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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 7/14/17

Fri, 14 Jul 2017|

Had a ninja on the show and found out what a melvin is! Ted Whitney, Melvin Brewing, click this thing!



  1. Anderson Valley2:11
  2. brew masters5:56
  3. Jackson Wyoming2:26, 5:57, 11:32
  4. craft Beers9:23
  5. southern India2:03
  6. brewing company3:46
  7. Bill Smith2:11
  8. Ed turner3:17
  9. double life8:35
  10. imported Beers0:36, 12:41

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Where she's being that he you know. Ten seconds and he. Ten seconds who. Any association broadcast no more than two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association north a lot of words. Until 1 o'clock a lot of awards for promoting American craft in my group hunter in northeast Pennsylvania it's another addition. And the Friday near bus powered by seventies pizza and seventeen he's not a shop in Marin eggs in their. One of the area's great selection of great aircraft and imported Beers rousing crowd that Hanbo. The 36. Rotating guest. At seventeen defense and he's not a shopping market Wyoming avenue in exit window seventeenth studio good morning Minogue and came in a couple of minutes coastal Carolina their. Now not so bad wasn't cleared up it's all right. Beautiful actually and bill from my beer buzz I've done is here every Friday goes been here since about 730 I'd sets the bar and it was pouring when I came this I know was it took me half an hour to navigate 81 to 315 with all the new lane jealous I think they have to do it two ways really is strange to do turn into one and they all converge -- yeah three interim they re emerge and a three yen and then the second only to the roundabout at the airport it's a train wreck. Where is my agenda we have guess so when we have a awoken early. And they're coming on in support of an event that Lindo is doing that event is on the nineteenth that's next Wednesday. And it starts at early didn't get their 530 ish at the pizza place and transitions tells what you're what you're doing. But this is. Arthur and some of the best of the members of the country's service these yeah glass now we invest in the last. And really socialist when we're able you get a lot of great Beers together for a must really rare bears is some new fears of the market and this is going to be a really fun event this is next Wednesday. We're starting. The sergeant sevens technically you wanna see get their early are a little earlier than southern India on us. And then nine their new evolution Beers and c'mon the barbed. Our uniform of the we've been doing some great Beers from Bill Smith from Anderson Valley. Avery Paul managed just gave Yahoo!. And melman and and today's. Guests with us today were excited haven't because we're really excited to taste the beer I consider quietly just taste the beer and that would be enough for me. From Jackson Wyoming I we have national sales ninja Ted Whitney. And founder Jeremy testy from Melvin brewing hi guys thanks for being on this morning. Good morning. And copying is well here is unreachable this morning I'll I you've got Ted. Well it's OK you know what every show that lay ahead he's in charge of the situation so that's a goal percentage by the way don't forget check around physical play right now TW okay. Radio on FaceBook accounts and I expect nothing else both men but I have a national sales ninja tell me about the ninja title. I thought I. Well it all started a beer dinner years ago background Gergen for Avery. Standing and talking to to a table and from behind me IISI. Would admit that it intends shadow suddenly appear on the ground. And I still a lot of warm Ed turner I looked in the chain will be annual bonfire. I will I I did and I had a big fire out and I would rate back to talking about the ears of those because people. And everybody pull my guide your ear like a beer and injure. I I'd just love the fact you know if I went HR and asked to have a IT Nina added to my title and I would be thumbs down ten I'd just the fact you guys can do that what we're is named Melvin brewing company come from. Well I'm Melvin is hey it's named her heart would hear it. Oh. CNN's although that's why we have Vienna's Jones and Jessica information we have until now. I mean another urban missionary everything on your. If you can get it. If loans amount of course sometimes. We are also Kyra I'm Jackson Hole Wyoming called timing out and they lose the other one man show it just talking in there he was the bartender and the cook and the waiter he is doing the entire thing himself. They've got to be really funny upon people want to do the Bard asked Paramount but so he could reaching rather indoors this stuff. So he's he's got a little three barrel system in the back and he named number in Melbourne and that's where we got Rowan well you've heard also the lady joked. No. But it couldn't just in the SE in the middle wedgie brewing that is shelters ahead with Melvin as a young hump day I'm pumping frenetic less awkward yeah Christmas and friend Reggie brewing would probably Eli easier to get through the TTB and some of the other than you know people fighting for a premiere names. And that now Jeremy if if I understand this right he was sort of handed the keys to tie me up. And when he couldn't get a brewing license he sold it on eBay. Yeah yeah. Good the few times at a restaurant been sold on eBay does he. It successfully sold it to some New Yorkers from from out of town. And he went surfing for about two and now appears fully completely wrecked the restaurant. Yeah and ultimately they handed it right back to him in the end. Did lead the landlord called them and gave much agreement beyond the restaurant and you lose slightly less money and then then he so I don't know checking account stadium will come back in the action by the way back into the restaurant and get Rolen again. Danny sold that sold his car about a Tony gallon brewing system we started really really small with Melvin brewing. Oh yeah yeah. And he said he did it all out moral mullah Nat hit his quote was he would have opened a lot faster and and progressed a lot faster and built a much larger business much quicker if he could get brew masters to move to Jackson Wyoming huh. Now it's. If you're not familiar and Intel I'm sure you're familiar. I've driven over the tee time pass in the snowstorm into Jackson. It it is a beautiful little town but it's in the middle of the mountains in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah yeah. But it but a gorgeous place on the last year your vowed. Ten minutes or less down the road from grand teton national park which is one of the prettiest places in the world so I'm I'm amazed that they he had trouble getting people to go there but a frantic over the Donner party joke here. I thought. Tee time passes is incredible who is the guy on all below those there's a faceless guy he's made of different materials every time who is that these are some Genesis the batters just some guy you know wedgie. Well he's much more than that that's that's pop old man. You've you've got to hop com first phase then he's got a lot of hoses coming out of some idiot I think entity be it got hot minded neighbors from art. That's that's a nice sentiment ahead. So we have probably increase. Yeah I know I banana and I love that if if beer is not madness it's not beer. That's that's no Melvin sort of Montrae. I know I think that that really really works and there's all sorts of fun stuff on the on the cans if you read the actual cans. The details on the cans are are really really hilarious we've two in front of us. Let's start with killer bees tell us about killer bees. Oh it's an American Lawndale we we need to look real honey from what everybody is a farm on Idaho. Just does the street from Marbury and Alpine loyalty. And it it's the perfect beer serve mowing your own watered lawns. It helps us live like the end gift which is another one of my. And so questionable easy drink and I see help perfect for mowing your own water bond. For sitting in his sitting in the shower I mean it is a shower beer after a absolutely or fishing on and on Sunday. So everybody got up and our real. JK right ticket to get a microphone in the shower bigger producers. Eight is headed for the shower. So so this one the honey is not terribly prominent ended but there's an underlying sweetness to it it's it's that's sort of blond male easy drinking what CA BB on this on Ted. Just over 5%. So and so nice and easy drinking very very session or mere. It at the other end of the equation here we're we're jumping into the deep end of the pool. And for this one the he the character isn't made of wood Denny has a vikings have gone yeah. I'm this one is two by four and this is a double life PA. This is big right Ted. Yeah. And you get a one stop yourself and about port I don't know. I think this double B automatic another four or five of these. It's a different kind of session this one's a big double IPA worsening two by four come from. I am a it. Did earlier feel like you've got hit by wanna if you finish the first. But that's better but I thought there were some mathematical equation I should only have to every four hours. Early I haven't faced any evidence or every two just leaning into it and smells delicious and this one's big this one's 10% AVG. It's juicy it's sticky it's risen this it's and it's it's surprising this is kind of surprising beard defined in the can it's not unusual anymore because can be years came craft Beers can bring big double like PA's are more common. But it's kind of unusual to find the Sony can what made you guys choose can packaging. A lot of it comes from where we live. You know up then. The hinterland to Wyoming we've got a lot of back country one that actual of that when we wanted to our friend Shillue take care of Beers wherever they're gonna go out and then recreate that day. So your party that country you don't wanna bring backpack full bottles somewhere. And I mean that I have camps. Yeah on this is that this is I have in my opinion this is a perfect one for camping. Because after you sit down unpacked and set up the ten at 10% beer. You know when you've got no access to a shower or any facilities the tempers and dear to me is is would be my favorite this is they award winning here as well. Let me award winning it here yeah I'd try to correct gives us. This is one of the first period ever win great American beer fest and a gold medal there Alfred came in world beer cup on the same year. Yeah I gold medals at an all the above and there really are your nomination to ask for an end. And it's a theory you know we're we're just we're just hearing a Melvin in Pennsylvania Melvin has been around for awhile I think 2002009. Inch 2000 finish. Yeah we are making beer in them that little twenty out of the back in 2010. That's been about word we're just about to two years chatter Alpine facility. So making beer for the big lead and then hitting it out of Wyoming do you get thirsty masses who deserve the best. Have to and if you wanna try these on draft. Wednesday night at Sabatini she's gonna have both of these Beers killer bees and two by four on draft and I'm sure on draft there even better than they are in Cannes. And the killer bees we do have available in cans. Seventeen is a few of your interest until Monday only duo below us and do that there really is great and the regular IP and inferior right now Intel another lefty has little chance. Very nice today. It. Great can't shotgun out of the keg. And is it true Mel is it true they did they Jeremy lives on the road that he lives out of a man and can afford brand in nine Jackson Wyoming. All he can afford rent these days where we're doing a little better than we learn but he does list. Band CD drive open nonetheless caused these days. Around the bottom out in Alpine and imperial idealistic had to be you know somewhere that he could call base of operations and we could also use or out of the birdie. Just there bowl or five months ago and he called me up on the way over to his house he donated it just occurred to me I have never actually been inside the house. Well. I think there's some furniture in the garage and he's still like drag us through detention this. One. How my next visit out to dig grand tee time I'm gonna be sure to stop and Ted thanks for joining us we're enjoying killer bees into why four double wide PA on his business card it says fires extinguished wars fought emergency flowered. He's nationals salesman for Melbourne grew up and witty ten days or do you have to show this morning. You guys enjoy the Beers. And up and I was seventeen. Excellent thing I sags and are any as the the Friday beer buzz is powered by seventies pizza and seventies by a shop and bar and Exeter one of the areas data selection debris aircraft and imported Beers. Well and crowd and hand pumping 36 rotating grasp at seventeen he's pizza and seventies policy shop and bar Wyoming avenue in Exeter this. In the Friday Bierbauer has bringing good years good people together. Yeah.