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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 3/31/17

Fri, 31 Mar 2017|

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery head brewer Brian Nelson and 'Quadrahop' on 'the Buzz!'



  1. New Zealand3:57, 14:11
  2. Brian Nelson1:26, 13:43
  3. mechanical engineering3:25, 4:18, 4:44
  4. Richmond Virginia3:46, 1:22
  5. beer can't6:35
  6. imported Beers0:38, 14:00
  7. New York City1:03
  8. research and development4:09
  9. Granny gear14:10

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Area. Poker. Room. A whole new Yorker he's concentrating home. We don't have to be associated broadcast in more than two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters association award. Prodding and advancing the question might remove Bulger in northeast Pennsylvania there's another addition though. Freddie beer buzz is powered by Sabatini Steve's son seventeen these files are open to learning center the area's greatest collections of rare craft an imported Beers. Rallies pink palace to hand pump. 36 rotating dress in seventies defense seventy's lot of stuff in the. Nice and really no sanity and it's. Mourning mourning are doing fantastic bill for my beer by the outcome happy Friday million units in two days I don't know don't have great. Happy birthday to mrs. Bierbauer can have a job they are happy birthday yesterday in New York City with mother in law beer buzz. Okay I'm gonna your time here oh yeah happy birthday is she's asleep she's probably now listening to a ball. Almost some yard out ever Al wake her up because I'm eager to get out of left I'm sure she'll watch the video back. We have a guest joining us hi Leo he's on the phone from Richmond Virginia from the hardwood park craft brewery. Today we have had brewer Brian Nelson ran out today morning Brian. Good morning Harry terrific it's Friday we couldn't be better. And and I thank you cannot and then thanks for joining us again we've had Bryan on before and so he sees nice enough to join us again. Prime worst supporting an event that will be held at Sabatini pizza on the nineteenth of April featuring party would Beers. I'll Lindo is here in windows gonna tell us very quickly about the event I know you're still secure and some of the Beers. Still working everything out we're getting there after this is pretty much hair and I'm pretty mindset now and there were happy to announce that we're going to be doing sixteen Beers on drought yo. From argue apart a lot there is a lot and I only had some newer atmosphere lined up some barrel its stuff we have so starlet Saddam well. That the Germans and others limber Murrow gingerbread style. Farmhouse Tom junior says for Christmas and Christmas morning. And then flew you have a crush on top. Prefer and English is fantastic here and for the bunch of other stuff swimming great event in his April maintain Tomlinson. Excellent my cellular sixteen that's a moving sixteen below it are excited. So I'll tell people from experience if you wanna sit down in the pizza shop side which is where everything starts and where the fur can goes at 7 PM. You wanna get their earlier if if you wanna get a seat because it gets crowd of about 6:30 or 7 o'clock right before the first thing. Todd Bennett what nine or 930 you transition to the bar bottle shop where there will be a whole bunch more Beers on draft. There was going to be this will be a great and they were really excited for mark your calendars April 19 at seventeen Wednesday April 19 a beautiful. So Brian what I know we probably asked last time you put idealized I know how the Marie started in 2011. What got you interested in brewing beer. Yeah I don't know its way back. Political calendar yet but I read a beer about a marine ribbon at your book about amber it enough. Yet decided that Alison they're going to sort of mechanical engineering at Simon not. After awhile after work to decide that my passion of the somewhere in the burn industry and actually work and in not you know occur while a group of calm down there Auckland. And I it worked effort cleared and I'm like she'd cut on your sort of larger commercial burning itself. Found out like impact any a short shorts and that's an acting back to you Richmond Virginia and no matter what their Patrick co founders and that's that's only certain part. Will Brian mending after college thing is just like the legal you re just doing the hard too around the world for awhile I Heidi and have a New Zealand. How can initiate a party not really that interesting but my wife's job actually brought to sell Merrill Lynch I I've I think that. I quit my job and timeouts were the first on the research and development and now we basically it's six suitcase is my guitar and then went down like Japanese want. It was and that's great so at that moment when you switch from mechanical engineering to I'm going to be a burn I'm gonna brew beer for a living. What what's that what you mean what's a milestone there what's that this tipping point where you switch that in and how many people did you have to ask permission there is certain. And you have no way. Are you I remember talking about a about a new type what are you doing so you know you know revered Mandela from the net of settled on the golf you know would you be surprised that yeah how. I interconnected being a mechanical engineering at is that the current process and being down on the mechanics so that the and I know when the science behind that act. And that's always you know and how does she know interstate then again neither does this come out of college and did a lot of my Humber in the south and the sideline and to delete then. Found that it was absolutely the paper like you know kind of look at me pet restraint as well and now but yeah its silly sense so something that changed a life. We're we're always say brewing as you know part biology part mechanical engineering impart to our artistic ventures so cute idea and that sensor kinda fits we know it is already wood and a lot of people just call party would but that's not the full name. Tell us where the full name comes from and where they got that. Cheshire party would park cracked her is when the heart even park is actually. Sheep station down and now Australia clearly the world's got to Australia. Some I don't think it's never called argued proportionally that's sound yet worker Eric and her co founders went down there again at this you know sort of look at moment. I'm taking some. You know only geared at the end she stationed armor. I would actually a break at the time so as you know he got to get the bug in his mind. But that's what you wanted to do you know we're gonna rest knows what it's also. About them you know who and that these guys they're the adjectives that have a southern atmosphere connection house underneath you a virtual tie and they were down in Australia just learn about earmark about out the of the post. And and you guys just started this year I guess that'd give us an update on the Charlottesville tapper. No that's that's awesome and so we have our around the circle bathrooms but we have a little comfort house you know so it's real small and hasn't you know thought it would all that's something we can really try to adjust some things that are amber are cheaper up there Kevin storm he sent up the operations that there are so. He we have worked out that you were talking with all the numbers here at the recent facility. And just tagging them some beer can't the speed other ideas and what they want to see up there at it so there's going to be a lot of a lot of interest and you're coming out confident in the things we couldn't try to talk to girls are so now or burned near Richmond. And just you know getting together you republic thanks in May be a graduate until the third largest. Eat it like a kangaroo IP air some that are. Hey except the referee system there is much smaller what's the brewing system size and in Charlottesville. The Katrina barreled set Odom a lot of plea you know. After the sizable we have out of you know Curley now on kitchen night in Richmond and and elk. Found in the stone building a larger facility. About just about it and that's you know from our downtown Richmond litigation which shall be well PD one of the best impersonation buries in the country. And that's going to be end and I'm I'm sure I'm screwed up the name or bad goat saloon. That's right and I and that is that's going to be a big big number I'm hearing is twenty million dollar facility. And that's over a couple baited we restarted all the phase one and about it's about half that investment. I believe you have a plan to solicit and yelled to retrieve a quiet Beers Q increased its acting capacity increase super mouse again. Then yes you were reopened the air and it's exciting you know we have all of the the building go up right now to bring you building a some of the upper house coming in and day. And Elmer opened poke at them by the end of the year I thought I just the first first portion January but they don't think things happened up. And Virginia has quietly sort of snuck up on North Carolina and some of these other brewery destinations so I think that's really exciting to see a Virginia become a brewing destination as well. And totally legal but I was sitting here we go again that's our goal was to make it sort of how. That's you know customer experience Simon Hooper is a big hurry to sound so we had a lot of security note issuance case we need some odd music we have an outdoor amphitheater. Other buildings and it felt great to next to a wetlands area so. But also to wildlife health care we deliver just south they're not too long ago it sold all legal fight and die and are you going to steal really really a neat stuff that we got to just be armed. The green experience I think the way in the land guerrilla again I think it's important. Though the lay of the land and the facility you're talking about selling is going to be really outstanding that's only a great play here we go up now Leo and you much closer to us which we like because it's a little he asked. Yeah I'm in my opinion through until the end of the year in front of us and it's part of the reserve series it's reserve's series quadra hot. But first tell us about what is the reserve series. Our reserves generated video round series premieres that we either have seen nor related but mostly it's it's related to meet local and Debbie get. So we can accomplish drinker right now we just 2%. From Virginia ground Barley. I can then certainly we work with. The other really good they're great relationship with perhaps mopping up. And facility out in Williamsburg. That they do all their four balking at all secret in the Barley is actually grown up in the northern neck urging. I'm an epic that's focused on that all of all of our you our next. We series beater this from beaches the Blackberry needs to rest Ares. Local ginger local honey that lead you to all our Richard. Their peers talk comes from from local ground. Birdies and then not a. And and when I read the name I thought immediately quadra hop I started thinking Claude like a hot I'm no engineer and it's it's not yet. Then the name comes from the fact that there are four different Hobson right. That's actually retract that. She's going to be more exclude food and more you know certain Chinese outstrip an out there most of it helps solve then concentrate a little over some of the proprietary apps that and you know sometimes are very hard to find and actually looking for a lot more help each other and should for some other other projects sort and I'm dumb idea that there are exquisitely get that app that's. Just tremendous a row mind tremendous labor. Commonly eaten like there's an idea. And this is a really really nice spear it's 55 I view a half percent a BB so it's on the big side and IBA and I PH almost sort of a double IATA. And when I read like that I gotta tell you one of the the script you're sure this is goose Berry. And as a kid I grew up and our neighbor had who's very bushes and Reese and rob the goose fairies but most people don't know what and who's very tastes like. I'm glad I spot on the scripture for this it's sort of a melon sort of remote area and really nice to script or for the spear. Am glad I'm glad that resonated again that's it and so this is the Delaware but I bet. I think whoever pretty crowded apparently read an opportunity this side story on illness you're quite a drop and are what you're anniversary and I don't like I was really did you know we can't really eat that negative they're released from Quetta corps you know more people so that was that. I gotta say Sunni don't import these just a little while ago I fill the studio with a new delicious small options really don't. Now and then then Nelson solvent in the citrus seem to be really really aromatic and and I'm excited that there's going to be a fur can of this at the sounds event then is that setting and be straight up for dinner is there anything added to that are just it's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah we added an extra mosaic option you're happy with in the Arkansas and even be a lot more of that passion fruit and it comes American mosaic. I'm ops yeah I'm pretty excited attitude that they need to get out. There's a really really nice spirits got that resin this stuff that I like as an imperial life PA. On you guys do a thing called the RBA I PH community hopping project which I think is really is somebody that loves farming in laws groceries. I really need and you give out rise alms and and you collect the hops at the end after people wrong. We doubt we'd about a thousand wrap up empty cheer. You know around the time just before they need to be planted in this thing in the ground and pound inaccurate media members are our fans our people our customers a comment and then now. You over the time over the years we've done a south Earl shoot eighty. Four years almost five years now so we start to get a lot more pop sentiment some growers are getting much more mature. Find. And now don't get some some guys come and collect I don't remember the trial of boost but can you didn't come like I had no problem solved and see a little. Side of things can get beyond that we do so yet and actually really cool. Local farmers that are just maybe fifteen minutes south of debris. I that are that are actually getting pretty big and scale as far as say you know Virginia growth growers. How many providing talent it's no option and things birdies and some of our their beards as well. Yeah you're doing your party would park Kraft Marie event happening at seventeen you Leno did I don't know Saturday the nineteenth. Influence it was a Wednesday night were tap on the virtue of this drill Virginians went it's they they clutch or opposite it's up to 7 o'clock at night. Ahmed subsite and he's a sixteen other Mir right now or has six fingers on draft from the it's fantastic lineup that doesn't mean if you don't like that PA's. There in the hold all on my mother's real balanced responsible for has a damn it when's. You RE LE so I cannot let people at a matchup wins 9090 Brian Nelson an amber at Harding park Kraft Marie Bryant thank you for being on the show we love squadron out. I think he had membership didn't they care really good stuff the WLK Friday your bus is powered by seventeen days pizza is seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in eggs that are. The area's greatest selections over aircraft in imported Beers balancing palace to hand pump and 36 are kidding drafts. Seventies pizza and seventeen he's bottle shop and bar. Wyoming avenue in Exeter. Granny gear about bringing a New Zealand people together. I.