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WILK Coffee Talk 8/14/17

Mon, 14 Aug 2017|

Mary from Electric City Roasting Company drops by to tell us about their brand new 'Cold Label' NITRO TEA!



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  2. Nye county3:12
  3. paper cups4:07
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  7. beautiful woman5:33
  8. green tea5:44
  9. fair trade1:56
  10. hold value2:13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Overall make the magic cabin in the studio next or that's the coffee music that's I mean I mean merry you know we bring electricity roasting company Con-way here. Rumors flew in the WSK cap Victorian and every once a while we have a visit from with Mary from electricity roasting and she's here this morning primary I guess has been allowed a lot of I'm new I'm great thanks my. Yeah what's going on Mary's life besides from the UN TV attack on my I just had nothing like having indeed take to break down your play closely here a week ago I got a text from you tonight before they had been stung by a beyond the phase Alia painful on your IA had just dynamite and valuable and Lance and they aren't sold for two days week add another. And antibiotics. All he had nothing like could be just like wiping out bad enough to get this thing from Bieber on your face yeah mobile has pretty tough. Now and I'm glad you're feeling better luck to coffeehouse there hardly any telltale sign is left there you look fine day you know those are arrogant yet there's not traffic getting here today. So what's been happening in no electricity grossing up. Fun times writes this is great tinier trusts. We have a whole bunch of on being shipped in there through customs another so they're just not ready to get rested and will be it's kind of fired away with them right now so poised pretty cool absolutely a someone copied that we have today is a new launching program number starting in its one in producer woman coffee producers only brilliant this is a beautiful coffee this program. It was brought to my attention I thought wow what a great opportunity for us to work with so women and all different origin all different countries their roles are significantly different weather. It's a month America or if it's an eye on Kenya no or if it's in Sumatra and so we have an opportunity to work with someone in producing. Coffee producers and all these countries and so we're starting a new line of product and it'll be your fair trade organic women producers want. I'll line of constant yelling. He's a first causes Mexico solidarity as they weren't worth the origin Genesis stunning is an assumption obviously is a beautiful region and so that you were really excited about the so we're really excited to salute the all the hard work that these women play them in the hold value chain of coffee so to be rolling out two in the week days and weeks ahead here on absolutely so this and I'm also customers have access to this right now and and our cafes and then some of the colleges and universities but deemed retail stuff that it will be available leg men's I think in about does two or three weeks old Sonia you sort of stubbornly high low weight yeah. Hill is the big and exciting news and I saw this on your FaceBook page of the day I'm like wow IR AME ready otherwise we decided then you know it's odd thing is sometimes we get really nervous about kind of branching out of something not necessarily. In the coffee line Seattle we just couldn't resist we had an opportunity to work with some folks. And develop the same type of role we had without coffee with some tea and so. You know we have nitro group called Bruno RA SU so are called label line which is all of our cold products we inner pretty introducing and they true T. That's that's an amazing idea I mean let's say I love TL a cold tea and a hot team and penalty and and this is not just T and Candice is. Nitro it's Nye county and these tees are organic and there's no sugar. And and that's the other do you reply yeah because if I was someplace or restaurant or whatever you'd get about beverage and if you and have a nice T I always order without sugar because I think that the pure purest day. Obsolete so we have three different ones that we thought we just kind of tasted and cupped in tasted in an end and captain and the kind of decided that. Fees for the three if we're gonna offer any three of these should be at and so this is a viscous Barry which is wonderful we also have a another one which is the global NATO the puck well. That's why I bought my blog Monday Phil black I think yeah. Hit it and and a symbol of a mango black yes and then tropical green but around so these are guys who I got another yeah Delaware attorney generals in just he's going to come. And again the beauty thing of this is this is it's nitrogen needed help absolutely announcing that regular progeny did you lie and so and now we re artists studio here's a were confined to paper cups overnight maybe you'll actually see the beautiful cascading nitrogen. In the T itself. And and the cool thing about nitrogen is. You know unlike carbonated beverages it doesn't bubble of the bubbles sort of lawlessness insists and sauces and morality I have fallen gently to the popular hotels that was not the only thing. It's good dad out and Carlo so sweet swing the camera around here so I'll thank you may have seen it. Area that was what does this. This while it has holes raise enough grain while I think this is gonna this is the hibiscus Barry and this this is an amazing Tijuana. I'll decade almighty god that's delicious bread unbelievable display thing you know hot day and you get some of this home and I know right so I'm headed in aluminum and put the microphone. Are always so we can hear the nitrogen happen I absolutely and that's why I hope yeah. It was like someone just tell and then they're back. Okay and then you have occasion they're drinking on a Monday it's in its nitro ET that we're enjoying it and the glaucoma and eye out on your FaceBook page electricity roasting company paid and and there's a very attractive picture of the three different Kansas and we're proud to present bankruptcy is this episode I gravity your body will thank you how. I don't change Germany and other grade and then do you yeah thank you hearing there again. And so we kind of just decided we would take all the principles that we have with coffee in a place to cheek as best we could we trust this experts in this in this delicious this. It's just like a beautiful woman. This is the glove off. Named Oden but this is a glass of this complex as it did three different T Israel acted. My more like an herbal tea to Medina green tea you know into the black TDs are home runs this is unbelievable Alyeska isn't so far as this on Michelle theater can you get these theater you can get some on our study. On our website and you can pick them up at the that the roasting company for right now is he roasting dot com yes and the they'll be in wegmans at the end of next week who are still stable I mean you know obviously you want to serve them embrace it and children by brain keeps them in your pantry here. Yeah and Alison you know from it. Col label line electricity good col label a micro T electricity okay. They're great thank you thank you Greg and me and it really excited about now that they're excellent they really are good I only had two of my guess. Can you adjust well. Respect yourself. All right I have written a check out the video to be an era FaceBook page global later on this morning M website as well. A nitro T for electricity grossing go to the website WWW electricity roasting dot com for more information when are you get yours if you don't wanna wait till wegmans gets some on the shelves Mary always a pleasure. Thanks guys. Dominant format as before.