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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 5/19/17

Fri, 19 May 2017|

He literally wrote the book. Randy Mosher this week on 'the Buzz!'



  1. Belgian beer3:41, 11:05
  2. Randy Mosher2:25, 14:02
  3. beer brewing4:28
  4. Michael Jackson3:30
  5. local artist8:37
  6. Chicago Illinois2:18
  7. craft beer11:07
  8. imported Beers0:42, 14:25
  9. circus peanuts13:09

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's on video here wrong either. You are mentioned your time catching yet. Our question coordinated we aren't econ class ahead make your own personal coach Carroll worked through person. Well the KC ten. Winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters more. Two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association works to promote and advance the craft. And might grow in culture in northeast Pennsylvania friends it's another edition. Doesn't writing your bus powered by Sabatini speech Seth in seventeen these bottle shop and bar an exit earth what is the area's greatest collections of rare crafted imported Beers. Great colors and Crowley is on hand pump out. It 36 are kidding traps at seventeen he's been second Sabatini bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue an example. Weeks off doing some occasional window seventeen in the studio Linda good morning good morning let me just say in the Manley is about heterosexual wisdom on the new haircut. I wasn't expecting an idol and I didn't get SMS. Biking is he's really funny is how. My game yeah you know I might look I know he had yet to check on the video or launch FaceBook life right now and check out windows hair cut. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chicago Illinois. 03 berg and master of brewing science is not sound good while it is Randy Mosher handy. Fayetteville how you don't have the trust and Harry today. I'm not doing really well so what first got you Rangers did in canned beer in general and in good B aircraft here. I think maybe it was because I went to school in Cincinnati. And at the time there were four remaining local. Old blue reef there and forget I have wondered drink a beer icon always said the idea that boom may be there were something beyond. The major brands. So was there or they're a career choice somewhere in there like whoa what did you major in Indian school. I mean giving graphic design and actually I ended up through. Growing media bunch of people who back in the 1990s were starting small breweries and needed label employer really got into the industry. Back way as a professional but at the same time I was home brewing and I have started to accumulate might. Scrappy pile of notes there's something that eventually turned into a book. And so that I got to introduce a lot of up. It's important people in the home brew for they're really in the beer world I'd like Michael Jackson who spoke. They're great curator. That got a lot of us going that was you know that was like the guy who lit the fuse for me because Republicans big beautiful book on beer. And talk about Belgian beer and English spirit Ali great traditions and pro for a lot of us back. In in those days it was just like sticking a finger in the socket and may make your experience get involved and I think he really got everybody go on his view would godfather of good beer. All over the world I think. Did did you have then there urge you know when you're home brewed did you have the urge to go professional with that are doing you're more interested in sort of a side business of both here and in doing something else. Yeah 90 really thought about borrowing as a career are amid a my partner in two breweries today so it get right. I come to customize it's that way but we've got younger stronger are more able people who are rough actually doing the hard work borrowers. You know because I think in the home everything is always this accounts and always whenever we talk to somebody about the beer and making beer brewing there's always the home briefing that's the constant but. I think it's injury you came in kind of a side door from the commercial design aspect I was that's pretty cool. Yeah I have this freeware resonate you know what I five blown from right at an advertising agency. And that what kind of reopened it kind of got Mike we're going to writer are you guys up up up off the people of daylight problems. Cameron broad term blow and everything so. Yes so it could fit that I've been a strong role to play. And I know you're viewed you do one of the things you do you have you do many things here it's its author teacher consultant branding packaging design a recipe formulation. Let's talk a little recipe formulation what. What goes into creating a beer and what is what is the process look like. We're in the process starts with kind of up. You know we depend on what to do what if it's a poem groove and the like your imagination run wild more what I like to put in my mouth and about a month. And but for commercial things you're trying to try to figure out where the spears go live on the market how it. Out of beer helps tell the story of the brewery. You know are wondering that I'm involved in the Latin American concept though everything we do we try and find a way. To make those spears told stories about Latin culture Latin putting Latin flavors. You know and all of that. So you run through the Pope sir you look at the shelf and worse they're all on the shelf and not many places these states right yeah supremely craving competitive. And so. He you know let's. And then you figure out what what we actually make it and can we make it full price that we can actually make some money on ads out there and and then you introduce our quick trial to start with a par usually put a rescue together. Maybe even the rough welcome props and take some malt something like that. Two to make sure that your on track with with the rescue putting together and then brought up five or ten gallons a pileup actually. Evaluate that tastes good to keep gut. Client which are sharing a wit or or people in the liquor distributors or anybody that you wanna get involved in the process you can do it at that time. And then make some adjustments and scale of up. See I think that an arm or I would in Selma tasting and I area that would that's right yeah part of and today I'm sure it is hoped. I'm picture and you know porn is sort of based beer and a whole bunch of cups and then couldn't like salt and human and one of them and now Rosemary and you know and and tasty well Nellie but it's probably more complicated than that. Honestly we do a lot of that we we do a lot of little what we call table pop blend up. And so we've got some. So don't whiff of like Rosemary will you take Rosemary and and chopped up putting him with a little bit of vodka let it sit. And make a liquid we can you hook up type battery dry eye dropper and measured careful look carefully the amount of stuff but we put him. And then sometimes you can actually scale that up. Mathematically. Given a sanity check and then you've got they you've got your recipes you know your experience look further for those kind of things. I'm sure when it comes down to like really 8000 pounds of below zero. Doesn't somebody do them. You political. We did a collaboration with for met our gut. That I company called forbidden fruit but also here in Chicago and spend that in the year ended up having twenty different botanical ingredients good. That's an Italian bitterly pure. Both. So hot and hip right now let's stop fellow you know double that process on steroids trying to figure out how do you work with. With twenty different botanical ingredients to get a ball imbalanced to produce certain and then the fact. And and I know with your background you do a lot of branding and I tightened in this day and age I think branding has become very very complicated first off coming up with a name that has not been taken. And getting something that stands out in the core I mean what what is that process look like. Well the process used to be kind of conventional like any other thing on the grocery store shelves but what it's become a lot more lately is if very personal expressions of very much more like I designing. Record. Record album CD covers. And so one barbers were actually working with the local artist who's this kind of really fascinating. Outsider artists who doesn't amazingly beautiful illustrations. And we're just make them of your camp like that's the whole thing except for little stripped down one side that that has both. Those company branding him a little bit of a nonsensical story about it because people really are viewing. Beer packages especially KM to the kind of cute little miniature our peace moves and the old conventional stick a local wanna have the brand name have the consistency that billboard effect where. Everything on the shelf kind of all make one unit. That's still cut loose shirt so plenty of that but a new work the new way of the scrawled out a way it's a big part for me an old guy to kind of get my head around that. Well there now. Hi I think there are so many names are taken so many. You stand on the cooler. Come up and I think it's very very challenging let's let's talk first about the book brandy tasty beer second edition an insider's guide to the world's greatest strength. It is the world's greatest drink we will bring you if you we have one of the world's greatest drinks in front of us we have victory summer love and we're gonna taste our way through that but. Tell us about the book in them won't say severe. The book was actually done that vote but originally the material was put together the big clap. But I thought for the people institute suburban school the fear in Chicago store work through that material for a couple of years I haven't the book has that kind of structure. Taking you from knowing a little bit about beer and really giving you the tools with with some practice income from paid thing effort. They've become an industry professional. Sport is written in a way of its. Fun to read and it's not just for people who work. Who were in the industry. To kind of takes you through the little pot about a little bit of a fifteen or 171000 year history of the year. It did help you understand how your brain works and how your sensory. And some kind of function and that's really important to understand French through the vocabulary of beer. And talk about following the very specific flavors and more they come from and in the ingredient from the current profit from fermentation. And Bennett talked about. Other big move here from chapter or what but I completely rewrote for those. Then none of a lot of other things like serving scoring pouring glassware and a timely talk about. The world your style. Of German loggers and would say old. Belgian beer what's going on American craft beer. And that's the book. And and and a bulb go good book to get into if you're interested endeared her interest in sampling here. When you sample a beer Randy what are the characteristics where where we poured summer love in front of us more award what do the sort of four characteristic you look through an MB. Filming gip or anyone in my gless who will run through it looks like to pour the beer for the beer and the collapse gonna write down the middle make a good. Pile foam helps it helps relieve some of the doubt but that make the beer taste. A little better you don't have so much carbonation away releases from Romo. That happened that empty happily Blackwood and collect the Roma. So that's first thing you wanna do it. Well what I've got on the table in front of me I don't even have a put my nose and are ready second smallest beautiful light Maltby those in the spear may be in the pop. An agreement funny your nose and just. So kind of waved around a little bit and don't don't sniff deeply enough to think about how dogs smelled. Smells a little tip from Craig continued well really deeply you're gonna come up. Once once you smell something and then. That's not gonna go the way your brain and in like before leaving the room when your pain in the wall and coming back and put my god what is that this comes. The good smelling you're trying to like what you identify everything in the proper foods well liked and all okay what kind of mall wells in this case. It's like a white bread navy slightly cracked hurried kind of multi. Going from a more general vocabulary don't Morse says specifics. And that's really the difference between trained tasters with a lot of beer. My vocabulary elements you can actually caught up specific chemical sometimes. Whip like a banana pastor for example that debt that you might get an example by some that have the specific chemical name and so. Solid gold for more specificity are trying to push yourself a good thing you're trying to use so little any kind of weird memory impression up popped into your head to. Molder never wrong. Brightcove views well company here in a candy store and you felt circus peanuts serve morals of the man around for something. You know you're just more go out because both of those who backed her brain trying to help you and see if you've seen him in his memory good associated to a great break unfamiliar. Where we're bumping up against the clock grandy. We're I was always thought we look at the beer we smelled the beer. We feel the beer and we tasted beer and this one has great loads of citrus and had lots of land and a little bit earthy a little bit spicy. And and I think a really good beard he can break down all the characteristics on. Dad growing Mexican thrilling night of got a great talent to that I'd put it in the category of a golden male American goal mail Scott. Upon reasonable amount of bitterness but it doesn't certainly not a ninety very thing that you can tune I think what we're the market is going. What people do one thing that hit a pop even another relatively. Easy drinking some beer like this when those. I'm very go Randy Mosher is the author than Randy motion on time you go to the website and I would imagine and get the book Randi also an Amazon you can find the book the book is tasting beer second envision an insider's guide to the world's greatest strength we wanna thank you for being on the show. Here Randy. My pleasure any time and so on. The WLK Friday your bus powered by seventeen he's pizza and seventeen these bottles shop and Barnett consider. The area's going to selections over aircraft an imported Beers grab losing Crowley is I have Bob and 36 or cheating drafts. At seventeen he's pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue and makes it our credit about bringing you merely good people together. I.