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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 7/22/16

Tue, 18 Jul 2017|

Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com is on vacation, here is a WILK Friday Beer Buzz that originally aired 7/22/16.



  1. John Hall6:06, 10:31
  2. Mark Warner2:16
  3. slight delay7:19
  4. flight delayed6:08
  5. Russian imperial stout5:35
  6. Bud Light3:55
  7. Barley wine3:24
  8. Anheuser-Busch8:40, 8:57, 9:26
  9. earthy flavor5:21
  10. craft brew8:48

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The winner of the Pennsylvania so. Gordon two time winner of the Pennsylvania so zebra broadcasting facilities and work. Promoting and advancing the rapid MicroHoo Coulter northeast Pennsylvania and another addition a. The Friday deer mountain crunchy bites. Sabatini is pizza and consider one of the area's greatest of selections. Where aircraft and imported Beers ground listing calories a hand pump the mob. And 35 rotating drastic seventeen these deep sense of the TVs farm bottle shop landing avenue exit heresy we've. Bougainville mine last week every little bit. We hung out totally blew that I challenge that we really good when I was seventeen use video hello Linda are genuine heat. I'll know okay. There are beverage consultant is in the studio by the way rob nice targets here he's going to be on on the earlier on rob you're enjoying the numbers today yes I am in very minute. I know from my beer buzz back on the happy Friday Friday though this is one of those beverages that you may only like it at the top of the cup about the bottom of the cup yeah I'm going to love and a lot of us that's terrific that we are even out of the bag are ready now now hard to count on the bag in a minute I'm. We have little busier and answer the Deseret news. We this is this is sort of a bikini Jim leg beer news piece all broke this morning wire walkers doing a new beer yeah it's going to be called no low monk. Melo Mans and it's along the same lines as Mary Mancha only Mir where merry monk I think is to know how. 9% 10% nine ish yeah fifth okay mellow monk is only four point 5% ABC really none out that Jim leg would want yeah. It delegates possession. National oil law it's a half. Jim think how calm and not the gym more want unless serve you know he parenthood just in case he's you know going somewhere and you know that's it's an on the beach or something Melo Mans up and they're also doing something called Sunday morning a style. Oh and this one's more of Jim's side perhaps tens Alley this is an imperial style was sore Malays styled up peppers and in some some other stuff. And that one is 11%. He has to be done now now. Iowa Sutherland and leg is so high and then low and that's not bad to his spirits and try hello Mark Warner with a taste like yeah I don't know a merry month you know I the first thing I came up with visits our body gave Chris Wilson is holding out on us we asked them what's coming new and he didn't tell him I didn't reveal in the let the cat out of that bag I know we're gonna have to into rethink. Rethink what we ask freshman. So speaking of deep into the pool yeah. Our RB here today. Comes to us from Chicago ill and going from goose island. And this is at Bergen County branched out to burn county Brandon stout now yeah this is just a couple of minutes ago he had only just now taken the first step. I got Birmingham that don't Berman and oh yeah. Herman does it there before Bergen into this there are another agent suburban barrels yup. They have a large barrel program. And and they were one of the first to do their barrel programs so up. This is aged and urban barrels for varying amounts of times they take different batches and blend it together down and they get this monster it's an imperial stout they make about what magnify versions for versions of it about five that's. You have some we can't get they'd there's one called proprietors reserve that we cannot get it's a Chicago market only beer known Tom but they do rye whiskey barrels they do Barley wine version they do a coffee. Version and varies from year a year down tower and just a minute ago we're talking about that wire marker it's like eleven something you see out. I saw that paled in comparison to tell us. Who this is just island product yes this is fourteen points to fourteen point two BI now for folks who can turn on the radio on I don't know exactly let's just say for instance he had I can't Budweiser right I what do you what are we talking about three point eight I had to lay four point two yet four point 2% so this is this is 10% stronger than your average can of butter Bud Light so this is a can be treated with respect here are certainly and as I've said it was meant as londoners that we've had over the years that I am a high alcohol. This is more read you something like the recliner as much sodium serves little purpose in not gonna sit. Well you might want you might tell you with this yeah this is designed as alienating you know there's no doubt that you wanna see the game anyway yes share millions share about it and some people in years and then over a period of time it's not it's not something you're a child you know you try to prepare doubles finalist Arianna protecting my Bergen County cell unless that's the desired outcome is my. Not something you're gonna charge I don't know why you would say yes this is share with your friends which is what we're doing. Hear it and it's not the 14% that will kill you it's happening to your needs I had. Once you get over that. Hum yeah 141 or better watch out as so it's a big beer but but I mean when you taste it here this is 66060. I'd be you CC so this is hot be imperial college who say 68 when we're I don't know about an IPA that's kind of guy right down the middle middle of the road and Micah and and I hit like sixty is right right. Genesis they comes from a goose island has something called elk mountain farms it's in the northern Idaho. It's 17100. Acre hop farm moment of their own are. So they have he is free and easy access to a lot of Hopson made their a lot of ups in this beer before it is put into the Berman barrels. Suburban Paris rounded out. Mellow it out so there's a smoky flavor earthy flavor woody flavor Vanilla flavor chocolate he flavor of maybe a little costly maybe a little clicker is poppy there would traditionally use something you don't really see and scout says -- as pronounced anyway right you're right it's it's meant to balance of sugar some Russian imperial stout so now you have higher I'd be yourself that it had to be able soon. Blend with the malls so I mean it's not not out of the ordinary to see the Russian imperial style of this kind of I mean you know I love got to blend with the mobile the most can be overbearing sometimes theater Graham cracker sugar bomb if you don't. Yeah yeah yep you get some things just to Sweden to claw and until 1988. At that dynamic be good band named for Fred. Really no Graham crackers Sugarman. That is funny I'm the 1986. John Hall. Has his flight delayed on a flight to Europe so he's reading the delta and literally delta sky magazine and he reads an article on boutique marine sciences and 860 yeah. On the page right after squad he body. They can have a but the sky mall right behind the yeah giant wow you statue. So he he read this article on a flight delay any says who. While that sounds interesting and then he's going to Europe and in Europe PT he frequency a few pubs and found that have some really really nice Beers in any case it was really nice spears and literally on his flight home. He abandons a twenty year career in the container industry and says. I'm gonna open up on a parachute no out of the plane yeah huh. Hello I have a brewery and any sent wound and open it up in Chicago Chicago has good water good water supply you need good water for beer I'm gonna open it up in Chicago soon be between all that good beard that he had when he was in Europe India now. Plane because that seems like something you don't really like and if slightly at some kind of like yeah. Yeah so I quit everything in here is my new talent he had at some some Jones to go do something different you know other than this twenty year career in the container industry but he actually he does he he attributes it to a slight delay and a delta sky magazine about that on boutique burrowing through the open is what container industry IIII my guess is packaging I guess Oakmont and bottles plastic bottles are currently does class for the mere chief Gary. We are not doing battle he knew people the so he gets his brother Greg call heads together and Greg knows a little bit about brewing they get together and they start grew silent and today we know women's pole and notes. Do we do we know what man eater doing or goose island actually is goose island I'm in I had a look this up. So goose island isn't the only island on the Chicago river in Illinois it's an artificial island formed by the north branch of the Chicago river on the west and north branch canal in the east and it covers a 160 acres. That's what they chose to paint your preferred afterward they're trying to matter widely thought I had I had I guess it's his call Musab maybe maybe there's a hint. Yeah maybe that's. How maybe maybe that's it so the one thing people always ask or don't understand about goose island is is ownership and and we talk about this quite a bit. So goose down was sort of the first craft to. Brewery too soon to be bought out ya hmmm they're the first to go they sort of took the wrath. Of the craft beer people when they first sold out down so back in 2011. And Anheuser-Busch purchased 58%. Of goose island. And if I wasn't fun enough there's a conglomeration called the craft brew alliance they already took Widmer and Kona moon. That group craft reliance owns 42%. Of goose island at the time oh god and then Anheuser-Busch thought the other 42%. From Kraft. Through alliance to get so essentially the hole and goose island Serbian the first one into the makes their people thought whoa this is looks like the big guys are trying to get into the craft industry but we're really what they're trying to do take a raft. Terriers are the definition craft break is never try to muddy the waters out quite a day again what is Kraft and think about it with all these breweries that have been purchased. You know we I can name three or four or five off the top of my head and I can miss another ten there are a lot to have been bought out to the point that you can't keep track of it. Well you know Anheuser-Busch level wages you know billion dollars and he knows it literally was there a billion dollar but what about that three point eight billion dollar sir I'm 38 million dollar sorry and then spent. A big chunk of money this week to really. The deal Liz Miller chorus of that merger definitely encore has got approved after they pass it on Wednesday and that's a hundred and only 18111. Billion dollar early. Josh for a good sound was 38 point eight million dollars which does nothing for what they. For what it is when you look at Dallas point 01 million down I was thinking about Alan McLean yeah a billion dollars and then all of a sudden I mean nobody couple years and then you see this poses great beer goose island yep. From that I just don't Budweiser. MS maybe they're making good decisions or not they're not overpaying for birdies yeah million Americans did to this day though they took the most heat to this day they and I think lost the most followers and fans and drinkers. Because they were the first to sort of what they serve remember how I do remember when it when it happened we are ready when our men are really bad happening now and the the irony here is when they went when they went out John Hall stayed with the company for a little while his brother great call went out in a blaze of glory at a bar in downtown Chicago. That ended in more than a shootout I don't know I don't know just said hey I don't know enough. I don't know I just want to essentially whenever I feel I pet do you have an evening ended denial. I ended abruptly it and have apparently he was because spewing the virtues of not. Are going alone you can open a thing called virtue cider you'll do this for which is a very big tire companies who ironically enough just recently got purchased by low Anheuser-Busch on the back while so let's these are non compete dozen low number signer or beer now there yet now he can't do anything essentially got to go home really get open up a meter reads guy. So again until apple and this is this is she hosted this is the other brother John Paul just recently left they just sold they had and John noses and that's her way. Well they told her something. They had the original Clive born pub they just solve that two Anheuser-Busch as well. While she's there this girl yeah. Seemed well a little this is a hit this silly and I'm Jennifer and ABB I look at the bottle I don't know if you noticed the packaging the packaging on this is gorgeous and as sort of a tags that hang monopoly netlabel wagon and John Barry you last probably can't see your field but it has an embossed urbanized county I guess I don't feel anything right now. Feel sorry I don't did everyone go vote. Let's drink anything else is he showed it dale the president Ali really. I guess I'm really pretty embossed bodily really the packaging really fits the Beers is really nice nice beer you know into labeling actually your reminds me almost likable whiskey because obviously we ever Berman and here's a maybe that's reminisce he had. Tireless and I gotta say it's delicious and I also got to say that if you have belt all of this whole model. You know make a plan except to fall asleep yes it's like liquid NASA they really. This helpless just Devi Lal K Friday your most powered by Sabatini pizza and eggs that are. The area's greatest selections over aircraft an imported Beers grout losing calloused hand pump and 35 rotating drastic and seventeen speeds up. In Sabatini is far involves job Wyoming avenue an exit. Freddie did a pretty good bears get people together. I. Yeah. Our opponent you wouldn't tell I don't think. There's.