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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 6/09/17

Fri, 9 Jun 2017|

A pair from Wicked Weed, just two of the beers on the menu at the Sabatini's Bottleshop & Bar tap takeover on Wed., 6/14!



  1. Chris Resop9:52
  2. health benefits1:15
  3. New Jersey13:15
  4. amber ale11:49
  5. fruit flavors10:39
  6. Mediterranean Sea10:00
  7. tropical fruits10:03
  8. craft beer5:29, 6:44
  9. AT&T3:11
  10. North Carolina4:50

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirty seconds and a public air. The bathroom. I don't buy. The rematch against HIV yeah I hate and I think Bobby since the end of the article she'll be. Time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcast Norton and two time winner of the Pennsylvania associated. You know for broadcasters association award promoting. Promoting an event can make rapid micro brew Padraig northeast Pennsylvania spreads and other nation. In the Freddie nearby paradise seventeen he's beaten seventeen these tunnels shock and Barney Sydor. One of the hearing is greatest collections of rare crashed into importing Beers. Groundless and travelers eight Canton oh mom. 3613. 1017 he's pizza and sent seventeen these bonds shop and farmland in avenue and and thinner and. And a Sabatini in the house window I was stopping your place so we gave their last two there was an I had my first nickel back cover my first people back into the we'll use a shot pickle juice and a shot at George nickel. It's not a bizarre love that. And and you don't there's a health benefits. Olivia who is supposedly an investor. Before Gatorade daily news pickle juice on the field and try to get people but. And they literally a special player as well. It is odd yeah stable this is things people tell you Kosovar who doesn't essentially yeah. On this what people say so yeah those good for you as a boy healthy body we encourage everybody to have several. Hey shadowed figures and a shot at George if it's nickel and nickel. And we are doing my wife and driver for NASCAR you all know that's yeah. Over my beer my dad gum happy Friday he'll my sort of like almost like the ringing of a Belgian. Yeah I think even you know about ten weeks or twelve weeks ago I started planning them now I don't eat and the many more now I I remember in the moment as it you you're struck by the news media as the mood strike and you tell the I love anyone. We don't have a guest today but we are promoting an event we better get busy with the Beers and it's an exciting event. And it is on the fourteenth next Wednesday and seventeen east pizza. And tell us that's that's the best of Stockard town if you're not familiar Stockard come beverage is a big beer distributor down on the soccer town Pennsylvania area break. So look what we've decided was. We've been doing a lot of business of soccer helmet and help us so we wanted to help them a little bit more people know what she peers there actually a distribute music and how much they mean to our business. So am myself and some of the guys has suffered similar together we put together a list of beer. That's just shows off what they don't and we can lead. Founders. River town. They a they also have. Shown brother imports which brings so it was brings a lot of beer into the country and then the show portfolio. There's a lot of amazing here. And your show me we have on the teller. Spot tenable blueberry AT&T own. You're actually taking can't deal wishes aren't really yes two murder while her rare there's Allen Venus which is soured almost grapes. And I come to an armored car has good. And I'm from Canada appear those are my favorites it was a very called bug due to seal. They make sure intelligent imperial cocky self in the we have that on my truck. So well with those Beers and among a lot of other bills I have is this going to be a fantastic event. Wow that's unbelievable. This is coming your wins in fourteen it is yeah I mean and as always get there early if you want to table it starts on the pizza aside and then in my grades over the bar bottle shop around nine ish is either a bush and quite a short jaunt across the party asks how. And there's a fur and as well at 7 PM tapping in the pizza shop ER friends on similar film. From free will he help the soundness of forgiveness going to be either Craig or cradle it PA. And then they have fresh pineapple floating in the surgeons if she's I am an ample infused. PM that's going to be unbelievable even if or just the Canty home K get. And the fur and it would be worth the right yeah about all those other great Beers in there this is another do not miss event it's going to be going to the just a freedom came yes we have. It's song there's going to be two different vintages of KBS and we're gonna have this it doesn't sixteen in the 2017. CUC's what deer with a year of age is done to Lou. Lou he listens that he broke the self understood Wednesday June 14 that this is kind of battery only actually be asked to do. It's just got caught. Our beard today comes from beer city USA. From Asheville, North Carolina from week in we didn't we ate we actually there's two Beers today and and we should address it up front because there have been some recent happenings with wicked weed and there's a lot of clamor about the AD in Bev. Purchase of wicked we'd follow him this is kind of like a trend is good news it's only always AB InBev leading the charge him out there buying up places they they are in and we can we don't mean Linda knows wicked weeding is a really good Burry there's a reason they bottom. But you lead for me then down there is a fantastic place I mean I'm not. I'm not a huge advocate of big deer island I. Independence and they made they made the craft beer limit my business and into what is but. Just because they are about a baby InBev doesn't mean there's guys from Saint Louis in the air make in the beer fundraiser recipes may get Murray left. They're they're not changing and we have guys I have some what do we in the shelves right now what she knows some very hard to get it's made this made the same way and then change anything we're all your bubble line Nationalists is still his world class beard this is fantastic beer but the people have to. They have hey. On absolutely not right away you know if you can say anything positive about the fact that AB InBev is buying up places it's exactly we're talking about when they do buy up a place they don't make they don't will. Make waves there they didn't they know they have a good product in this kind of weather walking in the door to start with the mass spending tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on Burris to go spruce golf up yet pregnant or not there so the main thing is simple money end is the pump money into it as well I'll what you needed to make yourself better than any other better supply chain they're gonna have this I mean is the naysayers who have been unhappy happen Null but on the beer's not. Room pension. Yeah I and then enters its you know when do you decide whether you wanna buy it or not why did you decide whether it means something to you we'd get it I mean we obviously understand now. What this means to craft beer in in big beer. On the wicked weed themselves have said. This sort of capital investment will allow them to make the brewery what they always imagined it would be out. Well there is the guy is like an instinctive re oil as Linda was to say. Whenever AB in memory is there and be able. Lou I don't doing fairly well and I'm alone is literally my beer alone tell. But they essentially is that's what they're doing except for the fact that there's an infusion of money now and as who you're talking about a better supply chain and and and equipment and all the rest and we have to remind people when they want us hate our amber is just about now. They still love they still buying. And while there and fight for now here's a Berry Johnny style which is also a B in them neo moan don't forget all those things and they just don't need you don't know and that's the nature everything now is that we do we just don't know because they bought so many. We can we started in 2012. By a wall and Luke Dickinson and three other partners. Any former hardware store in national North Carolina four locations in something called on Pretoria and they're really in the barrel aged NYL Beers. They brew on a fifty barrel brew house to big big brew house it's the size of our Susquehanna brewing company. And everybody wants to know about the name yeah we can I ask you that. As you go down that highway or maybe you can tell you know where to tell it's actually a quote from king Henry the eighth. And time I'm surprised how about pipe in the meanwhile right now but king Henry the eighth. And it's it's about cops. And how do you and an honorary guest he called pops Taylor and ignorant. He called cops say wicked and pernicious we'd while and they latched on to that quote. Pet and they abuse that is number renamed hope that that's cool story so we we have two in front of us to and these are going to be available at the event and go to you know body I tell people tramping yourself we don't we get and pernicious I have. It's time for yourself see what you think these Beers on ten and then decide whether you think it you know. And ABM that is important to it or not on our first 1 is called Pacific most. And it is a ghost saw style beer no fur folks who don't know what goes our beer news. It's it's eight typically tart beer being so typically they have that heart sort of flavor to them. And they are brewed with coriander and cease all and then sometimes fruit. Com and so in this case it's brew with mango and guava and so you get a heart by ate of the fruit you get sort of a salt in the back end of daddy get sometimes people get there is sweet and savory kind of things sometimes they get the salty say everything in them. I'm at and I think they're interesting Beers they're typically very very session of oldest one is four point one. Percent ADV. This one is brew with mango and qualify you know why if you say go I'm like I don't think I could point to qualify fund he helps. Only a lot of blog about. Just AM but it is is a good beer and the other nice thing about is that you can spend a good chunk of the day what does bear correct that's good you can import. Present or whatever percent ABB and it's untold on scans to an end like you I don't know that I could pick out a blob on the shelf pressed the Chris Resop Lauren. But but there's tropical flavors there. The idea is that it brings flavors in from both sides of the Pacific it uses a Mediterranean Sea salt and as well as these tropical fruits. I think it's packaged in twelve ounce cans so it's a good beat spear good hiking beer. Some people love them I think they're very very refresh been an easy drinking. Some people the salt is too much and they don't like him as much I don't think assault as prominent beating the salts prominent. It's it's it's been a pretty good like this when this is I think there's really integrate beach beer yeah it is an and sometimes it goes there can be a little more heart than you might know the hour and this is not the balance and other slings and fruity this is specific most say also among called tropic most infamous Cali most I think is the other one. And there are other styles are there but are there other ghosts as with other fruit flavors and I'm also Donnie most and even Ralph now what are at all Pelosi and yet here experimenting or use our. I think that's route that you're not so current grand. And it's a benign. I as and so we have a second one here and then this one's a little bit more unusual. The Pacific go Pacific most is really it's kind of mainstream with a K and distribution. On this one isn't bottles. And this one is a cocktail inspired beer and I have to think back did I don't know that we've done a cocktail inspired beer on the show so far. Thumb up I'll have to look back through our notes but this one's called old fashioned and adelphia and when there's a cocktail called the old fashioned right. Small own a small F I thought it would have been like Melissa mail that they used to make a long time ago but that's not at all it's no it's not. And it it is it's an interesting take in and out Luke on wall tells the story that they were sitting at a bar somewhere in an airport as most of the masters seem to be. Come and they had no fashion for whatever reason ordered an old fashioned pay and taste it and said do you know would Michigan be made into a beer this would be an interesting Biersch. I'm it's actually in imperial amber ale. It is tempers any BV. Honey careful with that so he's also your gas tank you very BI and then now the actual fashion itself is probably much higher octane. I'm but it is brew with much more and see and black cherries. And orange peel. And and is so it's sort of mimics an actual fashion all fashion we'll have bidders in the at this uses hops in place of the bidders. I'm and it's kind of multi and it's kind of interest senior it's and chair he gets some orange and the barrel agent and the Ben the Berber and dereliction of course announced the Berlin that's an old fashioned standard now for me over here news at 10% urban suburban Merrill age so and you could not take two Beers they do not go well together. That's your goal for money the other is kind of awkward transition don't have to do it that way we're just doing it every couple of Beers from which we have some other the big event is happening this Wednesday June 14 window. I come on come on over starting at 7 o'clock that the that the pieces of the original building and then about 930 will be switch over the bar. Outstanding and take a seventeen you don't unless you hold your menu were enjoying what can we Pacific Moscoso with mango and Bubba the. And WLK Friday Bierbauer is powered by Sabatini is pizza and Sabatini bottle shop and bar in eggs that are. What is the area's great selection different aircraft and imported Beers rallies and collars I hand pump and 36 rotating contrasts. College seventeen he's pizza and Sabatini on the shop and bar. Wyoming avenue in exam credit their guys bringing a New Jersey and people together. Yeah.