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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 6/02/17

Fri, 2 Jun 2017|

Heavy Seas Beer brewmaster Chris Leonard with Tropicannon and Blackbeard's Breakfast this week on 'the Buzz'!



  1. local food5:39
  2. Jeff Gordon0:16
  3. Chris Leonard12:22, 2:14
  4. brew master12:21
  5. Baltimore Maryland2:10
  6. craft brewery3:49
  7. tropical fruit7:37
  8. craft beer3:45
  9. brewing company4:40
  10. imported Beers12:38, 0:44

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You concentrate on the beginning of the show right up please don't disturb me thank you hello there well. He's already been stagnant. Your time winner of the Pennsylvania association right Jeff Gordon two time winner and when you Associated Press broadcasters association award. To promote and advance the crowd the micro brew controversies Pennsylvania gets another addition. Totally unprepared every one yeah. But Freddie dear buzz of video of the live now on FaceBook so come on and join us on the burning nearby is tired by seventeen he's pizza. And seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in exit or. I'll leave one of the area's greatest collections of for aircraft and imported Beers ground losing calories I can't pop tell me. Eight and 36 rotating drafted Sabatini defense seventeen he's bottle shop and bar. Looming avenue in egg. That are aviators. Over my beer buzz I can't happy Friday happy Friday I do I sound more treble Leon my microphone. I'll kill you have a yellow basin I think we went and got a lot of new microphones here in the studio from the going out of a microphone the authorities German surplus. Identified microphones for five dollars I won you won three pretty good so happy Friday happy Friday you were missing Lindo today windows. Actually well in bed I actually wasn't ready for a year year Q inherits usually we go to Lindo and only go to means you're an eight other thing yet at you when you mention Mondello in my life scenario when we're a couple days this week on the way back home we stop the seventeen he's on Tuesday afternoon affect. And had a couple of years but you don't us ahead when I was there and I was a newly initiated this I think windows talked about it before. The a drink that they call is a specialty there's not a beer. The pickle back yeah Ali and yeah I had no cleanup I no clue as a shot at George Dick oh yeah and a sharp pickle juice I'll get hat. Especially good example that sounds a little weird but it doesn't sound like it makes any sense it off now and I was told by. Relax just try it you'll see what we mean to him and I did and yes it's unbelievable and happened with the pickle pizza home. All you get pickle and has no I don't whiskey and pizza how. I know doesn't have. Really guests joining us from Baltimore Maryland from heavy seas fear its true master and operations manager Chris Leonard. Stay out all Chris I don't. Under a trip out there yeah every we're doing fantastic to go this Friday Friday I would love Friday. So Chris. Heavy seas was founded by Hughes is on. In 95 and he was a masters in theater and like that's what he was going to do with this life any ended a brewing beer what what got you interest in him brewing beer. Well I would to consulting engineer in my previous flights. At a college and about seven years into it I had my he had 28. You're a mid life crisis. I realize that there are no whatever you need to play hockey or guitar. Sold. I I went into the beer business eight sites picked up but our. I always ask how well we belonging have been in trouble now western and what do brewing school and David. California and now they're the rest is history and their processional route network doing here. This kind of midlife crisis that they came early to be came with a plan because generally speaking that doesn't happen until maybe your forties and then it's like I need a Corvette or motorcycle yeah. Great great. It's probably easier earlier each. I don't have to talk to many people in like hey honey how he had true I know you like may be an arm is gonna happen real killer one when you're hit fifty. Does that. So so heavy seas sort of got his start Hughes started. Who. Ponying running his father's Barr and Nader actually became one of the biggest craft beer bars and in the Baltimore area. They actually wanted to start our craft brewery in the bar and they had to petitioned the state of Maryland. To allow that it wasn't allowed at the time and and that's they're the Genesis of sort of clipper city and heavy seas at the crystals the difference and and and and really what presidium heavy seas are. Yes group guys cracking up. Shillue cutest thing that that's what a pioneer here in that in Maryland. And he and his father follow along with some some help Wisconsin folksy in the does the state legislature. Got coupons to be legal so so he started brewing beer in the late eighties action essentially in nine neighborhood called federal hill. You're from Baltimore. And looking to return to the restaurant terrorist side it's but he saw the opportunity for sure Chris feared general. So actually opened up clipper city brewing company is completely. New business new entity. You have to work which is so war he just outside the ministry Shatner. Sorting and airport and had just been growing steadily. Certainly better option down over the years but. I was so where we are today continuing to grow. And and you're hitting your 22 anniversary and and tell us about what the 22 anniversary beer will be. Well that's what he's saying that virtually very he had the we we started doing anniversary elder what they're sluggish. Actually valuable collapsed which sat twenty years store which has soared in the an homage to the very first beer that was. Oriented hidden sheet it was cold wintry storms. League get a barrel aged version of that with Barry yes and tweaks and whatnot. And then the stretch here we would like to do things look what local breweries in local local business or so weeks. We've we've we've partnered up with sank two more rye whiskey which is local food Maryland distillery. And aged. It's strong this the right barrels so we're gonna sort of follow that up this year with 22. Well with the Belgian style triple but we're also going to age in rye whiskey barrels and how we put a little bit awry. Internet search gringo Sosa will be a little station that show which should complement its traditional Belgian triples. Purchase on grad doesn't and it uses local Domino's sugar. That's correct yeah that sounds like a really great they're excited as to see when what timeframe for the release on that one. And. He probably late November oh yeah you'll you'll see it and and good northeast Pennsylvania. The end of November or beginning of December. So Christie was nice enough to send us two different Beers for today show the first one I'm excited about just because of the role model that is I don't do it soon reopen it yeah how we we opened this one in the studio fills with grapefruit and centrists are our first up is is Tropicana and com there and it's based on another beer right. If you opt outs like should feel loose cannon which is Arab seven and a quarter percent I PA. Until recently. Probably announce a bid to 65% of our sales. So we we wanted to do something. Being in the same sort of Bain distributable which can then and that Tropicana endless woods the the idea so thin that. It's extremely we actually you know. Releasing that beer and that is based says the shame. Mulch base the same same recipe from that standpoint. I would change some of the option terms loose cannon has some some sort of tighten the top Centennial and now. And how shades that are that are quite it's free it's from the other option will pull those top shall we replaced them with Amarillo which. Which is hot does that. A lot of lemon flavor to it. I think I would hop that I like a tropical fruit flavors which you've got loose Canon though we we we augmented that with with a lot Morse and go in Tropicana and and then now again with the local the local what I angle. Four out partnership we worked with McCormick place on now on a bunch of different. Confusions for this fear wish mango and blood orange and grapefruit women feeling Orioles and peeled off kind of that that's sort of I'll wager of extracting waivers from trump from the fruits and obviously you're roadway is she the issue actually in the face a person. And actually it's been great flavors and the beer. As sort of a dry finish those so. Oh I get that she usage centrist. In tropical true Roman noticed he still has served a clean. Drive finishing Beers so it doesn't really I get or English weeks. It was it was the beer per showed once it's finished and you said it needs a name or did you have a name and steer in that direction. Yeah now we we went we we got the camera in the first so really we've we knew that where searchers are kid obviously there are big gala. Is trending. Still training upwards style and not you know I'll probably do written that the best and she's way. And now the name this name sort of led the way. And and get him to be followed then there's been a huge success so this she's Pletcher sold out very quickly. And we not only cheating aperture and make it that's a year round here. But there and have been cancel. Opening inning Chandler the next step which I believe trial. You mean you feel all got a chance to Jersey beach and then and they were delivered a cheer cheer markets that racially and well let's different this summer I can't make it portable and and I am just and it's just two and a great controversial really trying to. You when you mentioned the aromas like we we were able to enjoy this before even taste yeah Fasano and and a really good DI love the punch of grapefruit I'm I'm a big grapefruit Fran and I love the hops that accentuate the grapefruit really really nice beer I love that you pumped up the citrus and of this thing and amp down sort of the piney end event. And it's seven point 25%. ADV. It's a good beach pier if you don't have to drive frankly to be just walk to the beach incidents are really really each. I think this is perfect for the beach how we have a second one here and and this one I understand it's it's from the uncharted waters series. Yeah this is black beards breakfast. And don't understand that this is one of the hardest piers you guys have to brew. Without a doubt yeah than as far as that being their complete opposite of Tropicana and collectors practiced consent. I. Different in every aspect at least ten from mosques in the beer wow I did different different types of dry roasted. Far lesion there a crystal ball shouldn't and that's Surtain. And show that I'm not only do we do that but then once the Beers show sort of fermented and so initially in any given Bergen barrels. Or about this time about twelve weeks we'll do that a lot of these fairly each spears. Depending on the volume we leash we can equal that or the sometimes see all. Asserted creature parts. Well wolf sometimes Bruce sort of a blend batch. Truth to get this smooth distance just sort erupt elsewhere that the recognition and make beer consistent. I don't this year time percent barrel aged. You know what we pull out the barrel. Are we then add coffee Q and so we work with the local roadster Justine they were hosting company initiated listen marcher. Coffee in and it should serve as a commercial readiness to it was sort of the idea to give it just another war double layer actual labor. So are the Bergen is quite prevalent this year we've making the spear for three years. The first year we noted at sold out very quickly and has become a staple part and try to waters series. 10% alcohol. Again local local ingredients. Layers of flavor bird didn't coffee. Are you Carl young soccer yes absolutely delicious. I wanna get an iPad and has soared. I would not recommend taking mr. to beach you know this is 10% this phone will get your attention and then you know take your name. Really really good Beers Chris we thank you so much I just won a very briefly mentioned you guys do a thing called partnerships we're tight on time but the newest partnerships is. A collaboration with cigar sitting. I even bloggers that should children the streets today and July beginning of August. We're enjoying Tropicana in and of the unchartered waters series by your breakfast. Our guess is warning has been a heavy seas brew master operation manager Chris Leonard Chris congratulations. Outstanding Beers and things are being on the show. In my letter thanks so much threatening your interest you know. All right the Friday beer buzz is powered by Sabatini speed since seventeen he's bottle shop and bar and I consider what is the area's greatest collections of for aircraft and imported Beers. Rallies and collars a hand pumped and 36 rotating drafts. That's seventeen he's pizza and Sabatini bottle shop and bar. Wyoming avenue an exit our the Freddie bear guys really endeared good people together. Yeah.