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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 4/21/17

Fri, 21 Apr 2017|

Co-founder and director of mind control, Monday Night Brewing's Jonathan Baker with Serrano Eye Patch Ale this week on 'the Buzz!'



  1. Jonathan baker1:41, 12:12
  2. Urban Renewal5:49
  3. West Coast9:43
  4. bald Eagles10:30
  5. craft beer4:36
  6. brewing company1:36
  7. imported Beers0:52, 12:29
  8. George decay1:22
  9. MicroHoo0:38
  10. mind control1:39, 1:47, 12:11

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirty seconds ladies and gentlemen thirty seconds how many seconds 30 my goodness. Sony's. Although our window can you respect their flip on this going try to get vertigo well. That's the one day go look at look at society. And we go yeah. What. Would it work. The Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award. And a two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasters association award. To promote and advance the crafted MicroHoo Padraig northeast Pennsylvania. It's another addition. The liberty. Is powered by seven teens pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar innings under. The area's greatest collections of free aircraft an imported Beers rallies palace to hand pump. 36 rotating drafted seventeenth people up and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue an exit. Sabatini in the city in the morning and go hello I'm really happy Easter I. Spent a couple of weeks ago for my beer buzz that garbage back happy Friday you were on the occasion two weeks ago I was yeah yeah yeah I'm actually going home so upon coming up so I'll be back you're likely your vacation Nelson at the wrong with that and happy eightieth birthday to George decay is it really adds is that is eightieth birthday czar and an honor of George we would bring back his own mind live and prosper here area. We are guests started joining us right to the guest from Atlanta Georgia from the Monday night brewing company we have the co-founder of marketing guy and master of mind control on how Jonathan baker had Jonathan. Everio does say that on the card. Master mind control pictured and allow the company engine you can say whatever you want to big sister Maria. So mastermind controlled position I know the answer to that already earth and combat helmet where I came from. Fruit just kind of an inside joke that you know my background in marketing and plenty of business partners. Just make fun of me. Being able to control everyone destiny they please. That's the court sometimes so how did you guys you started with money now brewing worded it all begins. We knew it was Sunday that his Bible study. That that's yeah it was a Friday morning Bible study is. Three of us started brewing beer on Monday night just to get to know we get a better socially and figured out that we really look brewing more than we loved our. White collar day job. We've got to put together business plan in five years later the degree vacuum that's only eleven. I'm gonna ask where the name comes from but it was a Monday night Bible study. He had a name turned up at and so how does that play into the you know to know the beer itself in the name Monday night. Absolutely you know Woodward Grunin and drinking. But they date. We've got to go to work the next day unfortunately. So we're not looking to get. Flushed. What we're basically just grew appears that we can drink with Scrooge. Well we're really in the fair and is you know just balanced flavorful meal and burned primarily. So. Really we just brew crew per week like consumption. And I love the line money nine brewing exist to deepen human relationships over some of the best peers in the country. This and that's really just an homage to kind of how we got started. In our Bible study and the when we were we were growing everybody and I were brewing for the Bible study both. Then it turned into like I don't know we're brewing away too much beer once Bible and we better yet another Bible study your home for that purpose so he started. So we started to providing. Stranger lose friends and family and weirdos. And it became a truly eclectic mix of of some minute driveway every Monday night. It's just how large is numbering system now. We've got thirty payroll of fruit system which is sixty check about 101000 bottles. We are these second largest craft courier new Georgia. And it's been a fun ride so far and distribution. You know I see Georgia and Alabama more. And Nobel for now yeah we're actually and now working on building our second Burry just five miles south of us what shall be focused on fairly aged and seller Beers which. But even though the big Connecticut upcoming Trenton in the craft beer industry. And so once we get that. Under way won't what was what we are looking at other states in the southeast and insert creeping north. Think in under the category of planting a seed we're in Pennsylvania. I know I don't so this does shortlist austerity can now judge and as I can distribution Y like do you look at another stays does that mean you yearly low the truck and take a writer or what how does that work. Yeah I wish it were that simple. It do it so pretty highly regulated industry in every state has different alcohol although you really look at that each state separately. And the older you get from your home markets the more important it is for you to really. Take a hard look at distribution partners hand. Signing off. I think contract with the right wholesalers who then. Do the job of selling your your peer into. Retail establishment. So yes all about relationships essentially and then and then like Jonathan said the further away you are from home the more important those relationships become content. You mentioned briefly John I think you missed. Get this Fuller update on the belt line facility tells a little bit about the facility and where you are so far. So. The belt line is this kind of really large Urban Renewal project here in Atlanta we're we're basically ended the 22 mile loop. Back inside city limits. Trail. And we have been fortunate enough to find the spots along one of the new. Section below the belt line. Will be building up to 20000 square foot facility. Along lips. Let's be planting an orchard. And using that orchard to do a lot of fun spontaneous fermentation. Doing a lot of sour appears fairly aging. And then you obviously building had a tasting room with with a dog park and some fun stuff for people to watch them by two. Yeah I think the urban orchard part of it really caught my attention military I think that's really need to be able to grow your own truth and the truth is not just about. The fruit in the beard the true it is about someone some of the fermentation some of the wild east yes. Yeah that's right so retreated to attract wild east in the and all differ retreat detect different wild east and so. What we're trying to do is get like the right retreat together. So they were actually gonna basically harvest that air or insulted directly into the furry to permit OS. And ended you know and then it in modern day brewing now people would do just the opposite they would do everything they can do to isolate her and now he's never. Is that a pump and in doing just go back into the yeah let's go back to the good old days. Back before her you know lab room yet it was really dialed implants. I think that's really exciting can't wait to see some of the Beers coming out of that I also see in my notes here in its dog and bike friendly and paintings of dinosaurs. Oh yeah I thought any painting the dinosaurs but that's just because it richer. Nothing wrong with that you're not you're not alone they're down when -- young and are you doing Daschle painting your. We we we've got better sort of undertow I'm totally allegedly has not passed any certain dinosaurs. So I will simply carnivorous ones the content. And rebellion have weapons. Go for the open lasers. Can that's second to bring dinosaurs little weapons. It ought to be a movie really or bigger name put up a today's here comes more enlightened fidelity today's beer comes from the clip on series since first tell us about the clip on series itself. So the coupon period is basically our our our take on a few go and it's. It's a beer that's usually a twist on one of our core fears but available for a limited time. Kind of a limited way. And pretty excited to bring. These Serrano eye patch bay hill Vatican with the line up which. But it would be that was basically an accident to start out they would vote we're trying to brew are hurting whose style I PA. IPad jail and we had to do brewer who put the wrong my alternate so who decided to play around with the at and I ended up. Glitter of the bunch of different things adding fresh Serrano peppers and then it turned out this is that does spite of the pepper. I'm really complemented the Hobbs bitterness and pop through well. It's a rather than he may go about this site used to peppers they really provide more flavor than. Then teach so does this end up being a very kind of green peppery flavor of beer with just like and despite from the back end that. But in severe really clean when. And that's why you're gonna say when it was a happy brewing accident that you know we have this case of Serrano peppers effects didn't on the shelf above the brewing system and then the earth wind and Andre but the the I'm so happy accident actually happened with the mall so this spears and English style I'd PA so it leans a little more toward the multi side I think than than a traditional you know like a West Coast IPA. What CA media on the spear. It's going to. So it did its strong enough to get your attention I see it's 45 I BU. And and you write the peppers brings something to the game that I think is very late in the taste but then after you have a few sips it's sort of on the on the tipping your lips in a little bit of heat. Yeah is that this I guess that be the Sara B you said you said it's not the hottest pepper we had to have a new aero and Filipino and you know those those are very apparent and then there's some heat involved here this has got this kind of mellow he had that's a tamper. But I want it kind of it's promoting its own first. Yet that's exactly right and it and it really good backed up trying to find balance and appear that we proved too great so that he slack and overtake Alex there's you infiltrate the bald Eagles so they've and there. And why the two year hiatus for the spear. We we were busy. I put up all the dinosaur paintings and everything you know. Does that mean advance orders are gonna patent. And so this fear is packaged in twelve ounce bottles you dude do you do cans as well. Not this year but we have to in the future yeah we just we just gotta get a lineup that are under the actually it came from new Belgium or Italy and then went to cigar city and now we have a. So I should be some good luck in that canning line already you guys also do black tie series tell us what the black tie series is. Select a series is really a chance for our brewers to play around creatively. But you wouldn't be bigger Beers. Fairly aged. Maybe seller to. We meet you know large format bottles and we're gonna make them really limited amount and not make any orbit. We boy and gold medal with a look great American beer flexible solar middle of the world beer cup after some of those Beers so yeah that's and that's really the impetus behind opening a second fairly Jean Serrie facility is the third success that. Food fears about a. And in you have some of the greatest names you know tears of my enemies coming out of the black knights series about the and every one of my favorites coming out of the club bond series his friend zone. Our friends over here well knows all too familiar English so. I'm opening gonna go for dinosaurs with weapons at some point though I know if you if there's not going to be an actual movie it was only on a bottle. Yeah we'll do it won't do for you expect it thinks that. Cries out that co-founder of the marketing guy and in charge of mind control Jonathan baker were enjoying some money they bring. Serrano eye patch dale Johnson it's an excellent beer we thank you for me on the show. Thank you nice and so on. And the Friday dear buzz start by Sabatini pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in exit are what are the areas greatest collections over aircraft in imported Beers. Ground losing crawlers hand pump and 36 irritating traps. Seventeen he's pizza and Sabatini bottle shop and bar. Wyoming avenue and exit out of Freddie bear about bringing good Beers and good people didn't get there. It's.