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Readings with Rebecca Foster & daughter of George Carlin - Kelly Carlin

Jun 8, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson host psychic Rebecca Foster for "Readings with Rebecca" during the first hour. Then KElly Carlin, daughter of legendary comedian George Carlin, joins the program to talk about her work and her father's legacy. 6/8/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Stearns telescopes Friday skills and your stock somewhere between welcomed the honor review myself Jason Hawes. The only sauce and GT Johnson I don't get no respect if you don't do the roost. That. Now OK Aaron and I can't let. Right Rodney Dangerfield yeah I don't I don't it wasn't George Carlin I know that but it's the only comedian I can somewhat imitate so that's why did it. It because we have we have a pretty cool thing going on tonight. No we do we do have heard for the first tower were going to be doing readings with the Rebecca Foster and she's just she's a close friend of the show. Just a great person in general and and to and so we're going to be doing readings of absolute numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. In the end Jimmy said. And our cats we have Kelly Carlin comings and nothing to do it right now I think he'll do he'd speak your field Kelly is the daughter of Lou comic legend George Carlin and we're gonna talk with Kelly about. I dvd commemorative series is being released for George and George's work close so she's done just got to locals up but I think it's pretty cool two things one is. As I was doing that impersonation was grabbing her I throw. I was grabbing my collar like I had a tie on because Dangerfield used to do diet and and you actually knew who the heck I was trying to imitate that's pretty impressive because I'm not good imitations. Well I annual because our guys but they're had a good aspects of views the right line you can imitate anybody get exactly. A fan you are. Fix if you say something so it's a tourist saying. Of course right so here's the deal guys the first hour of the program we are gonna do readings with Rebecca like Jay said and it can start calling now because the phones are gonna Philip quickly. And we're gonna be taking your calls as soon as we bring her on after the breaks of the numbers 8446877669. Don't forget that tomorrow night however is a best of program. And then we have you know and them some best subs coming up next week as you know I get ready to do our stuff I've been we've got scare kind of of the week and you're coming up Saturday for scare conned. To hang out foreign happens to the party now I don't know when that tonight you chose but whenever. Bugs. And these are pretty Smart guys if you know one out at a and Norway's yes and so on and I've got some stuff are you doing New York during the week so Adam and will be greeted you a good time to. Yet at all works out so we've got a really fantastic tonight night again so if you wanted participate in the readings. With Rebecca just give us shouted 8446877669. To set us up for that as we do is we take readings is a wreck is gonna jump right into a chili's does. Yeah absolutely if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio FaceBook page forest. And had to be under really radio dark comedy can find all the ceased we are across the country atlas is constantly being updated. You can also download the free iPhone and enter and a printer it's a logical sunlight touch pad shows John Allen -- more. Roloson right from the website so he can do that race from the bugs me operate in corners and yeah it's all good stuff on the cease so there's lot of things. On and also I just did mention scare concept by the website for scare kind checking other so much stuff going on there. It's Garrick con dot com. I'm we had Dee Snider on the program the other night and he's going to be a scary con. And what a fascinating guide me a junior member if you don't know who he is Twisted Sister. Lead sir Iain we're not gonna take it yeah. Exactly and America he was talking about the documentary that's on nine net flicks yeah during the Internet discussion we had with him. Why didn't CNET and I started watching yesterday actually night haven't finishes like two and a half hours I've got to get you don't get an hour in here and there. Arm it's pretty fascinating I didn't realize. How popular Twisted Sister was in the like the Long Island New York City. Area before they ever got a record contract they were huge. Just they were there were considered like the best bar band of best rock band. Bomb that of all time for that area it's it's pretty amazing what they did. And he sees that a Basilan island tucking away. You know six foot something I'll walk around and fish net stockings or wins clothing and yet getting in bar fights every night and indeed you'd have to go adjusted check amount find out what that Pakistan and that's. And that's exactly how it started with them and then they went on to do these sticks like you know Disco sucks they were the when they commit to this whole thing by Disco sucking because. They kind of hindered the seem to deal late seventies. And then they did this thing about him the bad boys of broccoli hedged ticks all the time in Dee Snider. I realize this was who was responsible for creating all that even though he was a late addition to the band it's pretty cool stuff arts. I mean he's he's a great guy and I look forward to hang in all of them and actually yeah should be great time. Yet it's gonna be a lot of fun and get and that's that's Garrick con New England coming up in Framingham Massachusetts June 16 and seventeenth check out the website. And desk or conduct column and definitely give Jimmy some kudos for his awesome person impersonation I don't get no respect. The consumer spending and if I were to use said I'm not a crook who would you like Richard Nixon artsy and then I do I don't need to get to gauge just didn't even do the film there's really just the fingers up for anything I mean it's just a lie. I mean so and our eyes are fixer bursting the bubble I thought a second career. Well you should move in now and you assess the phone number again are given us a call we're gonna we're gonna go to break searching calls we come back but the numbers 8446877669. 844687. 7669. If you like a reading by Rebecca Foster. You're listening Jason. And dvd on relative radio. Yeah radio Francis is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare a con. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scare come in mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BE RR. Scary con dot com. It's called turning Japanese well partly it's beyond reality radio Jason GP we've got a very very special might under way tonight we're gonna start the program. With readings. With Rebecca. And Rebecca Foster is our featured guests members to do this once a month we're gonna do it the first Thursday of every known for months Rebecca were really really excited to have you on. Thank you are hi how are you. Back to the show. How it is that it TV. So our units are you excited to start this this is the first one we're gonna do I'm gonna do this every first Thursday of the month from this point aren't. I am I am actually very excited that I did get a message that. I think. So why we're going to be doing it the second because of a holiday week. That's arc that's all that's right yeah allow visits on the slick Eddie did because geez that's another fire him I just you know every every temperature around argue they threw for reasons of that's a anyways so before we we've birdie got full phone line so if you're trying to call to get in on the readings with Rebecca tonight continued to I'd dial eventually you'll get through. It's 8446877669. But before we start taking the calls Rebecca. Is anything you need from people when when we put them on do you need them to give them the didn't need him to give you any kind of specific information or whatever. Now I prefer nothing it's just. Access to clean reading and nothing is led to what somebody wants to hear. Can't it sounds that sounds reasonable. And before we get started in the may hand continues here what do you have coming up I know you do some live a gallery readings on YouTube when you've got some appearances. When you throw that out their first before we get into the thick of this. Actually sent the life. YouTube gallery that it didn't have to anything it'll get on trying to figure that out as to when I'm gonna do that that's going to be surprised everyone including me. And Mexican I'm going to be in Virginia sold out of and I am very excited. Gallery and a coach flocked to battlefields and next month if you're in Iowa I'm going to be apricot tree gallery. And age. We're gonna confidently in the nominee falls on Wisconsin and so it's and kind of pop action is that in public if it ever going back ash more states and became huge gallery down south Illinois so. Have fun things people have to check it out and let's. Ash RC it's incredible place are so I don't you or your loans. Now I've been to a lot of different places about it. I know how you'd have huge. Well lit places that you event that you that you were there again I actually put that amendment. That was part of the write up that you were there and as several others. Go hunting groups have spent their but. A lot of men their sense is just an incredible place. A lot I think it just has gotten a lot of attention but at the very interest and that has followed back last aired and finally cleared up. Are so let's get started with this reverting got full phone lines of as we talked about here so let's go two meg and who's calling from Kansas. I meg and welcome to the program your arm of the Rebecca. I'm like yeah you can call. Them what to cut through. OK I want him people the information comes from god your head and people who've passed over and so in the short amount of time I'm just gonna give you what I can. And I bet is meant for you to receive right now the first thing that comes through for you is that you are walking on past. The end of one added that the width of the past means a lot to me as symbolically. To everything comes you know where I have to explain it and then explain what it means. But the past me is awful it's it's not it's likely that Allen's team and you are walking on any kind of walking. That model walk of bringing your foot in front of your foot your other foot answer locking. And you are beyond seemed slightly there's very little light around you but I can't see kind of try to be which tells me. That at some point you just recently or use. Europe to make actually that is going to need. Difficult for you because that's when it be something that. You'd feel at making you happy where that is part of what direction and like that you're supposed to take and others around you maybe I think it is something that. You'd probably. They shouldn't take it will be bad for you look at it more likely because they're gonna feel comfortable like you do it. And and I mean the people if you feel passionate about something you really feel driven toward that and then you've got humans. Hopefully yet it's really something that you need to consider as to what. Where is this gonna take my relationship with these people where's it gonna take me if I follow this past there's a light in the tunnel there. Is the light that says this is exactly where you want a piece it don't is dark it looks like right now either both spiritually or. If you being a feel like you're being attacked spiritually or by people themselves. Just know that you're going in the right direction so it is just recently taken that risk your past and you've probably never done it before it's probably something brand new. Something that you wanted to ill or that you want to do. And from other directions or you feel like you're being shut down. But continue on the direction and and it's funny because he can tell I have a spiritual energy going. I'm not sure what you're talking about says these something that's coming up. You'll sign the doorway opens for you don't turn it down it'll be something that you actually regret. If you do it and don't Hewitt and it is Carroll again reached. Reiterate that era means that it spiritual and that it is something that improves your character and we are. And it's the typical pattern that you take it'll. Help. That may. Yes not it really banked it really doesn't mean a lot and couldn't about a hundred angry now and yet and hopefully. Yeah mega thank you so much for the call these are quick but does thank you so much a scooter Brandon Brandon calling for Missouri he brand and welcome to the show. Scrambled. Eggs and thanks for pollen in question then okay I can talk quick blurb for you and I moved my energy. And if he were popular content from cell. When I the first thing is he feels well actually tasted it was like stand. Salt water ticket and I could feel it writing dominate for making its lake. You don't it's that once you taste that salt water from the ocean is just about the way he probably should ever do it but. At that moment that I felt that I thought. I looked a little bit further you were out on the water. And so this means that at some point to get to where you're an and you are floating here on something. But again they're looks like a log of some kind it doesn't look like well it's just something you've climbed up onto. And so that means that it's something you left security of a speech in Egypt represents safety. And influx that. Swam out to. The water which means you wouldn't felt really engulfed in problems that you would if Alex you were in the middle of something that would have felt as if it worked. Happy to heal or out of your control. And you have. Really. The way that you have annual accurate as soon as well. The fact that it tasted salt water means that you may have a point like you were going under and that and it can feel like the world is around Egypt like pressure pressure pressure. But it. Perhaps done in kind of restaurant Hewlett you're hanging around that the dog balancing on Matt. And that's a good thing because you have a choice right now that you can neither continued floating aimlessly. Or you can make up your mind to get back on your beach where you really needs because there are things that you speculative clothes off is as difficult as being maybe. They use need to get back on your beach and facing an event saying that you're in effect on them and not yet not yet. However I am I get particular prefer you and your beach street need to be that I can do that can pick people up and down and I'm. Trying to get she'd do that. And it looks like it really it comes on the pride. And it comes down to ego also removed both of those in you'll be able to light an issue out of your life. And actually make a really positive choice for yourself remove yourself from the equations coming up. Especially come the butting heads with people. Very important and you'll make quite a decision to make everything rationing now are don't make any rash take everything very artful. Very important to your personal. Personal life and it. And prevent it coming up in house agency. Get a dealer eagle completely Gilbert Eagles hopefully that they will respond to you. Thanks for the call thanks for the call brand and we're getting close to a break here if you are on hold remain on hold we'll get to your calls. If you're trying to get through just keep trying and 8446877669. Rebecca before we go to break. And as you do these readings for people worsening information coming from. Gil and I can explain that is that my connection to spiritual connection to cut. They I I kind of answer in Q is there a few words you have a settlement. And it healed and then beyond that film is the other part of the world where the world a vision that they're showing me like has stepped in to bat. And I do get lost and it. It it it's just another error. World that they are giving me the information and I can't do without them they disconnect from me I just Rebecca I can't do it. So I really do need I like I say apparently tied it is just please give me the information that you need me to give to these people and I hope I understand. And that's really. At least what I see that angels and the guys but those that are giving information. All right. Are so again the numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Gets a call she'd like a reading by Rebecca Foster loosened Jason GBB Israeli radio will be back. Think I think weakening the journal conclusion the map that it. It's Jethro Tull in the best artist or wanted to experience at riding on Apple's long and. Welcome moment of relative President Clinton got to play the us it's all great stuff Rebecca medic and knocking it askew a bungle in jungle means if this Arctic cold and after that the world though I percent. Okay there ain't good enough. I'm by the way we're doing rid readings of the Beckett tonight this is the first in our monthly series will be doing this on the first. Thursday of each month unless a holiday. It takes its place in which case slick Eddie will post an appropriately and we'll do it I guess in the second I don't know what what slick decide that stuff. A little bit later in our program tonight we've got Kelly Carlin joining us she's the daughter of these legendary comedian George Carlin I mean talk about. Somebody who really redefined what's standup comedy. Was about and how it was done George Carlin Carlin is the man that did dead in the seventy's so a makes this is talked her. But let's get right back to the readings that number's 8446877669. This is let's see this is Jennifer college from South Carolina he Jennifer welcome to the show. Paint and got off. Hi Jennifer but you got through it thank you hey Alec Jennifer the first thing Freel is. You've. You'll need to learn to legalize import certain his stand up for yourself. And you need to learn to say no a little more often. What it was basically showing is that you know hey you're very kind individual and that you. You like to make other people feel comfortable but it also cut it. It's not just public it's not just strangers and of course and we must take care of the deal they love. However it's too it's seemed to be what they're your packet saying is that it's taken to an extent a little bit that's either in his career taking advantage of you and that you there there's this feeling that. When you do something it's not that it's so much appreciated. But more than that it was just expected so there's this little but the feeling of taking it and take it for granted. And it may be there are people out there if you like that a daily basis but for EU what they're saying is this is an important thing preview. Because there thoughtful little boy around you that scenes. That you are very important that he also feels very protect step up you. And to. You have that you actually have several children graduate. The other one I'm not sure I don't think it slipping into the account that would that law. And books. It see you. Well there's a couple actually. There's there's been older and younger child around as well that are more spiritual and good thing about knowing this is that it regardless of how personally of the pregnancy. Even if they don't even know they've done it these energies of stick around on a spiritual level to act more as the whispering or the guard but that the guide. And that they Chile ever leave they're they're just more of an angelic presence. It seems it seems to be very important around you because there's a happy week. I knew and I think that what they want you know effect on top of having the normal guys that we have. Usually up to six within the flight time you have these presences around you as well that are really rooting for you and pushing it went. And China's support (%expletive) and lift you up is it that you get upset. A little bit. Because they're acting as an around the overwhelming you or just the feeling of you know I'm Jen and the Islamic if I want at the end wished it would seem that kind of a thing. And so I think the main message the summary of African ideas that you have major support. And the spiritual fights so watch for pennies fathers and dine around Egypt Philly is at the bat at the moment might be you can look at finals. There's basically just letting you know that hey we're here. If you like having a bad moment but we're right here we QL I think that's just what they want it known to be more certain that it may not it is easy is that how. It may be something that's more typical than just being assertive but that's the message is the topic makes sense. Thanks for the call Jennifer let's see here we're gonna go to. Tommy Tommy's calling in from Jason's home state of Rhode Island he Tommy welcome to the show. Well thank you very much thank you J&J V and of course for Rebecca. And I AM and I appreciate the opportunity and I do want at least say one into objection to say what prompted me. Is that depth for months ago so that makes any sense to Rebecca. What it rep. All right well I can't I definitely can't call the spirit if they choose to come through then I will definitely repeat anything to you that there. But I I I can tell you that. The one thing that when used even said hello but 1 thing that I am supposed to tell you was that you have some kind of I even touched somehow. When that you have a mark on you and it was it. Very well might be just as spiritual mark. That. I guess the important thing to know Bob this is that. It can mean. That you have more. Spiritual and rejection on both not only the good fight but that darker side as well in that you might feel trapped. And urgent and some people might be more or out in May not even be affected by it. But it says that at some point you like you opened a store. And it can dispute it simply took the loss of faith over something. And that it'll would've been opened they would've thought oh okay great well he's kind of was this state so let's go see what we can't look at influence who might have on him. And that feels like it would happen when you were younger. And that window or it would always be there now as far as any kind of blocked or Iran Jew everybody has lost and fans were. Looking and waiting for someone to come through for you and I'm not. I'm not seeing. Anyone in particular that has a higher energy is such a short time. And then over one or the other. And and again I got back at aghast because we've all lost people like it's Suu Kyi anything you'd like oh yeah lot you know I'm not Bob. So. Yeah suggest that the mean the original message that was comes Q was. Pay attention to 1111 and triple digit pay attention to. The feeling of anxiety we're stressed that might just strike out of nowhere it. People who are a weekend of people who are touched. Are more sensitive to things and it is that's what's going on at tech talked more about it. There's there's there's just so much more than I have to. Explain that don't have time for. Okay no current level I appreciate the opportunity. At least to touch growing yet. Yet Tommy thank you tech thank you for the call are Rebecca it's a good point though is people wanna follow up with you on after tonight or any other opportunity to have whether it's when your gallery readings how to they do that. Sure if somebody different touch on something especially and I don't have the time port like just what happened. People can always contact mr. mayor elect paperback Foster dot com tissue we email I spoke we if you can we elaborate more on this absolutely. And if I don't respond. It's probably because it got lost junk mail you know sometimes that happens so continues to AI. Well we see here there and I look at act Q. But would it and it really simple to do that it's really no big problem they can on FaceBook too if they go to Q FaceBook dot com forward slash. Pat reader should be PM there. And I can also answer I would ever get to being a pretty much. David they did it. OK let's go to. This is Geneen calling in from Missouri hi Janine welcome to the show. How old are all night. I know why you have such you have. Free energy I'm just kind of like a flag in the winter gripping down an ice team what and then I'm laughing and having a good time misrepresents freedom. And it also represents coming down from something that would have been difficult it represented just enjoying the ride down the relief of. If you consider mountain track up is usually difficult and the right down to be much more on. It also represents getting through he at what I would call the winter or the deference something. And that and it doesn't get hurt cynic is very upbeat ending a job the ending of a childhood home to things that would be considered difficult Gillis. And it's so letting go. A process that political and usually through that kind of transformation as well that their ability to accept. And I think that message for you here if you truly bright talented contribute to enjoy. Ian. The smell of things that but the balance of four hours at a time and although it does in winter. And the idea is in Chile where Iraq right now it's time any usually runs only one extra week kind stands. To enjoy where your. Don't try and make anything happen to try to convince anybody of anything at the time for you to relax. And to let the resource that is things that are happening your life's work the way that they are with out your influences to actually believe what happened. And toppled as something involving his sister so. I can buy guns or letting chest hurt pop or letting. Letting things go trying not to. Alter or change the situation verbally and it's just. Ignoring and it would not trying to interject put yourself out there. I'm at hope that makes sense to and it it doesn't hopefully the next stairs so that it will. Com but it yeah okay. Perfect and again if there's and need of more clarification your look and sure reached a. There's so much I can't I am not advocate. It is thanks for the calls I mean that's part of the problem with this format as you can really only scratched the surface for a yeah so I'm it's if people wanna follow up they need to do that separately go to your website in and check it out there by the way if you just joined us. We are in the middle of our first readings with Rebecca it'll be a feature on beyond reality Rita the first Thursday of every month mark certain distinct. Jay is dead and how it's going to be enough standard list as the calls just continue to pour in for Rebecca. Yeah we might have to rethink it may make you only two hours if I ever. Vermont so we'll look at that by the way if you are trying to get through the numbers 8446877669. That's the phone number and I keep trying you'll get an open line eventually. On and get Rebecca when you do these readings for people you don't tell you don't ask him any questions you just immediately make that connection in you stirred. Seen things for them and took for lack of a better way to describe it. Yeah and there is not tiny dark days that it doesn't happen Arab they're interrogate and it's like I can connect for anything but. Yeah I just generally. They will give that information right away and add up I can can explain it I just you know I know where to go. And how to get to that dimension. In order to see it it's like it's just be on the force it's like the fifth dimension that and it's. It's specs heavenly place and it's different and the that there are dimension would say that that we are standing and the next one up. And like if if we're sitting here that says if they're with us right here right now. It's the ones you can hear verbally bodily you know audibly in your ear that's debt that we Q and that dimension compared to. Not if I'm talking what I'm doing these reading them I am looking at that that dimension heavenly place that people are up about walking into. They've learned over the years how to crossbow dimensions. Don't want to scare me if I think like a second or third dimension where they chill up not so much where I can hear them. But I can actually see it their shadows and I can that's the one that. Trying to get me Egypt than sure at which point who they are or what they're doing. And it's difficult to connect with them because there's there is just almost at this stage left fishy at all. Standing there that. That's an effort to catch up. I took it out of Dallas go to Brian we we sept calls burning and we need to get to gonna run out of time quickly it's good Ryan I think I can't read discus slick is and small type two Summers at Ryan in Florida I think you're in Florida Ryan. Brian he would meet our. Concern right now allocate L in the school and Allen in Pennsylvania OK okay Allen are you in Pennsylvania. OK we Iran as a Rebecca. Hi Ellen yeah. Okay so Ellen the first thing that they showed well they flip flopped they had two blocking our anti driving on highway and they had you're walking on highway. And the road. Usually. Road will mean that a person is at a position or a point where. They want to just get away they wanna catch and run and hide. They want to just go to they don't wanna confer they don't wanna get approval they don't wanna get anybody OK it's just needed to let go release. Now the best thing about the time like this is that it it can be everything around is that it's happening can feel very overwhelming. And people I'm just kind of like the doorway for people to connect twist in the one who actually give the information out of Scott and that's really my purpose is. To reconnect people attempting it that's how he uses me. And so on its message T ill effects he has a lie down and is leading era reconnect with him. And it it's just like any parents you know our kids go off and do those things there we have our fights are we have whatever. And he wants me tell you that the light time he wants you to just come on up the doors open. And it. You want to find a place that you can relax it might be certain store it can be incredible Blake it should be on a forced pass. You want to find someplace for nobody's arguing your phone is not going off and nothing is distracting you and that's what you call how that talks. And you ask questions and thank you shut up and you listen and sometimes he'll get a hopeful response since sometime if you could be again I ailing you were out bad boy you know that kind of thing. I can't I cannot I like about Asian it and so it's a call cute talk to him. And for whatever reason part of it is also because you have some things that you need to forgive yourself for. And I don't think you even realize what they are. So it comes county youth sitting down also it ads in and cooking right the comments here see yourself sitting across from you. Goes about things in life that has happened. And it topped yourself at this attack happened apologized for a few things that have happened or what will start to happen is you'll unconscious click the content they start. To recognize things like all the got an even know I was holding that against myself. This rupiah. Just doodle chick say just do is find some place. That you'll can't Google Talk to yourself which will open up here and relationship wit. Spirit and and and a you have to have a conversation with yourself either at this stage now where the agent when you were fine but you also have some things where father is concerned. That you're that you'd need for the course Iran. And. Just that kind of pat on the back at a place so I'm not sure if it's gonna be coming from typical father warriors it's bothering at. Allan thank you for the phone call let's go to Ryan Rebecca we've got two minutes to finish that went OK so that you get an ox I know I'm sorry this is Ryan in Florida which we thought we had less to me Ryan opened the show. Yep Kyra can yell and certainly not an accident out confidence. I and Bryan Ferry you right now. The one thing that it's it's interesting because. In all like pig and stuff like that are all written a whole religious things that don't meet vacated against the states. That's a lot I carried pretty much going out as the case. And what they're showing is that it is the time for you right now to break happened. Is the tying free use to make sure it's like protecting one day at tying and it could very well Egypt the message is. Just wait one more day or don't do this and it could very simply just not talking to someone like mortgages to wait one more thing. Still holed up it and and that. Crashed. It's super important to listen so if you're about to go do something you hear wonder now why don't do. You wait. And listen to that mr. panic are all pretty Catholics fighting around you which means. The air in place right now. Where they feel that they need to be behind you and I either cited it in front of you directing you keeping you up on your past because it would be very great help for you. Did you sit down and go I don't even know why and I'm just gonna sit relax a lion and you obviously have a deadline coming apples being that have to happen in your life. So that would be added pressure is that I'm troubled that you're full vote for picking up that you have things to accomplish which could add stress and anxiety just little bit at. Everything right now it's happening for a reason it's going to pass. Again usually a week leading up to week. It just hold a vote patterns just try doing that for a little while but right now at that time to break habits trio. And to actually breaking he had that would mean no progressive nation right now to Egypt got to get something done and pushed through determination drive. Ryan Brian thank you so much for the phone call we've got a good break here. We've got is at least one or two calls to one hole and we're gonna take those after the top of the hour the blow our break we're doing readings with her back. I'm beyond reality radio don't fool you gotta. This went a little bit long in the last segment. Phone calls are gonna take on the other side of the top of the hour break and then after that we will bring in our next guest Kelly Carlin who's the daughter of a legendary comedian George Carlin that's all coming up. Right here on beyond reality radio so I don't. It's Thursday on the West Coast Friday. It's Grossman start somewhere between welcome beyond reality revue with myself Jason Hawes and the oil is NGE Johnson. OK so this is gonna get right into the down and dirty of all of this were doing readings of Rebecca it's a feature we have on the program the first Thursday of every month we had scheduled that for just the first hour but the response was so great that we have extended it to the first few minutes of this hour. And Serena take two calls were gonna do a pretty quickly to these two folks have been on hold. And then we're gonna take a break and we'll bring our next guest Kelly Carlin who's the daughter of legendary comedian George Carlin. Into the programs are Becky rated do this. Can we were I am. All right let's go to pet misery pats and winning while he pat welcome the show. And I Cat Power you like acting anarchy it feels so good you'd have awesome hockey squishy take care of the energy. He looks. Yeah it it's back kind of comfort in it it's healing energy it just is it really doesn't develop people and so that led to. Really act kind of trickle into your life right now or just that you WR and you might attract people. As well as that begins at people who are entrap or who are in need people who are always have that. Dark cloud hovering over them you would be they'd be attracted to you because of Italy your energy chest. Is very accepting an open and and kind of caring and loving of people without. Judging and it would it would make an excellent health care worker or her social worker somebody who is the service of that type. I feel bad if you like your hair stylist because it would have people coming to you for therapy rather than a cut. So I that one of the first things is to let you know that is you've got back currently happening or you're the ear that this is that it's not just a fluke. That. People calm and she was because your energy actually. But the point is that you have great energy people are going to come cheap because they are able to that kind of fill up on your energy and they walk away they feel great stereo very energized base there headache is gone and now you're the one that feels like garbage. Dole pay attention and put church healed up when you're around people because if you immediately or all over my energy. And I can feel that and it fits and I'm gonna I mean I am a whole person. But if I'm if I was really needy or if I was having a really difficult time. Somebody would pick up on that in glom onto Il and so that it it would done. We need to shield yourself. Number eight at some people. They're just going out it is a public putting on the white light or. A violet flame like a like an indigo plane from your toe with all the way up but insists technically do that otherwise. You'll all feel we if you don't protect yourself with energy you put on a week in your way it will fluctuate BK usable psychic lead. Spiritually. Put on pounds to protect yourself wrapped up and the light around you and that can happen to a lot of people such as yourself. So that is the message is protect yourself in your guy he's your energy use the energy masters again from got to help people like you're doing. But protect yourself that you're not transferring back and forth they're that energy. It's just not a good thing to do a whole to actually get ill little as to what your purposes because I think he's probably killed more people than you realize. Thank you for the call pat. Let's go to Michelle Michelle and apologize this is gonna be quick we have to do this rather quickly but you're are you are on with Rebecca. Link at one point I hide. Okay so the first thing very very quick. You're standing at the why it took it at the the juncture of decision making and it feels as if you're pushing yourself in the direction that others want vehicle so it would be like hey. Go to medical school and you wanna be an artist kind of thing it it feels as at and Doug the scary thing is that I don't want people to push you in the wrong direction. Put too much pressure on him. This section also lead to look at is how acts. And at times to make sure that we have followed your heart stick and and I. Too quickly and that up if you are. Excited about something passionate expert innovative inventing things. In your mind you can go to sleep because you're running except you had that is the way you're supposed to go right now I don't care what other people think about it. EU with that is the direction has to go you can't consider people and other human trait now and and you know it's funny because you're like I'm a band wagon train of awakening. And that you're not only want Egypt to open up and start speaking to people and you'll find that you have support all around you not only human form but in angelic form. That can get you help carry you over the bridge from comfort to risk. It discomfort and fell just stepped foot don't be afraid of anything right now is that fear I'll become darker things. Not from god but don't be afraid right out get up in just performed which got a bit. That kind of thing it's very important for you right now and to cross that bridge. Thanks for the call Michelle and I I I really honestly think we're gonna discern looking into hours Rebecca were at a time. On ES thank you so much for doing this we look forward to next month and I think you said there might be a change in the schedule make sure we we announced that promoter whatever we have to do again if you give your website where people can get in touch with you privately and then maybe pursue or follow up on what they've done to. All right taking go to my name Rebecca fostered dot com. Oh where they can give acute FaceBook dot com forward slash cut straighter they depending on Twitter at underscore Rebecca plaster. I I listen as I'm not asleep I'm not so I'm paying attention is it. I didn't want it may think differently on the honestly Obama is clemency from death toll on him right back and I. Homework I don't want to flexibility that's kinda how we can risk goes good to just ask you so much I could. This news saying thank you and we look towards argue next month. They think they say the I appreciate you having me again. Have a great night we'll talks of ours or we're gonna go to break when we come back we'll bring Kelly Carlin and she's of course the daughter of legendary comedian George Carlin we've got a great discussion with her coming up. Harry listened Jason TV on Eleanor. Series. The first hit and run for their was it to I was meant for you or you were meant for me here is calling somebody is a fool I don't know what the heck let's come back this year as she was she ramped up a little bit of an actress for marsh is still doing then I don't have no idea number anyway welcome back to the program everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy thanks to Rebecca Foster again if we went along with that just because we had so many phone calls. To be prepared. We will be doing this the first Thursday. Of every month if there's a schedule change because of a holiday just keep track of our FaceBook page and Jason are gonna talk about this because in my tactics and his two hours just. Based on the phone calls Hosea aren't so it'll cost but we've been excited about our next guest for quite some time actually some slick. Eddie told us that issue was going to join us Kelly Carlin is the daughter of legendary comedian George Cohen Carl when she's also a radio host of podcaster. And a motivational speaker. All the whole book assume all manner of things which is very very appropriate. Given the fact that she files and some pretty large footsteps of her father Kelly welcome to be on reality radio it's really really great to have you on tonight. Oh thank you god for having me im glad to be here. Ice come so your web site is that Kelly the is that part of the web title V Kelly Carlin site dot com just to get that out there are so. It you know it as we were preparing for this discussion. You know I'm thinking here we've got Kelly Carlin coming on daughter of George Carlin which is you know is just amazing to me given the fact that I grew up during the seventies I grew up watching. Saturday Night Live George Carlin your father was one of my heroes but as I learn more about you. It's not all about comedy for you you do a lot of really cool stuff. Ball like you but she you know may isn't just about comedy for me. You know I'd have had. Like that hunger to be a comedian urged stand up comedian you know I mean like Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett people like that we're kind of probably more on my radar you know for the gonna go that direction but. Yeah you know I think one of the things that. I got from both of my parents was you know kids to think deeply about. The world and the human experience I mean said the bottom line is they think that's basically what my dad did. So it's no surprise that an interest in things like you know unions psychology and and then booted men. You know teaching people about mindful list and transformation and stuff like that so. You know I I I feel like. I do similar work. That my father did but just in a very different venue at the. What no you're actually right your father did approach those things and he did it from a a comedic standpoint demand his messages. Were pretty profound at times and certainly loud and they're or when I was listening to them well and and to top it all off. The way he came across so different than a lot of comedians today where a lot of the comedians out there. They like to poke fun at a subject your father was hilarious telling just the way he's viewed certain things. And I think that that was important enough. Yeah I mean I think that's. The role of the comedian I mean you know they have a perspective on the world and they're there to to bring their perspective forward. And you know and even though my dad evolved. Over you know decades of doing stand up and you know his his his voice did change along the way. Ultimately he was expressing. You know how he saw the world at that time in his life you know and even when you watched the really early staff. And it seemed pretty mainstream you know it's impressions or talking about TV your commercials. You see underneath all that he is. EU's you know he's commenting about the culture you know he's got this. Sharp guy on and on you know he's like an anthropologist. Almost in some ways. And down and that certainly continued throughout his career you know his his really has sharp ion. Who are we as a people and what do we do we need and here's the goofy things we share and then here's the way we're kind of really getting it wrong. That let that. We have so much to talk about and so little time to talk about it but I want to it's kind of get a better feel for what you do right now. Com your one of the things that I eat it kind of was. And I would say it was slap in the face but it was kind of like taken aback when I started reading more about things you do in the questions that you address in New York. Whether cheer your radio show or your podcaster when you speak in public from things like you know what are we to do with this one wife what do we want to beat. As a species how does one create. A life. Of debts I mean these are pretty deep topics. These are these things that were inspired by your father or is this something that aren't as the path you chose independence that. Well I mean this is definite. And it leave the past that you know you're when you have a path in life like something like that it chooses view of it though that's the way field you know you kind of have to actually. Think that pot he's saying you know in the pondered these things and and like I said you know I think. Watching my dad. Ask you don't even when he was an entertainer he was asking big questions of of the world you know I think. I come from a questioning point of view anyway and and yeah you know I I. One of the things I think can you know people talk about the time that you know children kind of live about the shadows of their parents. Don't go there whenever away you know your parents didn't. Live life children kind of pick up the slack in order to get to balance this system now that I think I was you know an only child and and part of part of my upbringing was like you know my parents had an addiction issues and things like about it and I think I. I carried like the deeper darker. And not darker at bat which is kind of that the deeper more soulful questions about things and and I know my god help that to ask my mom did. But that look at my dad's job to do like the deep soulful things and and so I've always been that way I've always got the big questions about he's been. Thoughtful about what does that mean to be alive you know what are we doing here and you know I certainly I remember taking a philosophy class DUCLA when I was an underground thinking like I'll go I'll go with the philosophy that'll be what I do. And that of course you know the floppy department has its own concept of what philosophy has been. And then I became more spiritual seeker and really. You know was seeking answers through that and and have have found them and enjoy that path but also understand. That in the end. You know spiritual seeking it isn't just I think it's gonna have all the answers you know I think I think proposing the questions to yourself. Is really the cancer and in life and if you're thinking about these things you're trying to make subconscious. And it makes more meaning in life IE you know. Even though I know we're kind of hurling through space. And I don't leave an abandoned the sky with a beard kind of a thing. You know that kind of up to us to find the meetings of why we're here and and I I feel that in my life is about for myself and for other people. We have a couple minutes here before we have to jump into our break and you kind of touched on it when you said in your parents were doing with the addiction issues and you kind of group and then environment. Upbeat put that aside for a minute your father. Obviously a legend. In many ways and entertainment Purdue is specifically a comedian. What was it like growing up in that environment. Well that is why I wrote a book and it has. It would it would everything it was. Fantastic it was loving it was chaotic at times it was terrifying it was dramatic. But it but in the end it was. Captivating and looking back on it to understand I was. How did this little kid fly on the wall watching the counterculture. Kind of unfold before my eyes and specifically in my father is buried being you know an attitude and it's facial hair and all of that much. Being a part of that. Hedo being around and get arrested for indecent language and you know watching my parents do lots of drugs and things like and now on the but it means a part of it was really exciting and you know kind of magical. And other parts were. Like but a lot of putts drop in which are you know parents that are kind of dysfunctional or trying to function in China do the best fake tan and aren't Ali doing a good job of it and you know it as an only child kind of picking up the slack is being the adult in the room at times I think a lot of us have that story so. It's too late that would predict an extraordinary. Life and in other ways it was a very ordinary American life also. I have to share review just briefly here that my childhood it was nothing like yours on shore but I do remember my parents. And their friends sitting around the television laughing hysterically when your father was on Saturn and live for other programs is just amazing stuff. How are right with that we're gonna end up taking a break telephone numbers 84468776699. Dental treated for four. 6877669. Loosened Jason G beyond beyond our Eleanor radio. Great to. Our discussion and number 6446877669. Don't forget tomorrow night is a best of program on beyond reality radio city hearts we we've had a lot of great programs student to a select the best up this week. I don't want that so the so way it goes. Horry now we are talking with Kelly Carlin daughter of the legendary comedian George Carlin and make sure hang in all the scale it's medically it's a pleasure talking with you. So you I just wanna make sure that we you get all the important information here because there's so much to talk about I don't forget him saying and you've got eighty I dvd box set that's going to be released the George Carlin commemorative collection. There's five hours of George's work. With rare bonus material on Intel's livid about this box. Well there's just five hours of bonus stuff yeah. Yeah it really great so. My dad came out of the box that. A while back and action remember when putt it was called all of his stuff. And up to that point in what all of his stuff blacked. It's been ten years now since since he'd eight and there was a couple of HBO shows that weren't done and that we're not of that original box set so those are on here also so all the fourteen HBO shows. Are in the box that plus one that's never been released anywhere before which is called George Carlin forty years of comedy. Which was shot in 1997 at Aspen comedy festival and it's a really unique kind of thing because it's got a little bit it's stand up at my dad. Really beautiful retrospective about a career and then. A wonderful interview that Jon Stewart did with my dad and it's one of my favorite interviews with him. They had talked about. Family members and people that inspired him in the family in and we get to the gap and being Irish and all that kind of stuff and actually it's little teary eyed when plated just it's just a beautiful beautiful interview and but didn't have punch of really cool bonus stuff that we found. When my dad died I inherited. A bunch of these steamer trunk for the office memorabilia. And videos and all sorts of things that it and so. Recently. A year ago you're in Africa I donated most of his archives to the national comedies that are. But before we get that we were digging through stuff and found a bunch of really unique kind of things. Cube which are my favorites. Wanted that is his very first standup special which was a network show special. And it's called the real George Carlin. It was in the early seventies and it was you know remember those days with those lovely little variety show food that we eat at 2 o'clock yeah yeah so this is my dad. I doing this kind of variety show you do a little standup you know incredible weird setting and then lead cut to Christopher Kristofferson doing he's opening. But the audience to my favorite part of the whole thing is that it was presented by. Monsanto. It which I just love the irony of just now. The last thing you would ever expect its sponsor my dad concert with London don't. Put that on there which is really really a rare rare unique thing never been seen since collided date is early seventies. And then another thing that I loved beat. Because what partly because it's great and I was a part of it is a sitcom pilot that we did for HBO in 1984. It's called apartment to see. And it has people like bobcat gold weighed in pat record may second but other people. And the private was my dad lived in the apartment apartment TC which is the actual real apartment number of his Manhattan apartment when he grew up. And Dennehy played a writer he's that he can never get any work done because crazy people keep coming news stories neighbor it and people and post men and myself I plan. Punk rock girl scout bit you know gives them a lot of trouble. And it. It's a little HBO sitcom pilot we did it. Playing before HBO is doing scripted material for the most part and this thing is never invited there either so it's it's kinda cool that of course that also. Lots of appearances from early days blackened wiped out from when he was like a youngster comic. And then some rare footage from the comedy store in the comedy magic club where he's working out material and you get to see him in process. I'm really you know working out immaterial which is kind of cool. That's really cool and it's my memory serves me correctly wasn't there. Eight there's a George Carlin show for a for awhile to write down it was a regular news channel I remember. On fox there was yes in the in the mid ninety's I believe that was yeah yeah like Grand Slam and half for Q&A half seasons something like that yeah. Yet an effect actually no one of the actresses that was so one of them regulars on the show page French is a friend of mine. I hate us yeah do you ever. Breaker Aaliyah I love it paid to lie so I'm. And in the in the time that your father I was performing and the things that he did I mean I remember that that. First episode and if I sought when it was debuted but I certainly have seen it sense it many times. Use the first guest host of senate life right I mean you and he was chronic on that show all moment alone all the other work he did. Yeah yeah and you don't of course back then. They had no idea what this Saturday an election should be about yeah stated no it's gonna be costly error the next week. They've never done anything like it it was a complete experiment. The Catholic completely. Unknown. And so they wanted Qaeda this iconic comedy figure to to do to open the show would be the first host. He refused to be at any of the sketches he hated that kind of stuff that really intimidated and actually. Having to do that tennis Steffi didn't feel like he was really fit for it so they gave him an extra monologue. And I mean you know when you watch it because I think it just done. A fortieth anniversary big show last year but for now is actually played the first one again. Like the next night the night before something like that when you watch it you see what. He did on that he'd been capped that airport security. The 1975. You study about airport security. At a party talked about religion and it was hugely controversial that he was talking about religion at that time which. And that night while the going out lies. The the New York City diocese. Office there of the cardinal. New York I guess he is but remember his name. Hall and BC and demanded that they that they pulled to show off the. Where. Won't. Hunt while you know. We have. Lot of great memories and we we've all seen your father's work. You know one point or another. On what we've also all see we've all seen what's come after your father I've always sell that your father kinda redefine standup comedy for the next generation. Whatever that generation happens to be nights and. Generation started in the mid seventies and it's a lesser today. Do you feel that did you see that did your father have a sense of what he was doing that they trail he was blazing at the time. Now if he was conscious of it at the time now of course you know he'd he'd made the transition to I mean Kerry was a short haired. Tie wearing comic. Mainstream mainstream clubs mainstream television. You know and it's you know he was hanging out with rock and roll people I mean he was in his insides were freaked on the outside he look like they've been normal guy. So he could already mentally. In the space of what all the musicians were doing in the sixties and then he dropped out that in 6869. In and really. That transformed him in and really made him realize that he was entertaining. The parent of the people that he was actually relating to more Cuba too bright in between those two generations he was thirty in 1967. And so he he definitely he was knew he was having his own revolution inside of himself and that he had to honor. His true boy at that time and he made the transition and you know he got fired in Vegas where you know things a certain word on them it's. The stage and all of that. And Kelly with clear that he would not gonna be able to do the work he wanted to do into progressed the way wanted to as an artist. In lefty took a stand with fat and which was very much well what you know with the culture was going through at the time. I don't know I mean I was a kid I certainly didn't have these conversations with Hammond. And I haven't really heard him talk about that a lengthy interviews. I don't know if he had people like Richard Pryor really knew that they were. Pioneers in in in any way I think they knew that they. Had to follow that urges that were inside of them they had to speak the truth to power that they had to do. You know we gear up a person doing that kind of work and artists. You don't really have a choice you know it it's like you're compelled to do this work and he was very much compelled to do that in and kick. To push the boundaries the way he did not I think. His career you've. Ball that he went on. You know he got a little lost in the eighties and and and so did most of behind the but then let. You know coming out of the eighties. I I think he got a lot more clarity about you know I know I received the people that. Word trying to create a revolution in the sixties well the majority of them now sold out and beats ya see and that that really made him. Disturbed and bad and I think that really broke what part of the reason he was a broken hearted idealists. And so he decided are right well you know if if if if if we're not going for that any more than hot. That it should be my job to point out and shame these people for it and you really feel that starting again and in New York you know there was. And intensity. And anger at sometimes the scolding that went on in in his perspective. And it was because he wasn't broken hearted idealist and and here we are we were selling herself out you know that the great possibility. The ideals of skill of the age of enlightenment are you know were being held out for a better car and and a bigger house. I'm gonna tell you some it's kind of funny the winner take a listener call or two here. On before the program Jason there were looking for something to play you know wanted to place in sound bites from your dad's work in the first in the came to mind was probably one of this most. Infamous two bits which is the seven words that you can't say and we started playing men realize you know what we can play this because it's literally this into words you can't tell from the hungry to hear what have been off fair and just a recourse. And I don't I guess they don't do this anymore but at least be a form that you would have to shell out if there was some sort of a transgression which. And it would call the carlin's words. These kids on FEC form I don't know if they do that anymore. I don't know but I do know we can't have those words on the years so we don't you. And why didn't care our let's go to the so much you've got dairy from North Carolina a great friend of the program he very welcomed the show. I shot today award date and gave me you. Mandates. Every guy from New York error and block operated by the summer. And you're there ask is absolutely. Go live Albright called arms haven't they're. And I mean. Roll and they. Well war Lester and I heard bad and course you just there are major and so when horrors. If you can't manage and own radio and television. The impact has it that we're so far. But I'll. Or were made against your character you play. Was hit it'd be a weatherman. And I'll never forget editor and gave it in cash and used to say don't ever mistake. A Canadian. Were Mexican. This. I reminded us that there because that's great yeah I mean there's so many there's so many things we can call. And so much. What I love about that Berry is that you know he would do that bit on the mainstream television and only the people who are smoking believed would get gel and even get the idea he was planning guide was stoned at. You go about look like one of them dual bits where he was kind of talking to two different audiences and edit it it should to this day it's still one of the most brilliant things he ever wrote in did. Golden is a lot in here to plug your Bart. Was a big college public college and attack happened and naslund post hoc is a pivotal though you are there any years and years. I mean you Internet or Joseph or in person that you can't tell us your heart and god no matter you're going to pull away happened. That's the way it worked bearish if that's the way it works rich jerks thanks for the phone call. On what I just wanna make sure we get this out before run out of time to Kelly where can people get a hold of the dvd box set. Ego and me online retailer will have it all the big ones you know what Amazon and target and it Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart all those places and but of course he's got a little local family owned something that you wanted to support you know happens special order it and and you know in and then. You know do that Q I think that's really important for us to support our local our local businesses. When your father was writing his material do you ever remember that process at all where you were like sitting on the floor playing or watching television he was in the corner. Writing stuff did that ever that experience ever happen in funny you. You know we kid I remember being a little kid being in his office and coloring and stuff and music being on but. And if he would be sitting at the desk writing I'd I didn't really understand what he was doing here what it was all about that then you know he's he's he's talked to. About it a lot to process and one of the biggest. Amazing things that I I received when I inherited all this stuff was a box of files and in this box of files was. A bunch of the clock back east that had. Random pieces of paper with his handwriting on it and they were each it is different categories each of the flock back he was you know like kids' sports death. Disasters language. And and these were you know Pete the baby that you been collecting over the last I don't know how many years probably 510 years or something. They weren't kidding go all the way back or anything but. He really was a part of this process that he would take these little hand written pieces of paper. In these tiles. And then start to make them in to something like these at saint that he would do basically. And so that was part of his process and that the national comedy center which is opening. This August in Jamestown, New York which is Lucille ball's hometown. There's a permanent exhibit Mike about my dad's career. But also explaining this process of his and you can drill down on a video screen like a tablet. And he you know hundreds of these handwritten notes scanned in and and see how he put these things together into a routine. That's wild yet that's amazing stuff. Kelly were almost at a time on EU have a lot of work going on yourself well let people know where they can find out more about what you're doing. And the work you're involved with. Well you can always come to my web site which if you just type in Cali Carlin dot com it'll get you there. I'm on Twitter Kelly underscore Carlin I'm on Twitter a lot to come their Molly talking about stuff. And on the fifteenth I'm gonna launch my own Petrie on page which have access to my podcast. But they clapped they teach about mindful that the meditation and self care. And a couple of other ways that you can work with me and connect with me. Men and I'm launching also a big women's program this year so. But this stuff going on if you're interested come check me outer just come say hi on Twitter I loved Twitter I have fun there and I'd love to hang out. I just have to say one more thing before we let you go. You so much of your father's comedy was in his eyes. As I watch some clips tonight as we prepared for the show I realize it's so much of what he did Timor through his eyes did you see that as well. Lou yeah Abbott suggesting. Yeah I think I think so you know he's. Think he's an irishman you know I have great high expressive eyes though he had been drifting next time I watch something I'll think about that. We'll Kelli thanks so much common thing analysis tonight and we look forward to talk to you again at some point in the future. Now with my pleasure and you guys have a great night send that to you for having me. Thank you okay I guess you can just go to Kelly Carlin dot com to get to to the Kelly Carlin site. And definitely check it. Our real synergies NG VB honor Ellen revealed. Yes some children I appreciate both. Then joining us is brimming had a great time for sure. Yes we did and make sure you tune in tomorrow it's going to be a best and next week GP and I are off because we're getting ready for Skinner found a bunch of other things so it's going to be best shows. So who check among listen but that's gonna do for us everybody thinks attendance Jason NGV can chill soon and. And you know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be a real ingredients distribute then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio de Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.