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Sep 20, 2014|

Saturday September 20, 2014

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time did talk pants and specialty events. With the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. You can call in with your questions. 5708830098. Or 1804370098. To. And now the -- and specialty events on WYAOK. Good morning northeast PA named doctor -- is off this week so I'm here I'm Kathy -- am going to -- Among would you say do the round up to their pets and specialty events roundup it's VR EEC. Which is. In clarks summit. It's a 24/7. 365. Emergency in referral hospital since south Abington Township really. Not I mean technically collects technically south Abington Township. And down there's emergency surgery internal medicine neurology cardiology and nuclear medicine all that stuff. Right here in northeast PM so today we've got doctor Susan Kolb and -- political but not called assigning him. And I know when I so thought I knew I was on M Maceda abducted -- Ferguson and doctor Rachel. Yeah grand casino and announced as it's as it looks good. But we're going to be talking about your pets your kids here mom on passes specialty events and you are more than welcome to call in if you have any questions. About your pets at all in any pac -- It's 8300980180437009. -- so what's going on. Ladies and not too much we're looking into identical to sunny here from hometown animal hospital -- all the fun as a general practitioner. Okay and your GPA guess this also. Do alternative medicine really puncture herbal medicine food therapy for and some. That's so cool. I've never heard of that we have to talk a lot about that and then and then like you know future of this show the more popular things you -- -- -- -- also the the most gratifying ones I have -- the dogs that come in paralyzed. The little. He's a little toxins we -- paralyzed in the people. You don't want to have surgery can't afford surgery and we can get some of their walking again. How does it happen that they become paralyzed they have been blown disk in their spine home. -- back -- doesn't work anymore. I know a dog -- listener to this to this radio stations had a dog -- exactly just quit work and at one point. And so it's it's sort of the same thing as -- like in the same. I think is they have this Malaysia where a lot of them just get it now a lot of a certain breed just get it and this is what happens in you have to deal with that wow. That's initially was when they come and they look at me like I'm crazy and it's. They stand there and glare at me because they don't believe it's gonna work and then after a couple weeks -- may see them start to take their first step. And like oh okay. What exactly do you do you have tend to mitigate the desk. And it's called electro acupuncture. And and you could be as little hard to describe about the dodge your -- You. And that's sort of sounds like aunt and you're trying to get as you're doing special points they're also. Putting electrical current down the -- I. On and it just opens up the meridian is -- -- and the spinal pathways and helps them. Cool walk again I really early impulse suspect council wouldn't work and means what I'm probably -- -- I probably would I don't -- censor myself do yeah that's the one thing I've never done -- like as far as you know homeopathic. Have never done because it just I I couldn't understand the point it's a. Pretty amazing my own guy is getting acupuncture -- doctor needs that are clinic for urinary incontinence and it's unbelievable how improved she has been quiet. She's been on medication are all -- surgery is about being. She started leaking in and she couldn't control it doctor he's been doing acupuncture and just within a couple weeks starting that is absolutely -- -- let anybody acupuncture Meehan would be directly to. And a golden Knight and -- I let him do it. That's us that's really -- so what's going on and TR EC. You've seen in the past we continue what I wanted to give a shout out to one of our patients that we actually just -- yesterday the owner gave us permission talked about little -- -- about a week ago was hit by a trained. Also came in to see us after the train ran our commercial exit -- -- then -- -- unfortunately trainers come in through -- Attracts so we had to do about eight different surgeries so lucky to be -- she is a trooper and she came in looking -- yesterday still another week of recovery but. And believe really no major fractures no -- major internal damage is needed some cosmetic surgery. I understand that's amazing unbelievable yeah. That's really sound pretty impressive one that everybody works together the guarantees surgery team on. That's cool -- -- the point of TR EC is. As an emergency in referral hospital it's like you can go there 24/7 365. Right away something's happening here at the weight. For the person to get in in the morning you can go and done immediately and immediately get to act gets some kind of -- what -- is seeing. Recently. We have. -- some tire roll recently that seems to be coming through now isn't that is that the one that you can prevent by giving them the heart worm. If the vaccine comes the next one on the court vaccines so -- music you like slap in the minute pace I feel like I'm sorry I don't think they're easy it's not always their phone honestly in the every now is fully vaccinated so alone. Actually how there -- primary care veterinarian has contacted the vaccine company to kind of say. Hey what's up. Let's put that I'm so I'm kind of hoping -- hoping that may be able to help them out but he actually had three vaccines. And he's very very sick he is getting better -- to check on today well we are hearing a lot of puppies come and her round with -- area. The protesting for -- the first symptom less. Well it can be anything from just lethargy needs plus interest and food. But vomiting and bloody diarrhea are kind of a classic signs of -- a puppy come in with vomiting or diarrhea and -- until we prove otherwise. And it's just a very very infectious virus. And end the scary things about Paramount. Is very easy for them to pick up you know all they have to do with his via the dog park or whatever and and get some on their foot and look at off -- and it can live and so it's not transmitted through the air no. But I -- so. Yeah and that it could -- mammoth first six months or longer per episode just 'cause you don't see a lot of dogs in that area -- don't think your -- safe to play there yes it's really really careful. Until I'm out -- their vaccines they're they're can be a break in between where you know the maternal antibodies in the vaccine antibodies are reacting and they're not protected so. -- has to be really careful and you know. You don't talk -- your. Pound primary veterinarian about it and -- -- might have protected and when is my pet freed and go to the dog part sorting facility puppy daycare that's kind of Singaporeans think about taking them out. Because first CNN it's out there right now and that means business and substantially help there too wide because of it's out there it's gonna live it can live on just on the ground for six months -- even in the data winner yeah that's that's very wrong. That is it's a virus -- -- the virus. It's is it anything like I remember Tom cats that we obtained on someone's porch which is how you doing here in northeast yeah. Ended up being tested positive for feline leukemia. And so the person that told me this said. Probably every kitten that was in that barn has feline leukemia because it's a very. -- easily transmitted what is sort of the same thing is that no use with feline leukemia. Among most -- we'll clear that virus common a lot of kittens won't yeah around his leg but it's. It's it's kind of a weird buyers as a different kind of virus is much more complicated than her own cats do get harder row it's called him look at -- and cats and again that's something else that -- fascinating sport. I'm but it's a very similar thing in -- and we actually had a -- last week with that that didn't make yet I'm very very wrong or Zach. So in -- is even more aggressive but you know cast in a slump and you. Similar. Disease and cats don't like each other the way constant. They just don't hang out with each other. I have I actually inherited a cat recently. From. A friend of mine. That couldn't keep him anymore and he had I guess I'm -- -- discount before but he has I'd guess an allergy to fleas which is just -- just unbelievable. And I noticed when I first got and he was really he was not well how all his hair was gone. While most of his hair except around the neck and around the head -- can't lick it off I guess. And he smelled so me and he just had this. This awful send -- to about him and I had never smelt. A cat like that before and I want if there's any other anything else that could cause that. That could cause him to smell band like that. Because it wasn't like. -- -- not to intrude and Jerry Easter bacterial infection an idea because it once we could took care of the fleas and -- brain and I got the revolution and I put that on them. She was fine. He took a while now his hair's going back but good lord it's taking a long time. And now of course the changes seasons can be blown his coat and lose more hair before he gets in fact good. Put -- hopefully that's that's interesting because I thought it was because of the flea allergy and you think it's maybe something secondary also that. And different infection. All right well -- numbers 8300. And I made 104. 3700. Made this is -- is specialty bets an any question you have about your -- Tom Peters colony -- topic. You want to the doctors here to discuss -- and you know I'm just gonna say that they know at all. I -- I'm just gonna say that. So we're gonna take a very short break and we will come right back you're listening to W I can. You were listening to pets and specialty -- with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency centering clarks summit. On double BYOK. We're back -- letting go anywhere but we're back now. I'm Kathy Donnelly and with me are doctor Susan called a sunny whose name I can now say. From hometown animal hospital in Oliphant sort of -- -- They're on today's program doctor -- Ferguson doctor racial Correia -- and we're talking about your pets because they -- specialty that's. And it's VR EEC. Is the emergency surgery internal medicine place we need to take your -- Open 24/7. 364. For any pet emergency referral. South Abington Township AKA Clark summon what CM actual address. Three when he Northern Boulevard at large. Whenever it is the traffic in the afternoon sometimes everything else will be green. And Northern Boulevard is -- thing you're in the afternoon. And they really got to do something about that but that's another show again. But there -- three it's -- -- I Wear the black person must be used to make correct Jim dandy smiled -- right right -- OK I guess I haven't played there once. I played there now a million years ago but in any case I want to ask you if on and eat any of you. If you see anything specific. In the fall did you see anything like and when the fall comes do you see any thing that's different or unusual I mean other then. Well there's hair all over the play case we're talking during the break -- Ballot there's then I have a flu outbreak. And after Golisano was talking about the cases that she's been -- has. Being primary care that she is kind of the forefront -- -- other cases that we don't see come here because we only see them. You know when they get bad enough to come to us sounds I know she wanted to talk about that a little bit because it's -- pretty and -- -- yeah. Com. I've probably seen at least twenty cases the last couple months and at first we didn't know what it was. Com we knew it wasn't -- cost these these dogs were coming they were they were -- -- they're coming back. Sick. And the primary symptoms that we're seeing where past snotty nose cut sneezing. Fever the really bad cough and hacking up slam and they're in -- really sick like a respiratory and tech analysts say respiratory. Carol classes it's a dry hacking annoying cough but they're not sick. This is actually more contagious too they get a very quickly and and mostly we were seeing it from channels but you can also. Had the dogs are at risk if they go to a group Murphy go to the dog park and telling people don't even go to -- Smart or any places like. If your dies without them being vaccinated and there is a vaccine available but. Like I say we didn't know what it was -- first and now we do so where we're -- you get vaccinated to prevent any you know our. Some would say is never leave your home. Ever go -- though it because it's a new disease and a new vaccine. You have to do a vaccine two weeks apart before you get a good immunity. So you know you can't just -- say I'm gonna board iPad tomorrow and I need that vaccines dry it has to OKC you have to have some time -- -- here's three inch screen calling in by the way you can call 830098. Or 180437. 0098 you can also text top 1099404. Inside you can't call for whatever reason here's hurry hurry you're on W -- okay. We're campaign led -- Paris today. The -- serious confrontation. In no -- no matter how large. Chasing -- all season. And knowing you have. I don't move on going yesterday I'm -- is changing a lot more -- inadequate and play like that. Who. Half or so let's say somebody drives a motorcycle -- do you Atlanta that are at 10 AM chasing. It made -- -- in trying to show -- well obviously the noise is bothering her. It's apparently is that moving and because it's -- Moving moving fast that she wants to chase like she would she's an animal. Dogs chase cars because they move. And in -- chasing women and they go away so it's it's tenement what'd you greeted on visionaries backs. You know manager penetration ground. It fair I'm so well I got to from the -- I believe in me telling me. It's a little bit of anxiety too because she's that she's a little peanut and those guys -- more likely to head to. You know have a little bit of fear aggression to and tastings -- scare them. And they out there is -- -- to me I'm in a little Napoleon complex and they think that there -- a tough dog and they. They can go after any thing that's but what exactly you know training as a really good thing to do remained. You know meet you need to find good trainer. And also cheaper out of harm's way you know she's gonna go after a year lot more than don't we were outside like him on the line. I'm new big thing you know the extensive -- yeah yeah you wanna marry okay that. They're on a leash isn't I mean they don't realize that a car cannot kill them how they don't it's an exciting moving no easy thing so they wanna go after it. I guess so it's not like what I think you're trying to -- yeah I think your idea may have been that is some mental deficiency -- in the hunt. -- com and apparently. Yet to -- -- now shown so many and she's just a puppy right there yeah. So did you make now out of the -- I would like to think. I would probably relate I'm going to -- -- owning a cat bank. Yeah it's not a good -- and end like a little child he can't leave them like little Tyler you can't leave them run a Marxist too big episode MA carrier yeah you have to nights certain when. OK so try and maybe try a trainer. You -- -- relieve the anxiety. Great -- All right thanks for a very good family. I had an impact and advisories for comment the trainer. But again mansion and laying merge them. -- won by technicians as a trainer her name's Nicole Austin. Yeah if you call my office you can get her numbers and that's called the hometown animal -- it's an Oliphant. What's you're the number to -- around 83. 1950. I'm 5200. The project led 383. Through 801950. And is trying to call. I'm -- I'll take extra 38300981804370098. That's that's interesting I've always wondered why it. My dogs do that. The guy and I always I thought like Marie must decide that there was 'cause they were a little bit crazy like that particular dog was a little bit ninety. But it's just part of their instinct I guess part of the instinct. Of like what they June dogs that part of the mailman and that UPS guys to conditioned response because they. They'll bargain bargain back committee goes away so not it worked the last time I got to go away. So I'll just do it again and arresting him. That's why UPS guys and post guys carrying this gets. In their pocket and -- for that very reason because then the dog associates it with something good that happens when the guy comes -- I could never do that. I'm not I'm -- a little I was been hasn't done as a as a guard I was -- as a very young child by a little Chihuahua. It's funny little dogs scare me more than big dog's mother and I -- I -- by the end. I finally realized why it was because that's what give me when I was a little kid. But -- yeah I couldn't do the thing we go to people's house and can and try to run the gauntlet of there as fast. Anywhere numbers 83009810437009. -- we're talking about things that happened this time of year. And Saddam I. The thing that I see the most or allergies this time a year for the past golf and also the fleas or worse. The plays are worse now than they were in the summer tour in November of the -- -- month's. Not doing the flea treatments long enough then they have them over winter in our house to. I'm so you wanna make sure you run it run your flea treatments at least you know guys if you weren't seeing them. You had taken care of him but I thought you know I actually and they weren't jumping on him to get enough animals they're gonna jump on the animals first. So you're not gonna see them again. That's champ. I -- a name of the town now because I have a canary in a coma I would thank -- into the -- allergic. So Roscoe gets stinky car and -- -- you can tell because he doesn't -- -- doesn't even drink he does that sometimes just. Just I think the -- with my head. Where he'll eat but he won't drink for a drink any -- -- -- and then the next day he needs an entire bowl of food anyway here's Brian in the back mountain. About scratching all the time and it's not you Brian -- scratching on the time right. No no no it's -- I'm -- to say Kathy I'm Patrick female airedale optional and shoot him. She didn't have a separate condition which I have -- stand she gets medication for -- also -- a -- -- Underneath her body parts are -- her -- and everything. It looks like little bite marks little red marks there and chief strategist continuously I've given her hope we don't Balch. I'm -- an important game he ever -- a conditioning IE from restricted her having a week. Because I thought perhaps that would be the problem and I'm totally baffled as to what I can do for this -- -- because -- scratch and all the time. Mean that's a shame what you think it is probably some type of allergy in it and the travelers food allergies if it is a food allergy thing. You have to go to a totally high for allergy -- diet to start like a prescription diet from your veterinarian to really start to see what's bothering her. But food allergies are usually all your round. Yeah they can be exacerbated by other allergies if they have an underlying food allergy and then another allergy comes on top of it like a fall allergy like we're talking about and ragweed or fleas or anything like that and she's gonna get worse in the fall. You can try that -- -- -- drew special quote any -- are no well I eventually did that work. You know. Now. Because is not just taking what I had to to say you probably see your vet what you what you probably should because there's so many different things that it could be. So I've been to the vet and the back into extension blood work and notified me that's a dark petrified of great condition the Republican leadership. But he says that should have no effect. That's what is he baffled and I'm sure baffled crowd -- helped -- -- because -- stretching local. I don't it depends on whether treatments that she's had a she bent on steroids and antibiotics has she been you -- -- severe -- was pregnant the last year I'll put some better. I don't that would everything you do which -- Now that she probably needs -- staring at this point. Bodies are rarely -- she needs something to take away the -- in the -- the allergic response either have to use a steroid or an antihistamine. But I live very mantra okay then I should dumped by -- -- mind. My home that area I should ask him about possibly for a month -- -- -- us -- them. He asked if she thinks she is I mean I don't know what other problems she has -- she had the only problem should it has I actually do good directional can watch doesn't. It could be only an email I keep an animal on -- is a snack good if there's a temporary thing just a fall allergies and then -- -- would be immensely helped by that. And nothing else is working you know sometimes your pattern animal recommends seeing us specialists like a dermatologist and they can actually do allergy testing. Just like -- when you let us. Rebellion -- is here but sense you know old nothing is working. I'm not maybe something they recommend but I would I would give them you know who can give a visit there aren't safe. You know they are frustrated and feeling -- feeling like she's not she's not doing well we need to do something also weigh in on May be a referral may be trying some medications does sound like. We need to do something for her. Okay thank you so much in the -- -- -- -- -- into a preview number recommend anybody for a as far as going to someone who productive summit was partially be done with her skin. I would check with your veterinarian first like I said. And then they recommend seeing a specialist unfortunately there's we don't have a dermatologist he had we would love to have ones I believe the closest one right now is an Allentown. And that's doctor Palmeiro in common he's really good. -- I've worked with Camelot hound but I would check with your name first because there are many things that they would recommend before going to that. Okay thank you so so much and I'm gonna get right on this project because that would boost arguments -- let you watch doctor. Our Brian thanks a lot and if you can't if you keeper on the steroids you -- enrolled her in the NFL's. And I would I would think that would be nice income boost anywhere numbers -- 300981800. 4370098. I did lose track of the show for a moment because the most cue this baby in the world walked in the studio. And is here with us now and he is. Gosh she's pretty and he belong I think he belongs to one of these ladies I think I know which went on some of but sounds so he's he's yeah he's still must again here you will baby noises it's not me. It's city it's the actual baby high numbers 8300981804370098. You can text talk to 99404. If you don't I'll want to call in just text your question. -- that we get him right away it's instantaneous which is the cool things. About as taxing anyway we are talking to the -- -- VR SEC. The primary care veterinarians. At. -- 24/7 365. Days a year emergency referral hospital. That's located at Northern Boulevard in south Abington Township clarks summit really quick before you get to -- Manning's. The only reason never got to clarks summit and that my health food store and it's up over the past the tip I can imagine coming -- and god I love that place so much. -- they have a web site you can visit VR ECPA. Dot com VR EE CPA and on FaceBook and Twitter because that's what you do these days. And that's also VR EC POK so give us a call with your question or check them out anywhere they were gonna take a short break and we'll come right back. Listening to W I can change. -- -- his pants and specialty -- with the doctors from veterinary referral and emergency center in clarks summit. I'm -- -- double BYOK. And you can check in with your question -- any question about your pets or pets. Give us a -- 300981804370098. Joining me. Is stuck to -- Ferguson and doctor Rachel Graham from the REC and actors Susan -- -- from hometown animal hospital in Oliphant. Pennsylvania because sound there are more than there is more than one animal hospital in Michael and -- ladies and gentlemen -- It's it's actually true so how does anybody has. Any thing anything special coming up that you wanted to mention I know -- -- here he always gets so. Technical. With the with the stuff that's going on and everything. But you know do you have any like interesting surgeries coming up or or weird cases or anything like that that's been going on. At the end hunt that I can think of that's good that's a good thing happen again and again none weirder the better yet because you don't want weird but. I don't know I -- I the only thing I could think of really was. The hat because I have cats and and everything and I was thinking a lot about. Dogs and end their life spans. We had. Part Golden Retriever. Who was the greatest dog ever -- name is Arthur king instead -- -- -- peninsula after the Monty python's holy ground thank. But. He did not very long and I I was I was made to understand that the goldmans just don't have that long lifespan. And so I remember that's stupid dog from the -- -- the young -- that's stupid dog with a target on his -- Stupid dog went to be 26 years old or some ridiculous amount like that. And it's like why aren't they lived to be 26 years old but as it turns out there is it's a difference. And lifespan with -- with complete and I wanted to and asked if for instance I know when I was a kid golden shepherds -- -- and German shepherds were the thing which. Dates me I know and then after that doberman swear the thing. And then do you know Golden Retriever is and what happened I have also been led to understand is they get inbred. Because they want a pure stock. And and sometimes it's easier to just read this is through the Brothers something and then does that affect the lifespan and all that kind of inbreeding. Descent linked trailing unfortunately we were just talking about Golden Retriever before the show started her. On that and that a lot of people don't know how it's -- it's actually something I would highly recommend anyone who's. I'm thinking of getting a dog please talk -- primary here veterinarians. -- about the breeds that you're interested in and educate yourself because if you're just kind of looking books and on the Internet. -- a -- -- interest -- and guess what it's gonna be all sunshine and roses and they're the best again their healthy and everything else. If you want to know all the NL though the worst thing about a dog went and virtually he -- and all the good and the bad before you fall in love. You know you need to talk to your veterinarian and unfortunately. I can't tell you how many times. IE unfortunately have to tell an owner Google retriever that -- -- has cancer. And then this breed is very predispose to cancer and I can't tell you how many times. These people say I never knew that I never knew that and we had you know all three -- -- golden and I'm never known that my whole life. Sounds so I highly recommend before you get a died. Don't just research on the Internet you don't have time to talk to this you know other. -- that -- as your veterinarian they're the ones that know about you have helped so if you wanna know what health problems they get and you know what what breeds are kind of healthy vs unhealthy they all have their quirks can pound you wanna know those quirks before you get into it because in some cases for example. -- On the and they get serious back disease and in some cases is shaped fundamentally wrong there hey it's just not right it is their shape but I am a lot of people actually recommend. You know -- either pet insurance or some people even recommend go ahead and start seeming. I'm you know put a savings account bound for your dog because again they needed they may have they may have a life threatening emergency surgery that they need and it's it's terrible to not be prepared. On a cell you know you just wanna you wanna talk -- your of your veterinarian they are the specialists in pet health. Com's if you wanna know about your pet and get the good and the bad. Dancing need to talk. Do stupid you can't do that with a husband. -- -- or you know I love yes. And that's exactly try to follow us who in recent that I thought we know and looking nice -- take this person prone to do in the next when he. Anyway -- I numbers 8300 NA 1800. 437009. -- now there are some people who just are devoted to certain breeds. I used to be very good friends with a great gain person. And that's what she was she was a great -- person she played mean guitar but she was also. Just in to that sort of saying there's a lot of stuff that goes along with that so I guess if you if you are devoted to a certain breed it does behoove yet. To find out everything you can't and that's her entire life -- those -- giant greens are no they just run out of life yeah end and a smaller redone and people ask me will what breed doesn't have problems and as you'll probably in my hand. Ever -- has their own set of problems. Do you feel now like I feel like if you're if you're in the name if you're in the market. For an animal that maybe you we may not end up doing this but junior first. Thing be to go to a shelter there. And at least see if there's some an area like absolutely I mean I mean -- cash doctors do have a -- purebred dogs you clear your mind and it could find just about anything and every green has a rescue team go on the Internet everything still rescue. Yes they do that's something that I found. The incredible. Was every single breed there are people who who will put you in touch with somebody that has won all -- -- can get one. And stuff that Cindy in the person didn't want -- they couldn't -- they were removing or whatever. And that's that that blew my mind is only got to do is -- say Golden Retriever rescue we think there would be any any. Because Beckel we had first got ours was. -- is in the late ninety's and they were just be. Everything the they were -- breed what city breed these days. We just say oh well there's a lot of money to stay popular forever like labs and Golden's are still very popular I -- -- are still very I have the little ones I think we see Eli York's east -- a lot of learning. -- -- I here's Katie from clarks summit hi Katie you're on W while tank. The bank and taking my call mom I don't know if then that's. Well essentially got 28. Since. But came meaningful way and that's whether they were. Good and confirmed or third game changing bit. By current diagnosis. Some good so we didn't know what it was heard for quite some time week as I say we knew it wasn't -- -- we knew it was something else. And I didn't test a lot of mine but there were there were several cases that went to Cornell network confirmed. And they all have the same symptoms so. Out of -- -- not from my office. OK so you're right I am from several other offices with the same symptoms. He would say we're confirmed case -- on account. I don't know that I don't -- let you know you personally know what you figured you -- such. Probably three that I know -- there are actually test it's difficult to test for. It's very difficult it's it's very difficult to test -- well. I wanted to know Schwab -- -- shot. Now I now know. It's a -- Nielsen rob and then you can do a little blood sample as well that they love that I ended down their throat problem is it's such a fast virus that it's very easy to get a false negatives because -- can only got a negative. After they're married showing signs it's already and it hasn't had an ambitious and happen so quickly. Yes so it's difficult to confirm. Let's get them early and do all the testing which a lot of people don't wanna spend the money and all the testing and that's the reason you know yeah. I think there and -- I'm going to I'm an artist going to be conducted in the Dallas area on this topic. And maybe. Pharmaceutical -- It's stating. That there were there. You know. This -- -- cases and a -- I want -- county and I've been calling around the very best and I thought oh maybe different the work and that's the key -- that's what she's saying that. There are so many cases this is an epidemic proportion than -- pulmonary that the laws. Including my own. I I I can't say that there were tons and tons of confirmed cases but. Some of the best in the area because we wanted to confirm what this outbreak was they did send. Send either samples or the dogs themselves up to Cornell university and they weren't confirmed. Not an old and you know you don't have to test every dog tend to know that that's what it is just they all have the same symptoms and -- you know there's an outbreak and some of them are tested for that and you know and it is well. To test them all but most people is the symptoms are mild. You know they don't wanna pay the extra money when the -- doing fine now they're a -- case they may wanna do those extra diagnostics annulled and impartially. Not every -- -- on every pet owner wants to pay an extra money when they're doing fine anyway -- have -- sometimes we would love to do all the testing. -- certainly if it was free. You know the test everybody and screen every one we would do it all the time aiming to kind of get a better picture of what's going on but unfortunately it's -- -- to -- -- -- -- property taxes. If that was the case so. You don't wanna do that trip all right Katie thanks -- -- WI OK here's Sharon hello Sharon you have a question for the next. -- And art. And what are their bank and it came out there. A pretty neat and an airport because of a problem. That's -- the only pain medications that cast tolerate very well or -- always on the need to be prescribed by your real high calorie OP was so yeah. -- -- -- zone as well as monster royals now. Because -- kidneys and liver very sensitive -- something you have to get from your veterinarian and London violate a lot for cancer and arthritis or look listening country -- supplement her. Specific for. Animals and cats and Jessica winning goes to plan I have done had great success because cats can't tolerate some of the things we would use for dogs. How much I glucosamine tundra who worked on me -- when I was having joined troubles on people and that's only isn't their cats in the recording very good success with -- that some very can't make your that may be to describe one means specifically forecast. Can I -- I'm wondering you don't carry it all out and eat eat and play with and in my part of that is apparent favorite event. -- an event and her. I'm a bit. Because I got that -- -- the US -- and even you know you can't. -- where I may have some glucosamine supplements over the counter at the pet stores. That's how I think I know cause it. I'm sorry I've just got to pet store to get it. Yeah is its joint pain is its arthritis it would probably will yes. All right good luck OK 300 -- 10437. 0098 because we're -- the end of the show that's when everybody's calling texting now. Here's a guy that texted and said -- into the guy. I don't know if I'm just lucky but my Boston Terrier stay pretty healthy and live to be about seventeen. That is -- signs which is really interesting. And here's another text that says I have a cat about twelve or more years old she has a habit of making herself sick. And I'm not sure if his hair balls or deprecating on the bed a couple of that's what can I do around yeah I would definitely take that to that catch your veterinarian did -- well actually my cat does and when she's an enemy. She doesn't doesn't get on the bad for cheap Jessica is in different places since she's a post. Do you know we should make clear is sick cats don't behave badly because they're being meaner because they're mad that you they do it from anxiety. They do it because something's bothering them either way how could you -- out alone words they had anxiety problems it's not because there. Badcaps. Yeah a lot of people think hair balls are normal for cats may be one every now and then but if your -- vomiting hair balls everyday or every week. That's an excessive there may be a medical problems he should probably see your veterinary and get it checked out -- bombing all the time I heard a rumor you could. You could let amount and let me grass. And that would help them with the hair balls is that true it sounds like an although I -- now let me. -- as they do is far from the grass in the inside enhance the whole deal that. I should my cat in interestingly enough when I got this other cat I kept him down the basement for a little while that's for the litter box was. So she took two going in the tub with. Amanda well she was Shakespeare and he announced -- and so I understood that's another still litter box in the house once for haren and -- -- heat and she has her tarnished credit they happy with that and now she doesn't. -- anywhere except the box so if I know is anxiety and they're both they're both -- But something else I wanted to ask you how to introduce them to each other and I remember. Being told you how to take them both out of their environment out of their territory. In order to introduce them to one another. And if I did that if I jam them in that stupid carrier that's going to be even more anxiety. So I haven't decided how to deal with that yet. But they really they don't like to mess was -- -- interact at all. You know they're gonna. -- -- solitary animals did but they're not pack animals like dogs and right times. They call -- social groups and cast and sometimes the cat is a social group or one. They don't -- another attack especially female -- especially PGA I don't know what is it's funny because this cat lived in that with a female cat. But -- now now she it's it's different now he's. He just has the basement herself I guess gunfire killing cats seem to manifest stress with. Urinary. Issues and what possibly get a man doesn't she is thus related illness and maybe Howland the -- eight you know I mean. Well it's been a really quick our thanks to everybody ended reminding you. But it's -- DR EEC. And they are located on Northern Boulevard in clarks summit of their open twining -- 7365. For any emergency thanks to doctor Susan called a sunny for coming from hometown animal hospital all the way -- have been -- Pennsylvania. And tune in again in two weeks right -- Ten and again in two weeks -- pads since specialty that's next ladies and gentlemen it's doctored and a bandage demand. Maximizing your health and W laughter.