yeah. And Eric is Steen Eric thank you for getting up early and being our guest this morning on Friday beer buzz. Earlier Saturday thanks thanks earners saw. John's still peddling right. The Tokyo out right there I hope I'm up by seventeen he's beaten seventeen these final shot that bar next that are planned the area's greatest selections are for aircraft. And imported Beers rallies in crawlers hand pump and 36 rotating traps. At seventeen he's pizza and seventeen is bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue an exodus. The Friday Bierbauer is bringing two years ago and people together. I couldn't. I.