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WILK Friday Beer Buzz 11/18/16

Fri, 18 Nov 2016|

Free Will Brewing head brewer Jeff Mumbauer and not one, not two, but three great beers on this week's WILK Friday Beer Buzz!



  1. Michael Tucker0:23
  2. new Jersey's4:43
  3. West Coast5:51, 5:58
  4. oak barrels10:01
  5. Bucks County4:19
  6. Mark Green2:20
  7. fruit flavors9:31
  8. craft beer3:35
  9. Bill Clinton1:11
  10. Five Boroughs4:38

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It refers to prevent second character oh he did it. I'm recording. Pennsylvania association of broadcasters award and the two time winner of the Pennsylvania Associated Press broadcasting. Reward and promoted advancement craft and Michael Tucker northeast Pennsylvania it's another addition. Every air. Under the Friday beer buzz powered by Sabatini pizza in Sabatini is bottle shop and bar in eggs that are what does the area's greatest selections over aircraft. India imported Beers colors and rollers I hit it popped to mind. In 36. Rotating jab and seventeen I know it's up and is seventeen he's bottle shop and bar Wyoming avenue an exit there. The injury free with Freddie gets me every time and I don't have. And Linda seventy in the studio good morning and you follow the of those school was a period is in traffic issues today's it and whenever I think I'm doing. Well you're you're ahead of the Reagan era and time all right a lot of times and the school bus or. Let's start at any time that's gonna ask it. Well we're glad you made a bill for my beer mug that I'm happy Friday every Friday Bill Clinton give us around a bomb Wednesday night sounds like Wednesday I was trying to find Lindsay wasn't it was a glass as time goes so tell us that the free free will occur and I'm we literally he did turn out and some great appears just a lot of fun excellent parent and speaking of free well. It's great to here we go we're aghast. Firm parkas EPA our head brewer Jeff mum are welcome to Friday there was Jeff IDF. I outgoing good glad you're here. So jeopardy here. Jeffrey will started in 2010 ish. Open finally in January of 2013. Back in the day urinate. 800 square foot facility and you did about thirty to fifty barrels a year a lot has changed since then give us an update on three well. Welcome to release a lot has changed we're progressing all the time these expanded it extremely. Up and the new facility so we've got an additional. 20000 feet on the upstairs portion of the building our bird house. To the entire downstairs facility be transformed into it sounds are sour seller so that's all our wild fermentation occurs. Upstairs in the upstairs facility we have all Mark Green beer and that's really expanded as of right now. And how did this facility. I told supporters who we operate out of it probably just a little under 30000 square feet now in order. So I'm not a mathematician but from 800 knows where that's sounds like get them a pretty good increase. I particularly young Fella sort of Chinese toys market tank guys that's a really nice saying how big is the brew house now. We operate our it Pineiro perhaps. I'll take so yeah you've you've made quite a leave. You have to tap room as well correct. Yep yep we have a chapter in seven days a week for open so. We have eighteen Beers on tap sixteen arms standards CO2 is close three nitro Beers and we are searchable so why now which is and I told feature. And yes food trucks and have food on on promise. And he can be approved drug so Friday Saturday and Sunday are we able rotating list of different trucks which Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley area. In addition that we welcome people to bring in crude from outside sources. And the number one question I get about free will brewing believe it or not is where does name free will brewing come from what is it what does it signify. We often hear that many people think we're just ardent rush fans but that's not quite the case. I thought I mean a lot of it comes down to it craft beer in the explosion we've seen its popularity. Or we often say is. We operate these years and we hope we feel free will you exercise sit and shoot our product. So we'll have choices and anymore it's a buyer's market so frost one of those things where we work really hard for the product we create and we know what you're pretty well if you cut costs. And our free will is you're you're gathering our free well today because we have three in front of every new. But you also know you have a location in low cost gad peddlers village. Yes indeed so we just open that up probably a little under two months ago now so that's been really good for us handlers villages and also location wonderful people over there that organized the kind of diversify the draw crowds that's just on the other end the Bucks County so we get in these cases. Some people might not have known what it is clear up soon they'd find out about us. Are they do all sorts of really cool console service so it's an opportunity trust. As the crowd and find out how why this is distribution for free well. Well at this point in time we operate throughout the state of Pennsylvania we're in the Five Boroughs of new York and in the Greater Boston area. And we plan to get ourselves back in new Jersey's sometime next here all goes well. And then possibly beyond in the future. Bottles and tags. A bottle and can could that point candid I think inevitability that just seems to be the way to crack your market has gone so it's something we're looking into preliminary right now. So we have three in front of us today and and we've been discussing at least I'm in discussing in my head the sequence here. But let's start with the cradle the cradles won the week wedges and that they outlets and as we've already started criminal but I free started stop and tell us first to cut about where does the name come from for the cradle. Well. Heard John he's got two young sons and they're big movie can't sub I don't movies so. I'm watching me get this kid got auto last Saturday itself. Many of our names yet chapels that are just kind of have a little fun keeping it lighthearted sort of crackles uninspired by the way don't any come with a stand. And we already know I kind of just there quite comment sit out. And then this seems a perfect one to head to Cannes I think at least in my mind but right now I sort of very it's in twelve ounce bottles tell us about the beer itself. What kind of our take on the West Coast I PL and so he's country gonna get a little bit of a bounce between malt notes as well as pops whereas. From the West Coast it's going to be owned dry and have a heavy top presence so fortunately a lot of interest notes. That could have almost like the Jewish anti Pablo Romo out and it's gonna have a nice fresh try to finish. Tennis is six point 6% ABB and it's a really hoppy Beers is ninety IBU. Any case every minimum I mean it's been. I've just always get excited when you pour out and glass and you get that aromatic sucking your nose a minute it's very hot or and to me that's just what I'd be looking. Just imagine that this is only for the is a little while ago that was the first thing you even as it sat down from merely move. He had and you know you have and I PA internally to against him and whatnot so we use in your just. Slow. Understand what we do he'd better with more here and then we had called on the so transcend color as was calypso. Ops when they they come out I you know the nose is really nice nose is nice and secrecy there's a little dank there's little resonance and an event. Oh yeah we tried how to whip some code citrus record in that and a really nice beard I've tasted this before. But it's a while ago I swear from a couple years ago it's a little bit different seems all the more hop forward. Well trains are dry and how regiment so he a much. Stronger presence in the notice or just improvements and our process. So cynnex are gonna. Throw a real curve ball here for our taste it taste buds are gonna struggle here a little bit we're gonna move from the crackled to two beer called Ali. And Ali's. A new Bruin it's it it's sort of of Flanders style old. Brown's hour hail first let's let's go to the name where does the name Molly come from. Also allow. Mali these sock puppets so going back to what I was saying the crackle and had a lighthearted we had some fun with it out on being a product of what the eighties and all that ninety secrets in bubble that culture of MTV and everything so just in college haven't to implement the main. And and Ali is on the label there is a sock puppet on the label on this is elaborate what's ahead of its. Definitely when you have like to create a meeting when you know we're discussing what you're going to make is that the same meeting where you discuss what you're gonna call it or there's something separate. More or less separate we've got. Up in the office. A big sheet up there and either right name so when you get inspired you write your name so uninteresting to you may pop up there may be a year or six months and I also measures up. Auto able an ankle that's excellent and and for those tuning in from it is yell whatever is on the label every incident there's are a lot of beer involved in naming some of this. Yeah we do a lot of R&B research and a half an hour. Yeah this is and then usual size bottle it's a sixteen point nine pounds. Cork and Carol caged used corked. Freight. So according crowns. And is that because of the the activity of the Beers and because of them the carbonation that beer is there another choice for that size. I don't think we got up. Casey determine how to start Corky and capping just on the sense that he'd probably do very well for aging so that it already is to a three year bar and so are has been made store but it could still continue to recruit so. John gone overseas to Belgium and when he was over there he went to. So many. Old school where nick and Sowers Sao birdies and got a lot of inspiration so. For a 21 of those things where we saw this is what the bows in Europe trucks that age well so we thought why not do it ourselves. And this one's gonna take your taste buds thriller override this is a sour beer. But really nice pleasant dark fruit flavors to it a little less oddity to it. Pound Todd tells more about what you guys we use for the taste of scriptures on the spear. When I hit a mall for almost like eSATA a little bit of a chopper type note and all that and then the lack of facilities and peacock this kind of given a nice little pocket so but. It's frustration right balance between those soured dart through notes as well as just a little bit of almost like a partner. But it turns out you get a good Canucks structure from the folks competing agents and oak barrels as close scooters. Really the thing is it's a roller coaster of different flavor profiles. And it warms up and argues that that. I also depending on preparing to. He opened the year really do well to kind of offer a wide range of different flavor profiles. I can tell you really wasn't the collision I was expecting from the crack go to this Elie you know I want Doug to adapt very readily. This is it is a really nice style I know Leo Bruins are are are really drinkable for me at least I like this spear a lot on this one a seven point 9% so little bit stronger refer affirmed and who I'm sure I'll feel a little bits. How am I next permanent Jeff we're gonna jump into the deep end of the pool and we have Ella and and again let's first talk about the name for Allah. So profusely we have released this here under a different name. But do just essentially other birdies and I have instant trademarks and all that we went to switch it up so. Allah is actually the name of one of John rescue dogs south. We have another beer called wealthiest which is named after Dominick our other earners rescue dog and that's. Russian imperial south so we came back down and renamed this beer we kind of were sitting around thinking what would do well and item one guarding named after rescue dog and for all big dog lovers are temporary so I haven't seen my financial said. Miss this fear is a Belgian squad this is delicious so we know we say quad that means is typically four times the mall four times the ball means four times from animal burger. And so boom this is a 12% ADV beer. So talk a little bit about the beer itself and about the Belgian quad style. So Belgian squad coming itself falling right in line with the long tradition of during 2000 say that the two bulls the triples as well the squad just thought this is our own take on a nice traditional pipes I'll be here we do an apple brandy barrel for about an entire year or so when you talk about. Double or triple and quadruple the mosque for me that is being somewhat arguable the workers. It's easy over 12% there's. I amount of labor I do a lot of stirring on this beer just to make sure everything trying to get myself mudslides in the last month but the really great style and offers a lot of dark. True nurture gonna get some peace and tons and raven flavors and and in addition that is gonna happen. Almost just like a nice full apple brandy while we've seen negotiation and so severe that flashier had won a gold medal at crow about the festival unfairly spears in Chicago. And then this year we were able to bring home a blonde model really nice to see the hard work and the beer continuing to inspire as well as. Win medals. When I was at the very last year no one there really impressed me was in loose sight or first downs or how many senators see as out now. At this point in time can we had six shooters. And he's one of those holds about 45 kilometers roughly about thirty barrels a lot of Bure about 2000 now on Saudi and you necessary alana beard. And all full right now at this point in time. That's what we like to use our cellar expanding. I can generate I'd say I'm glad you even when having tempered that because that was the start and we'll have to leaders over here. I thought I think we're enjoying the crime dog and I DEA Ali and Ella and they're all great Beers and free will brewing in Jeff Moammar as the head brewer just thank you for me our show this morning repairs. Obsolete and you're amateur haven't I just saw on. They Friday dear buzz is powered by Sabatini pizza Sabatini is a bottle shop and bar in eggs that are one of the area's greatest collections of aircraft in imported Beers. Rally since Crowley is at hand pump and 36 rotating jabs at seventeen he's pizza. And Sabatini is bottle shop in park planning avenue and exit or gray beard I'm bringing good Beers and good people together.