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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 9/15/17

Fri, 15 Sep 2017|

Three 'mystery' beers and some pretty good guesses with Paul Mailen from LT Verrastro on 'the Buzz!'



  1. go green5:17
  2. Donald Johnson0:34
  3. Samuel Adams11:33, 12:12
  4. Mike Garrett13:34
  5. Baltimore Maryland13:53
  6. lemon zest14:08
  7. Constellation Brands3:46
  8. Good Friday15:06
  9. Indian Wells5:50
  10. John Webster12:40

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Comedian and are you ready for your medicine you can do. Oh. The two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters Jordan the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award. Promote and advance. The crowd tonight from Kosher for at least that's the thing. This of Freddie do now is paradise Sabatini beaten seventeen is Donald Johnson darn exit or the area's greatest selections simply aircraft an imported Beers. Crown losing Alexander Donald. And 36 rotating dressed at seventeen he's pizza and seventeen is follows up and. RI oh fans have to control absolutely it's tightened up here Kudlow. Hey my wife was getting mad men and go to the barber looked good looking good bill for my dear buzz on congress Abby bridal house select your haircut I've. It was clear they're not so short is that I know mine's co high and tight I had the brains of there are low maintenance I it is very low maintenance we should remind everybody about the Wednesday event that's sad zone as we Ellison let's talk about it. Yeah fantastic where I mean having are very tough take over and I'm very BR UERO I. This is a fantastic and very out in California we have fifteen Beers on draft from them and a lot of them are. Vintage fears that we many genes the last three years two years send it's going to be a fantastical and don't even know Obama's that this this coming Wednesday. Starting at 7 o'clock become a little earlier seal the table that original restaurant and then at 930 real shift over the barbed send us continue to think great. Of course as a seventeen he's Pataki's and seventies about a job tomorrow Wyoming avenue in beautiful Exeter Pennsylvania straight mark your calendars aren't very good sounds good we have a guest in the studio with us I'm nervous and then. Don't think he's not only kind enough students who joined us and he has been kind enough to take three mystery Beers and package them secretly for us. And gas industry news you'll meet him now but is there's all mailed from LT her Astro fan. PolyGram and it's no listeners are just meeting Paul now but all has been behind the scenes on a bunch of shows for the Friday beer buzz and whom we thank you for that. Hello Alina thank you for having us there and mystery Beers today and it when we're talking about an American dynamite yeah mr. Reid beer. How are you ready for your mirrors to read beer yeah. Costs are some of our show ideas they spring out of the end of previous shows in this one sprang out of I'm getting spring and he can answer. Here but a celebrity news show and it was originally we thought like let's let listeners bring in some mystery beer raising gas and then we thought about that for about ten seconds yeah. Well I mean ending here no idea how to act that can be bad so. That's what Paul's doing good but first let's talk about LT harass stroke felt you restrooms and all forgy you have good. A really large warehouse yes very very large if you walk around it twice it's. A mile walk. Only 7000. Square feet six largest in any PA mom yeah I would say hello Vince close. And and the relationship here that LT brasserie you can't just walk and you just walk and LT press room behind me here no we're we're wholesaler. Basically if what do you people know that is. Our batteries basically signed contracts with us to distribute their their Beers to. Retail price so. Horn past I'd say 56 years. We've grown exponentially. They are mother Brandon Miller course products out Tom Nelson the Constellation Brands which is corona. Dallas point on the Heineken products. And then many craft breweries some I've been with restaurant for sixteen on seventeen years of him in. When I start we have three craft brands have. Com and our upwards of thirty or so if I'm on the growth of the industry in the growth of that segment. Column has just blown up over the last five or six years and I'm you know we've sought fit that we had to be on board with a itself. Tell me especially the last three or four years yeah I had a lot of craft person came into Pennsylvania in the car market news and only useful of those yes he's. Happy and again myself whose bombs and did you sell non alcoholic yeah we call him a non alcoholic division to we do airs on ice teas Fiji waters fox floodwater locally counter com. My collection monkey it's an energy drink yeah it is felt like I don't you feel. And we just signed by I don't know if you've seen the commercial just haven't really gotten control walking by. Come by is really really great grand that we put BA IP RA high. Bound you you also have something that's really need now I think it's very forward thinking it LT her Astro they have a fleet of trucks they use CNG compressed natural gas and I know Paul drives around in a Prius to the how. I'm so there really environmentally conscious with their delivery fleet we four years ago we relocated to old forge com. This Korean warehouse affair and ownership decided to go and could could go green. Com to the past four years we've cut down are far our carbon footprint by about 70%. Com we have right now I believe ten to fifteen CNG tractor trailers yeah. Com we have CNG pumping station on site column and then muscle our sales are Colombians are either CNG or our cars there but Prius is sprained thumb. That's a commitment is that we are very isn't purely entertainment and and the neat thing too is it's a bit of an advertising technique because now I don't know about you but I can pick out the LT her Astro Prius is Indian Wells like I can take them out yeah everything is green in dollar so there's a Honda Prius that I grudges like your green wave on the side of the car and a calm the tractor trailers that are really very bright green. I'll and so and then had the sales may as our view is large Nissan billions that are seen G convertible but they become to have some type dreamed. Followed our own attorney Kevin CNG filling station up there as well this course they can fill the bears. You and and I wrote down some of the stats and and then you have a green initiative that started in 2013. Pensions that's starting you have recycled fifteen tons of aluminum a hundred tons of corrugated waste. Fifty tons of plastic crap seventy tons of glass. Ten tons of office waste. And that's over 200 tons in three years while I didn't know those stats but that's really impressive guy. Don't worry about it Don and I have recycled close to a time. But I don't like a couple of months. Guys out there are different ownership said. For five years ago was what does in the beer warehouse thumb cardboard. The plastic glass. Aluminum doll all recyclable thing exactly and in and it's so easy just pitch that stuff and it takes a lot more effort to recycle and so we we applaud you for that thank you. We have we have three in front of us here we have labelled them AB and C we are very very very creator doing the mystery. We're here now and and you know you can use our beer tasting techniques you know you you look at it now look at the color not just smell it see what it smells like and you'll feel it see what the mouth feels like is that a body is a lie it is it is it whatever. And then you taste that come and see what it tastes like and so we'll go around I don't mind starting with they because I think I have a pretty decent grasp on the way okay. So. When you when you smell hey I get sort of miss Katie Carmelita coffee. There and laboratory power OK I didn't bring that pilot undone in there right now while. It leads with small finishes well a little bit sweet. And based on the time of year I. I'm I'm gonna guess that this is it's definitely a logger and I can tell that right upon us definitely longer. I'm gonna say it's a fast some Sorenson since October and don't don't give anything away and I let everybody else chime in and see what they think but I hmmm gonna guess it's a fast. I ate in criminal. Even mention the caller of the colored his spot on the first us as well and I am also going to say it is so Morrison and refresh of some sort of probably American. All right so you guys have more sophisticated palate. And I don't one out of my nose in here I thought blogger at first thing I thought it was Yang Ling but when I Jason doing new wasn't bad breath legalese I'm pretty sure it's not just got a little more residual sweet tea and getting their traditional longer. I'm gonna say Nancy wanna throw line I. I was just thinking it's and a lot early because it doesn't have his son to outside the box of you know for someone you may be doing and gave way you're starting off the beer and that but I don't know a lot about. You know that I know what I PA is but I don't it's kind of like a lot of taste a few more of these kids. Before I know we're planning. So it's it's sweet not knowing the brands that LT presser represents I have a little bit of cheat sheet amid one not Chichi and another. And so I know a lot of the brands that they represent. Our guests. I'm I'm gonna guess. Like Linda said American is definitely an American fast spirit doesn't have the same effervescent that some of the Europeans do. I'm I'm gonna go with one of the brands that they wrap I'm gonna go local and I'm gonna say it's a victory. They make beer called fast this remind you really are doesn't at least 2 stunning I am not coming away. Analysts. Quality in the ballpark these injuries ran on the digital. Thought you nailed good the newly revealed to me reveal later. It is a victory for us being a mighty. I go I'm. Hey frank glaring data takeaway from tonight thanks I have recently had victory fess I don't you and he drank. Every one of these I. Irish need dent at the irony is here the last time we did victory on the show we had bill coalesced Dion and he featured fast so I figured I was wrong then I'm gonna go down not only had muscle memory can. I don't think so I can't let go beat both strike me pac ten and I'm middle Olindo lead on each time ago. Well it's a little spicy. So women and also because of the season. And the color. I'm gonna say is upon you know. Just because of the move Visalia and gently and agonies I read and write funny at this place is our Jason hunt and AM there's getting a young man a little bit close enough mangalore not meg hearing yeah I think so ultimately I'm just so pleasant to be a lot of flavor so good on make pumpkin else they've traditionally in their best I don't know. Are you in the clove bill. Until. Emma my original thing I smell Rosemary and I was going down the same songs of off highway because Alan features grows and grows very very prominently. I I agree on the pumpkin. This is its traditional pie spice is it's it's an and then it's not may get its car demand. It's definitely a pumpkin beer but I'm struggling with the who's. And after dressed young Carmen can I don't have any. Yet when that day went farther cart man in the mirror column I don't know if there's cartoons fear there is cinemas in the nation come there and there is false spices. But I'm and then they'll slow take a crack at it. No matter what it actually is recruiting begin well this I don't know I don't. And I Miller they're kind of half right here Carlton half right on that note I really am afraid I have right hand column is not a pumpkin beer even though. But there's right spices and then palm but it is that have to vice. Com and this from Samuel Adams then our new offering for the false color harvest hefty car so I. Pretty good my everywhere guess MM this at all so the irony here is I just reviewed this beard who. Kick. So much for a couple million tons dog do about it yeah I know I talked about it being very spicy. But I don't remember there being a pumpkin component to it and and now that's a defense that's it does taste. Allowing most pumpkin beer yeah that is pretty much within their lives in the clove that you're getting is in Congo merely also a lot of times and have peace it's. If you get that close bubble I got some bubble gum out of an affront. This is and I knew I nuclear this year from Samuel Adams is part of the fall variety pack I don't know actually it's not enough already being they. Sheltered until mills this year have come in that is an open a variety pack but this is their secondary offering to October fest. On the decided to not go with the pumpkin hill because there's so many out there nice and they decided to make you harvest FE so I easing. The spices that are under Mears who calmly Fay's path of ice and snow and work your governor on the far turn here and Andre I. Morgan and John Webster beer samples seized on so tell us about Casey I'm strawberries I response strawberries are nice I have seen it yet I thought it was IPA issue. 888 starters and I guess I'm didn't fruit it's not hazy you have to be in northeast IPA and I know Paul are talking about are these guys into not strawberries don't. Get down here I think you got your mom I'm. It happened. I'm I'm getting watermelon I wanna all OK maybe mom aunt and so with that in mind in knowing what. Oh well go ahead I won't answer just for some reason onions citrus. You know is infamous Texas homeowners and how she's a tremendous interest pale oil and so scherzer tropical through parallels my guess. I'm only what do you what do we have visit the site NBC's Tropicana. Hey so is this intra site PA count there's a lot of does them all of those sailor girl on the cut on the label just aren't enough pirates umpire Mike Garrett from okay. Until the irony here is that this was a beer that we featured prominently at the beach this year like three weeks ago. Just goes to show you how do you drink too many Beers Ukraine pays lots and lots and here to not be able that in effect. You know that's a really good beer that was one of my favorites at the beach NBC's out of Baltimore Maryland are really really nice beer really easy drinking frown from four I was gonna guess. I'm new Belgians and know whatever they call the watermelon watermelon you watered down so. Yes and there's quite a bit of fruit near the low self interest is prints in blood orange there's lemon zest there is. Orange and grapefruit for us anyway and I noting mango I'm glad you guys know what you're talking about because I was like left in the dust over here guys that's in my early season turning Donna that's sharp Mary how. Yeah I start Perry. Pitcher sent the wrong move this along while they are every taste you're you're your title do have a right your craft your specialty brand manager that's for old Dresser and and yeah Paul male and our guests and thanks for him by phone was fun it was do we get to go around a mystery Beers in a lot of fun Lindh under the big event coming up on Wednesday. Every event on Wednesday and as far as the bears we had today if god doesn't call from breasts are right they're all available seventies and your interest and try myself. I know my shots are really good the Freddie below his power by Sabatini beat the seventies bottle shop and barred eggs that are theory is greatest collections of aircraft and imported Beers. Relishing Crowley is I hand pump and 36 irritating drastic. At seventeen he's been so. And Sabatini is Bobble shop and bar Wyoming avenue in eggs that are this Good Friday near by bringing India in good people together.