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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 9/29/17

Fri, 29 Sep 2017|

Long Leaf IPA plus THIS MUCH news from our friends at Stone this week on 'the Buzz!'



  1. off the beaten path6:47
  2. Bud Light6:16
  3. Tony Phillips12:17
  4. home brewers6:02
  5. craft brew7:56, 8:01
  6. brew master5:38
  7. West Coast8:29, 10:32
  8. craft brewers6:22
  9. Red Hook8:14
  10. Harrisburg Pennsylvania7:21

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's gonna get more exciting year about a Fisher say well thank you honey. Crap there it's not alcoholism without body. I. -- association of broadcasters award and the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcast. Association awards to promote and advance the crap in my program through northeast Pennsylvania friends is another edition out now. The Friday here but is powered by Sabatini speed is seventeen he's bottle shop incarnate sitter. What are the areas greatest collections of rare craft and imported Beers. Crown racing really is a hand palm. Pertaining Johnson seventeen he's beaten seventeen spot jump embark on union avenue and then exiting the. When does seventeen studio. Pouting and no I don't think how do you wait a little while I want to bring back howdy and I and I get I have to concur I kind of like that it has a sort of a two syllable warm and friendly funny kind of tell me out of felt I was speaking and being happy about stuff here's an asset value of science and though I do we have we have Sears science here at the Atlanta to save this until you guys came in. As a German researchers say you know has got to be real good German researchers are very serious cinemas around no they do not in me a sense of humor they've discovered that there's no scientific proof. Scientific proof. Then drinking beer make you happier. But I German researchers and they say look at thirteen thousand different food component to determine which for the most effective at stimulating the brain's reward center. The reward center. And I found that. And I don't know maybe you guys heard his door for minor Brezec I don't know. I'll port nine you don't Hardin nine is no I didn't leave everything. I still don't or deny race but it's found in malt and Barley Indian beer can that topped the list it was the number one thing I'll bet since stimulate the reward center. I'm an obviously don't want a the buzz and I was the number one. And says alcohol. They say and if there's a downside at all they say and who hasn't been here. The field the field it affected caused by drinking beer is also what makes it difficult to know when to stop drinking and look up. And not. As likely the dog by the German media and. How they'd feel and how serious maybe if they didn't have beer yeah. They you know you've watched the October fest things they're not just pulling out of a twelve ounce bottle. Then mosques and leaders into liters yeah only your conditioning county translate passenger needs a German I don't know our little football put the power of the Internet to work. Howdy all and he hollow yeah. And so there could sure use some good news yeah. So we do some stone boring during all yeah. Buddy I love that our bodies it's totally yeah our our body Japan Jeremy Morin the air and it sounds very French but it's. I'm supposed to own your new peers coming. Enjoyed by 103117. Just the plain enjoy black neighborhood which I stop stop loss of an older sister of course Halloween 1031 the door only holidays now go. Some waiting to see what India presently he. They wanna do these are just do random me another and another holiday side 122517. Unfiltered. So that's going to be a new one. They're doing something called Merck machine any RC machine that double IPA collaboration coming from the spotlight series do. Mercury Merck and I know actually and another musical one is out Ford Motor Co. yeah ha ha. They're doing wrong with the band no FX and this has got to be my favorite beer name except that it's been used already. It's punk in trouble again it's a punk I. Hello. And so there's going to be called punk and public record not over we already does a pumpkin beer called punk and republic oh well houses yeah Obama. I mean because it's a one often until this helps and I know lawyers get involved it's out yet because. Am your lawyer would be cool to assume right. And neighbors to that quote they get out nine other right down the street really really I'm. And vice billiard. Serves on the other doing doctor Frankenstein's monster IPO I got a draft only one they're doing ruined ten triple like PA with orange peel and Vanilla that's probably out already or potentially our tendencies that on the police and they invent trash and we do have the enjoy it like coming today. Oh are excellent that they you know it's got to be you know people ask me all the time what is my favorite beer and it's it's seasonal changes from time to time. It has been consistently for me the enjoyed by series enjoyed my filtered explicitly for me has been one of my absolute favorite yeah. Well you know we've seen that many guys can't go wrong with stolen anything because I was yeah yeah so it's just small batch. Com slash third release its government Cahill. And it's a Russian imperial star where they call an imperial Russian style with espresso imitation bourbon barrels and that's a good job. That's a small patch on the that's going to be really hard to get I don't know the Woolsey that I appear movement. You never know and the last one is are doing a thing called pop revolver right PH revolving series of single hop pierce. And this one's gonna have Loral hops and they come as part of their variety pack. So you can only get that beer is sort of the fourth beer in their hop variety packs. Which I do think we see appear to receive a hub for any tax or borrowing. I think I think so we don't carry them I'm pretty sure they're available yeah it's it's set a good senators usually has ruined any usually tests don't 98. It always has and I'll hop revolver and then it has sort of an odd one you know like some of coffee chocolate I hear some phone now. I don't know if you would know it does don't have like some team that brings us up opera's chemistry from brew master or because they seem right now stepped on the gas here yeah well you know our pal that we have on the radio Jeremy morning hey is the director of innovation in every trying to get help we have what that's like as historical Disneyland sugar Krispy Kreme gets so they have a director that's just in charge of innovation more so I'm my thinking is that's where it's coming from. But they collaborate a lot of with a lot of other breweries and a lot of homeowners there and you know the home brewers are they're not afraid to do anything you know they'll put season. Peppers and I'm in here they can get to witness an and I think that's for some of the comes from you know that the inspiration comes I think from that grassroots sort of home brewing giant ice. I don't river was Bud Light or Miller Lite there's a commercial on TV where they were sort of try to make fun of the fact that. A craft brewers will try to nearly anything outlandish trip over the it was a mug of beer with like a lobster hang in how. But that might actually Beatrice sitting there have been lost a vigorous and I'm sure. Doctors had made one hand harpoon England doesn't sound like a better idea actually doctor said it was something like rock loves. Like that TH. Massachusetts packed the cash an accent so we have a beer today it's a little off the beaten path. It comes strawberry that they affectionately call AMD. And if you're not familiar that is. Appellation mountain brewery. OK I think I said Newbury like your wife's especially webcast are. I say number. Larry my question really is mood. Yeah appellation. Every entity a man brewery. You're close. And lose. And then not to become. Use with our appellation during company down in in Harrisburg Pennsylvania now this this brewery. Comes from a I guess what I want to know. I'm actually trying to. CNN com. This comes out of Boone North Carolina. And it was started in 2013. It is located at 3333. Feet above sea level in the Appalachian mountain range hope there's a road up to their little. I wanna walk again I have to hike up to it. I kid Harriet Thursday what do you think they should. So these guys do they do veer insider and they are part of the craft brew alliance so this is worth a mile. Little bit of controversy here remember the craft brew alliance involves Kona out of Hawaii who come on the show. Widmer Brothers who don't answer the phone yeah. And read that's where I. So yeah. Great fear they'll butter and Red Hook. Who we cut on the show as well. They have a thing called the craft reliance and aid combine their forces to be able to sort of brew. Their Beers at each of their corresponding batteries. On it it works really well for Conan because Konerko Bruno on the West Coast and on the East Coast without having to ship the beer all the way here from Hawaii before appellation non brewing company. They have joined up with the craft reliance upon for distribution. So instead of brewing on their ten barrel system and you know how Big Ten girls system is brick brewing science let's just small they are small. I'm a bump up and read hoax divers are stuck up in New Hampshire and hundred barrels system. So some of these things are coming out of a hundred barrel system but we know our craft reliance as distribution agreements with the and has a bush. And because of that they are not considered craft beer by the definition proposed by the here is association. So take it for what you will. The beer we have today is called long leaf IPA long. Relief IPA ER and Emma nor I were chatting before it's it's a weird first sip kind of tastes funny yeah. But then it catches up with you it is what I would call a British style I. PA. Laden would have. So used to drinking all the news kind of IPs that are out there than England so I get easier which. I don't know disrespect little political style but Burton they called NE IPA right and the I PA wrap this kind of to me changing to any NP. It is the same. Started all morphed together again this is the difference was there's bitterness here yes. And a lot of you have people have been going towards the end north east IPAs because there's no bitterness this Embree introduces bitterness is in my opinion and it's done little blu. So they call mold we out of my peers don't have. So when you put button mall and and hops back into and I hit it good business cause. So yeah they shoot for a birdie something reminiscent of British I PGA America this is the mall is in a British IBA correct yeah actually. Hum British IP is very small forward if you get something like yards 98 yards IP is a British style like I PA. Very small forward. And we're so used to that West Coast IPA where it's very hop forward and it's very I'm. Of floral and aromatic kind of hops and then any IP is where their fruit forward hops and very hazy. This brings back and I think the named players that out it brings back a tiny resonance hopped on hitter Javier. And so it is a British cleaning my PA so the mall pleaser of a big role in this one and and it's got that sort of bitter long leaf pine. Resonance flavored tune I can't wait to pine resin this kind of thing going on here that does it hurt my feeling this or that I love that are obviously that's what drew me die BA's originally yeah and then the name comes or not I had to look this up because I thought why are they going for the pine thing maybe that's what makes sense. The name comes from the North Carolina State toast. And who doesn't know who the North Carolina and a toast to the North Carolina they toasted up. They're not friends you mainly because yesterday I I am I calling me yeah. Chris Howard oh. For its nose adheres to the land of the long refinanced the first line up. I should've known that I know I. My phone. And I'm normally goes right side of on the hello my phone I was. I was gonna read the whole thing and that's going to be boring as all stink is a good long refinance really get a from. They are really into supporting nonprofits they do pints for nonprofits they're really into the local community. They're really into sustainable business practices in business practices that benefit everyone not just the owner. First and second set I wasn't sure as I'm getting towards the bottom unless I don't this because the alcohol I am starting to really appreciate maybe a little ordinary news and I think. One thing. John missile your favorite fact about the jury all the brewery has a 100 and Tony Phillips and getting your head 120 feet of outdoor bar. 0103333. Feet up in the Appalachian I ain't got my future free I pledge to sit and every one of those tools sold. I don't like vitamins well here's to the land along we've climbed up. Only play a BA from Appalachian mountain breweries morning. And the WLK Friday your bus powered by seventeen he's pizza and seventeen these bottle shop and bar in eggs that are. The area's greatest selections of for aircraft and imported Beers drought losing crawlers. 36 rotating drafts all at Sabatini is even the pizza and seventeenth. Yeah I lost my plane divert night's yes yeah. I miss the county every. Right here at all pretty good parenting guide people to get it. I.