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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 3/24/17

Fri, 24 Mar 2017|

We sample Polar Vortex and The Hell That Is My Life with Pizza Boy Brewing owner/president Al Kominski this week on 'the Buzz!'



  1. video game6:44, 6:52
  2. oak barrels7:27
  3. ALCON5:58, 6:10
  4. imported Beers0:27, 13:52
  5. sex acts8:13
  6. wild tiger7:34
  7. pizza shop1:59, 2:03, 2:08
  8. brewing system5:34
  9. brewing beer2:40
  10. tricky balance8:36

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Only association of broadcast who weren't in the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcast association work. To promote and advance the craft and Mike from coach in the northeast Pennsylvania it's another addition look. Senate Friday beer buzz is powered by seventeen eat pizza and Sabatini bottle shock and barring exert. What are the areas greatest collections of rare crashed in imported Beers. Rallies in Crowley is at hand pump. The 36 you're kidding about the seventeenth season seventeen miles off the. Eggs that are faster on the blah blah and you've got. Windows here port and a 17 each morning and no good morning wanna play with the Obama and you're given to try to buttons on the back here blob all day long yeah. Yeah that's all I hear I area over my beer -- that I'm happy Friday every Friday bill training I hope you're having you know like I'm good for our kind of show today yeah. There under the radio show last longer than 400. The party after the show goes over four hours is that it does actually construe the count getting here at six and I don't failure success comment that. There would be four hours. We have a guest joining us he's joining us from in all of Pennsylvania from pizza boy brewing today we have Al Kaminsky hey Al hey Al. Hey guys what happened and good morning thanks for being on the show this morning. They haven't traveling so how now that we screwed it up did you prefer how are Albert because I gave both from everybody confident. It runs don't call me when my wife called reality fine. We'll go now. But I saw a lot of people don't connect the dots with this you started back in the day with thousands Hampton which was like pizza place and then became a beard destination what the what sort of got you into good beer. I'm we'd click open and he doesn't you guys pizza shop that was my lifelong goal Tony. Godaddy pizza shop yeah 02 weeks such 2000 to reopen that pizza shop in the arm. Remember some really rough times financially armed with some. Intersection construction sup that they were doing. So we needed something to put it back on the map so we decided to start selling beer so we found no liquor license. Hassan the sell beer that is pretty much nowhere around us that was actually selling anything or let alone that fear. In 2008. When we started to sell beer and we started the fight ahead. I cannot just gonna say and then do this somehow you graduated into actual brewing beer and you had a small system that else for a little while. Well it's so so we did we started this show. Other people here that we had. MG tablet to 2009 and ended up with like 24 tab street and bombs. And then we started this felt so much fear that I was trying to be proactive look into the future everyone around asserted itself beer and I thought. He's on a few years we're going to be selling the same here everyone else to be selling so we need to start so far. We need to serve bring our own beer and I at this point I I've never remembered that appear in my life I've never heard a batch of fear. I'm fighting my big saying was always people said what about circuit through and I said now. Com I can go to one of my captain yet. Like 124 Beers from anywhere in the world that are fantastic why don't I brew beer race sightseeing seeing how the landscape was changing. Wanna be left PIP. Abandon. Any distributor where they have a bunch of a bunch of people selling the same they're silent effort so we need a 130 gallon. Brown concert them find the basement of the pizza shop and about a half million dollars. On my number setup has all this time. You know re mortgage your house what we everything we had to try to keep this thing and the senate itself beer. Our intellectual of our own caps on Sunday without telling everyone else is there so. Why are the rest I was kind of small I'm about forty seats and we resort to passing that we gotten. A lot of trouble locally with like the fire Marshal code enforcement hoops. Once someone is calling in complaining about us so they are calling and complaining about it. I've got a piece of land across the street and we quietly so that you get on a building. Arm. And then we made it public that we are building a new building that we're moving across streets though it the personable and that was complaining. Just let you get your act or sideways annual Christmas cards I've ever done this without you how. Let me ask you question when you talking about you your first tell you what you call your home brings isn't cause and half a million dollars in an haven't mortgage the house. How do you sell that one at home and only mention your wife when we got to start. You go to heard you say honey. We're friends think and. It was a tough sell my home. Because we had discovered some rough times you separate the south appears to be restoring actually get back in the out black and praise from. It was just kind of like one of those things that we had to sit down look for the future and say this past half a minute this doesn't happen in three are going to be in the same place you were three years ago and I don't have that either employment continually evolve there. The concept that we have looked at what I see. What the modern. Customers going to ask. A bus and and we've we brought a busload of people down to pizza boys so we know all about pizza boy became a some stats on pizza boy bear brewing system size. Capital so when we boots and a new place we had 8600 down system. Temperatures at times we had a you'll place side within the first year and happier. Opinion place. We had to increase the size because they're pulling all the times and it was really tedious self. Well now apparently we upgraded everything we have a highly automated. For a ALCON Kathy bell system. So that's a lot you brewing big big batches at a time depending upon the beer well the way so we went at a very specific system that I had custom designed for. Or ask from ALCON. So we can group can't eat green barrels of beer in a batch order freedom bird down a smallish fifteen barrels in the batch. So we still we still have six of our fifteen belt commanders over console and having fun with. We also have some thirty barrel commanders. We have some barrels and now we're taking delivery actually got some like close to 200 barrels remembered as well and we can't some of the bigger brands. We came to visit and you you give us the tour I was amazed to see that the whole thing is control from Mo little video screen that looks like a video game where you touched different components that are involved in the bring process and and the magic happens. Right it is it is really a video game army reduced release endurance held open also they. I felt and the number of tap handles Al currently I know was a ton when we won under. 100 to file to an end approximate bell count because you have all this stuff and barely inside goose bump I know half a what's the what's the barrel account right now and in how many barrels do you have that active for the barely stuff. Falwell. Are so we have a 5000 square foot shower facility which is our old Greek. There's probably close to 200 oak barrels that I hold on we also have whined about for lenders for blending them. I would want to decider company that's our wild tiger company here also so as well. Al you made a big move on March 1 and you know we talked about taking risks and and and diving in with both feet and half million dollar home brew system. On March 1. You made a huge change it and and I agree with that and it's but it certainly risky tell us what you did on March 1. Well this has probably one of the scariest. Things for me at the time. But with the new changes penalized the state I think the state of Pennsylvania has no clue what they're doing right now America. They're allowing him now I'm I'm being under speaking completely opposite here they're allowing beer distributors sell sex acts and sort of treat eating competition and on two levels of the tiered system but they're making the retailer. Still purchasing alcohol for the second year. I was not allowed to sell six passing competitions so lines are short abide by my fear from the local distributor. I still am required by a lot of urgent change sir about. I think it's tricky balance else fixed tax champ there then what we can buy it from them foreign chasing Pete if you tell them saying there yeah so. They're they're directly making us compete with the people that are giving us the product which in the long run only hurts the distributors. But they don't seem to see that for some reason who you know and I just wanna. I wanna get the hell out of there he like completely out of the whole situation. People who are directly involved probably you know then they'll thank you through that farm that is exactly the definition of bass backwards yeah. You have to bite from the people you're competing from a distance makes no sense so you have selling models. Essentially in in both your place it's. Break for the consumer without I don't sort of consumer. Sent home we can get things at a better price down that's awesome that go to the but it didn't get there at a better place. I think the biggest issue is back. Bottled soft you know like windows or lights up the CBO it will spare order. Bottle shops down there by ASEAN component in Philadelphia who we know we we adore. We take pride in being knowledgeable about the products can take pride in taking care of the product. And we took I didn't the baiting of the culture and customers consumers. Are happy enough straight up. Your distributors. We're told we're a buyer beer so beer distributors have been you none of that stuff all they have to do. I am and I don't wanna stop what I'm talking about a all beer distributor from saint solid retail beer distributors. You have to noted on the buy alcohol to buy you beer but they don't have to be nice or not you're bored you're like why can't get any beer distributor. I'm. Cheney did is another one there there eight plus he welcome merits it's climate controlled it's beautiful they have Asus. Organized properly but obviously got a patent you're sure you log into their powerful important hot in red appears check database and then they have. A section of beer that's on Cleveland's. That's like saying that these examined Hershey sore right. Hell no they can't be sold through some asylum for further served fifty cents on the dollar you get rid of me I have to make my money back on I mean that is not caring about the product. It's so out I gonna know. That at pizza bowing out you can buy. Pennsylvania border area went up a little ominous picture and we are under two minutes and we have two Beers to try saw live one of the summer though but you can rely so what PA Beers for consumption on site but you can take out Beers anger dollars in per hours. The only piece of order so what they did Rebecca I don't require liquor license. I put into safekeeping which is for sale well thank god for our license till the brewery license over. So now we can actually compete directly with everyone we can sell a single camera or I consult genes appear the temptation out the door I'm not down by an outside. But we can only sell out appears to leave the premises. Sorry well etc. so we got two Beers in front of us and I wanna get to before he had really tight on time all of the sort of had the first one is now held it is in my life tell us about the beer and the name. God briefly. So we have a new revenue Solomon some new seven months now from cigar city. Who's working back there Minnesota and I we're gonna sort of drew this line up saying Bob you really like sleep until we reduce Irsay Don. But how that is my life we doubled dry out didn't get a huge weight addition there was just like the first one in our series yet baseline of what we're going to do. And agreed it was terrible. Something happened in the militants dead and then something happened in smashing. All kind of I was. Technical issues that they feel withdrawing which underpinning never gonna do and just repeatedly in my this is Al that is my life. And when it's nice when it and do what I mean there was just app that it should be called hell but it. And they're also enjoying polar board yeah that this rip the songs really I six point 3% ABD Al little bits that you see that polar vortex I think I know where the name comes from. This one is gonna imperial stout 9%. Dig deep end of the pool cinema needs Swede deep rows deep both of these are available on tap that Sabatini is right now that's where we got them. That brought them. But I don't know yeah they do tell us very quickly about polar vortex 'cause we're just about out of time. Report accident imperial stout and we actually found eight barrel. Angel of death which was a barely two girls valued at four years ago we blended that one burden Merrill in with the entire batch of polar vortex to give it a little bit of that. Coconut and now okay. That that we really like it but they're I think we also if I remember correctly because that would cinnamon sticks and meeting what happens Obama correctly. The other seat in it for sure you know peace and that's only feasible labor is located and you know of Pennsylvania I would use everybody loves the bureau go pay a visit says that Al Al Kaminsky is the owner president before Al brought a time but thanks for being on the show the viewers are outstanding. I would never at a time they're going to another beer I had thanks Ali Al Saud. Good stuff good trip we had you. I'm the Friday near bus powered by Sabatini speeds than seventeen is bubble shop and bar in eggs that are of one of the area's greatest collections of aircraft in imported Beers. Groundless and palace to hand pump and 36 irritating drafts. At seventeen he's pizza. Seventeen he's bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue in egg scenario we are about bringing millions to good people together.