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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 8/12/16

Tue, 18 Jul 2017|

Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com is on vacation. Here is a WILK Friday Beer Buzz that originally aired 8/12/16!



  1. Mike Grier4:47
  2. United Kingdom7:20
  3. alcohol beer12:58
  4. Dick Bennett10:44
  5. brewing company5:51, 3:12, 3:35
  6. New Hampshire7:21
  7. imported Beers0:54, 14:22
  8. Rose Garden8:13
  9. Southampton5:36, 5:40

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah I mean we're already recording heavily but examine it to be sure. If it's read that means recording yeah yes yes it is open style and technical. That's Helio Helio. And. And music that's where your goals are there or lucky. Go yeah I don't think about it more likely to let somebody kept it. Oh please oh season right now. We Associated Press broadcast and so did you work promoting and advancing the Kraft did my broker Gunter in northeast Pennsylvania yes it's another edition out in the I had. Meanwhile can try to bear buy this car by seventies pizza and exert when there is greatest selection every aircraft imported Beers. Crowds and crowds and a hand pump the mom and 35 rotating dressed up seventeen seasons Sabatini is far and bottle shop Lemmon avenue in exit. Our own power producers sitting in here and here by this point how welcome well I don't miss. You know Sabatini is here in the though a bit of national fame because we're Sabatini Obama's job embark. Has been named one of those the fifty top a beer stores in America. Number one these store in Pennsylvania by men's journal magnet I mark and I can actually thank you look pretty this morning. Oh yeah. We looked up the definition of window and Mike's ten foreign languages here and will we find out that means clean and pretty and handsome and in Mexican in the Mexican language that him language truth here. That means something entirely easily even more so in Italian mr. clean. Yep if mr. is the maestro wind amass Harland. Tore off the track your congratulations on the men's journal and that's outstanding he's fantastic surprise and so did they come and knock on your door or what happened to the folks from men's journal magazines and listen we're doing a study or survey or what happened. And since my one series tenure vacation yeah I and a Cleveland Newark and San Diego and my cousin calls made this is a and men's journal was called me up from one pictures for some article or parent or some lessons can turn them exercise while. I had a couple days later I trillion text messages from people that we're sending me move article that was written so those. Well no I I don't I don't have to tell you obviously how huge that is that is the number one in the states no let me get away Philadelphia need to move over Pittsburgh since it's amazing that somehow well you some Israeli our name and they realize we have here has a test. Congratulations that's that's outstanding excellent news. No firm idea that god is back after public notice we could rest and relaxation and happy Friday happy fretted you don't I'm still remembering how to big shoes thing work. You know we've been on the beach early actually I've gone on how that works out on the following along our FaceBook you'll figure over the next time we did have a nice time we came home with fear which is an odd thing to do but and somehow that happened there. Not not for lack of trying to drive were well supplied we did yet but it's nice to be back and it's nice to get back in the rhythm of things here in depth kidnapping of 5 in the morning. That's good test. So we have a guest joining us he's coming on from Stratford Connecticut from two roads brewing company. Today we have so Murkowski welcome news Freddy de LL. You bet. So well I am for you I eat I go back to south hand amber that's horror stories came across Phil Murkowski in two roads marine company started in 2012. With four friends tell us. Tell us about the four friends and how you got started with two roads brewing company. We it's yeah they're they're. Screwed up and it is quite a while but I. I actually ordered 1980 dollars and Whitney way and if Connecticut. And I want that it felt that that are out there are sixty and bad. Oh. And 2012. Well we are working at duke it out as they're working at the I'm Lonny and credit at all our order. Plus there's the marketing NRC GO respectively. Trying to have as we. Baghdad he ate it. Q any fear is that what it. Is that they'll solve. And then you know there are marketing it who put larger very. That myself but getting an out route but I aim my entire career so Gary it hurt like that in. Mike Grier who are melodic and then the industry at the end of the ghetto this year. And I had at first deputy. City business and or what what you wrote. They know in the united. You know we we can and target another birdie here is that then we'd go our separate ways to look at that Archie. Certain and 2000 general purpose today you know let. But there is great you'll want to also. Wrote. Again it. The idea that they can't go back. You know forty years. Did you ever you actually have a local connection to us right down the road guy again back in the day from Southampton. How were right down the road from lion brewery and I know some of the Southampton stuff used to come out of line amber re so. I actually met you at one of the lion events not not all that long ago pound but. So so with too broad tell us tell us where the name to roads brewing company comes from because it's kind of unique name and has a lot of beer naming opportunities. It's Robert brought the question could pull the thing that wind. I thought. Enjoy are what would it. Do have to accept what look terrible so that's sort of edit the nut ball. Bed and didn't say a lot but they which side do you look up Jew. This is really do think it'll ever played. But I don't crowd thing the art as I do have a boat. Jeepers back up additional and it can help your back up but I. I do feel the girls get on a dark areas so that there eight. Go play now the market. Which equivalent to that but I want to see it felt like that all but they usually eight and got your partner or do. I would tell you that way out without even having taste in your beer yet I will say that you better explanation right there and just elevated our Friday beer buzz to a new level of class. Cultures never before attain methods and that was that's a great story I don't think we've ever had a par tomorrow. Positive. So. We've had a limerick and the only battle Americans are real America or two but. So Phil I we I know you've just launched in the United Kingdom in New Hampshire and Delaware but the one where we're excited about this Pennsylvania. I hear coming in the northeast PA specifically was Chang he's in our body Nina. On and there's an event going on I'm gonna ask Linda to tell us about the event because it is a two roads event and it's coming up on August 22 it's gonna have a lot of your crazy beer. On tap some tell Linda tells about the event there are some very excited to be able to do well I'll launch for this area and we're going to have. British or sixteen Mears on drab old. Maybe seventeen both incidents can meet only sixteen years on draft. Com really enemy an exciting and good chance try all a lot of us Beers. Just to mention a few of one when he. When I really like there's a little love them out I was going to be their rover also wrote jam October fest Rosemary baby. Rose Garden. Two two dozen fifteen unorthodox 2015. Kentucky late and he's only a lot of really good while and really nice finish and then road to ruin which is one of my favorites and two roadside they're nice double wide PA and you get it you get an idea here of what the name mean it's like Gary after the naming opportunities with two roads is I I think fabulous. So Phil we have two in front of us here. I think we're gonna start with will happen. On it secession I PA but first tell us about the name we're little heaven comes from. A bit tight story great read all Burton day factory building a debt they had a bit at all. About Ted yeah accurate well I don't want to vote no or your local sober. And Asia and nearly eight we opened it worried me all I heard you worked that back. Actually edit and they'd say it doesn't. Go well have it bad. Records are. What did you get out of both showed utility. But after that there's just there's. No doubt that they're not based. I trade as we show but he. That's based sort of plays workers reported big Jew. AM but no more danger you know our our guys. Yeah okay. Well let down you know we we get to restore or are we got beat out here. So mom and at that school that is the yeah yeah yeah it. Anderson it's a session IPA it's four point 8% AVG and I have written down here and you tell me if I'm wrong Phil. As doc got calypso mosaic and equinox tops. Article right here op didn't it happen and are you know what you. There are operatic that's not just let the clerk or. Development at the time and incorporate that each candidate in the bigger. Well but they detonated. Addictive and America are not all there cult they'd be given number. That whole world. It PG ABC. Dick Bennett put out. Nutty and that was also a bit when the and we can quietly went that it would create because. But I geek when our dark of the general assembly Hubble telescope yeah. It's like I don't like your name and a star there is this is six ten are really nice package for this beer. It is bright it is citrus C it is a really nice easy drinking beer and I love sixteen ounce cans I think you picked the perfect package for this one. Com we have one other before we get tight on time are the other bearish featuring today is is your face on it's called worker's comp. And I'm excited to sample this home with you Phil because I don't know if the guys in the room know it. Still literally wrote the book on farmhouse sales real first post tell us about the book farm out sales that you Rhode. Bet. And as I think history the they're and other blue. But not as part of they'll do it. Are you man. They are and aren't. Mitch. And I think Curtis. Our in our sport and used a quarter sale at their local village or candidate. It was all. Birdied. I think we'll probably. Engine at the way they didn't they operated boat. But I think there is really built around. Repression and bing and got all the workers. And that and charm the concept that. They're competition or hurt the working on the quantity. Market felt they could ever. No rational fear then. Picked it up no I'm liters per day per person which. There will be upper deck boat. That Bennett. But don't get a good thicker than water so there at all agents. Lot of air but it was Julie or alcohol beer you. But it appears that is a question and try a lot of Bert character quick note that the beer up that at point 8% alcohol did it. Then. Are here today it turned out all but Baghdad days. These is that they do about this B percent brain alert there's no. It's quite a bit. The other so going to be several lower alcohol Beers and but I got to say you know there's the worker's comp is delicious is very good and great name India and forty point 8% ABC really drinkable say sake get a room full of our poplar Richard to Agassi in the session you know not a session IPA generally speaking sometimes you can tell you're now talking about a session IP when you taste it up. This has got everything you want and and I PA and it's it's four point 8% of its outstanding great Beers and get down to Sabatini is on the Tony second in trial lot more than just these two film are cast in Hebrew master at two road throwing himself thank you for being on the show this morning. But they were very democratic debate well you wrote then there are they can get a taxi at the jagged up. The ability but it. Excellent thanks so thank you very much. At W out pay for any beer buzz is powered by seventeen east peace and exert an area isn't the greatest selections are rare craft an imported Beers flowers and prowler is hand pump. And 35 rotating dressed as seventeenth pizza and seventeen is barn owl shop Wyoming avenue X and Galindo congratulation the media being declared 'cause everybody mileage on them our best leaders towards opening men's journal thanks to. Congratulations. To the Friday there about three good they're good people together. I. Oh.