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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 4/28/17

Fri, 28 Apr 2017|

The Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club on 'the Buzz' for National Homebrewer's Day on May 6th!



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  3. Al Gore12:37
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  7. Jon Tester4:48
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Over recording the picture hyper prepared I know that the club. There don't leave us while we're still here. Two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcast is the word. The two would only know one thing years. Two time winner in the country Associated Press broadcast association work it was my index finger. The podium and the graduate who Padraig good defense and yes Fred is another addition. In the Friday nearby is powered by seventeen these people since seventeen he's bottle shop and aren't considered. The area's greatest collections of rare crafted important years. Ground losing callous hand Pompeo. 36 certainty hitting jab at seventy he's beaten seventeen Donaldson. The bar landing avenue and accident right now normally we would say hello and good morning to windows Sabatini but we just the wake of always late this morning bill yeah just got to not a bad is so you may be on the way he may not but anyway you get both the front desk messed up -- and give ms. wake up call half old bill for my beer buzz that come with a fallback plan they're called himself happy Friday and Abby Friday normally we go we have so much stuff in front of us really doing I'm excited we -- from -- a shift in reserve if we needed because we have just we need it smoked meats and cheeses I mean this is Susan the greatest show long time. We have with us if you haven't guessed already. Three members of the Wyoming Valley home number worse. We have jockey arming George Fred Monty and Jeff was go OK okay. When they had here. And we are in support I'm an event that's coming up on May sixth man and his national home brewed a basic Ali tomorrow yeah are we tomorrow so mark your calendars because you can participate in this press into Vienna a week blowing heads up on this pick this little background on the event itself. Until we're doing is national former DA has respond what's called Labor Day and homers all around the world actually get together. And number is many ambassadors possible as a matter of fact last year the figures were 171804. Gallons of beer were brewed at foreigner and 83 events. So this year we try to meet that so. The one going homers club is getting together add just house and that anyone is welcome to stop by members bring all the brain equipment sales he all different types of brew being made and we'll try number was much fear is possible. So anyone is interest in stopping by. They can go on her FaceBook page contact us and I would give them directions and they can email me directly to check your army gmail.com. And we will give them information on how they can come and participate if they wanna route they wanna watch as they wanna learn a thing as one hang out and try some good Beers and some good cured meats has. It's a fun event and if you have any curiosity about home during if you wanna learn about home during. Or even if you just wanna see what it looks like can participate with a bunch of fun guys and girls. It's a great data do it you can reach out to these guys and and not. You know to work out the details to get. I ended and the Getty images and you know at home bring up I mean dummies it's obvious but these are unique Beers Sanaa Sunday you can walk in some plays and by some there's this is these and and these guys have been due to a long time and I'm not even exaggerating when I say our piece seriously whether guys when you came in here this morning sir opening import Beers it was late oh man this is the group I'm telling you they did the aroma wafting through the studio and then. The smoke could cheesecake. I reveal my dad it's unbelievable. That they do they do this thing called big group blaster you eat you nailed it it's there were 2003 iron 63 batches 121780. Participants and 171800. Gallons of beer brewed across the country. So it's a big day they do 1 PM simultaneous toast where they all toast. You know home brewing no legalization and American I think next yours like the thirtieth anniversary. On the eve of legalization of homer reduces serious and when it was signed now President Carter signed into law so some plant right next year to make everybody. He's tired he hits and didn't get anything had. So. They may we always ask and and you know these guys know the answer and I think everybody has probably heard these answers but is it hard to home group. If you could boil water and make soup you could brew beer alleles me. I you you can buy extract brewing where you really opening canning you put extracting with water in your boil it in and that's pretty much the gist of the whole thing down or you can do it all grain brew where you you crack grain and and brew that way. A little bit harder a little bit more equipment but still not very very hard John's favorite is a dangerous. You. Know there ceballos is a dangerous. Is not dangerous no matter where you hear how. And I think from android Jon Tester I wouldn't let me ask is dangerous in terms of this is the first beer and made in the nineties and Lego man without a there's nothing they can live in alcoholic and ginger you also a couple of in other than lose flavor but I got to imagine like everything else you know whether it's playing the violin or whatever the more you do it the better you get ahead. Right yeah you you'd be you do learn from your mistakes and hopefully and make better beard era is such a bad mistake shut the had a dump it out. You know once I did some nodding my appreciation at that guy who always wants. I feel like I don't wanna hear the answer though sometimes actually you can beer can turn to vinegar because there's an increase in the air and then you have five gallons of malt vinegar so oh well. And or how perfect. Tom is it expensive to do. Initial investment goes you just need a nice big pot and then your angry and so does not expensive to do. Is it. Good deer in the end and we're gonna prove that here and if you mean you can drew. Just as good as professional brewers and at this stage in the game many professional Burres out there came from home during background which I'm sure you talk about every week on the show. You know we interview a lot of these guys so. Yet you can drew just as good as what's out well and the nice thing too is if you're an obvious Maria thinking about trying this for the first time marry you get a W guys the Wyoming Valley home brewers club obviously an awful lot to be learned and her much time you guys can you offer tips and hints and in and help guys along and that's the biggest thing we get a lot of people who are noodle maybe improve one or two badges they come to a meeting. And after the formal part of the meetings over we have samples they try to from bears she was out there. Ask us any questions and we'll help them with any flaws they might however it is giving guidance you know jemile we have. Years and years of experience so we can help people with any issue that might you know how can enjoy beer Yoder who happen. I'm and we can actually testified to how with the Beers are like are we had these guys are so many times in the Beers are fantastic if you think that there. They're sub par to professionally brew beer not the case very very good Beers. Up our first one the we're gonna sample today is shocks and it's we're sort of Conan Irene retro pale ale. Ted tell us are aware that that the idea came from. Okay the idea for this and I'll try to be quick with this they eat you go to a lot of bars anymore and there's like twenty different Beers and there's like a mango and and a grapefruit and I know I always delivers end I just sit. And have a good old beer girl paella also asserted thing about you know when when brew club broom probes first started. You go in and they have a pale ale they have a starter something so I made Astra from AOL is basically is I'll cascade hops which was the main hop that was used back out and and it's it's a smash spears single mom single hop so it's all. Community malt and cascade hops and to me it has you know near Rome and the flavor of just a basic pale ale from back in the days. So I guess Saturday at great throwback appear to like us here in Nevada pale ale and some of the early ones that came out of our area and out of the West Coast in Colorado really nice beard. Little pop little bomb all balance to it Kenyatta cascade hops come shining through for sure. Up next we have Jeff so we're gonna juggle Jeff over the microphone. Jeff. Created of these come over here is as we don't I don't I need to come on Jeff first of all we ask you national Rudy ends of your house how they go with the neighbor's yeah. And among my neighbors are very we're giving OK and you invite them over and everybody that yeah. Okay thanks a busy Jeff created this one just actually kind of found this one after creating an earlier yes. Yeah this. Building Goldman. This is one of those jams that you found in the back of the refrigerator when you're looking for something else. And it happens to come out and it's you know crystal clear. Got all the characters of Belgian beer. Comes in just about just under 9% and while so I mean it's it's nothing to be you know no. Yeah you don't like your job for almost put in the gas thingy on how when we when we say Belgian beer tell us what makes us a Belgian beer vs just a straight all pale well. What makes this a Belgian airline this is the the mall blue this one happens to be. Tells her and aromatic small took care tolls. And you know normal option. The east is the the biggest contributor and tell this but these rule him part and our actions. All the kind of testers which makes the character of the beer itself up. And that's where traditionally described you nailed it there traditionally describes a Belgian style beer. And you can pesos flavors and it has some of those sort of banana and Colo elements and is traditional flavors. They all come from the heart from the from the east. There are there are no boom bananas are close to call clear there are part by the they used it all comes up. So in home growing you get to experiment with these things you get to make small tweaks and change things up and and you can change the way these Beers comes out because you do them over and over and over again and that's when the beauties of it because you're doing small batches cannot. You're not tweet Kean a fifty gallon factor of fifty barrel bash. It it really gets you tuned in on a beer that you like can you can broad anytime you want. We actually. We have two more hair. We're so we're gonna wake up George to do more Beers and there would two minutes ago or Georgie got a mahogany AL here first off we should tell people there's no mahogany and at Wright is loses. Not eight minutes ahead in this one and Omaha give me enough I thought well I'd certainly no mind you need. This pierce came about them. I was visiting my parents are forty years ago when my craft brewing was just getting started on the East Coast. And I went into an Irish. Pomp and they had this smog in here on time capsule are trying to. It was absolutely amazing and I'll go to Casey nice mall flavor gonna hop character. And it hasn't been paid the money stay color a mahogany is more than anything how words it's kind of like the I'm proud. Read Irish failed on stare downs. I think a lot deeper it's been a lot more mall flow may be named until it. And it's right around 7% asked not really a session beer. But it's not gonna put it down real quick either I don't play tricks. How could take church son. If it plays tricks on your eyes a little bit because it's a darker color beer. But it does sort of has a copy multi balance that I can apparently English hitter going on liar or shred them he saw Marist honor malt. Fumbles and he's come Golding humps so traditional Irish Haas says it's a great. Tasting beer. Remove Phil's got a nice creamy head until it. This it hit the mark exactly what I wanted to. And abruptly back to Florida native had. Jefferson very here and there really is feeling about him Florida. And and last but not least certainly we have an oatmeal stout and and this one's really had a fierce of the blue cup this is where we spread. Program cups yes. Tell us about Theo will stop because this one has some some connection students are really all you well he Jeff and I brew this bureau also and it just turns out that this is actually chunks recipe. Jeff prudent though I guess within a year or two ago when he actually won awards. With this bear path and it's it's a very very well balanced. Style. I'm very creamy my small feel on myself finish. It's yeah it it's just very good recipe and it's nice to shut the mouth feels really really nice and and I can see where would win awards it's a sort of a classic oatmeal stout. ABB on this one. Pilots high 668. Somewhere around there I would imagine. So I wanna he's barely greater. Yeah I think there are really nice if we have one in reserve to legal move will sound at Brashear the aftermath of the show all right cons on national Rudy is coming up at this week tomorrow may say may sixth Al Zarqawi and a half hour if people wanna stop by and check it out OK if you wanna stop by checking Al Gore FaceBook page contacts is through their go to our knowledge numbers dot org or our meeting is this Monday at seventy knees. Pizza at 7 o'clock in the back room you're welcome to south by the meeting meet everybody. And you more information on coming to the big group the following Saturday cap and not walking guys up chuck army and George for muskie and then Jeff let's go guys thanks for being here thinking arena here and then the remembers a more than cured meats and spoke to here. Your prayers and after Marty other WL gave Friday dear buzz tarred by Sabatini speeds up seventeen is bottle shop and bar an exit or highland though. I'll let the area's break it elections are rare crafted imported Beers balancing calories and hand pumped in 36 retained contrasts. Seventeen he's pizza and seventies bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue an exit Friday bear about bringing in a mirror you good people together. There. It.