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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 10/13/17

Fri, 13 Oct 2017|

I Would Go, would you? Aviator Brewing Company this week on 'the Buzz'!



  1. world fusion10:09
  2. New Zealand's11:11
  3. road trip12:02
  4. Russian imperial stout5:07
  5. brewing company8:59, 9:28, 4:43
  6. fruit flavors8:10
  7. New England8:22, 8:28
  8. Chris Wilson4:25
  9. imported Beers0:46, 12:13
  10. Hawaiian style9:39, 7:29, 11:58

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wind is trying to give me lots of beer that's my plan right now. I'm forty 6 minutes before 9 o'clock morning news the western Indian WLK. It can't put her. Easy way to get this morning. Mean so he's broadcast ignored the two time winner of the Pennsylvania says he different broadcast and so as he scored. To promote and advance the craft and my room culture and these Pennsylvania friends another edition. God is powered by seventeen he's pizza and seventeen is funneled south and learning center. What theories greatest collections of aircraft an imported Beers rally seem crawlers can't. Poem. And 36 surge hitting drafted Sabatini pizza and have a teeny bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue it is. Sabatini is studio. Good morning morning window built reminded us that comedy frank. Aren't you and happy Friday the thirteenth smell tests test. So for the record I get the Willies when I cut my own Tony and also the whole pedicure thing you know just freaks me yeah definitely did come up. Because I got a manicure and the hour and a journalist Jill I get challenger. Just a regular menu. For the record I would give up our whole twelve and A half minute segment to see you light a match with your trying so. I'm destined to high dexterity the shows I can do. Maybe let me just say I was at one time able to do and I haven't done it produces 1978 and god knows what the circumstances work at the time they're required to light a match play. And even better than you have automotive and beer was involved in interest certainly for the carters. Reminders about seventy news event coming up on Wednesday played a fantastic we have. Are Trappist event that we're doing this coming Wednesday in both the original restaurant and the emperor and now. Twelve different Travis hills available on draft. And it's going to be a really fantastic celebration to look people know that we were awarded the contract governor should the word from the track. After that is cool that that's really an excellent honor and you know we talked about it last week and I saw you there have been things posted on FaceBook about is some of the beer you're gonna have a on contact there. You know we're gonna have eight different ones from Trenton isn't there will be available to from Sharon and two from the thing we'll so much. I cell bill usually has advice mr. Howell and went to attend the events that are here I get there early if you wanna tabled the pizza place and get there early on we're talking are we were talking a lot like. Quarter afternoon 120 yeah. Now before like five or six a clock can actually say yeah. Tables that has 6:30 AM yeah okay it's 640. Year. Turning it in his start getting you start to get further away from the actual party party via that you get pushed out into the pizza place earlier cool people yeah the a clay maybe earlier the better. So over the weekend we had the great American beer festival 2017. PBF 2017. And we have some of the results specifically for the Pennsylvania breweries but we should note. 7923. Entries in the competition. From 2000. 217. Breweries. Thirteen countries 276. Judges it takes now to do I. How they're gonna do that my wife and I went to that last year in I don't know if there were that many there were probably 7800 Beers last year we have got about 7200 guys. Gotta get up early. Once again largest category of entries was 408. In the American style IPA category I'm and you would think the win. There would be a really famous beer that you know via the winner was prairie madness. From hail storm brewing intently Illinois can't. Now never never heard of it is part of any and there are telling her. Here in honor don't you will. I California took home 57 medals Colorado 38 Texas 21 Pennsylvania sixteen so we're about fourth or fifth overall medals. And will work backwards here a little bit let's start with the bronze the one that I'm most proud of and most excited about and I did email Chris Wilson. On Saturday during the ceremony and sing congratulations. Wire barker reserve of one abroad. That's great that's huge for a little bit haywire orders resolutely as I mean we saw mark from worth get one. And and how much difference that made in his life and his during career so that's really excite these days it will this Yemeni creek brewing company crichton is burning got a bronze and dock street brewing mental trouble got a bronze. Silver's. Russian imperial stuff from iron hill but then these are like many of our guests the other. Got on the jury ordering an adult. Silver also TSA from your coach brewing down in Philly it's over the souls saved from. And that's another Russian imperial stout national from iron hill media PA as well fondness outstanding loans so golds. We have three presents summer ale from sly fox got a goals like fox the Russian from little to SPE and Aston PA us. They weren't able to Syria and comes in and in the same category pandering got a goal for Penn gold believer often bigger name gold and they got a TV if you allegedly stolen and that's carried out there were well representing go to Pennsylvania. Yeah I mean exciting stuff a small brew pub in Denver of the year Rockford brewing in Rockford Michigan mutiny and midsized brewing and brew pub of the year was moon river brewing. Midsize. I'm sorry large group of enlarge brew pub brewer of the year was the Austin beer garden brewing company. Very small brewing company in very small brewer of the year was on tour brewing in Chicago. Small brewing company and small brewing company brewer of the year sun river brewing in organ. Mid size of that same category was seen Arnold and another exciting one. Now the brewing got small. Blue green and group I think we'd earlier organize a months long in a bus trip. I don't go as well as us and congratulations all the winners and congratulations for a local winners salaries and all of our guests that we had on the show fiscal. Sore beard today comes from a town that I'm going to have to save very very very slow me compare. Or we're gonna hit the dump button. It just got it how it is to dump my fool your way. Marina North Carolina and let it fool weighing food ways hyphenated arena and French for something I'm not even gonna go there. The North Carolina it's from the aviator brewing company and today we have a beer called I would ago. I would go beyond any any idea why they would name a beer that and was due the you know I knew that you would ask so I'll. I passed aviator brewing why would you name a beard that and you don't they sent him. They didn't say. Didn't reply back. Our beer cannot say hard and he's your came about late yesterday afternoon so we don't really have a lot of times in his path again. Canadiens get it you have to go well now. Other parents are so I'm looking at the notes here and it says and I don't know that I don't recall that we ever tried this particular style you appear before. Hawaiian style buying PA IP OK yeah so it. It's it it's exactly what you would expect. It's a it's a bit of an odd bird as Beers ago. It uses tropical hubs which is not uncommon he uses mango and pineapple also not uncommon. They don't say Ed. But if you ask and and we did because we had disappeared down to the beach and we all tasted coconut and so we asked them they'd say yeah there's coconut in sort as coconut in it as well. Com and you can taste there's a there's a weird to I would call conflict of flavors going on with this. Jessica I want to you know coconut flavors Coke and wants me that's sort of soft than normal screen TN. And in that the fruit flavors wanna be that sharp stash sitting eccentricity kind of thing so you got that going on. But it makes sense it is all Hawaiian ingredients. And and it's sort of the almost the north east style or New England style IPA. It's a bit hazy not not as hazy as you would see in an in a typical New England style beer. This appears part of their pick up a series. An aviator brewing started in 2008. And they started in an airplane hangar at the triple W airports. Down in the town that I'm not gonna say yeah. It is stuff I don't start with who Quaid yeah okay. So they had they've literally said they had to move an airplane. To bring you Crittenton and things. So that's where they they started. And it's a family run operation the family owns Tampa Bay brewing company. That the guy that started this thing marked oval is his name. He learned to fly a way to hear this he'd learned to fly when he learned about beer when his family lived in Belgian. So he knew he he was a Brussels guy grew up in Brussels and learned to fly bear down and then during the war. Companies at all right through that. And his love of of flight and his low flying brought him back here is Stanley on Tampa Bay brewing company. Tommy just he got into brewing and decided he would link it up with an airport and create aviator brokering. I'm glad you did. The good weather when there's criticism Hawaiian style IBA. I think you yeah. Probably more like the northeastern version then didn't you know that pineapple and coconuts in here so they can throw line on their make it sound sexy yeah yeah and and it's it's a limited release Saudi around your centocor Beers and I want that they do all the time. So it's one will see is sort of a one and done. Now they have to hands only so I think that's pretty exciting this one's in the sixteen ounce cans and so they've embrace that technology. They have what they're calling one of the fastest scanning lines in the world fusion CS can. The I'd love to see it you would think you know on the airplane industry did didn't they have access to faster quicker maybe I'll tell you this I never occurred to me that there are canning line is that there are faster than other cal was not a canning going to canning and rain and I am so I mean really saved keep up with the wouldn't have done nothing mistakes especially you know and just yeah it could be into the canyon lodge from the Brazilian jet propelled. Look at the mistakes the mistake simulate Auburn's twelve Oz is on the floor there's Cantwell. There's can't. They and they don't they don't cite any statistics for they just say it is that one of the fastest in the world they have a still as well so they do liquor. So they they do their own liquor so I think we will see some barrel things out of him I mean they're relatively young 89 years old. And they distribute you know we don't see him in PA president Dwight is that this came on from North Carolina but their North Carolina Alabama Florida Georgia South Carolina the UKA. Korea Taiwan China France Germany Italy New Zealand's. And Brazil and they couldn't get the Pennsylvania I think it's yeah. Curry but not an accident yeah. Crazy crazy yeah now his its its its solar bit can founding but they are they are now planning a new five acre site. Where they're going to do and in their words a new brewery a new restaurant because if they're five locations currently in fu quake arena they're gonna do this new five acre site. And they said and that will allow us access for a larger still so they're gonna have more on all sorts of alerts ago. I'll tell you Angel took so I expect to see some barrel range variants and some other things where they can do you know makes their beer in their editors. Period we don't know for sure that there are headed to Pennsylvania anytime soon we'll all his other drawing board do we know and we hope. Well I mean I'm enjoying Hawaiian style that PH we're good we could go to Brazil if road trip the aviator growing I would go our featured beer this morning. The WAOK Friday beer buzz powered by seventeen he's beaten seventeen is bottle shop and bar earnings that are. The area's greatest collections of aircraft an imported Beers. Rally single travelers to hand pump and 36 rotate contrast. At seventeen he's pizza in Sabatini spot the shop and bar landing avenue in Exeter to brag they're bringing their ears and get people together. Yeah.