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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 2/10/17

Fri, 10 Feb 2017|

The FBB team REALLY liked Oskar Blues Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy!



  1. United States4:48
  2. Russian imperial stout9:00
  3. Barley wine7:00
  4. craft brewing4:11
  5. Chris Wilson1:56
  6. Valentine's Day7:20
  7. double life2:24
  8. imported Beers0:41, 12:46
  9. Merrill Lynch9:25, 9:29
  10. Texas3:46

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some could be brought this on you rolls. It can't find minutes. Olindo we're just taking a test to study right now. The two time winner of the Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press. Broadcasters association award promoting and advancing the Kraft might remove culture in northeast Pennsylvania it's another edition. And the Friday deer guns powered by seventeen these pizza is seventeen he's bottle shop and bar in consider one of the areas of greatest collections of rare. And imported Beers. How listing calories on hand pump. Don't mind. And 36 irritating drafts of seventeen east peace send seventeen these final shot the bar Wyoming avenue an exit and a seventy in the house of course morning window. Good morning we're doing today defense that's right he's here we can use we're as happy as can be. Inning and then and then when you go that's the big news on all the national stories Donald forge pizza off year curry who cook what. There is not that. And that hey there everybody else in the listeners are. How does it I don't once upon a time on the air says something about all sorts speeches OK but I don't see anything special there and I got death threats on his forgot I did while. I'll it's neat to editors where they know how to. Really the million man I tell my grandfather was born it's not all restaurants and but it's answers not far you know my dear buzz Beckham is here happy Friday Friday to you bill but it is pizza it is right now beat it meets the bachelor requirements it's hot and in front of me Danielle has. Yes that that squad that's there's a couple of different ways a look at that. Document look at we have some good news OK go right to that are made oh wire bunker. Just breaking this morning they have a beer called finally legal. Finally finally. Kennedy we talked to Chris Wilson was up and and Scott Wexler was up and they had their 21 anniversary so technically the brewery is now finally legal. It's going to be a burba and barrels stout. It looks pretty strong I think it's about eleven point 9% AVV twelve ounce bottles so stay tuned for that allowed very good victories coming out with something called the tank. Two cable series. They're not given up any info on yet. But there's say there's already NI PA there's already a double life PA a sour and the pills in there and they're going to be in kansans should be a pretty interest seen. A mix of Beers I think they're going to extended and other styles but tank too to obtain kitchen table I can relate that with McCain in between. That's. And one last minute news trophy is doing something called crimson pistol PI ST IL IPA brewed with hibiscus flower stuff. CNET that might be scary I don't know what I would I miss this flowers he had a good idea that the you know I've had peers it has the biscuits and I know who knows how to do you know Britain and some neighbors although it's hard and so it doesn't really villages in the middle of the pick pink in color and certainly just an added that it does it changes the color and it can bring some people call sort of an herbal. Quality do you know like rose petals Islam. Or or oddly enough off floral. But if true that's a really hands on me now when you throw flower and here I think he's blowing out our who knew. The so we have a beer today. And and do we know what ten minutes ish left I'm I'm just gonna propose that it's so good we just sit here being quietly drinking in particular just sit in front of the migrant I'm not even tell people this is a really good beer if they used to be getting easier to introduce his Ferrari because we would say from long long Colorado on. Now it's from long on Colorado from Brevard North Carolina. And from Austin, Texas. Oscar boost. Yeah yeah it's. After. Blue they they were the first ones that go all cans and yeah and then they thought I was worried about that that this morning. Did I don't think they ever did bottles I think they have been all cans from the very very beginning and never seen a model. Yeah remember that one of the few and you know we we take for granted now that can see. Are permeating just about every craft brewing that's true don't doctors had said never cans now they've got three cans how does your day like goodies like Bonita said never can say about the twelfth of never in Cannes. Come to. This the people saw that man I'm assuming when you see these big guys also should MacKenzie yeah there's a reason and then they do work for us Oscar loses them. The first they develop the crowd machine that we haven't the bar always Bahrain and I didn't an intimate with cans Amir uses these guys have done so they're very far ahead of the curve on cans as. Pretty cool they they are now on there and fifty states and Dale's pale which we featured on the show is the number one craft can six pack in the United States are probably in the world I mean I don't know that there's a lot of other candies can be you're going on at that level craft and I kind of got me on my part to help them get there I can. And we have dealt contentious on the and then the namesake of Dale's LAL and and the other Daryn fifty some states they just an. Added nine countries added nine countries are not in nine under there and a lot more than an original nine countries yup December reason three different places. Com where we're doing this one in support of the subs event so let's first talk about the sounds event because this one is exciting instead they do indoor I would just talk and it's a fifth version of this one so tell us about the event. Get the zoom your fifth annual battle of the soul is kind of hard to believe that we don't listen and fight affords us prior to this for the Gosselin Roosevelt was always fond de Beers for this one are amazing. Animus at the battle all of this comes from every one of them is stronger more over time percent alcohol and and Tom although I don't seem gears this effort to as the beast Garcetti should session there's a personal. So I'd call that a session yes secession and had the a lot of the deer reserve that we'd been saving up some of them heard bush. Few years but a lot of them or are all the years of people and looking forward to try and labeling a small amount then in the building from 19. Just to name a few of them him one of my favorite food from pizza boy they're honey Christmas 13% alcohol. The area away apple triple the SARS all the delicious. Single hub Willis our personal coach full percent motion well before treatment 12% alcohol sour. All that dumb don't know war fringe some news in just don't see in Pennsylvania tomorrow we're really excited for random and good that we bring in golf Mecca for this surfer can. But there is a first in a little humbling did not have. All information on only to the flashes on the flier but need. Really the first confirmed dock street fend. He gave us who won his top. Can only give it to us we did. Yeah I think so I don't I know what'd they might actually okay. Doesn't have much fluid on that last this is Barley wine and he was able to get a refer to enforce our man were really excited to be able to try that and this is all. I'm next Wednesday. Why are at best and. It turns. Wednesday that's going to be the fifteenth as their yes Saturday and starts at the pizza shops if you want seats at the pizza shop get there early by 5536. O'clock it's hard to get to see so if you haven't shopped for Valentine's Day is very important get a nice gift. Your wife's earlier in good graces with her so you can calm today after hours. And for that could give you should go to Sabatini the U doesn't matter how long. Absolutely yeah I got me you let me let you. So we started the pizza shop get there early get a C. The first can goes at 7 PM we tapped the Perkin that's always fun to do if you have not seen a fur can be tapped before in go see it because it's a lot of fun to see. And then at 930 everything Surrey kicks in over at bar and bottle shop where he puts more beer on draft and and it's sort of the party after the party a lot of fun as you not gone to one of these events. I have to coordinate how something like one of my vacation weeks with an. Doing the you do it on Wednesday and before Wednesday for me is going to be like. You know 3 o'clock will be two hours away before my night is over night not gonna work out for me you need Thursday I know that's what I do now the maybe we should think about that OK there's the occasional Thursday us whenever we're having an event is seventeen my. Aiken tied this into our contract and some right there. And as hard as he has all of them should do a show events and college Thursday off I let. And all go away and be a lot of fun I think we have a German an idea how do we. Our beer today is one of the Beers being tapped at the event so it's on drafted the event we have hitting cans. If this is Oscar blues Berman barrel aged ten city. This is great isn't this Kevin this is great. You know wide eyed what most of the time I enjoyed the Beers we have your tea sometimes more than others this is great business by Soledad this is an urban barreled staged version of attention not only joking and tent city is their Russian imperial stout it's a strong imperial stout coffee chocolate cream need Chu we've Manila. And then they put it in suburban barrel. And and so you get a little bit of Burma into your emotions if it pours a did you see color. And that includes they. What makes sense to me when there's someone similar doing better Merrill Lynch is right now obviously a lot of Sowers and everybody is on these values but the burden Merrill Lynch there's always a him a good one to me is. If they're able to balance out right. You don't want straight blues yes yes yes and innuendoes tasted Islamic militants are still players not a suburban over overcome everything else and this is telling. Like the boy and his right there exactly right you wanna get hit in the head with something that overpowered the days in the rest of beer yeah this is unbelievable. And it's it's a twelve point 9% DB anyway and it not only comes in Cannes scenario cans. He comes in stove pipe and that's what Oscar blues calls them they are in nineteen point two pounds K okay. So it's a big board work on to something that triggered my words when nineteen point 20 yeah I it's probably milliliter. More like around number when a million metrics like bill that other steal Pennsylvania restaurant yelling in a deal on the Kansas what are you nineteen point. Oscar Mosul by America as well again so big they do they know if they do all kinds of really cool stuff they were the first to do little cans in the first do the nineteen point two ounce cans they're now doing Pinner their session 98 in sixteen pax gonna cost fifteen packs about twelve packs. Sixteen I remember when we were talking when we we have some inner ear effectively and I remember that the name of an escape me at first until you spelled it out for me I didn't realize yeah. That dinner isn't. Does the references something else I. Well they they are legislation ice colonize its traditional Nancy has a camp around the very top of the can they put some very creative stuff. Yeah and it it's different hunt every camp. It's always funny it's always you kinda have to reading go like who made in this. I one minute young man. They don't really hide there are other habits. Got a Christmas card list of we'd like to marry her please write to them saddled her not play brilliant though posture in the fourth grade English respond. That's pretty funny somebody has a text did you question Allen now will you guys have any of the battle of the B spears on Thursday. Sometimes stupid depends how much beer bill drinks yeah I really thoroughly I get there and they want to know if you build colors of the pizza shop. Yes we do things go until I was page depending I mean there's one or two bears are we can't stolen valor is for the majority of them will be available to go and relished. Meant a lot of them will be around on Thursday with the ABB on some of these one other finish all. Try. How important annual more time with three new battle of the beast sir I've been out of the beast coming up on Wednesday the fifteenth yes yes and us and the highlights will be once again is simply were mentioned a minute ago. Lot of beer for my. And the recession veer will be an 8% or inaccurate though in about we're gonna have a windows server gears here a little fun anywhere else of normal snowfall is seeing a lot of seventies uncomfortably on the Arab Facebook's from. We're coming flyer outstanding and you can share you know you don't have the down ten ounce or pine of these things you can share with people were and I table and then you get to taste all these things which is a lot of fun turns into a great party yeah everybody in the room is as for one is not there to learn learn more about beer and then try to do they haven't had in disagree group if you Evan had come out on meet the people we have a lot of this and it will show up for this I was apart until Texas under a bridge going west the blues Berman barely ten city. And the Friday the Airbus parent by Sabatini pizza in eggs that are. This is seventeen he's pizza and Sabatini is bottle shop and bar when the area's greatest collections of aircraft an imported Beers. Relishing crawlers and hand pump and 36 rotating jobs. That's seventeen east pizza and Sabatini is Bobble shop and bar Wyoming avenue gun unless you did tonight and I said aren't afraid about bringing new Beers and good people together. Please I don't listen to Lindell. I was just anybody happier history is okay. Hello I'm. Yeah. Yeah. And there. To point out I don't know how I don't think there's. No thought of out called it.