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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 7/21/17

Fri, 21 Jul 2017|

Mexican Honey Imperial Lager from Indeed Brewing this week on 'El Buzz'!



  1. brewers association5:15, 5:31, 5:37
  2. back to school3:41
  3. Russian imperial stout2:25
  4. Minneapolis Minnesota8:42
  5. Labor Day3:07, 3:09
  6. West Coast4:23
  7. brewing company8:41, 9:20
  8. European Union13:40
  9. craft Beers5:20
  10. Citi Field4:05

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's faithful of lifetime has recorded videos are learning. We're going to have 2050 if you wanna put it there. These are your own view will. Party and drink up a lot of beer. Time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters were the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcast association award. Promoting and advancing the crap in my program. And maybe give it to him and I only can. In advancing that I that. It's another edition of. And burning nearby is paradise Sabatini speeds and seventeen is bottles nothing and barn being considered one of the area. It is selections every aircraft fuel imported Beers ground listing calories I am pop. It AM 36 urging grass at seventy speeds up in the seventies bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue and instantly and. Sabatini in the studio morning Leo and DeMarre you came in you specially selected your chair and then he didn't hit you at the moment the broken arm on a broken everything is did. Yeah that's the nice thing about that is that hydraulic lift billion ran out of fuel lake along time ago he feels this very calm you practically unknown story. I just know my beer buzz that I'm happy Friday he's right it kind of a low rider chair is really knows it is broken arm here. Are probably oh. You could go there and they're broadcast quality I was the guy that's how they get ordered they come out of a catalog from broadcast studio use lifetime warranty may break in the. First three months and you got the liberal fastest just one of the better ones you expect each. So we should explain to Nancy and John had a request last week that we start to do the coal mine yeah but in different languages are. So today's so my you know it would make sense with a beer but today's own mind was in Spanish yes that was her I'm sure no one out there I'm sure that Spanish listeners are all going hey. I don't know elementary Spanish one I I know I managed just. We're not a mind Spanish is only me I am I don't know I have had so we have some news. Breaking today this just came around in his before I came up in the studio this just out to different pieces to new Beers one is called syrup Kucera Mira. Syracuse a new era yeah SI RA CUA essay and he Ari got a dog fish and beer it was a brew pub exclusive made once in 2016. It's coming to bottles. It is a Russian imperial stout with sir rock great must. Oh in know must as big big group what is going and stuff left over didn't. Didn't know they have a bit of a big guys 61 veolia uses gray must but it poppy kind of beer this is Russian imperial myself so this is sort of a coffee con are rich imperial stout 0% ADV coming to twelve ounce bottles serious just blast that out on my beer buzz stock on this morning exactly everywhere you go visit my beer buzz I've come a little short and you're my you're breaking breaking and it's at the top of the top of the post right now. I'm right underneath and also breaking this morning stone is coming out with their next enjoyed by they've been doing holidays if you've been following along so. The next I thought they're gonna go for Labor Day and I wouldn't be surprised to see a Labor Day one that they announced today that they would be. For Halloween 103117. It's the regular IPA it's coming in 22 ounce bottles and twelve ounce bottles you know let's think about Halloween now. I haven't really had an eye on this but in years past by July we've seen pumpkin Beers are they out yet. The leaders in there all. Yeah lining America wants me the first one Campbell a lot of the distributors wholesalers have a waiting good typically at all you've seen him in July we've remark about I don't know my dad Joseph I don't and it bears they're. And there are bound them we have back to school now up. I donors and rumors first one's going to be lining Kugel Salina Inco wills has started to be released and a lot of them are already so the first pumpkin will be. The line needs your and that's the race for 1 October you're the 1 October fest peer to come out you know we'll see who got us. I'm we have two new breweries to talk about make Keller is opening up a New York City brewery at the mets' Citi Field are really so there's going to be an actual area. Prejudging her gonna have an actual marine. On the they had they've they have little thing going on San Diego now as well so he's certain to put roots in the states army's always had done. Ms. Mears imported and impacted by two pro for Spain Belgium but now he's going to be brewing on the West Coast and the east those ideas pretty cool and other new ones is Brooklyn. And their opening a sister Vereen and this one's gonna be horrific from Reynolds I'll warn you in advance. In client paid a Lithuanian. I pay death claims paid yeah I pale. Hi ED I really fear hey you look I paid us the story. Carried out by the alias I ask your doctor flight data is right for you there's got to be something going on because there are there other they just have a sister Marie a couple of years back in Sweden. And yet I wonder why you why boo yeah I little weenie I like I had a broader picture of I had they don't say in their story they just. That's a new sister Marie there's going to be a market you know I'm. Hey you know certain there's a reason I just can't measure what it is they're making money on the job. And the other interesting news piece it's come out and this is that we we talked about the independent Kraft sealed it just came out from the brewers association for the you can identify Beers that are independently brewed craft craft Beers and come home not the double quotes here instead of secretly owned by the big guys. Not necessarily because of that but flying dog has decided to. After 26 years leave the brewers association. Why how they're doing it over and it's not a story we heavily covered the brewers association. Recently did what they're calling a decency standards. For Beers. So the Beers then object if I women men have sort of Porter lying. Slang any kind of things that they're saying that they will not. Promote and advance those Beers there any longer so because of that flying dog is a huge proponent of free speech and they said OK 26 years were out. Now they're gone back and forth with the director of the brewers association he's saying you missed the point. They're saying and their doesn't need to be appoint your your banning free speech and then they've been you know for their their one beard that it's classic beer they've been in battles and many many different states to get the name legalized. Armed so I think you know they fought that fight I can see where they would say after 26 years. But by sober associated. Along with the good we talked about that Kraft thing beyond emblem brass irritated seal yeah the end of the bruises she's gonna have the weenie seal. Yeah. We've you've got to you've got all these Beers that come out and there are a little bit of a play on were as an end and and some of them really. Are very subtle and so I'm really caught. But somebody's doing that and it's working for somebody that you're gonna say no mechanism in place said okay is the names and then like the labels and so forth via. Oh that's a very currency interest and the the federal yeah. Hold up is hard so we get through them yeah it's red day people complain about is it very often very much so it is but they. Aren't looking for that sort of thing so if you have. And I'm the blonde style beer seems to be the one that is the go too far the object to find women. I they they don't really care about that they care about whether the ingredients are accurate they care about whether it is so federal regularly ask you mean okay. If you enter our good drugs and there's a very young penicillin beer yeah and they try to use that was not a candy Canton Illinois any type of brazen drug discount it but they do allow some social and innuendoes to slip through their guy and they don't I mean I Richard Cranium from there the former the yes. And burned on half. I have anyway so Richard Cranium Cranium made it through. The Texas Burr association. Just passed up a label that is cluster. And you fill in the last word I PH and it passed and it's spelled out in full really yeah. How does Israel really had it got through it guy true that's an increasing so maybe maybe that's a Swedish were referred. Something nice yeah and and first I have. I had to put to play a lot closer your hot. But cluster headache a recurrent and you know I don't know how happy western targets now. I was so pushy unless like yeah. About enhance our furry today will will introduce making a speech right now. Our Burry today. The the it's indeed brewing company from Minneapolis Minnesota. And and it's a brew we've not featured on the show it's a breather it's been sending me gears for a little while may have some really interesting stuff. They had a beer that flunked the TTB approval now they had it out and it was working for a little while yeah and it was. Lavender sunflower dates and honey and they called that LSD ITT be shut them down because it was. I do a drug preference. No idea that. Yeah so founded in 2012. In their founded biracial Anderson Nathan burned and Tom wise and around. Indeed brewing company relatively big distributed at three still got three different states. 6400. Barrels per year capacity they deuce and some cans mostly twelve ounce and sixteen ounce cans. They're celebrating they started in August of 2012 so there are about to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Not widely known. But in their market they are very widely known in fact they they're having trouble keeping up with the three states that they have. We're doing a beer today now. I like highlighting. In a new and upcoming exciting styles. This is not a spy held above here. That I go after it's done a style I chased down but it is a very popular style. Because I don't like it doesn't mean anything I tell people out all the times I don't like it don't pay intentionally bumped we saw that we've we've seen many of these these crazies come we saw session 98 straight session IPA's went nuts yes three years ago or four years ago. And then we saw a shrewd and I PA's we saw the grapefruit I PA and tangerine IPA's and blood orange IPA's. Back craze has has is still going and we still know riding high. I'm and we seem we did what we breaker brewing almost a year ago and and NET style IPE hour. New England style high PA brave or north east style IP and and there are characterized by sort of hazy appearance and very fruit forward hops so we've seen those styles and and I'm always watching trends. This is a trend this is and upcoming style. And we're seeing a lot of it and the stylist and Mexican blogger Mexican longer gap. So we're doing honey. Mexican imperial law is a mix or indeed Mexican and now what will we see a Mexican longer gap with Mexican. To suspend other European longer it is yeah. Are they really have the brewing here really brewing influences in Mexico never worry. Immigrants from Germany and they did a style called the Vienna logger and it's sort of a spin on the Vienna logger. He uses it it uses piano malts that's sort of where the name comes from. But he uses corn flakes then not not the cereal so somebody uses flakes corn. Tom and that's the that's the sort of don't believe it or not the corn balances out the sweetness so it has a drier finishing and it doesn't have that super sweet finish that it would normally have I so that dissembling is here the last couple minutes do you would wouldn't we talked about it I fear the AB beyond this is deceptive as the other is ten years commodities he would never guessed right. It's an imperial logger so this is 8% ADV seventeen I'd be you so it leans in the suite area since its seventeen to very low battering you know didn't and number. So leans into the sweet. This one of course at the on the imperial we know means that they've doubled the amount of Malta and which doubles the amount of sugar which doubles in the alcohol typically. I'm and so this one is a little bit stronger and and there are a lot of these. Oscar blues makes one's color. A lot of the other. Embryo garrido but a lot of the other Massa meanwhile there's the door and other ingredients I mean the fine does the un numero uno you know you get a job they. I because of the volume line there straight it's only him. A version of the bullet wound below butter. Had a lot of them have this type of other ingredients try to bring LE a Mexican player yes where is our Mexican water doesn't necessarily mean that mean Doritos or their example is just so nice queen via analog your hair easy drinking crisp good for the beach but. This is. I like this so the first I ask questioning it panned out nonsense stumbling grown. Did I drink almighty easy drinking their summer beer Tony First Amendment makes one el sol Lee. There there are couple author that you can find Scott Mason called Mexican blogger LO GG ER I'm. This one is also interesting colossal tidbit here. This one uses bud bar east I say that as is that's not the root of where Budweiser cans from bud bud car is he in the marine makes the other Budweiser and they've been back and forth in court over but this uses bud car east tells her mauled and Amarillo hops bud bar love bug hurry east. Yeah out of our east she's Latin I just ask I don't I mean you can get buying stuff on the EC did tell a lot of the European Union so more easy it's indeed growing Mexican honey imperial longer enjoying it this morning. It is the Friday beard has powered by seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar pigs that are the area's greatest selections over aircraft. In imported Beers ground wears in travelers at hand pumped in 36 retained contrasts and seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar. Wyoming avenue in exes have fretted about bringing good cheers and good people together. It's.