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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 8/11/17

Fri, 11 Aug 2017|

We're ba-a-ack...with Freefall Grisette from Pizza Boy Brewing on the WILK Friday Beer Buzz!



  1. John McCain0:11
  2. United States7:32
  3. Constellation Brands5:24, 5:27
  4. grand cru8:12, 8:23
  5. craft brewers12:04
  6. craft brew4:40
  7. brewing company4:24, 6:18, 6:51
  8. Anheuser-Busch6:20
  9. Chapter Eleven6:53
  10. Valentine's Day8:41

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back now rely second act and I don't. Realize there's me and my nervous. You're make us nervous you know. Pictured John McCain here. 125 minutes before 9 o'clock the morning news and western Nancy NW OK. Now tweet tweet the two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award promoting. And advancing the crowd tonight from culture of northeast Pennsylvania it's another edition of. It's spreading your houses are nice seventeen he's speeds than seventeen these bottles shop. And learning center one theory is greatest selections are for aircraft importing Beers rally seemed palace to hand pump. These things are getting drafted seventies pizza. And seventeen he's gonna shock them are landing avenue and exit now. A seventy in the studio island no good morning time no see I don't. All right I just you being here as it is yeah I know from my beer but I can't have a Friday I build and and I've missed you too we like mr. Castro yeah I'm still figuring out how to put shoes on I'm worn shoes like all you are doing the race thing or did he I'm pretty much discard my shoes is Susie park the car I have Lincecum back up until we get organized so we had tough to get into that no frame of mind again overworked and ensure that this isn't work great. This is not does Friday you know what strenuously this Lucy Lucy time here maybe it's Friday just a bunch friends get together have to be that so don't worry about I think 8:30 in the morning. We worst could be 730 so we are gonna do appear today in our beer comes from the marine that is going to do the event that Sabatini is next Wednesday and mark your calendar that's what the six. Sixteen gal August. As stabs and tells about the event well. Fantastic very moment we daily put together a really great list four or for the event. Plug in west wing what mir's only they don't this is the first time that we've posted a flyer with L and here's a our man in reason being seen it fifteen Beers out of pizza boy yeah for an event yeah. And enough time to print flyers possible listen because they have him he makes so many Beers on there and there always rotating. Yeah and he has high demand he sells a lot of beer down there and and and you know it's just hard to have any extra troops to send out I think it adds an element to this though this is models are priced thing so many of the bears are so fresh that three weeks ago they might not about a name yet so fresh we had a slap bit. I miss and I mean we got nears. Well today again Miriam Berrian on Monday that for the event so I'm going to be brilliant times some of the favors you or ask them for release only setup will be there yeah that's very good legendary with OJ it was is a new I'm a new IP is they put out that we will have been some variants of that Coldplay bronco. Yeah. I don't I don't want to. While well I we know what I actually excellent beer is always got to Pete's voice oh yeah and and get down there early OK if you get down their five ish 530 ish you can get a table pizza place you can go a little bit more crowded after that the first how many Beers go on seven or eight go on at the pizza place probably a B 88 Beers load the page to show. And we have to to Perkins were pouring. Yeah thumb so little good credentials of a sudden and then the red around 9 o'clock nine who will shift over the bar. And a nine dirty looks up another southerner and though. Ultimately be your center screen just period. So I'll always a fun time men and I suspect we may see some people from pizza boy at the event there always. A willing to come up and there are always some risk refund hang out with piano here we don't know what the New Yorkers I don't wanna use the word entourage yeah. Can't pull hook. Oscar talk. I'm pretty happy there's a billion. I'll play around them straight or they're all going to be there and so who we missed a lot of beer news since the last time we are on the air and there has been a lot of interest in your news in like the last few weeks a so let's run some often down because it's been a buyout kind of at all. A few weeks my mom saw I don't know if you come so short brewing company in Intel or Michigan. They got into a partnership now they're saying it's 20%. With lag we need to say it sounds like all aircraft aircraft well lag is Z is Heineken. So we. So shorts is now sort of gone out of the craft brew ranks. The big one happened while I was on vacation anchor brewing purchased spice of aural hell really can't anchor a long time it has to be one of the first Ali. Because they are they pretty much says the godfather yeah I mean they were the pot absolute pioneers of this thing come so they are now. Owned by some borrow one it'll allow women to more global markets which is good for anchor well those who say what you will about so poorly they make one hell with strong candles. If this isn't like it's like a hammer president and what this is solid steel can there is great yes so so maybe it then yeah some maybe you'll see anchor steel cans I don't know. I would probably had a naming opportunity there. So that was big and then yesterday in all lit on fire a Constellation Brands which people may not know Constellation Brands that they would they would know corona. Now krona bought funky Buddha. Now we're not terribly familiar with funky Buddha I am because I see it on on the website all the time gets you there Beers. They're not in our market but their big Florida brewery they've been ripe for the picking for a long long time now. Thumb and and maybe their Beers will find their way appear we see him occasionally down in North Carolina. Men you know may be broader distribution because of constellation in corona well you know Woolsey. And then the one who I think is the most exciting. And that's actually the most good news for craft beer. Isn't this is this a tangled web play now there's a good news out of him of a purchase it is yeah okay so new Belgian brewing now. Is teaming up with food beer sold. It's a young Belgian furry dogs and lamb McCurry and Dick Cantwell. Take Cantwell is known as the founder of releasing him brewing company went Anheuser-Busch bought a leasing in music. Wrote a nice note and departed and when his own way. He is the boyfriend. Of Kim Jordan who is the CEO. Of new Pelz until a margin figures I noticed on your. There's a bonus and I can't well when steel magnolia came into the little hairy like a soap opera. So this relationship and our rights a relationship there and so they live together in San Francisco yeah. And so there's a Marines into Cisco called magnolia brewing company that it wasn't filing Chapter Eleven going bankrupt so they can well Kim Jordan pendant new Belgian. And oh bares all got together and purchased magnolia brewing. I don't. Concrete here and only guy again this week but the good thing here and I think that they they are just sort of scratching the surface of is they're going to be the first true slam big. Beer brewery. In America don't want no food herself let me guess like champagne it has to be produced in the region yeah indulgent yet so they're going to send containers of it to magnolia magnolia is going to blend it. Here in the states and then solace so that'll be true man makes in the United States first for re doing it now losers so on and bush have figured out loudly. Connected with new bells and then birdied then partners on some collaborations and translate creek it doesn't very beer that they released. And they're sending to this position and then me. The merger is going to be easily and try to bring operations yes OK okay don't bring Dick can't well back into the picture he's sort of it's sparked after the sighed and gave a police in just doing his thing he's known for pumpkin Beers. I don't actually waiting to see if there's a pumpkin lamb make an error while I don't mind minding mark my words note todays date. I'm we have one last little tidbit trophy is doing something called mad elf grand cru. Not bad L match up is good enough on its own yeah I just saw every twenty years and who they're they're 1996 are celebrating Tony here's our governor or not they're doing this mad off grand cru and it is brewed with ballots and she Ares and wildflower honey stayed about the same may be easy but it's sort of the what they're calling the director's cut and I'm doing the quote sorry yeah. I am at our bench area religion from the Balata area. The south and the thing. So the new Valentine's Day. Very so we so we have a beer it comes from pizza boy and and it's just it's a name that it's relatively knowing they actually put his name on another beer and they're putting the song on the same name on this appear on mrs. freefall. And this is actually freefall gray is set to be more specific I know nice I agree is that I don't think you only got as you have something they came up with I I didn't recognize that this is the kind. Yeah here like any other kind it is is it's a category that's a beer Stein and you know it's something that's it's kind of funny Terry hub baker drew master when he was down a black rock he was brewing these sort of Belgian single lead things they were like eight easy drinking farmhouse ish style Beers and they were very session bowl very drinkable. Com at this time I think he was gone singles I don't know if he was congress that. But ignore is that is along that same similar style yeah so so this bad boy is gonna kick your butt at 2.5. Percent and you pay well and that's the other thing when I when I saw when you send us is the information and I saw 2.5 without their mother must have been a typo they are you thought I was twelve. Actually a low key after he didn't know if you leave and nobody really seemed to yes yeah below point five yeah I grandma's orange juice is only slightly less yeah. The makings of a farm write essays on a farmhouse ale is pretty much is about drinking something wet not getting hammered. I gotta go back on the field and pick whatever your pick and Diana and I got to get the region right here it's. I knew to region of Belgian and it was Bruce for miners were Cezanne was approved for seasonal workers and farmers OK so this is for miners and their data as is proved to be potable water and there's not a lot of history on this appear likely the brewers that are brewing SR sort of make an up as they go along there's not a lot of written record of what exactly is agree is that so just like a rough definition I wondered if you can make it wouldn't only power. Point Florida. Until after the bar we explain to people is basically a baby Cezanne or recession. I mean it makes sense is that they intend to scared to similar it is yeah so my Suzanne this is a little when smoother easier drinking says I was never I was not familiar with the and earned recessed other and they're known for using multi week. And rather than a lot of the traditional Beers were using non mall to weed at that time on their they're known for for being lower ADV. They're there and known for being hopped but not in the traditional American poppy you know since we say hoppy people who make him crazy idea you bears friends I'm poppy in the tradition of better quality Hopson. There's some of them trying to see and taste yeah. All of that very well that's kind of balance in there you're now the dominant musician who are also pouring in imperial present. And material present on all present. And there's a name that will be an imperial really old cemetery on 01. They are going to be out as well but is going to be basically the same profile bunker and each has a ways and only ten or 11% alcohol. Under the rear and screwed up. Cereal comes in and so from a flavor profile it has the sort of peppery stuff that a safe song would have come it has sort of a pair flavor to it almost a site eerie Perry want to like flavor to it as a good car and there's a citrus knows too and I think that that is prominent. I think they're very drinkable I think it's a really nice session will be here. And and it's one I think people will like even if they don't understand style it's it's good. So American brewers are really defining the style that's really American craft brewers that are bringing the style back yeah. And they have no real historical reference to other presents we're seeing now. Coming out of pizza boy never were else are really blazing a new trail. This is something that's been out there there are now only just now emerging as is good news style that people are getting out there yet and and then there's some good discussion Chris isn't is French for grave and they don't know if it's broke reference of the color and the colors are really gray I mean I guess you could find a little gray if you really wanted to or is it the color of the miners the stone Diana. All coal miners may be or is it as some say it's the color there's gray dresses of the bar maids they deserve these presents. You know you you can make up your own story but so a free call Chris at a couple of firsts for seventeen these this coming Wednesday 216 because not only some pizza boys the first go around there an independent event. But also the flyer is now listing the Beers well true I so we know for sure really hasn't freefall losing resents her for fans aerial any or your anger is out. The sanitary Eminem what it is yet sanitarium is imperialists that we have a imperial self blue sunny setup not a bunch of other an entourage she can never go wrong with pizza I. Wednesday the Friday the Airbus powered by a Sabatini speech since seventeen he's bottle shop and bar. In eggs that are one of the area's greatest collections of rare crafted imported Beers. Rallies and Crowley is at hand pump and 36 rotating cast. As seventeen he's pizza in seventeen he's bottle shop and bar planning avenue eggs better. Freddie they're bringing engineers and good people together. Yeah. Oh.