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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 9/22/17

Fri, 22 Sep 2017|

Sour Monkey from Victory Brewing on 'the Buzz' this week!



  1. high school6:40
  2. Anheuser-Busch2:33, 2:46, 3:56
  3. craft brewery3:22, 10:05
  4. brewing company4:46, 6:25
  5. Constellation Brands4:31
  6. beaten path8:30, 11:00
  7. saint Patrick's1:38
  8. importing Beers0:40
  9. North Carolina10:36

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm starting that I. And our. 45 minutes before 10 o'clock morning news of Webster the pumpkin spice flavored morning after an incident that you're. One of the reasons he's no broadcaster Gordon two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award promoting and advancing. The craft and my program culture northeast Pennsylvania it's another edition of. Everybody here but is powered by seventeen these pizza and seventeen is bottle shop and guarding Dirk. What are the areas greatest collections of rare craft and importing Beers rally racing Crowley is a hand pump. These things are getting dressed. Only seventeen he's beaten seventeen final southern farm landing avenue an accidental. Orlando seventy in the studio this morning window. No multimedia superstar has picture a featured today in the times we will be. Signing on his autograph on the times we are counting the times leader in the lobby after the show that I'm not saying. How you're not signing a seven trouble misunderstood I couldn't figure out how to make my headphones work and then I finally pulled the man. So serious side here with this appear that your pour it. Well I know is very technical you don't have phones at all and I'm glad you were able to play it in your your you can hear us find out now I can hear it has almost all this is almost as hard as pouring out there. I understand that they're down you are your picture in the times leader today that was says something going on of course at the bottom shelf seventeen he's gonna show Mara was shot a sham October fest isn't the I was on the fund raiser and then until the first it's to raise money for the sake saint Patrick's parade that Galliano doesn't listen now call is an excellent picture over my dear -- I -- happy Friday what's up bill happy Friday happy to equinox all men don't have an equinox like crazy. Do you have an egg ready to balance at 4 o'clock yeah. Yeah Snedeker that we say that all the time when that's how I know now the trick first Friday equator. And then he gets picked up you can balance an egg any day actually this time. He you and it doesn't have to be isn't your thing about squeezing an egg to depending on how people if you position it correctly in your hand you can't crush it. I I don't I don't know that's one into the eye and I don't remember exactly how ethical and try with the exit out of the question how many dozen or you get right. I today's oh my I was brought you but it brought you by that funny lady it's always on the Kraft common line I'll. She she let it often it is if I'm mistaken beat the on court anyway so we have some mere news today. So we've been watching along as Anheuser-Busch has been buying now we can we do doubles backbone and raised beer and a whole bunch of other places and they are doing that through a division they called the high end okay. I'll like Miller course has ten then Blake Anheuser-Busch has the high end. The high end bottom all these companies and then about a week and a half ago announced that they are gonna have. About 400 to 500 layoffs though move in the high end because they no longer need. The people that are duplicating the things that now on these breweries already happened so women out. Obviously the layoffs are coming from the acquisitions. And there are no they're actually seeing the layoffs are coming from the high end itself that seems unusually Clancy at the owl gore and usually he sometimes I'm sorry that you are getting laid off but it you know they acquire a bunch of the craft breweries and keep the craft brewery employees and let my people the corporate level that's that seems unusual. I think your take is that people doing it ethic referees themselves have already been doing until they know their way around our. Already located where they need to be located did they barely know the job in the Maria and you know these guys that at the high end don't necessarily know a whole lot about devil's backbone to us is are we could weed -- anything else like that is. And in light of that people started saying hey maybe they're done maybe they're not going to buy anymore though there out of money no proven they don't know. It's not always so 8 o'clock last night that Anheuser-Busch and four pines brewing in Australia announced that Anheuser-Busch would require for. On last night Guam so. So in every in Ontario so below the equator the beer course in the literary and try it's well. Chris we have some other news balance point is is that releasing a beer soon called high west. Barrels. Hi west barrel age victory at C. Continues its title as early. Currency and that's a barrel aged beer really really nice here. Com but if you know anything about the background Constellation Brands who has their hand in with the balance point you also has their hand in with high west. So makes is that makes sense that that's what they're doing so and I watch for high west victory at C okay. New Belgian brewing company yes crank them out as fast as they can crank amount in other voodoo ranger a line of Beers news. We're gonna see voodoo ranger red IPA. We're gonna see blue ranger atomic punk announced probably Al atomic yeah we have that they're going to stumble peppers. And and yet the pumpkins and peppers Malone's numbers are being off an arms. How many of them been doing that and our new billion items on it and they're doing something called juicy Hayes I PA. Which is sounds good it was super semi top secret last week not maybe not so much now we've really posted a label. They're doing a mirror call re cursed from there would seller reserve's series it's gonna have blueberries and palms there's an interesting combination. I'm I would taste it. And they're doing. There are lawfully or lawful they are a lot Foley here. Please howry wanna say they're doing a neat lawfully geisha grand reserve that's on a little too fancy for me here. How it's Peru with geisha coffee which surprisingly enough to me is the most expensive coffee in the world go or not. The capital yeah I don't think tackles and a the cash app pool copy was the most expensive but apparently this engage your brand is the most expensive college and is on Donald. I don't know loop and you get something that's how much I got some animals like giraffes are some the southern watch harder to get him to eat the beans and then. Harvest the karma is the halo sagging ansari and I are times I. It was expensive. How we have a beer today. We're going down. Highway that we've gone down a handful of times before. To comes from victory brewing company ten downing town PK it's. You can never go wrong right after that there was victory we love victory yeah I know we did the bus trip we went on to victory on one of our troops had a great time down in downing town news something I'll never forget about our trip to victory. I was a little little things that we ended up in the high school homecoming by way. That's the lower we also didn't have the check or not. I don't know how sounds salado I was we know we did you think you know hopefully it's about our bus driver was saying a right go around who's behind the left you know. Yeah I can. Be someone famous and yeah I don't know how are we could see victory. A lot of these Harry fifteen minutes get rid of them parade. We were so close Samoa the wall as the bus drivers in the bus driver had that opportunity to make a right if we would have been thirty seconds everything. Like you guys are ready they're really kind of money away to his. Yeah yeah and bus terminal after I had I think you ideals are really cares and yeah. It's come. I and it was so frustrated they have. Right. And rewrite the. And the people along liberated it are. Hey hey yeah no comments there where. It would have been must much more fun if it was after we have been together. I don't think we would have been waving back you know Al Assad about kinda we anyway we will lay off the track word victory we have had. They are here. It's it's called sour monkey. And our monkeys are monkey so's our Beers we've had a few on the show here for very we know there are different ways to make them. But they're sour arm sour sounds like a bad thing because I think people think about milk. Okay sour not a good thing down. Sour apples sour all all these things sour beer is good but it's an acquired taste it's not it's not necessarily what I would call the deep end of the the pool for beer tasting right it's it's pretty out there. Well it's it's like a lot of things with a beer you know big and Beers that are more off the beaten path than others. And I was mentioned a minute ago we're talking about the blueberry and plum beer ya we were the case this is kind of the beer that I think if you can enjoy a Tim lake you can guarantee you gonna get day on this especially now because I know with the ABB is best either here or there can make an hour and a half. Letter about it it's okay. Five minutes to an. It's delicious so I really like it is good so the first should sit this shocking com and depending upon what you had before it it can be shocking I know when I dropped off Kyle style the last thing I heard before came back in the studio so our. After a few sips view it's citrus C it's a little bit so today it's refreshing it's an I think nice on a hot day and we've hot weekend coming up this should be perfect militaries have you come downstairs in the morning it's from a quarter to six and you get a pitcher this refrigerator half. Media thing it's really good so 1973. Boca the last thing guest previous guest on our show and on bar chat or in fifth grade on a school bus. And they vowed to open a business together in fifth grade in Australia what they don't know what yet it wasn't beer all in 1985. Bill got interested in home brewing and started home brewing and has friendly competition he bought Ron call home brew kit the enemy we're making Beers against each other against each other so they had a little competitive thing going back and forth they both trained in Germany and buying stuff on. Com and and so they both got a flavor for loggers and and some. Beers at the time that made sense you know loggers and light loggers were the thing that's mainstream beer back then yeah. And so those Beers made sense and you start to craft brewery that's what they started with in ninety. That was followed by about four years ago they opened a big facility. It's a fifty barrel brew house and in downing town. It's a 200 barrel brew house. Parks merge so they open a departure Byrd started doing cans started doing a lot of bottles contractors all kinds of good stuff. Ever Kenneth square facility and they just opened up this Artie is no brewing venture in Charlotte, North Carolina and I think that has 25 barrels just. I think that's a joint venture with us southern tier new. They've done for a little while all right you were stolen a couple of weeks ago today at seven barrel 25 barrel fifty barreling 200 barrel Bruce system like my weekend comes. They bury them disappeared based on gold monkey a classic of theirs. And I would tell you know what my earliest experiences with off of a beaten path again though non mainstream Beers because with golden monkey and what I remember that was there's an expression that is. Respect the monkey Yahoo! and there's a reason for that yeah it's it's big ABC. It's it it's a Belgian style triple and we know from previous shows that triple means tripled the mall to the mall means tripled sugar triple the sugar means triple the ferment trouble sugars and solid they don't call nine and a half percent I. ABA BD. Out the low low low IBU because I view is bitter units around this isn't Swede but it's at heart acidic right and I think yeah makes it low. On the IBU scale through. Font I I'd make you very much in you know we tell you can be leery about Beers error and knew where there fruity Beers or sour Beers or whatever I think this has pretty good. I don't know -- the ballad I guess yeah yeah it's it's an interesting balance because the triple has a sort of banana clothes and if you reach deep into the -- here you can find that sort of dull banana in there and that that that -- are grabbed my life fruit but the gulf troops you know arm and then that acidity of the barrel aging I am currently testing the still aging that they do in this this is their most acidic beer and all the -- that they make better sour whenever we have a sour beer you know the easiest comparison -- I am that I make it is I was compared to sweet -- but even that can be overdone and I think this is I guess I read down the middle as far as hours concern it doesn't hurt it doesn't make your eyes blink now you know you don't pucker up on this but it's our it's our kids not funky. Yeah yeah they actually do is Lulu for telling us he's in this and they're in the able to do without making and turn turn it tastes like said. Jerry and Andy do you. Happens sometimes is are you to turn people off Alan's done. Without that and it adds a nice is mandating is a good thing or like you if you found the old football or seller and you're late get in. Then I was this is radio this is a year round peering in at any time amidst all Oz bottles I don't think they put this in Cannes or any other Pakistan and are really nice appear anything will get your attention and it's it's sour and acidic and hard on but it's it's big ADV as well then you're loaded up with a victory -- monkey over there at about a sharp oh yeah all right very good we're enjoying victories are monkey and. We are in the Freddie yerba is powered by Sabatini speeds and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in eggs that are one of the area's greatest collection super aircraft in imported Beers. Carell is your caller's a hand pump and 36 rotating dressed. And seventeen he's pizza and Sabatini is bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue in exit. McGregor and bringing good isn't good people to get there. Yeah.