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Riffin with Freddie 3-24-17

Fri, 24 Mar 2017|

Riffin with Freddie 3-24-17



  1. Jericho3:53
  2. Kaplan2:40
  3. Mac tip2:02
  4. Nixon's3:47
  5. Maryland0:26
  6. Texas3:44
  7. Boston3:00

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You got a call 5708830098. When he uttered words resentment. Bureaus here and I know people wouldn't you want to hear him he wouldn't significantly in these music that are not generally following argument Jack. From Jack. Yeah and Jack is missing and immediate needs there. I always know that's that's gonna like things but he carols and how nobody really missing in action we don't worry if he does not at all recently went to Maryland yesterday because of the good times in different words in different is this part created real hardship for you forget is slightly tough as his head cut off your pet actually get your answers are Italian job yes I cabinet job let's get we keep yourself put it on yourself you have to do it yourself and I've worked my whole life. To not. Do you have a job I don't know why are these fans and it's really tough match. It got blocked it didn't lock these. And sweat. Yeah. Fast. I. Everybody and a ready to play we don't want what you do ya think music's 125 dollar gets into the car jacks northeast music in the absence of applause you summoning him as a you should definitely this really might not appeal these plans if you can't get as well Brett even if I can yeah it's that I didn't get that want humanity. Even gone as well but yeah. Yeah you're aren't there I don't it is all right that he has. That's the yeah yeah. It's. And isn't gonna ask you I think I do know knowing you know. David he's OK with some of that. It. Anxious. To keep it under our country's injury do you know that that's. Now Ozzie. And Mac tip again this time. Can't. You know and so yeah. But why isn't just you know what is your president you're 83 euros and an 8043700. And it. Absolutely kidding nice move very army. Now. Hey there aren't too. And I it's the mighty yet they're going to be able to predict what's the Kaplan as derivatives. There I was up. I. Want to get. They do make it anyway yeah so after. So it was terrific. He's only dance here he's got his car and them that I'd Boston out of them at all Billick yeah yeah. Bill has gone from outside jets were the music senator who's like today this workbook deserved it. I don't eat it. At. So yeah. I'll let me get on the bill is karma with the kids aren't you went about it rationing and yeah. Is will. Kind locations used they still until via I don't. Bill. I don't know we're not drags. But it did it was another virtual reform outstanding. Thank you can't beat Texas but these music's in. Nixon's so well plus two behind five guys stopping the Jackson area just up in Jericho only ready and not get it right up and don't be shocked to see collection that he's gonna be ordering. He's asking for them and it. Didn't target will be especially war chest northeast music and some positives. That it artwork even before I read about.