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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 10/06/17

Fri, 6 Oct 2017|

La Trappe Quadrupel featured on 'the Buzz' this week!



  1. Belgian Beers6:56, 12:56
  2. Jesse Jackson1:27
  3. United States11:10
  4. alcohol beer8:07, 8:10
  5. Anheuser-Busch9:33
  6. BP8:31
  7. Chris Wilson5:11
  8. World War II9:06
  9. piers Morgan6:58
  10. Trappist Beers4:09

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They're gonna this Karo Karo got a full time job. Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award in the two time winner of the Pennsylvania associate her. Association we're promoting advancing the crowd tonight from Contra northeast Pennsylvania for another edition of. The Friday view buzz is powered by 7080s pizza. And Sabatini bottle shop and bar and consider. What are the areas greatest collections of prayer crafting imported Beers rally missing crowd there's a hand pump how much I Carol. And 36 are getting drafted Sabatini speeds up in seventeen these bottle shock and are planning out. Known as Santa's always Linda Sabatini here in the studio this morning when no I'm sorry and I apologize tomorrow. Disappointed but we flip the switch on the EW OK freighter was Disco lights and whatever is going on here in the light came on but the motors not turn the ball. Well will we tunnel it off now as you're getting blinded hey. It's it's it's I don't know what to do here I am also groups I'm I'm beyond disappointed and dismayed and in the cavaliers aren't. Hello I just I cannot discipline. Okay no I don't know how my fear buy dot com happy Friday every Friday saw the lights are on but nobody's told us the money. Jesse Jackson from northeast music to help the south that I did Israel returning. We have given this a workout over the past six years so hey maybe is time to it may be it's a fuse patriarchate in a lot maybe it's sleeping. No she didn't tell the kids and I'm gonna tell you it's just a stationary blindness now. I know that is why we hear about an off badly battered not sweets and my media media blogs that literally kids we had to take it. To the farm but I'm. LaToya. Yeah. Well anyway so we have. An event they were promoting today and it's an exciting event and it's one I'm I'm actually I can't wait for it and it involves more than just an event so I'm gonna let Linda tell you first off what's the date. It is sleeping in the spot there Kyra it's passover is coming soon and I. It's October 8 I can remember it's over eighteen this not this coming Wednesday for the Lindsay after. We're going to be doing a Trappist. Learn who featuring ultra industry is really yet. Contrast and a lot of Travis serious. Don't did you fear the so it has been notable political mean horseless traps that we feed feature. And all the time and have. I'm Jessica Barney Frank we always have a triple a gun salute traveling solo draft Beers and we will be featuring a different Beers I'm traveling draft. And we have to promote a small Austrian very stepped English so we Gregorian is and then our drafts and also some should passion mantra for Fannie and Spencer. Lower waiting to really saw him eat some really suspenseful and Massachusetts but we're. Having a good Giuliani right now but the event is to announce. Or are it's. Hasn't been done yet on Monday Travis announcing that we're receiving the early governorship forward which would move who's is really isn't great news just ahead. I don't really car. Or should I word. They used to blow partners that help spread the Trappist ideas are in the Travis Beers on prozac we're going to be the second in the country while. I've ever to receive an unbelievable really in January and February nothing good that's quite an honor yeah absolutely great news. This is army's Hillary early sun on this and on Monday is supposed to be getting announced only assumed to tell the day. That's good but we go to the pre announced only nobody's listening. Not just us here for so we don't here right away at this event do you need you Disco ball at all. We have everything available MIT is making it's. A nice that I'm there yet. That's cool excellent congratulations and it isn't you know just as soon as he started to it to say at. How I was waiting to hear whether it's going to be Trappist Beers on draft because as soon as you say that guy that really narrows it down. To add to a few that are still really hard again so you have all these Beers on draft and. And bottles right now we have twelve we're hoping force one or two more we will have a good point we will a lot of models available that are are defined as well. So is going to be. A fantastic night for us and it's. This is going to be fun. I and so you know for those folks who might do a single Trappist glad I'm not sure we know what's out and trends mean we'll get into that because we're gonna feature beer that is Trappist today there. How we have a bit of your news today and it just came out this morning and I can't hold it in any longer yeah were bunkered as they're called troublesome company retired doubles and go a year so go there. They went through some sort of I hedging of bets so well we retired the name not necessarily the beer so. Well they gained label approval today not only for doubles and collide PH and I are broken Disco balls. Nike model not I'm obsessing because everything we can call Chris Wilson and have a ma am haven't changed the name but they approved it in sixteen ounce cans a role model so my sense is that you know they don't go through these label approvals lightly there is a cost involved and com so the fact that we have a doubles and caused sixteen ounce can label approved today. Now tells me that were probably going to see that if not Chris you should call in right now. So you're gonna see need heads down a lot today because there's a lot of names and a lot of C names that a lot of brewery names of a lot of of the things that require a lot of referring to know. And the first one is where our beer is from because it's a Dutch brewery so it's Burkle team shot in the Netherlands is the name of the town. And the Burry we noticed coney Tobin but the buries technically beer brewery their colleagues hoping. Seems strange ironic yeah that was the greatest cause everybody take a trying to. And then nobody tried Rihanna wants to learn and you would know a better and most people know better as lay trapped. I'm and again it's a much easier yeah and that's what they've been around 1881. It started as a sheep farm. And a French Trappist by French Trappist monks. And eventually these Trappist breweries come about because they need a little bit income fund raisers and I am so they've earned their whenever and and so they do so they started that it was originally she barn and in 1884 they ran out of money for the she. Himself so they set them free they started brewing beer bottle and and it and that's the same farm we centered is global to. Put out to pass. It's Conan Tobin means king's farm house in the ducks don't want to just go ahead and they traditionally Bruce farmhouse and Belgian Beers. How they make a lot of different piers Morgan feature one today called let trap quadruple OK now this is a big beer terrorists we know we know the Belgian nomenclature that they have Belgian singles. Belgian doubles or do bulls now Belgian triples and Belgian quadruples I'm I'm surprised nobody has come out with the Belgian going to make a couple. Because you know in this day and agent can. Innovation and heard a million Travis don't mess around yeah that much with these these kind of things they can't trade has China's interest I don't. So so no one income eligibility and Infiniti that he how. So a single has single the amount of malt the normal amount of mall double has double usually a darker beard I triple has triple usually a lighter merely follow news so far and quadruple has. Five. Right. Not sure if you're so close. Nick you're right there while. I'll to and so you know the amount of malt the multi part sugar. So the more mall you have the more sugar your house and the east consumes. The sugar and turns it into alcohol. So traditionally a single is a much lower alcohol beer. And a quad is a much higher alcohol beer can tell you didn't do producers don't call the east episodes that's only what we're saying this is the don't waste product of these directors and as gasoline the alcohol is is he's pulled. It's a wonderful symbiosis ahead. At any yeah sciences you know the Eagles and and this one as a lot of hoop it's 10% dvd you can. Yeah after I tempers any BP and and something I never knew until I looked it up 22 idea. Really don't panic and and that's it seems are right leans on the sweet side of famous alone so yeah he would get that out of it. So those are trapped name here's another one looking down at the notes. The French have they done Notre Dame de La gran trap. In the Normandy. So they need flu. Region and in France. So that was really look into gadgets are trapped in India agreed to Spanish don't look at me so an 1894. The sales of beer paid for a new brewery. In 1949. After World War II Beirut they had a shortage of materials they couldn't get all the things they needed because of the total silly Nazis taken up all the materials. So they made lemonade out and packaged lemonade and sold lemonade to survive until they got through work or didn't do so well he probably not. I elegant thinks her yeah. And some long line people don't realize this is well that they collaborated with style our tour are now we know Stella now because it's owned by Anheuser-Busch we called the Belgian bud. But they collaborated back in the day was star tours are to be able to brew their beer because they didn't have enough equipment to keep up with the demand content so they did that they have a lot of different Beers in a double they've tripled they have a quad they have a week they have a box they have an. Okay age they have and Isidore. Think that you have data models. And then they have something called poor do you view are pure dollars a buttery. We actually seemed like monks in robes brewing beer is just like the good news they hire people. Yeah I mean it's a little bit of all yesterday along Kabila trap is the largest commercial Trappist brewery but hand and so to be a Trappist hurry you have to be the beard has to be brew within the four walls of a Trappist monastery so that really limits and I think it not a lot of Trappist monastery solidarity and it has to be under the supervision. Of monastic mumps stuff. So that leaves a little wiggle room you know the month summer shows up once little again or. I'm watching with his arms crossed and our life and given him the thumbs up every so often this is school bring in my. American beer out. It has to be. Secondary to the mission of the marine debris of the beer has to be secondary to their real mission. I'm headed past the income has to go tour charity or torrid dot expenses of running the brewery. If you get a big Gingrich often get rich or piano so they can't have monks you know munch monks were blowing himself on. Pumpkin diamond ring and and there are twelve and we'll name the twelve Trappist is that Travis for a reason and render you give us a yea or nay if you have it in stock because some of these you cannot get in the United States at all because I cal yes. She maimed just let trapped yes or Paul yes. Monthly cop. I'm not it's French French only wrote for. Yes vacillate turn not now think it can't get in the states is not not legally at least. That's small thing stiffed angle holes yes. Zone under attack no Dutch Dutch only Spencer USA RR one and only button but we don't have a hard yeah hard to get. Trade Fontaine no. Tough and and that's twelve so I find that you couldn't get out yeah. He is so he has most everything right thumb and again lit Trappist the most commercialize. This is a trap quad lots of great flavors raising need dark fruits really really flavorful beer. One of my favorite Trappist beer think is yummy. Kansas is very delicious and it's again it's one of the Beers as you mention the ABB's like 10% so this is the commitment in LLA we'll trap as you mentioned the name of the and that really is only children got. I know they've produced under the label Conan show and for him many many years so I mean we actually do have corny show embarked okay yeah that's available as well. But they switched back from hook on children who were trapped because it was causing some confusion people unlike the name is well made. They felt that from marketing standpoint it would do veteran travelers know them really. You may see Conan show and now they're still. But now everything is and who tracked him. And a big event and we'll talk commodity and many actually certainly but I October 18 is seventeen he's got a job market without a doubt is going to be it's going to be a great time if you wanna try some. Yeah I mean. A lot of doesn't there's excessive when you entrap his vision you have really mile soon. Meet who have Belgium they're supposed to data holy holy Grail of Belgian Beers things were enjoying it Conan children. My rent and you can't show him a lot of crap quadruple his club and the WLK Friday your bus however is seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop in park. In eggs that are one of the area's greatest selections of great aircraft in imported Beers. Relishing crawlers eye hand pump and 36 rotating cast. That's seventeen is pizza. And Sabatini bottle shop and bar when coming avenue in exit Arab Friday Bierbauer is bringing good hitters and good people together. Bank PLC. It's.