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Aug 3, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Psychic Medium Rebecca Foster for - Readings with Rebecca. Rebecca takes listener calls and conducts reaings. 8/3/2018 - Beyonf

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Thursday analysts Friday in the east. Many are stuck somewhere in between what going to be utterly radio myself Jason cause they always awesome cheek each you know I it. It was a pretty difficult day for a lot of people on radio. Not too long ago when the very very talented and ground breaking end trailblazing our bill passed away. And when he died there was a lot of mystery surrounding his death and of people were asking you know what happened because there verse nobody was coming forward saying. He died of this or that and there was an autopsy that was being delayed. And of course you know Jay before his death he. Was talking about people surveilling him and government to Ellen protecting us so it's shooting at them and a lot over the years yet a lot of weird weird things. Well I don't know on you know exactly. Who. It was at faults there but I can tell you this that that was finally. Disclose. Through the autopsy reports and the sheriff's department of at his home county where he passed away that he actually died of an accidental. Drug overdose from prescription medications. It. He had four. Prescription medications in his body at the time of his death two of them were Opie oh it's one of whom was oxy code on the other must hydra code on. He had a generic form of Valium and he also had. And effective pronounce this correctly but curry so protocol. And which is a muscle muscle relaxant. Plus he was ill from C. CPD. Yet game you know every smoker heavy smoker had a very very difficult on time breathing. Annie had hypertension high blood pressure so all of that together. Spurred by these four prescription medications. Resulted in his death. And today he was the founder of paranormal talk radio. He really was the founder and a lot of ways of the popularity of talk radio in general particularly on the AM band and of course he show coast to coast AM still exists today although obviously. He retired many many years ago from being its host. But his legacy will live on. So I'm couple messages here one is it's good to know what happened although it's still sad story the second thing is those. Prescription medications just because a doctor prescribes them. Does not mean. That they are in fallible and people who take those things particularly if you take them and you won't are. Don't need them for any specific reason as are a lot of people that are addicted to them. It did their very very dangerous. Well and in its funny that you bring that up because a battle. All right that say maybe 89 years ago. I doctrinal and many more but in the united fife flew all the time line I was seven back issues and everything else and I saw this one doctor. And he was more of the ways I can and would realize it's a chip some. I'd written whatever it's at put the code on. Also the some percent for the Beckham it was just one thing after another and and you could again endless prescriptions and you know we had never been one for prescriptions or anything else got a I have to be half we did just go to the doctor but it was just one thing after another and it seemed so easy to get prescriptions that. Could be so abuse. And it's just it's a shame exit. To see that happen to tell anybody. And moment in our hearts still gloves Emmons family I mean he definitely some bad bad judgments there on his on his part also on. Whatever doctor prescribed all and again it's just it's a shame. Yeah and you know a lot of this came to people's attention in 1977 when Elvis Presley died in it was revealed that his doctor had prescribed. You know he was taking dozens of prescription medications uppers downers from whatever. You know and all these things just formed. Recipe for some very very poor health. That was kind of the first celebrity. Opera skip prescription medication death that I remember but sense then there's been many. Police seem tones some. You've got Michael Jackson who had his issues your prince examine the list goes on and art consent. So again though the warning here is and those things are not to be fooled with if you don't need them don't take them you really really got to be careful Mikey says Jay just because a doctor. Prescribed and sometimes doctors feel like if they don't give you a prescription many walking out of the door you haven't got your money's worth and that's not a silly the way health care should run. Well and to be honest with you also sometimes if you're a well known individual it seems. Is that sometimes doctors are down more than willing to write a prescription for anything right for you on that and that's just one of those things where. It really missionaries sit there and and you worry about it. So out on a much happier note we have the very this happier notice our two year one day at a first two year plus one day. In case you didn't tune yesterday yesterday was our two year anniversary with them that would come some twenty plus 10737. And 31 days. These are calculus on the day I did not do so you know you have slick help ya got slick slick can have a container and he's he's gotten denying failures. Tonight is it's a it's an exciting night the first Thursday of every month on beyond reality radio is readings with Rebecca and after our break we're going to bring in Rebecca Foster she's been on the program many many times. The real sweetheart real friend of our program will be taking your calls all through the show. And effect and open up the phone lines now seek to start lining up the phone calls because the phones will be busy. Yeah in the numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. If you haven't yet make she had over to FaceBook dot com slash B Yonder reality radio into FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com where you can find all the staged wherein across the country in the atlas is constantly being updated news stations being out all the time. You can also download the free Smartphone apps right there or shall I shall listen live catch the show long ago. Arm or you listener who wants it to spike clicked analysts and lifetime in the upper hand corner. The Pulitzer right they're all hanging at I was there with great India people to Dallas show my two during world Stew Safir regenerated forces post should Ford makes it easier for people find. Patent we greatly appreciate that. And the phones are ringing like crazy just like it would ex America's test early wealth idea of the first fiber from. I'm sorry so let's let's do this sick Covert action before we do this since remind folks are tomorrow night as the best of program on the show here and Monday night. We've got two guests coming in we've got Bruce sole line. Who's a history professor and an author will be talking about his book called paranormal personal history. It was just released and documents his 34 paranormal experiences. That he's had since each for these include ghosts. Angels demons near death experiences. Telepathy telecommute says pre cognition encrypted so I mean we talk about lightning rods in the paranormal. Our guests first guest and we Bruce saw him on Monday night is one of those. Smaller second guests will be Terry Lowe placed his lawyer former assistant attorney general. Will be picking up pretty much where we left off on his UFO sightings and stories. And definitely wanna tune in for Tuesday oh yeah now we get Charles rich one also AKA doctor not acknowledge I love this guy. Only discussing the all time book a fascinating facts let me tell you. I and it really it leaves you scratching your head and how he how he found out all the saying it's amazing yeah. It's easy he's a great guest. Very very knowledgeable but also just interesting so we'll have a great night with him next week it's twos and its program Paris or take a quick break a lot more to come to listen JC GB. So there's people ever hung out with yeah and he didn't and I did what I set up their stage and go America for Bozeman if you don't know when I was back in college it was stage crew. Basis at a stages for the big concert and they were at that some of the nicest people and they came and announced stage with us and it was just it was just Phnom love aren't songs like that in pour some sugar on me I just some who really timeless classic Taylor welcome back to the program everybody it's beyond reality radio and again it's a special might the phone lines are full right now. For readings with Rebecca of course Rebecca Foster or guest tonight. But as we take these calls and we do these readings the phone lines will open up so continue to try 8446877669. Let's welcome Rebecca to the program Rebecca great to have you back. Thank you very much very excited of course. That. How it's always have the great having you on Rebecca welcome back to show. Ain't the case that I appreciate. So before we jump into these calls which were gonna do pretty quickly here I know you always have stuff going on your heading out places doing gallery readings that kind of thing what's next for what do you have going on the wanna talk about. Well yeah actually tomorrow I am doing gallery in Batavia Illinois so if people are interest to take intact and out but. Doing that and I. And actually considering just with the weather and everything being in the midwest. I'm not sure how much traveling I'm going to do but I am heading out to Virginian a couple of weeks. And you know we'll see what happens they're probably from these smaller little more private but. That's truly breathtaking is just. Looking up offense to and picky about Kansas City to ever speak except to go to Kansas city's done. Well Kansas city Kansas City here we come. Right is not the song. I hung all I know we ever met twice I need to ask you about one of the thing before we take our first call and I noticed the I don't know. Title name I'm not sure we you call it the midwest medium is this something that you're using is a new. Yet actually at my. And blew it and it's working I'm not managing this whole thing she's. I'm running the notion maybe listening right now what Tom. You know there is Long Island medium and I've had people figured out like the Long Island no no I'm not actually I'm not from the well I think you know what I have been galloping around the midwest. So we'll just kind of stick with bats and every note where I'm from and go from there but. And where I'm I'm I'm just he's legally they can call me. Whatever they wanna comment on that night. Now you you've been doing this awhile for anybody who's new to the program. There is there might be some people who don't know who you are and what you do see give us about you know the 32 version of who your what you do and then we'll jump into the phone calls. OK so I'm Claire went spiritual medium and I hear. Messages from god for spear writes from people who passed over when a passer on the people and it can be used someone is passed over as human or animal. I can also talk to the facility are suffering from dementia alzheimer's I a couple of I just unable to communicate on a human model and so that's pretty much what I do. Pricey rated take some calls. Okay this would just so you know we've got less than five minutes for the first one here just we don't get in a time crunch here so let's go to the C this is Jada. Calling from Tennessee hate Gina welcome to the program here on what Rebecca Foster. Hello Harry has a good geez I. I. Thought I apologize. Ballots and we're so used in the back to business sentiment was your did you personally. Oh I think it's not okay so Qaeda carry it indicated the wanting to your guys show you as I am looking ear EU. Are blocking its shallow here about ankle deep water and you are locking up hill on the street. And it. It is looking down and locking up the hill a dark out. You look to. Have some kind of flip flops or something on because your what kind of slips every now and then actually blocking. Lack of effort to vault shows is that water of any kind to him that I. This part symbolism style water wrap presents a problem or issue that you would feeling Gholston. That you would feel it happening to you rather then you have control over. And it's darker out so it's basically saying man up and coming to an act or that the problem would be coming to an end. And you may feel like. You'll are either being left out of the situation. Or at that you would like more say in it and no shoot rappers and feeling as if accepting external person or situation. Is preventing you from moving forward with anything. All right dia just feeling left out right on it and it you know white. We did have like a full this solar eclipse in Mercury going retrograde all the heat lamp beyond thinking man. And though that this may actually have. An effect. Just the whole idea of what you're going through and you don't wanna be discouraged if you'd feel like things are happening to you because I. Just kept trying to trying to Rita just tried to get through do not struggled affect pitcher trying to walk uphill against the water as well. Don't punish yourself don't put yourself any situations right now that. And you don't actually have to be involved in if you're not involved. If he doesn't have your name on the I widget steer clear of it. I would turn back around and walked down out of the water and I would figure out where I'm like it's supposed to go which direction my pupils take lightly biting someone else's battles. When they don't want my input when they don't want me involved. And so that's where I would. Looking at everything that's happening here I would just get out of the water kick off a flight issues and I would focus on the my personal growth and Lance spoke to go out I hope that helps out political that's going on our country now. Thank you very much Judy you. Yet Judith thank you so much for the phone call. A bomb Rebecca I don't know we've got we've got about a minute and a half I don't think that's enough time. To be fair to another caller. So let's spend let's spend them and and and half talking about some stuff that you thought you've been doing and you do your website is God's tool that comes as to correct. Yes it I have several development direct to the actual. Okay so what's the one that you like there had to give out just to disease he remembers that the gut is it God's tool that come. Well a lot of quail everything else people that you that they know it but I get Rebecca Foster dot Coke it's my name is Moscow. And and you've got are got told that comes. Okay now okay perfect so. All right so I'm I'm. Let's see what we get ready to go to break here and when we come back we'll continue with the phone calls again the phone lines are are full but as we take these calls you'll be able to get through the numbers 844. 6877669. We're gonna be doing this for the entire show tonight it's readings with a back on them beyond reality radio. So in other words you probably might UGV united snoring a little. Something like that because I mean we become useless a white talked to Rebecca just talks are over she is she talks over you sit there cross. To her right now to try to remember first off the that you just talked overs as we're talking about over. Which I think it's totally I don't know what are you doing it and I'd get high value what a Rebecca yeah yeah there's no limitation in your ability. And that's not on anonymous donors to write ups throughout. Citizen militants Izod we're gonna take a break and we'll be back just a moment your phone numbers if more for. 6877669. Or dental freed 844687. 7669. Listen Jason GDP on relative real. Jason. Foster twins were hurt Beckett tonight Rebecca before we sir taking phone calls are gonna get SE can give me something tell me something about my back I just turned. Funny and all of sudden I had this. Being down my spine might have to live with this forever just told each. No actually I know what I. It's body and you know I can help stamp on people wanting that Ollie can say is it would be like something great about two. And ethical right in the middle laid back and on the right inside. And at and according to my rib cage whereas pack pack that it would be like right. Maybe it could be my rib cage. I. And that muscle. You know what I really was I was in it was a joke more than makes it a technique that's. Witnessed the end of. You know you do have a like very. Sensitive touchy lower back and think it says that it's funny when I talked to people and I am. Reading people. I will start tenth pipe on them in the not pick up. Their health issues says there's say they're rubbing their knees my knees it's sore but she'd do have a touch yeah lower back and it's it's not much like this they will level it. That your medal back. Yeah my middle background we're only some. You know we don't want brings him up and let's just ignore calls we are a lot of people waiting this is Mary in Missouri hey merry welcome to the program your own with Rebecca Foster. Hi had some nice to talk to our view and I'm just looking for reading I guess whenever she wants to tell me. Rebecca. Waiting for. I am not. Melanoma so paranoid. Mary that person that comes straight through for you right away is placed symbolic end this mullah bouquet of flowers and the hours actually colors. I'm a crisis light these these. I'm yellow I am even know what they are pat they have. These people looking paddle while they're not like a Lily or anything just very happy looking okay the way it smelled. And that a little white. Creamy looking dog comes early and well. And so I'm not sure that civility or it added that at capital for animal because dark. Pat will come through kind of on the same channel they don't really there is it's difficult sometimes discern a because that's just went animals bring animal and but it looks like cantor. Passionate. Locker white haired probably a lap dog but it's smaller. Moon poster right away because he. OK guys I used to have a dollar and advocated that he would black I don't know people can be wearing a white robe maybe. Arm. No it would no I would definitely if it was black it would definitely come through darker different day at a white. Longer aired lap dog. Dark black eyes of the military I can pretty much delicacy. He hadn't felt this animal comes through with the okay. And it hit Scott lake and he found a candidate like kill. On budget like an east count the and then you have. Also 1 thing that I am being told there's when somebody passes over to come through. They will show up like on a field. And you to our. People well one I'm reading people they will come in with the fact. In the field to the left inside. You'll are walking in the field. Which is strange but you are that this tell me. Either you are communicating with. So one of the best ever look guilty to mail llamas to me is it like father figure. They're communicating with him having dreams about him or at some point as well only double back that's one but 10-Q. What it looks like they're trying to fade at some point you would have had. I ever read connection with spirit. Through during illness or maybe something at the title to an accident but something we're. It would have reached connected somehow with spirit which would make you a little more sensitive and just anybody who is trying to hold a spiritual kept its field. And it's funny too because as I'm reading you like my bike the one thing I'm being told to acknowledge for you it's like heart health. And so I'm not sure if you're having tiger palpitations or anything at that occurred but somebody is trying to get me to convey that to you by car health is very important real. And and like I said except relations they want me to talk about that a petition kind of a thing. And now. So. And I'm Natalie bit of that going on for another word I should I should talk to my doctors. Well it it's. It's possible when I read the people when it comes to how everything usually precautionary. So if you're getting a message that. Yeah make the issue go get that checked out because I'm not a doctor however I'm upon him. Well I'm feeling. A lot of time. Can be there's the difference between actual like you know you're in danger of something with your heart. But also it it might be caused by a little bit of anxiety is too because that certainly get a bit of shape when I'm when I'm reading really your energy kind of a rate of male patient they'll. You know going and it just getting ill have to make sure everything is gonna. And your okay circulation is our right part okay there's nothing ever wrong with that. And made just speed that you are also ultra sensitive though. Keeping your mind on that as well. Dad. Blocking out. Eat eat obviously Lockett on the other side of the fence at some point in this lifetime. I mean you mean with spirit what do you mean yes yes. So you'd connected somehow either as a child cute like I hate asking questions so basically I think back. You wouldn't mind when you would have seen no like a grandfather or somebody who passed over. And seeing them around you what is the connection. Was there ever episode where you're ill or that you and it and you have to answer that question that you have to think back. And and consider what eventually your help in this situation. And figure out why would be more sensitive that the average joke. Yeah I own I do think I am more sensitive and sometimes like I hear. It's not a voice but I just hear the answer and it helped me communicate with people on the panel to treat people and earlier. Ten minute edit it that's exactly it at a slightly your Geithner to come through the regular listener that when he trusting it. You can't you can't really ate the conversation. What do you know I want to pass that chemistry test because of that self but I'm not. Yeah. Just whatever epilogue story but anyway try it looked into it and it'll certain column in the it would take up with that. Of when that the Brea. Thank you. Are on the very interest. Happened at about dog we had before I really remember the dog and just find out if if they would flights because we had a cat named Colby that I don't know if that was the one to dog you're talking about I have no idea. OK now you have to get iChat now. Mary thank you for the phone call let's go to Robert in South Carolina Robert welcome to beyond reality radio you run with Rebecca Foster. They're ninja one mile I don't have a bit. Yeah I agree we'll show. Thank you. And I calorie O Elliot and I do that you had. An and it has to have that I ask okay so. Torre ill. When he barefoot right now and as you'll blocking. You are. I tried I was kind of getting back watching it would kind of gingerly. Carefully. Walking and your barefoot as I look confident for click spikes that you walking none. And it's freaking done this before and I'm watching you contemplate each step even had a year balancing on a ten. You're contemplating and accept. Safe to take. So first stop the fact that you're barefoot this symbolizes to me that you're in control of everything right now. That are or at least you feel like your control controlled disillusioned. Reaping of bowling Alley and we feel great about the day so. What they're also saying is that whatever you do right now whatever you pursue the outcome more your signature on that thing you want to be careful of what you do that each other things it good or bad it will be. It's yours to own. They're also saying that the way to get contemplating these steps is being careful where you walk you wanna take care of each field finite things belittle the tilt of things don't just put. If signature on something don't just approved something because someone says that so it's trust state. Stick to trust. We look at all the each other things are now. And then also considered what you spent through before. If your sitting there talking to someone and they say something or do something that you recognize that you're like wait a second. I know that tall but I've heard outlined in the you know what you call the second set back saying this as something an experienced before in the flat and good. Trust because it's what they're saying you're calling key issue previous experience. To really be able to move forward either very hastily in a quick why swing or to find yourself going. How did they do this again but what is happening I think they do that again. Also one more thing before ago if someone from your past that you must leave in the past. There is someone that is either calling already or will be calling it the end. Don't give that the knowledge but don't give this any thought or time or process is it'll be a wasted your time. And eat and you made by focusing on this closed door. That it may be focusing on you missed something that you are really longing to fine. And I hope that makes country so at least when it happened to be like if abortion clinic north and and sound to a clue as to what Obama. Hopefully that. To fruition manifesting your life. Thanks for the call Robert. Are it's a we're gonna take a break the phone numbers are 8446877669. In -- freed 844687. 7669. If you'd like to get a free reading with our friend Rebecca Foster gives you shall listen as Jason GDP on reality radio. We'll be back after this. It's. It's her back hurt her Foster psyche media in the midwest medium in fact is our guest. Tonight and Rebecca were really appreciate you doing this for. Us and for our listeners it's really a treat to have you on. Now I enjoy it I I think it's a blast sent met so many awesome people and it's funny because you know just starting off doing this with the PR chat room. And and I actually have people here at that you know like communicate with on a daily basis that they message me and it beats share their stories and it's a lot of fun and just. Chatting and getting to help people more than just that reading basis. What on this the beyond reality radio Stanley is is big enough and it's just it's ever growing more and Morant and just a wonderful bunch of people and who were happy to have you part of. Yeah thank you very much. Visits I appreciate it. Let's go to our phone lines there are still full keep trying to trying to get through this is Esteban calling from Missouri testimony welcome to the program. Testimony there. So I started maybe this is Georgie in Florida Georgia are you witness. Yes ran a thing to do Georgia and Georgia welcome the show. Thank you much. I turned eighteen. I was right. And I and I in turn me. Paint you think you likewise. You. Georgie one paramedic he figured I first showed you with figuring your speech which is gonna show a picture grounded you are. Everything they needed in front figuring out on your reached its safety. However are weaving together what looks like a giant log raft. And so it is has channel. And lakes. Lamps different like torture is on your speech and those it's a little it's like this and it going down a little bit darker. That being ignored it like a beacon of light helped kind of let things said that when you get out there you know how to get accident this nervousness about what you're doing. Uncertainty a little bit. And edit the it's okay because it's there's something out it that makes me feel like you are about two or you are right now doing something. That is not free you that is. Buried much from the bottom of your heart force someone else. We yeah expending a lot of energy personal energy and I'm not talking just something that's monetary. You're spending a lot of energy force someone and the a lot of yourself out there and I and the Catholic different election milled at upstairs. You pray to hear Scott they have they recognize this they understand that that essentially you are and what you're doing in Europe not to put yourself even further. Well you're lucky. Now that you are we don't basket with all of your might you're not just throwing yourself in a vote you're putting everything into this. Graft that you took a lot of water and again as has had experience with Blake. I'm doing is he doing putting very comfortable from myself by going out here at best and he made safe and not him that kind of thing but you're willing to pick the risks so. I don't want you know that he recognizes this opinion that you're you're going to be very well taken care of on the on the person attorney I would probably say and it's funny. Really quickly that what is showing is flake manna from happen basically saying that you will be. Taking care of Blake give us their daily bread kind of I think that you're not going to go without he will be invited what you need to decades of pushed of the journey. One no doubt. Staying out of every parent information and make. Georgie thank you so much yes thank you so much for the phone call. Aren't we have well a lot of calls to get to again we're at a point where we probably don't have enough time to take a call right now. A Rebecca you were telling me something. You he would send me a note something about Jason actually being a bit of an inspiration to use to when you take a minute and tell us what you're telling me. Well chink actually it was funny and I wanted to prolong time did you send a message but it it wanna be that creepy stalker type of person. So she wanted to talk over you instead planned like a month ago that. OK but you know who hasn't watched ghost hunters and you've spent on forever. Ballot with a long time ago and I've been doing this. Pretty much all my life but I sat there watched that show at three were talking about psychics and your perspective on psychic that I would it was pretty much about two how they can possibly take advantage of people. I've never done that I used to read for people for free that was what I did. And then I started receiving tips which everybody started to what you need to says charge for this people charge a lot of leisure chew well so I kind of made just of fees that. I guess it's fair for my time and I election now that I. Always always. I'm considered. Your perspective on people who have against and how they use that and how they would take advantage of someone with that and it really did. Become part of the foundation as to how it works and I mean not only my whole thing with pride in how he feels they need do is my talent. Not comparing it to him I don't wanna do that but just the fact that it was I don't know like get to speak that respect how it. Work and how you do your your job. Where the goal of cutting thing is concerned and I just wanted to let you know that that had a major influence on how I have worked. With my talent. What that means a lot mean it really just as I've always had the utmost respect for people who are truly sensitive and of course you know missiles do this time out there. Who think they are and they're really not and so it's really mixed thing but. But there's also those out there the minute they get a name for themselves all the sudden they jump up to these 2300 dollar for a dollar an hour 500 dollar reading. Say and and that is just you tired so a lot of people out to talk about how they were given this gift to to help out others but then again in return by doing that. There are only able to help out the ones who can afford 500 dollars an hour yet so it's it's not so it it's can sort of contradicting everything that that these missed some of those people site Susanna. Loves to say there's a difference between being compensated for your time and extortion exactly different 100% and that's why a large always respected you Rebecca and that's why we have you on the show because. Because you're that deer that real type of person who who truly cares and you're doing. What you can do and of course everybody should she be able to me it's it may provide for themselves doing what they're doing and so I greatly respect Q2 and on that note. We are going to take a break the phone numbers 844687766. Going into afridi for 4687. 7669. And it's take a break and a lot more reading succumb he'll listen to Jason GDP on really revealed the. It's. Been stuck somewhere. Don't really reveals myself Jason Hawes and the always Dawson chief each. Course tonight being the first Thursday of the month it's readings with her back we've got a lot of people on hold have been waiting very patiently will get to those calls a very very shortly thank you for being patient. Tomorrow it is a best of on beyond reality radio as every Friday night is and then Monday we've got Bruce assault climb in the first hour of the program he's a history professor and an author he's got a book it's called. Timeless a paranormal personal history it was just released and it documents 34 paranormal experiences. That range from ghosts to angels to near death experiences and more including demons. And he also developed a theory that he thinks will help explain paranormal phenomenon. And the second hour. Are we talking with Terry loveless lawyer and Foreman former assistant attorney general. Will be picking up where we left off and our last talk with rumba UFO sightings and stories. Then Tuesday you definitely want to tuning because we've got doctor and knowledge and hanging out with us and we'll be discussing it is all time. His book the old time book a fascinating facts and it's mind blowing some of these things are just mind. Their mind blowing these some things that you just wouldn't think. Possibly squaw incidences that happened throughout history that become amazing facts it's pretty cool stuff and we'll be talking about that with him. I'm at. This picture it's floating around on FaceBook and other places on the Internet is for you in the weird offense that one has been bit it didn't been banned if the event green and I got my guess photo shoot I tell us share an hour from now I'm talking about the one that is shows a cloud formation. In the sky in Texas. Picture was taken by Danny Ferraro 57 year old he and his new wife saw this they took the picture looks like an Angel. It's a cloud formation that looks. A lot. Like an Angel see slick Eddie can throw up on our our FaceBook page. Or somewhere on don't put it where every ten slicked. But it Denny and his wife Carmen run their way to take care some family business and they looked up in the sky they were they were dreading this business whatever happened to be. And they saw this confirmation that I'm looking at the picture right now looks hackable elegant Angel. And they took a picture and it happened beyond their one month anniversary of their wedding city and they said as soon as they saw they knew everything's going to be okay. It so very let's call claiming yesterday was our two year anniversary and we should've seen it I didn't see anything in the sky if that was offering any consolation that it was a circus Rebecca did you see this picture floating around. I have not seen a picture of any giant. It's pretty cool when when somebody tell it like it just you hearing that story does that give you any sense of I don't know comfort or do you do you feel was so that is a message of some kind or is it disappoints and incidents some clouds it look like an Angel. Not in a wet dog and then manipulation isn't things there's super cool and Munich could be. A clot formation and I always look for that kind of stuff especially. If I am asking a question or I am looking for confirmation for something. And if I happen to look happened at the college order I don't know you know it to rebuild it looks like at an Angel I guess I'm excited about that. I would I would need to do read oh absolutely integral to challenge that I like. She's a locally judges I was a Jesus and there was a loose and things like a couple of years ago sold money if thousands iron and I mean. How quickly is likely to change yeah well I can imagine much you have that grilled cheese let you know encased in some kind of from from plastic material it's gonna run anyway. It's now with the programs about. Rebecca before surging amid calls again give your website let people know how to get albeit. People can vote you got told dot com or back faster that Pope and I'll play information you can contact we barely have I guess FaceBook Twitter. All of my links or Apple's web sites. But that web site so I I will answer all along fine and it can't collapse if I'm sleeping at I won't the entry of course but. The rest of the day I'm content and it connects to myself so. It questions I look at you and if I don't get you back right away and make it if comes up letting you know I got your message I don't have time right how to respond but I will get back to eventually. Our phone numbers 8446877669. Phone lines are all busier right now but as we take calls you can call went. And we'll go to New York with our callers Jacki Jacki welcome to the program. I ate it every week just to show. I generate. The. Hi. All right Jacqui RA so the first thing which you let it eat you. He's now like like poplar is at all like. I really something delicious baking. Optional add a lot of time something like that that represents. Like a comfort. And it wrapped present. Missed out just it can wrap presents. Someone coming through that. Would have liked to speak to it like to begin life. So that's I'm kind of looking to find out who is around you right now and where you are but the first thing before right. Before I get to who is well Pacifica grandmother figure that's around you in the tightly Chiat. It looks like you're standing almost to the top of the mountain and that she is behind you. Kind of pushing you and holding up and I do not consult the dead for anything if they have something to say or shall be a little. Repeat palate don't think. But it just looks like she is behind you and have their hands on your rear like pushing you and your kind of leading pack. And she is. Holding you up in that direction. And so if you have then digging your heels then or trying to figure out should fire shut night and hesitating. Procrastinating. It's kind of like a goal for it. Stop waiting to keep looking forward just don't be afraid of where you are right now just continue moving forward and this is a great picture. As someone holding you up and technologists. Make me feel like I should be telling you that at the reading is gonna work out at going to be OK and then also before I let go they're talking about something where you hear it either. Past or something or your health is concerned or somebody around there's not a doctor's visit or half past coming up that is going to be okay. And that it is nothing to worry about. Yeah they think yet it is very welcome thank you for. If great yes thank you for the call Jackie let's go to Donna Adonis calling us from Kentucky hey Donna welcome to the program. I say thank and I cannot call these. All right does so for you the first thing that they show if you are at at dusk outlook looks like at a bank. And you cannot shake this gentleman's hand and you'd. A lot this a lot of money and just start but if you like to running quick throwing money like ethnic accounting it and trying under the task. So this first talk shows that one. Talk it's like financial breakthrough it's Alec your underwent a million dollars but something positive is going to come preview. Financially to where you're going to have the freedom to be able to purchase something or move forward. I can't there was something that you may have been dating for kidnapping hasty exit nothing like you justified overnight to do that this is something you would have been contemplating for a while making the purchase bonds. And he will have the ability to do that coming up. Also it feels like there is a birthday with some surprise that is also around you right now. And I may cut fabric is next week but probably. So. Ma yeah that there is a celebration. And there's a lot of routing like we're looking at. Behind you I came here a lot of people. And you almost think you're in a bar or were working at a bar or something and it's it's like. You are happy and conversation and then there's this party going on behind you. So. And that is another country and because it's legit or that somebody's coming through to pass that on. But it definitely like a birthday celebration may be an anniversary. That is coming up straight and somebody wants. Yeah Ali and my mother's art I would gestured bank of pace to have killed her yet. Okay. Now all is there it is Eric. Veteran bat the initial mining beat. Right but is it also around her as well. And now. That it sheet at Jakarta seen. Did and I just hit eight. BD. And an excellent way it is somebody else that she would have called something with that. Or eight around them what they would call me Donnie announced mall. Our and I battery. Yeah now it looks like a big letter. She wants and probably not bother trying to learn that the Al in sub her out. You know why it's very possible that you have long been like king Gettelfinger did he have. Integral fingers or anything it would it longer fingers. Yeah. Did it did you mom did she ever try to answer there which fighters from there was an apple. Not bothered the edit my grandmother. Really bad she her fingers or Kirk and the other democratic Paramount like at lake when they get that perpetrated that they they dropped. Think you've got a lot of people around you I want to celebrate. Her birthday yesterday so I can't Stifel confirmation free of well thank you you're very welcome Paul architect it's irrelevant of explaining it away. Yeah if I'm Matt thanks for Alan. And the odd urged by and about why amounts only yet that pat Lang. I'm from earlier when I was given that partly and we did an hour earlier that is not being with Amy. Interesting you know what last time I was gonna show someone emailed and said you know you Redford problem while I was trying to get through and it's not like you. You were reading for me like everything about it was for me. And I know it's very possible because I am twining around this phone line. And people very quickly and it it is you know it's possible I can't I I've got. This has not an exact science so I can't say for sure but. I'd tribal people before it's very possible that if you were really think about it maybe I'd get pick occupy upbeat but. Only known that went on the other side they have like Romo were like come in Bernard or anything like. Birds. A lot of times they it's like they have control overrated it's almost it's fun to think that they might put that thing quotes. At Byrd is still fly by and say hello it. A lot of times. I know a lot of times I had. Birds appear like old if if silence so that if somebody letting me know that they're here. And so I understand what you're saying about could ever possibly be silica and it's absolutely possible especially if you can associate that particular bird. I think murder cardinal are rocket which a person is pastor offered. I had in the humming birds. Yesterday how and why now that's who had made yet. They thank you for the call Donna we appreciated we're gonna have to take a break we'll get back to some more calls. On the other side of the break. Phone numbers 8446877669. Give us a shot if you like a reading with Rebecca Foster you listen to Jason GDP on military. Her 6877669. If you do wanna try to get through its readings with Rebecca tonight Rebecca Foster is our guest. And we're gonna jump right back into the phone calls this is Jason calling from Indiana Jason welcome to the program. I don't get guys. Hoodlum the stooges of. Did you know it can't thank our good. Eat hot first time caller and you made it through but so is good buried deep in the first thing that you're guides show you is when you're on solid ground which is good. You know definitely. You're walking down. The papers wrote that April and it's not a very light it's not I don't think cars could really drag comment that interlocking. That side of the road the China right inside. Is straight arrow. And. I can't really see anything around and it is very large expanse and it's a little shady darker. So they're kind of making me focused on you. You don't have pictured on you're wearing blue jeans adults. And you've got to cop said the bottom rolled up a little bit. And it looks like a pair of the click of a finger at your and your little longer. And you're walking now you're contemplating. He. It you know there that say you know if you want change you gotta make you gotta do something different. And that's what I'm being told and somebody words to tell you could are contemplating extra blocking the past. There's a lot of contemplation here and one opponent that you know all. Regardless of what we do that life regardless. It'll. I'm not sure exactly the depth of your relationship with spear with god or your belief system however I'm being told Italian that the right on. In the doorway is open for ill. And that tells me that there is some kind of a reconciliation that happened between attribute because there's some massive pain that you care really cute of doorways that. You'll never really were able to. Open or closed yourself it's like give a quote on ill. And so this has been like a living a world where Eric's family is concerned and having really great support Taiwan's side. But and these things where you need to reconcile and at least within your part of being able to let go. And so there's this spiritual walk that you are not too if you're not blocking an eight year about two. Where they are in miracles are things that are going to happen around you that you're gonna look at radical like Ashley can't believe that if this is happening in my life. And you don't like keep such yourself and make sure that you share them. And you'll recognize that he will experience some and feel that they will be very apparent you know. So with that comes a lot of self forgiveness from letting go out acceptance of where you are in life. And I hope that helps you out that kind of like a confirmation. Said that. The positives are about to happen in your life and a and a good way things that you ask for. Thanks yet thank you for the call Jason let's go to Esteban in Missouri Esteban welcome to the program thanks for holding. Give back first I'm college students. I have to bunt for calling in OK so the first thing for you is that you're blocking is Sam. In blocking your kind of straddling. And and you're walking and it's funny because you're also trying to balance. And then you it is you move over to one side a little bit more than you will look there is itself also afflicted the decision happening here within your life. And trying to maintain balance as far as. Personal. And as well as job coasters. You're trying to make someone else happy and it come often this. You goal but. Little bit more on a personal and then you need more finances so then you have to weigh out the finances and then on the senate floor there's not a personal aide. You're having there's obviously is that external person here. That is trying that it will not trying but is. I am telling you would use should be your shouldn't be doing and it's app and public feel like there's not that there there is no happy medium there is it's like it it. It's you can really do anything bad. Is gonna make this person completely happy. Rebecca I've got to interrupt you here we're gonna keep Esteban on the phone during the break it was my dad we probably shouldn't have taken a call we can have a lot of time as we're gonna break. Right in Ireland right back after. Fast it's. Rebecca and dead before the break we had asked him on on the phony still win this I don't know. Rebecca if if in erupting the reading. Does anything and you get a stern and we have to start we still with a so. Testimony still there. Okay all right so Rebecca had died and pick it up we left off. Great I. I didn't read anybody else for that reason so but what they're basically saying is that you were. You're beyond in trying to look a please and appease other people Wear you out I cannot. He didn't. Back him up with big auto war. And it act you have really don't want IP IMAP yet they keep academic back and. Maybe that's where ideas credit he would. You've been copy or something. Because it's it's just showing it's not you that's trying to do it you're doing like it it your dancing along this line trying to balance everything. And it's not you it's doing it for your personal reasons that you're doing it for somebody else that is. Trying to get you do I don't know where quite aware and then deep personal and other advocates just. And and typical I guess when you don't know what somebody. It's actually wanting. So. It and you know let just a little bit has and fight on Matt. We're at Lansing as I would choose to justify that make you happy and I let Lockett and then when people. Are supposed to be in your life regardless if it's personal or a business however. They will figure out a way to being your life. There's of people all figured out if it's meant to be if there could be your life and they will stop figured out one way or another. And now either way you'll probably have it this individual doesn't want to lose so. They will figure it out he seems to be somebody who works hard for others regardless. The thing you know hang up he and. The six string and onto the break has to run and you are on hold for long time I know that let's go to a stunner in North Carolina stunt welcome to the show. Into national. Hello hello intricate trail. OK so for use the first thing that they show is that you are. He's giving you looking at like you're looking through. On. I'm not you'll learn all there. You're looking to prevent a wall and there's like a little at a Catholic upkeep poll but it. Inoculation linkage to the things that you can put your eyes until it. And it's funny but it's kind of like you're watching like you're eating at the same time and you look. And then he types something and and then you eat something and you look it's like you're working behind the scenes at its wake a public you're you're on. Airing and you are watching and that you're putting your input and it looks quite engrossing BK year you know you're having fun now. It's been a lot here and I don't have time for it but I can tell you that you do have. Part of what they're China's past like confined. And it's to help you understand. We are and what you would be pursuing in the flight time you'll also quite it would have been that looks at 1920s. You look nineteen. Point site 26 maybe and you would maybe feel a huge draw at that time period you may really be interested in that time period. You'd maven feel little discussed in our freedom that is so there could depending on how it turned out. You could you don't wait when you think of the 1920s you feel about it. But it almost feels as if this is lot work or illegal. And so if you are this time around considering working with and law enforcement are with legal state. And detective work I die as it might help explain. Why your tribe would be that directional light you're really good at figuring things without. And it's interesting too because that could be just traits that. Carrie and big group and and it made ever Medifast but it may be different in that you're gonna that. Seven. Before an election go very quickly yeah you are also locking. Forward holding the hand of the young command behind you this looks like media honor or a nephew but there is somebody behind you picture holding hands walking. And they are walking a narrow path. That is represented. The representatives of the difficult past. And you are locked had of them beating them and they're trusting as you're leading them said that also represented that you'll be helping working hard fighting someone. Who was unable to. Do it themselves were actually need stats that you have someone around you that is not your all of even if it's not your own could be your fun. You're going to be holding their hand and walking him down at a very typical happened and he could be that they have like seeding it's got sent kind of a thing. There noted that there really aren't their own. It cameraman and. Yes this is definite definitely looked like a boy it definitely looks like the boy. He's wearing short and blue shirt shorter hair. It's it's it is they're asking around and now. Or but it in your own. No. Trusting because that's kind of. The appearance so I'm not sure that they're saying that somebody with a handicap. Somebody areas that need. Of that extra help of that extra tight ends and it depends not someone that you're aware of rate now. I would definitely keep my eyes open especially with school a month away maybe depending on what effect for you. Paying closer attention to those around you and it is this person looks like they're able to do it for themselves so this is the troubled person that. I can't say that person his handicap is troubled I don't wanna put it that way because that's not the case this just feels like somebody has is. Aren't able to do for themselves they need some want. To help them. And it's dish but narrow path is that. It's typical spiritually fed and so they're personally going through hardship that maybe someone doesn't recognize. This on itself yes thank you so much for the call we have to move on we're gonna run out of time here so let's go to Jim in South Carolina Jim welcome to show. Thank you needn't. Urged calm color. Some. Thank and welcome thank you for pollen and OK so what are your guys they're showing me. Is that you are on your speech which is good because symbolically here grounded. And safe secure. You are referenced here of spontaneous individually you're not standing still for long. And I think it puts you out toward the water and you're like nope nope I'm good I'm good with cal needed tell you that all of the resources that you need right now. Can go forward with things are already have you which already new that it's like you're not. Out looking for your opportunities. To bring in Cilic are very content with the way things are. So we'll see you. And it's funny because you're just so nonchalant interlocking it's like you're busy you're doing your thing that you are very casual. Like that the united paid attention the water. I think we're NC a lot that's right front that you didn't think it would or if it was paid for any of you really have to be at disastrous situation for YouTube. You really it is reacts to it even that he might walk away from it. So. So. Putting year of a little bit further your speech. One is just check out some how fast. You have. Lord there's no bottom men around you passed over as a lot of men. And so I almost feel like I'm sure you're in the service but I know that several people around you that are passed ever looks like. They would have banned terrorist I would think it would be infantry. Database ground and I. And they are it's like lion too old to read. It you're blocked bear walking next to you and they're joking they're poking in and and it's funny because these guys they're just you know they're. There's they're treating you like it would in life that's what they want me to do it acknowledged that there are around you. And so. We're human service you and the reason I ask is because the next semi Shelby is like. The veterans wall that Vietnam wall that the memorial wall state like they're showing. All that means everything on the result. They just Hamid acknowledged that TU. It is also feel like there's historically. People around GQ that are actually coming forward but there's two men matter wade fired back. That are just kind of stay there want to salute Gil and then another what he's firing. Thank you crack great year and expands wearing hats and it's like cap like when he where you're at it treat engineered a bank. So it's really cool that you that a lot of people are new. And I just keep on doing what you're Dylan I would not it and they had like a bad and I view look like kind of just float through life what happened happened that the com that comes when they get care I'll deal with it. And as but the faithful read a list against the way to put it is easy. So very much Jim thank you a phone call we appreciate it OK let's see here let's go to Joseph in Indiana Joseph look the show. Good to welcome the joke. It's well thanks for pollen. All right account for in a weird thing the first thing I can't simply get in meatballs. I think I can't help but act I can taste Italian food aid is beginning people. Dull. It's funny. But he apathy that's like your energy taste like. When I. First is the feeling I get as bad as. I can't. Kara edit a carousel ball. Things that go round and round and the circle I forget the name of that it cannot narcotic carousel. Merry go out and around sooners we will. When Eric up in the end and end. Yes thank you. A Ferris wheel and you know he gets that belly feeling at that comes down and make our back up and end it there it. It's just a circle you know you're going you can feel a lot you can experience fly out fun. But you don't really go anywhere you'd just critical out of circles. And facilitate your your type they're trying to egg conveys the message that. It may feel right now that. Things are our goods and and you know quite Honeycutt sometimes things. That we feel they can get perfection and it and that perception maybe in Iraq. But what it's saying it said yeah maybe going in this circle of everything is the way that you chose that speed that the title wanted this is what I've told them about box. But it that they can be wrong for you exit ticket just feel like. I act although it turn things I still need this just doesn't feel right for me right now and so if you're feeling that it's okay can make changes. It's okay to get off for a ride in state college try something new at it. Not yet not fund it it can make you get up every game you take a belly feeling X I don't wanna do this. And so it. Basically what they're saying is that maybe trying to attack changed that you have and looking forward to it's something that maybe just immediately go attack but it's definitely time for a change saying you want I'll watch for the signs. Ask but the doors to appear and then pushed both stores open. Tank. That would be. My. Absolutely. And and and don't think it's funny you asked that because it. There was almost went. When he asked it was just like am I going to be capable of doing something is there something else it's gonna open up for me at this point and the answer is yes. But don't let fear hold you back from making any career changes because your cup from Scott fear comes from. The other side that try to prevent you from succeeding but don't let fear hold you back. Thanks for the call Joliet we have to we have to go on we're gonna try to take one more call Rebecca this is gonna to be a little quicker. This is Erica Missouri but Erickson and holed a really long time Eric welcome to the show. Her carrier. I knew it was you know yeah we can now. Hi Eric thanks for holding. Them. All right so for you Eric it's interesting the first thing that they have Buick on your speech stay your ground that you're secure right now but you don't put your writing is that your digging. Hole and it's kind of close to the water so that would allow water to get onto your beaches like we don't want to do. And so what the one message that is coming forward for you is that. Opportunities there about 2% TO but you do not jumped the gun. It's like your soul knows that there are things coming and that change is coming and that you should be doing something and it's like once had a break once but on aghast at all. And don't jump the gun weight and feel everything falls into place like you have all ingredient that you you can make decay and the situation. Don't get all excited about something and then. Rush kill it because then it'll fail and then you'll get frustrated and you may walk away from something that is meant to be in this is going to eventually these successful. But just sit back wood eight. And that and when the time is right it will present itself to you rather that you're going out trying to figure out find. It is very important it feels like it spoke on a personal up all and it it's said in her interests except on a personal level. And an achievement for you as well that you overcome something you overcome hat that you overcome. Something that you would have felt like you feel that before and these succeed and at this time and that relationship wise it may even folic detect category two. Where relationship is concerned Joseph finally feel like you have a success with all the talent that Wright was in Pacific. The first outright and it like that kind of thing that the extent look a little shocked and all of a sudden everything is is successful and falling into place. And is. It just had its overall positive for you so cute but. And not rush anything and now when everything comes to me you it will come to you just hang on and that's her personal. And if you're gonna look at it on the career. Rebel well our financial level I would have not getting past comments I would say it well but. A lot of his personal on a personal level you'll you'll find at all with the people actually listening she'll. Eric thanks for the phone calls sorry had to be a bit abbreviated and I apologize to those who've been waiting that we just have minimally to all the calls we saw two hours is going to be enough Jed it's not enough for only got to get tall girls. I'll never has never is. Well the next almost everybody out of pollen and Rebecca thanks common hanging out with us and us always a pleasure talking you ruined we always look forward to when you're coming out. But thank you ID Q I thought my calendar I'm excited about it and I really appreciated it's a lot of fun and while all the listeners thank everybody for the chat. The time clock and. Well until next time you have a great night talk too soon. Are the thanks are back Terrance beyond reality radio and take a break we'll wrap. And efficient. What's. Product. A lot of debate the side of the fence your on so but deathly image. Howard's big shout out to Rebecca Foster from an analyst at nine. To those that we weren't able to get your calls remembers first Thursday of every month and mission calling next time we'll get you on. But then tomorrow night ever Friday of course the best out beyond reality radio on the Wii gets great shows plan next week's mission to an end. And over FaceBook dot com slash B unreal your radio with the FaceBook page source this and pretty much do it for us you listen to Jason GDP on reality radio catch on the actually. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.