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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 7/07/17

Fri, 7 Jul 2017|

Seduction, three from the Lakewood Brewing series this week on the WILK Friday Beer Buzz!



  1. Belgian Beers8:02
  2. brewers association2:06, 2:29, 3:20
  3. craft beer2:17, 2:18, 2:25
  4. brew masters5:22
  5. Ansel Adams3:01
  6. craft brewery2:47
  7. Anheuser-Busch2:39, 3:09, 5:16
  8. brewing company6:24, 6:26, 7:16
  9. Garland Texas6:19, 6:26
  10. Dallas Texas7:21

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But if we can't secondarily it's difficult planning. You. Culture of life. The two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcast to more than two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award promoting and advancing the grabbed a micro brew culture in northeast Pennsylvania. It's another edition. Right near the Barbara seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's got a job Marin had to hear what the areas. Every this election debris aircraft and imported Beers rallies and crowds that have come. 56 rotating mass 36 and at seventeen these beads and seventeen. He's got to show them our Wyoming avenue in Exeter window 17 news in the morning when will you never know you and yet. He Helio mind you never you never know this comment is why I love it. Bill for my nearby. That come happy Friday that the not a lot of shows in America were you gonna get a variation on the theme of what was originally did George decay and yeah. So it was George decay go a long long guy and all forest and I got bored with that. And we didn't Dorothea from the wizard Harry says and then I kind of ran out of all the good idea the illusion that I think you come and here's some extra homework for you to do because you don't do enough already. Are you should look up all mine in in different languages. Of analysis makes it we get a Japanese version or we get those Swedish home. All I'll sell my soul hello again German version and think that Barack. Proud guy is sitting in this morning candy V they switched places here because Powell who likes to play with a camera that we have that boat was old in 2007. And as tubes and and and and Kathy again it was a heads up thirty seconds and to let us know start of the camera because they have the warmup yes so I think we're ready to go nothing we built on my beer buzzed I've come. Nothing but the best rate crept. Chris tenacity kind of big news of the week. The brewers association released something that they're calling the independent Kraft the seal. And it's a little logo. And the idea is that the batteries that meet their definition of craft beer in any craft beer you know how that definition is evolving all the time via. Can now from three of you is put this little independent craft beer seal oh on their ball let me ask his question of the brewers association is that involves. All the brewer is it's not OK in all right a trade group that supports craft. Hurry okay and then how long before Anheuser-Busch by the brewers is I you know I. Probably not very long you know and it started off they said while woods is referees and then they had to create a definition of craft brewery in that had to do with ownership and and had to do with ingredients in your peers and and so high is the amount of beer you produce. And then they promptly changed that size being from two million barrels to six million barrels because eating lean Ansel Adams a sliding out of the definition and they wanna include them in their stats. I'm so the definition has been Fuzzy and now Anheuser-Busch and Miller course tenth and Blake. High end what everyone caught their arms or craft beer have made it even fuzzier. Because he started buying these crisper result but Soria is the brewers association and they finally decided on a definition of craft for a four in order for you to get this seal. And is this something that yet to be a lawyer to understand or is it like this and has. Another Superman legalese too but I don't know it is fairly simple and it has to do with ownership. The lawyers say in a but I wonder if it's adolescent than they do they have a definition on the website you can go out to members association website guys and they do have a definition. That you need to need to use the seal. And it mostly has to do with ownership and other lean and away from the size thing but then so icing is still in there and they they've kind of stepped out of the ingredients being. Because I think I was getting nominal trouble over. Brilliant you know people use traditional ingredients and Koren was sort of an out. Ingredient rice was sort of an out ingredients I think they're trying to get away from that. But it has to do with ownership and that's where this seal has gone because it is now independent Kraft and and we may their prediction over a year ago on the show that craft the word Kraft would be tough to support this independent Indy brewing. Would be easier sports I put this seal out. I'm Scottish and showed off some packaging that carries it I just released labels from Ipswich that. This has been linked the seal on there are ready and no money and I brewing who we have on the show and onto Longo. Yeah they have some cans are pretty now they have the seal on defense so the whole point the seal being that it if you're one of those people who say I like craft beer but I noticed I'm going to grab a beer that the big companies have been handed and right the big companies that have a candidate can get their seal right right tonight don't look for the Soledad knowing who owns wide you can just look at the ceiling Nolan you're in the clear that says hey you in my own limbo you have pretty much the there's actually a picture of CO NS says that it is is an upside down bottle and and some have asserted using an already which makes me think numbers association made don't have. Hell hole so I'll go with the actual press release went out hundreds of summer using an already. But what has come out now of course you know they didn't need did you set themselves up for these things Anheuser-Busch. Number and put out a video. And the video they trotted out. The brew masters of all but Kraft breeze at that they now own wire release CNN two point when we're back at gunpoint early. I know the guy looks like one of those terrorist crisis videos where you listen they're signaling with their hands like it will be forced to ask the blinking SOS if they think. I'm so they trot that out there's a video lesson now they're they're doing you know also for every one of these moves subversive association makes AB InBev is gonna throw a couple million dollars in marketing data you're gonna throw some and I'll certainly. Watch for that seal they you know for those people are really wanna be that pier with that then that's fine if you do find if you don't we get the argument on both sides. I'm you know you can look for something now. We have a beer in front of us that they are small marine we are safe he appears in front of us this is a brewery that has been shipping me beer for a little while. There's stuff is really good. It's really really interesting stuff to come and they do all kinds of interest in Beers. Today were doing three different ones but the Murray comes from from Garland Texas out of them now well known or not a big Burry and a and it's called. I liquid brewing company the Lakewood brewing company of Garland Texas and they were started by eight new. And I sent an whim we in his his first name Ben's assist us WYAM. No W I am blown downwind bands in 2000 I think WYM would have been fans I know yeah. Princesses is a great fans will resonate and as we usually a much short for something Qaeda I've been in Texas and whimsical. When marina which are also available in the freezer that's correct it. So we came to the wind was born in Belgium. And came over to Texas when he was set cars although I guess that explains it women's prime viewing at jolt to listen in Wimbledon will Omar something like but he traveled family trips back and forth to Belgium with his family I think Kim got interested in beer tone 2011. He hatched the plan to open up Lakewood brewing company. The Lakewood is named after a division I subdivision of east Dallas Texas called Lakewood then these guys actually producing Garland but that's what it's named after. They are relatively small. And they have but right now they have six year round beer so in the in my question for five years of doing six year round Beers so they have a Colson imperial stout test session nine PL logger. And India black blogger. And a Belgian 98 and they do five season rolls so. We're doing one of their two series they have a series called the legends series that's not the warmer doing consists just kind of too weird. The legendary series. Wedeman is in a whim with something weird around that would yourself all the Beers in the legendary sit series are are inspired by Belgian Beers or local legends OK there are. Are all local legends the current one is called grand allowance and it's a weak minded his twelve point 8% MTV. And it it represents the DOT's known as the three states. I I was gonna save it sounds like the idea to use that represent three fates so I I didn't wanna. I didn't wanna confuse everybody with the letter find an area that's what I gonna say so they do another series of beer appears in this call bus abductions serious that we have here and that's kind of more interest seemed to me so we we thought we would do this induction series. And we have three different temptress Beers in front of us today so that's the temptress is like a theme that runs through the seduction series name it is spaghetti about the seduced America. Here I know there's 310 cover me I'm going to end in the studio but that'll get us and then you give you a meeting don't get me. I am pretty much do anything at all. I don't get him he didn't think. So while we have three different versions that they release seasonally. Com I have compiled three together and and today the first when we're doing is called brass Sperry temptress they are all imperial milk stuff it's OK so milk stunts and interest in style gas imperial just means stronger more sure or more mall more ferment the ball sugar yeah. And that's where the wheels kind of come often a good way imperial imply stronger more more formidable sugars. But I milk stout uses lactose sugar nominal. No no no no no milk and all here uses lactose sugar in the interest thinking about lactose sugar is instant it doesn't ferment is non fermenter ball. It's a byproduct of cheese making and so historically that's where started to enter Beers and as you sort of as a sweetener in Beers OK so there that's where the milk park come from there's actually no milk and I have to do and slowly you know growing appreciation for stout so L and the extent and I'm always a little leery about our of fruit. But this and there's a raspberry milk out. It plays nicely yeah I like it actually guys deep cuts through this sort of the shock believe. The overall sweetness of without hardness of raspberries. These are all nine point 1% OEM. I did tell me so you can see you this if you're Ford Flex. If they say beside you okay and so that's raspberry he uses organs Iraq organ raspberries and there's a Vanilla flavor to eighty get a really nice dark rich chocolate and raspberry. I'm that was tasty there and then I spear and end. This seasonal sea grabbed their four packs twelve ounce bottles. You do have to travel to get these these are not disregard my predecessor and have friends down in the Texas area they don't they do distribute outside of Texas the number of very far OK go there's a whim. They've done is women home to implement a common name for how tough our next one is called French Quarter temptress and and Kyle zoom in on the bottles of the rep everyone has. A lady a temptress sitting on a raspberry that this one has a temptress sitting on across Asia to say I know how and Norman style coffee I'll have. And that's what it's meant to tend to mimic. This one uses and I'm gonna I'm gonna read this from my nose because really really hard urban barrel page per room for Ian how how Marat come. Coffee beans. Marmara com. Well as I could that is really get it isn't so essentially copied beans are aged in urban barrels not the beer I guess and it's the coffee beans in urban barrels and they use jittery and then if you're familiar with like old school craft beer run doctors had a bone called checker restart. At that and that was my favorite better than men for the longest time until went away yeah. I remember that I think it uses are rude about trickery sort of a flowering plant uses the root of the trickery plant compensate this one has some some earthy. On the net and in the coffee comes from we should mention noble high priority coffee roasters on the path I gotta tell you that this would be great breakfast spirit it is you know that's right now this is breaking windows enjoying breakfast. Gregg announcing deal nine point 1% 56 CNV same base near Cisco has a lot of coffee to it our last one is more in a attempt jurists. Ole miss when uses peppers and show how she logged what you all. And shipboard led peppers and send. It uses peer cash cow and some cinnamon your Spanish is that. They know they ask was banned. I'll let the blood type yeah they. So they do you have this version really really nice spicy he's really really really good guys at. Made after a Mexican Malays sauce they have no wonder we didn't get this call scene mean to temptress spoke to me and I saw it was a really thrilled with. Do analysis of CN SI inner CIA and I was I had an imminent. And the money come watch out four of whom were breaking news here is they're doing one called coconut temptress it's toasted coconut and Vanilla that women tasty way I'm intent then send that. They show him we're enjoying whims only would bring Iran carried interest smoke they tempers in the French Quarter temptress here. This morning and be a Friday there was powered by seventeen he's pizza and seventies about a job a bar and exit or one of the area's greatest like number aircraft and imported Beers. Crowley and Crowley let him bump and 36 rotating drafts as Sabatini speeds and seventeen he's body shop and bar. Miami avenue Exeter this is the Friday beer buzz bringing good Beers and good people together. I mean all. Yeah. I myself yeah.