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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 8/18/17

Fri, 18 Aug 2017|

Calling from Belgium, Brouwerij St. Bernardus own Marco Passarella with Abt 12 on 'the Buzz' this week!



  1. Bermuda Triangle10:17
  2. West Coast1:21
  3. Joan of Arc5:24
  4. craft beer3:00
  5. Exeter0:31, 0:44, 12:48
  6. imported Beers0:34, 12:40
  7. dark beer11:16
  8. drinkable beer11:57
  9. east country3:34
  10. Trappist monastery4:42

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It costs. Every great designers you know merit as maybe you don't. The two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award. Promoting and advancing expressed in micro brewed culture northeast Pennsylvania. It's another edition. Is celebrating your best power behind Sabatini pizza and seventeen he's gonna shop and mark in Exeter and the area's greatest selections are rare. Kraft and imported Beers. Probably isn't prowler that hand pump. A mile and 36 rotating dressed as seventeenth pizza and seventeen about a shop and bar. Wyoming avenue in Exeter and we know seventeen in the studio good morning morning you know bill for my nearby that job. Happy Friday happy Friday deal source and a record today we are this is our longest distance guests today but he is a clips the record from Mets and Davis in Hawaii from about two years ago. How hot so I wanna get right on hit a nice enough to Colin he's calling us from want to Belgium today we have Marco passed around on Markel. Hello Paul. I don't know we're glad our guys are good morning peregrine afternoon I suppose forget Marco we would normally thank people for waking up so early to call us because we're usually talking to the West Coast but it's it's this afternoon for you won't we we thank you for for calling in from such a long distance. Yeah no problem and it's good birdie out of here so. We're getting ready to recap and go oh my duke I would do. What we're doing today 30 in the morning but yet ready for the weekend we're sure you were sort have been a breakfast mere. We're talking today about Saint Bernard S and and give us a little history on Saint Bernard is because it same artist goes way back and you have an interest seemed interlaced I history with then the western Beers a saints six disappears. Yes that's true. The reality founded in 1946. Quit the sole purpose. Two and commercial open beer -- tropic monks of restaurant. They did not want to I don't hear any more commercial like that and that they are through to try them the power. Drury got through got through did. Condit looked great race monks. And that bag. And debate date they they decided not to boot up through the end of the old lead. Here anymore and they wanted to jerk our focus more on praying. And then not so much brewing and at that somebody else does too. Crude to appear that member that's what we did so recruit her beer the group also robust struck from the cute barber. And and new brewery and restarted brewing beer beer sort of stepped that's blew a little bit that history. So it's a people lit locally are familiar with and I know craft beer lovers around the world are familiar with the west he Beers the best way true and Beers. And they are regarded and have been regarded as some of the best Beers in the world and and rang for many many years is as number one and number two in the world. You guys have the original recipes from those Beers and that's what you're still brewing today. Re read other pre Gupta all recipes from them in the in 1946. And Obama didn't get the recipes but we also got very each. So. These used to that three years today is build your original east country Gupta about them. And go and so soldier in all the years we've protected the beer says we were doing exactly this same beer. And right now licensed to do so. Came to an end and in 1992. We decided that there. It's gonna commercialize the beard anymore. Under the name Trappist struck structure in the arcing fixtures retreat I've been doing up until then most of and that's going to use the name of the brewery. I think Bernard is. A way of crow promoting our Beers so. Just got to bring the same Beers with the same recipe and the K knees but under different brand name's amber about this. MM where does the name Saint Bernard is itself comes from. Well I asked them competitive. Is as a boot this thing from our clerical. Error. You have. One of the most important people end. There assist or send an order and do. And his name serve came to this fire another Trappist monastery. Who actually pounded. Urge you factory apps that location of the brewery. In 190 or. There have been all three became. Brewery we were actually cheese factory. Try and achieve factory or scroll thing that a lot of this so that's how outcomes that are Beers now colts assembly voted this. And and Saint Bernard Carey. I'm sorry state Saint Bernard is now has if you use in the original east you use a different water source bend and saint six there's some legislature and actually switched to use that small east. How important I I know offered stories about your water dating to the times of Joan of Arc how how important is the watering your beer. The war that we use up to brewing. Motor very important also. Actually oh republic from a depth of 450 feet from. Six different well. And in that go into. And do this bucket of water that streak in years to rule appears. Also are important because the first specific order. It's a little bit sultry. And it gives local station there tour appears. And and you can't use now as part of the agreement that the think six this has gone best laid premieres have gone with the Trappist designation. I and I know you can't use that and part of the agreement what you can use among on the packaging of the beard. So the guy that is on the package what what do you call the guy that's on the packaging. Turnover column just. There're there are medical. Usually you serve it concurrent from the middle agers and their. Let's say you pick out some people up among a certain. Never got a month. It is is it true that one out of every 1000 labels are so he is winking on the package. That's got through something a bit like awhile ago. Who both got to know over Calgary. Is that there are expanding and never grow. All the time and our marketing budget that there basically zero. Don't have a lot of money to the local Beers because everything really all the money that remain. Goes back and do the brewery. And it wasn't really necessary through make publicity barbaric. Are growing anyway and it couldn't hold up close production so. And I didn't want to do something special and makes some publicity around. I'm around our. Them. Around the power herb. Packaging show that's what you did but news. It. I great mirror and I'm promotes itself doesn't mean you know eight. Did your success is based on the fact that people know your beer mug of beer and then word of mouth they say is the best advertising of all cells. But but it but they're also you know I'm I'm sure all the marketing manager Maria and it's kind of nice there are drops pumping through May publicity ripped. And then I had Shiite Jim you know what I'm gonna and don't know let's stood among boring got your rear one well Bob. I told the counselor you've got to bulk. The counselor right the periodical or go to them and got ready to compete. I didn't try to go oh yeah mark what about all OK okay let's go below. I want to ask your question I'm about about has a mutton I want to just let people know about cousin Monte canned. You know a couple of well I call them up and actually owe a brewery. That's situated inside the bowl bet thrown to the deal I first. It's your diapers. And the middle they do upload. Like a fortune for it all around it and angles all there sir. Rebuilt the brewery and hardcore don't go bomb shelters. Sort. And and measure called called them up and I'm Durham. That's a really really nice small brewery. That's make. Road buried. Special. Pierce. That are very difficult to put into a category. That's that the main. The main idea demeanor at duke aren't appears heard that we don't want them to beat. And whom you really categorize. That's something up your Riviera crowd ourselves. Well that that's the truth is one problem I have when I'm trying to sell them at the bar is people so what does it. And I'm trying to explain. Hope it won't make light truck people who helped beer a little bit more difficult. Biden and try to make more money. They play doesn't get it there but really you're really there really aren't pierce but freer for example in my we talk about why Gerstein. I'd like to think that I have something to uphold the meadowbrook dream our triple a long underwear it. Which reflect kind of awkward dirt drivers here like that. They're sure to try all sort and so the triangle. Called the Bermuda Triangle. The more you drink the border deadlock. When somebody takes the bears that event does not talking for the guys the business they're different they're fantastic but then the same kind of storms. So we have a bureau on. They also. The number. We do we have have twelve in front of us. And more and start to get tight on time so please tell us about twelve told Marco is one of my absolute favorite peers and I'm excited to have it on the air with you today so tell us about a twelve. Yup I'll prove one of the original recipe that we got from the tropics. Hmong. It. Actually called up too well because because of the fact that. We also have a pop or six on the prior page so published. Europe and apps screen while there fire and other sort you're drinking a beer and in Russia could be called up twelve. And then that there are a dark beer rip. Quote. Oh upper body. It's hard balance. It's more multi them all beat up adults have a little bit folks stream live in the finished. And it's just continue to be developed Beers and 20 which are really happy for. That's all 52% or so McCurry so result a lot of this beer. And there were hurt prouder he's. Open look awful already. We had coherent work for most of the way through already. Think it has some great raising need chair he dark fruit kind of flavor to it has a little bit of losing this at 10%. Really really drinkable beer and and and again one of my absolute favored Beers or enjoying at a twelve from Saint Bernard is Marco passed a relic from Marie Saint Bernard is joining us this morning from Belgium mark we want to thank you very much for being on the show this morning you don't through the trouble of calling us. Well among my certainly love the beards are having fun. I'm and I don't appear to mimic certain third. But it's the best start to a great week and I got. Yeah did have a great weekend Margo we dug again. Love my. So I think I think you know like Marco passed a row from Marie Saint Bernard is. I'm they WL OJ Friday beer buzz powered by seventy ease visa and seventeen he's gonna shop and bar and exit of one of the area's greatest selection there were aircraft and imported Beers crawlers and Crowley of the hand pumping 36 rotating graphs. As seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue in Exeter this is a Friday beer buzz. Bringing it is good people together.