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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 9/08/17

Fri, 8 Sep 2017|

¡GUAVA LIBRE! from The Bruery this week on the WILK Friday Beer Buzz!



  1. Glenn Miller9:02
  2. ale brewed5:53
  3. Krispy Kreme2:14
  4. West Coast11:29
  5. WD-400:47
  6. Sierra Nevada6:09
  7. Tarawa10:48
  8. imported Beers1:26, 13:26
  9. private reserve5:44

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The mobile with I think travel. A girl in trouble coming out. Late. Lamented that this collider won't get vertigo I think. Think it's fine. But I don't like about it and nobody said. Oh crap and. Is that the ex brother of thirty seconds discipline something. He chased them. Why do you attribute it might have. So we don't think it was. And. Fabricated WD-40. Clorox wipe your ego. We're sterile. While. He. Winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters warn the two time winner of the Pennsylvania associated. You different broadcasters association award. To promote and advance the crap in my room. Com three northeast Pennsylvania friends is another edition. Is in the pretty near his paradise seventeen he's pizza even seventeen these bottles shopping barn inks that are. One of the areas of greatest collections of aircraft. In imported Beers ground loose in the crowd. I get crowds using crowd is I can't walk out. 36 straight dating doesn't Sabatini Stephens seventeen bottles up and aren't. Climbing avenue he exited. I know Sabatini in the studio tomorrow you're no good morning everything you'll find today so far fans have so far so no I'm so happy giddy right now here you're real my bill from my beer by the company Friday happy Friday don't these three day weeks are killer. Yeah that's where the it's hot you only a three day week also know that we I had a day off in the middle and unnecessarily and they are the I was a three week. Every day weeks and the effort that we don't complain only I mean so yeah. Seven day weekend or right. Can doughnuts I gotta say it's. You know no donuts are my Kryptonite Krispy Kreme are my car and I character Kelly green and these are pumpkin and you. It only pump and I just don't like pumpkin in how women Melanie let me bank yep your you don't like me appeal like pumpkin pie. No not at all nothing when I get a hunk you know or even if you scrape the pumpkin off a really good crossed I don't like pumpkin pie or not. How and pumpkin beer you know there are you okay that I like matter yeah. I'm American I'm. Those damn pilgrims have to come out like wire bonkers imperial pump and I like you don't want her to that I like but for the most part you know only going to end if you know Beers you know pumpkin Beers. There isn't really a flavor and pumpkin. Yeah I don't know what they don't like it's funny as you but I don't like I would've thought you like because I know that you like ginger bread. I know that they're very they're different but it's a spy villains and O'Leary asked what I. President mostly that is DO you always your pumpkin spice because I got as bill said I'm gonna really do is almost flavor residents normalcy knowing how does this cinnamon Nutmeg Dawson then. DeMulling spices it's cinnamon not made ginger is gassing us like physical like gingerbread cookies are not say don't have. I I really don't like gingerbread put no. We may gingerbread cookies once for the show I'm one of our guests love dominate the model I don't quite a window only I know. You've experimented with many flavors of pizza over the years there and competes anywhere and I in the a recipe book not yet please don't know maybe. And I could happen. Yeah we need people palm cannot do them like we just sent pumpkin doesn't do anything from bears yeah California will makes a pumpkin beer pumpkin beer is those cinnamon clove yeah yeah negative is actually show him there. I just to review on four different release him pumpkin Beers on on my beer bust a contest and and deal see in my review I struggled a little bit because it's like yeah this one's pumpkin with coffee this one's pump him without coffee yeah. That it it's there in the same sort of core group of spices with just a little tweak in his console. You know there's a pumpkin spice latte deodorant did you know and now it's true that's ridiculous yeah. I'd I'd rather smell the video at the foul. All of Tyler taking. I don't think Libya or someone you buyers though so far so good so we have a little bit beer and use Skype founders is either really doing some interesting stuff or their play and all of us. In the GDP down there either spending hundreds of dollars to prove labels that they don't plan to do. Or they really don't wanna own up to the fact that they're bringing out for Beers that they did in the past as part of their backstage series. As part of their barrel a series they do a series of Beers aged in barrels yeah thumb. Their their they have label approvals for project Pam. Sweet repute. Blizzard of cod that's a blueberry here with a lizard on a and the big one bulk other than the big one is some CBS Canadian breakfast well now that's a beer in the sense people who. Fighting over being here yet it's a beer that's really really hard to get I've only had it once and not and how many years. Hmmm they're saying they're bringing back CBS as part of the barrel a series now they're denying it right now saying that we just improve lots of things and we never know which ones shake out we just wanna be prepared. But I don't seems curious they're doing it is that's real via my allocations were already talking about it. Area insider info I'll just I'll play where they say that. Pirates and the accident and I went out I get right we're not on Ellen no correlation I publish it as if it was a real founders replied same hand maybe his. Real maybe it's not. And the people literally fight over CBS eleven to be in Kuwait broke. And broke does a thing called Santos private reserve and it's been the same here year after year after year after year right up until 2017. Where it's going to be a Belgian dark ale brewed with candy sugar cherries and red raspberries on the show me while I personally I can't wait while. I'll lose type things that I need it it's and it's a needed change that peer has been a really good beer and they can keep that Mir but. This once I got really goes on Tuesday Jazeera now. Sierra Nevada is really seen experimental hop IPA experimental pop session night PA and experimental pop. Double IP address but a dream come true. Hands and and it will be I think they're not saying yet it I think they're going to be rotating experimental pop ups I don't think because once that once you say something's an experimental pop and you use it for a little while isn't really experiment. I don't know I don't worry that's what it was just in my mind in the in hello how are going to be an experimental idea right right so double secret probation. I think healthy I think we'll see that dot change in the Kansas twelve ounce cans and I've seen so far I think there will be more of that. Com but I think we'll see a change in and then stay tuned for release the other details on those the really interesting one and and this one sorted didn't get a lot of front page news brood dog. You know meet James James a car that was the show we had to record the other is those guys can't get a sends out without an F bomb and bright and and great local and didn't it. Tom they are doing something called the unicorn fun and it sounds stupid unicorn fund right yeah sounds like okay there'd been some fear that something weird like that I'm unicorn fund is they are promising to donate 20% of their profits to charities. For the life for the company for as long water. Ask wow when he percent of their profits is going to charity for the life of the company and that's I'm. A lot of them is a lie their big company that's a lot of money does that mean they're they're just on a 20%. 43%. At how Dell's price of oil now I've got. Phil who were supporting an event today were a little bit ahead of the game the event is the twentieth and seventeen he's at a Wednesday night. Com and tell us about the event. Well I don't know why it took just six years women have these have been six cavaliers know well I took us this long looked to feature the brewery. This PR UERY. Up from California we're gonna have fifteen Beers on draft from the library on the twentieth of September threats a week this coming Wednesday yet he's a great site. Ten days Jack okay and disclose that I thought I was young as sending is a way and we're really happy the last Philly yet. Happy for two reasons. One we're gonna move Carly Beers into a lot of my cellar space is going to be opened up again. The majority of the Beers over and pouring. Have been changed the minimum one year hole I. I'm nearer from three Beers a lot of people are very excited about so far is we have three different anniversary nears enough from them. I can't announce them nervous. So crowded hallway and I'll love. Solid apart red and does not cool for me so each each anniversary goes within whatever. Paper cotton ball and whatever it is for the anniversary yeah if you're yeah you met a marriage show and treasury same thing with their beer. So all these are. Barrel aged barrel range appears that they take a little bit from the previous year. And Glenn Miller new bear this grin and then and then Brandon and so each year they have the year before that they bring in little experience so we have three of those on. Draft and there's also going to be a bunch of sellers in the end some. Other motions so whales in this going to be is merely an event. Then again this is on the twentieth of loves playing this is number one tonight in both buildings will start the pizza shop and then we'll shift over to the bar mentored. And as always it's his best to get there early it is if you want us economy elbow album you wanna see that the pizza shop and get there early on. I have always a lot of fond always a lot of fun to tell the two different venues involved involved in in the name of that week we're featuring a brewery beer today. It it is and it has exclamation points on both ends I gotta say just write what money ran. Boy that was quite an ex pay. And and and mood lever means free so it this is not guava free there is all they in this mere half it's for that Wallace yes we have not release. A relief well. Under the beer. It's a book created by the brewery and they started in 2008 with Chris and Patrick rue RU we as you know that they've done a play on words where RUE marine Gary TU ER YDS screw that up by. On that. End and they are they intended to write this as a business plan for a small family boutique Parikh didn't think it was going anywhere. And it went somewhere. Patrick instead of doing his bar exam created a business plan for the Burry. And away we GoDaddy cleared the. Eight days yeah you sound like mama from. Also in the brewery has three different divisions now they have brewery Taro and to row is a reference to the Lander Tarawa. And and it's their take that the wild east and and the things that they use play into the beer that's the flavor of the land gets into the beer. I'll and they also just started something called offshoot beer. And they launched it on April 1 so op are well I I said this is a joke this is a company that said we will never brew and I PA and we will never do anything but large format bottles so now we're doing all I PA's and can. On April 1 sites together Tuesday marathon not entrees. Move we're doing quad only brain this is one of Beers you'll be able to get as stabs. And this is at odds dial for most people aren't style for the West Coast it is and and peer real cream ale. Now we're familiar in the northeast with creamy else right now we know Genesee we know Mallon time we know leveraged honor. The most people don't know cream mail it's an interest in style. He comes from some of the historic. Immigrants from Germany they came to the northeast region and were brewing Beers. They were trying to recreate bloggers. But they were trying to recreate them in that's designed to fermented tail around. And Ailes for meant a little faster than loggers. And they were able to get their beer to the market quicker because they could for many quicker than the loggers and they were sort of using this style to undercut. People. And get their hero they're faster they're I. Yeah yeah. Hooper but this is seven point 5% ADV Sosa imperial version of typical cream mails a lot lighter it's gotten while they NN near there is did they call it custard like I don't know if you taste any player you don't want an embrace this series jaguar and I'm looking at the knows who's got Vanilla in here yes I am lactose and I would tell you why and I am I mean this in the best possible says this case a little bit to me like it's like a punch on Yahoo! is to entertain right so yeah. What it's like while attain yeah yeah. Yeah he added I mean the stylus designed to be clean and crisp and easy drinking like a blogger down. Only it's done with sort of a hybrid of AL and blogger yeast. Informants in a different way the performance quicker so we were quicker to market and you know yeah and rather they put lactose and that that's sort of what makes it an empire sort of what they they use as part of the imperial. Lactose impart sweetness without him. Without it for nineteen and alcohol right IS OI am will have a chance to mention that he initially but this is the brewery BR UD RY the death and is coming up at seventeen he's obviously it yes actually they were enjoying. In many name. Meanwhile gave Friday beer buzz is powered by seventeen he's pizza and seventeen is I'll show up and warnings that are what are the areas greatest selections every aircraft and imported Beers. Palace in Crowley is at hand pump and 36 rotating drafts. As seventeen he's pizza in seventeen spinal shop and bar Wyoming avenue exit they're afraid they're about is bringing good players good people together.