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Mar 25, 2017|

Saturday March 25, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program abuse or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just as a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now they maximize your health with doctor Dan Galicia ski. And welcome to maximize your health with your help coach doctor Dan ghoulish a ski here to delivered the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally not something we all have the power to do right now right here today. It's a do change one thing our life selves and ensure that our health is. Maintained berm building health over time and we're not re actively responding to our health whenever aches and pains and problems show op. And for so many people they live in now mild weather reactive they react to things and we have a great article here. Then I'm gonna share in just a couple of minutes about the mindset from success magazines. Dad came across my desk here in the last week that I think is going to help some of you listening today with the getting back on the right track in and taking care of yourself better and and just overall seeing your health your life is valuable. For so many of us we we somewhere in meal deep in the back of our mind you know we are health is important to us our life is important to us but we're so focused on the here and now and how we feel and how we look and you know caught it seems like we're going from one crisis in the next crisis could because we're just reacting are reacting reacting but we don't have control over the everything. And to a point we'd have more control but there is also. On the flip side a point where will be no it's up to us as a tar creator you know we can't control the outcome of everything. We don't know what tomorrow brings tomorrow's not guaranteed all we have is the present today so how Long Will we make the most of today. K to convert all you know those he listening you hear me. Today is a day that you wanna take control you're helping you your health backed by building and restoring your health naturally so on this program a few tuning in for the first time. How did you your body functioning better how to fuel better through the right foods in the right supplements how to move your body better how to get more clean air and oxygen in your body how to get enough arrests. And how to keep the toxins at a minimum. Okay is what it's about it's about keeping interference at a low levels compact so when we understand how the body works. How how to properly take care to become a good Steward of our bodies. It we feel empowered to know more power in the more knowledgeable and educator would become the easier becomes. And the better habits that we develop over time and ultimately that leads to better health. We bill's help we reached a level where an hour just maintaining it. Okay and and if a crisis shows up here there we would just we take in stride we take it as it comes because again some things are out of our control. But this. Little brief opening and sharing here now this is for the people you know may be year year. You just your whole mindset is wall I don't have any control on that certainly is not true you do have. A degree of control over your health so today's the day. Look yourself in the mirror and say well it's time time is time time to start exercising I'm not to halt. I'm not too frail I'm not too weak I could do this is okay because he always hear that other voice in our mind saying you can't do this he can't do that we have naysayers we have family members we have co workers. Court is negative people by nature. And you need to have a choice also to avoid or how you respond to those people. And so we got a great lineup here plan today but if you have health questions. I have help answers you can call me up now during the next hour 57083. 0098. Or 18043700. 98 you're also welcome to submit your questions to me via email at PWR Cairo at PWR. CH IRO. At I'll be happy to answer your questions and also if you have a testimonial maybe your regular listener or mayberry. Baby you're tuning in this is one of the first few times you tuning into the programming you already are walking the walk. And living that healthy lifestyle. Maybe you don't smoke QE clean your you follow a plan based anti inflammatory diet you exercised three to four times a week or more. And you wanna come on the shares soared may be Europe a point where it may be lost weight eating you know in some cases and excessive amount of weight maybe 25 pounds or more. By making. The necessary lifestyle changes and taking more control of your health and the more proactive. So come on the air sharing your stories that other listeners can be inspired today it's five Simoneau 830098. Or 180437. 00. And nine aiding him in a great lineup plan here a little bit later in the hour we're gonna talk about. How to do how to balance the micro bio on which is your in your gotten in your gut is connects to all parts of your body including your immune system your nervous system and if your gut isn't healthy if you're getting indicted GI symptoms. And gas bloating terrible bowel syndrome those are warning signs that your micro bio dome is out of balance so we're gonna talk about ways to get back into balance things not to do. And things to do. And then along with that it was those steps were going to share with you a gut feeling smoothie recipe later in the hour and we're also going to talk about seven exercise and it's preventing you from optimal health again these are excuses a lot of people make why they can't exercise. Why exercise is not in the cards for them supported debunks some of those amiss here on today's program but opening up I wanted to start. What a nontraditional. Article then again the names I came across my desk this week from successor magazine. Titled why we successful people take control their life and for myself. I'm always striving to become better. I don't wanna be the same person of the year five years ten years from now god willing. Then and today I wanna be improving because it's on the same I'm not growing I'm not expanding myself I'm not learning and a broadening. My potential and we all have a a potential we know some for some of us are sealing his very low as a lesser ceilings. Threw. And we have a long way to go but that's life folks still seeing the big picture in mind not just waking up in the insane I just wanna feel comfortable I wanna feel safe now. Because safety is guaranteed in comfort isn't guaranteed okay. We live in a world that you know there's a lot of unknowns but can we don't have control over everything but yet we do have control over some things. And it's about getting control the things that we have control over it. They'll help make this better in the short term and the. The long term. Of five ways successful people take control of life so. From this article. It basically breaks people down into two groups. First of people who see themselves as victims. Of urgency and then the other group of people are big doors of urgency. So rowing team and that's the best selling author leadership expert John Connors suggested to many workers including executives do not have a sense of urgency about their work. What it means is that these workers are focused on what's important they understand they live in a world where change is continuous and not episodic. This cannot happen without a sense creating a sense of urgency so that's creating a sense of urgency within your own life he might think well isn't that mean. I have to feel Strasser more energetic or more just you know type A personality I'm not a type a personality that's not what they're saying and all what they're saying is. When you wake up with a sense of urgency in OK it means you're in the driver seat. Okay it doesn't mean you're exempt from crises in life it doesn't mean you're exempt from Merck emergencies or life it doesn't. Exempt you from the daily mishaps or hang ups or any of that bit to do OK any of that which you may believe. What it means that you are in control you have the control it inner sense of how you react to certain situations. So one person the Vick done does not create that inner sense of urgency they wait and they react to life. So something bad happens she knew you react and act negatively your stress hormones increase. You might binge on sugar he might not exercise because you know when you have time for eight you feel like you're life is this unraveling before you. And before you know your help the suffering and your life is in shambles he's may start overspending on on on putting things on credit cards because you feel you need to acquire more things. It's all these are habits of somebody who lives with the mindset of a victim urgency. Vic Tor on the other hand they don't wait they create the sense of urgency daily. They have control he realizes you know things happen both good and bad there's a balance in life. There urgency for the Victoria is not as stressful as it is motivational. They're motivated by what. Isn't frontman for that specific day. OK see you walk in your business you have all of these people coming through or you go to your job you this many tasks to do for the day your stay at home mom you've had these activities you have to take your children up at a certain time you have your life plan Al. Accordingly. So. The year it's motivational for you you know for the parent you know you're a moral role among your leader for your children. Who tagged so that type of things. It creates drive rather than panics a for the big dumb they're afraid they're worried distress they're anxious costly what's gonna happen they're either afraid of the unknown. They're afraid of the economy they're afraid of me at the turn in the new president they're afraid of you know what have you things out of their control. Rather than saying what do you I have control over and how can I. Take my life to the next level. And those people around me that I come in contact with the that's a big difference is okay so what are the five eighths five tips here. How successful people take control of life and increase that Victor urgency number once successful people create a sense of urgency within themselves. They get a peace day without urgent feeling in their gut. They don't create anxiety but rather they do create the urgency through motivation through drive number two successful people don't confuse activity with accomplishment. They understand and dizziness can numb us to complacency. Allowing one day to flow to the next with no real desired outcomes. But people who are successful. Call intentional urgency. They wake up with contention every single day every action everything that's on their agenda on their schedule that day they do with full intent and the focused number three. Successful people don't let emergencies do you rail man. Their success is fueled by the urgency of the day not the emergency in the day. When doesn't and inevitable emergencies arrive which they will even for the successful people they don't allow it to do you rail ma'am. Okay as a great quote from the famous UCL a former UCLA basketball coach John Warden. And he says beat quick. But don't be in a hurry it's okay people who are hurried and rushed they're not they're not. Present within the moment they're not fully engaged in that moment and they're disconnected from from from present time. Happenings. Can present time life so you wanna be quick Q1 NB. Efficient but yet you don't wanna be rusher in a hurry numbers for successful people know what's important. UK they know what to filter out and what to allow in they have control that filter and knowing what's important she creates clarity that in turn reduces stress. And it helps rid success will be able needless clutter with slows them down. They understand that everything is not an option so they focused on the priorities in the urgent thing. There is not in never enough time to do everything but there's always enough time to do the important thing so let's apply that principle home. To our health how many people make the excuse that they don't have time to exercise exercise is important exercise is essential non optional. Can take that there's. Thousands of studies out there. Supporting that regular exercise. Thirty minutes today three days a week why help prevent a lot of serious debilitating. Health crises. And heart disease diabetes strokes. To look back. They'll help prevent bone loss weight bearing exercise helps build strong healthy bones. Healthy muscles toned that can help balance hormones second help maintain a healthy weight. So there's plenty of facts on mapping yet we still create that excuse became recover that in in the program today. But that's where this image tool he's talking about the mindset he sounds like he's talking like Tony Robbins or when one of these other self help gurus out there not at all there's places that fits into maximizing your health. Okay your health or not. Reached its peak potential unless you develop the right mindset. Once once you're in control of your thoughts in your actions he's in every day fifth and final success principal. Successful people listen to the right voices you're always going to have those negative voices. Those trolls in your head is Seth Gooden could that be aware of those they love to instill a sense of panic you wanna be vigilant. You don't wanna feed those trolls this is going going to Philly your mind with excuses you need to shut that part off so this again. Those voices and are there for me except I've developed over a period of time a filter what I'm going to allowed to control me when I'm not allow going to control me. Okay. Bottom line is in the take away from this is you create your own urgency he'll let circumstances you don't let. Fear and panic. Rule your life okay because only you have control over those emotions. You wanna develop simple healthy habits over time ritual since you and by creating your own emergencies you'll discover a new found power your life. And is begins at the optimize it's it may be some of you are confusing questions you can semi email you can call into the program right now 5708300. 98 war 1804370098. Or Ximian email right now PWR Cairo. At PWR CH IRL and and be happy to assist you or guide you are coaching in the right direction because you do have. The power to change. Did you have the power to improve from here to tell you that I'm not here to put anybody down. I'm here to build everybody up anybody who wants help I'm here to help if you want coaching with security nutrition with your life's ups you wanna fitness plan prepare for you are practicing power chiropractic health center. Hanover township looks very we'll sit down with you will construct a game plan for you can caller clinic today to schedule an appointment 57082935. 5708293. Finding Tareq and one of our team members will be in touch with you to get is scheduled for aid. And nutrition consultation or fitness consultation. Content because both of them have their place both of them should fit in your lifestyle specially when it comes to. Maximizing. Your help it's time for a quick commercial break when they return to be citing an Australian study on a lower back pain the connection between. Back pain. And higher levels of mortality. And a little bit later in the hour we're gonna be sharing a gut feeling smoothie recipe and and in two weeks coming up into these were going to be going to FaceBook why for the first time so. You wanna go ahead like our FaceBook page if you visit our web site at triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com click on our on the FaceBook icon you can wipe your face the pace is and you could start to see part of the program. Here of maximize your help on FaceBook live that's going to be starting up now and two weeks. Like our FaceBook page power chiropractic health Serbs and we're gonna go to a quick commercial break and we'll be back in just a minute to help you. Maximize. Your health power chiropractic health center is northeastern path. Sylvain he's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep posts and maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement means we utilized top of the line and on sabbatical from. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can coax you tap this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero who worked with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. 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Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health and again I am your health coach doctor dean college Heskey peer to coach you guide you in inspire you to reach your full health potential. We talk function fitness food minimizing toxins and how to create. That ideal balanced healthy life style that all of us maybe some of us are looking for others of us don't realize that that's. The way that's going to lead to a better life better quality of life in a more productive life. Of purpose and that's what it's about it's about living in and fulfilling your god given her posts about reaching your potential. Today you can make a difference and other people's lives just not always about us ourselves as individuals but it's about making a difference in being good role model and could leader and a positive example. For others around us. In our various circles of influence so wanted to thank you sponsor house and nutrition for sponsoring this program under maximize your health. They are located at fifteen main street in loses turn exist six up for the three and on expressway and lose our county they're alternative grocery organic vegan bakery and prepped foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gets. House of nutrition inspires healthy living. With healthy choices be sure to lighthouse and nutrition on FaceBook. For updates is far specials and discounted items but if you're looking for the highest quality supplements. The cleanest a local foods. House of nutrition is your one stop shop for all of that again fifteen main street in who has earned their open today I believe until five or 6 PM so be sure to stop it and pay house of nutrition and is that we thank them for sponsoring this program of maximize. Your health. So I mentioned before the break that I would be siding it's an Australian study here. Connecting people who suffer with back pain which currently affects. You know hundreds of millions of people look around the world. Can increase back pain with increased mortality. Okay. So minus peace something that's uncomfortable that you had that you believe that your stuff to live with. But it can also mean indicator of impending death according to this new Australian study. So the researchers here examine the health and death records and thousands and older sets of twins in Denmark they found that those who reported lower back pain. Had a significantly higher chance of dying sooner than others. The researcher from the university Sydney Australia said back he was not causing people to die per say. However. People with back pain. Increase was significant marker of impending mortally. So access data for over 4000 twins. Look at the relationship between the presence of back pain a mortality rates. And what they concluded was that people who had symptoms of back pain which includes lower back plane plus or minus neck pain. Having 13% more chance of dying compared to those who don't have any symptoms. In there Lamar spine. So just like compounding interest in the stock market any in your 401 k.s in your IRAs. And 13% compounds each year so your chances of dying you're struggling with the chronicle. Pain and just maybe mask you know with over the counter medication or just simply living with it in not doing anything to correct the problem. Is increasing your best chance of dying by up 13% every single year. So according to the study if you have back pain your health says is going to be much worse. Okay he said while surgery medications are most effective for treating back pain staying fit and healthy and seeing a chiropractor. Massage therapists acupuncture is is really. Go to four. Anytime musculoskeletal. Disorders such as lower back pain. And again it's expensive discussed here society billions of dollars every single year so what can we do for this you hear this study. It's even made some us listening you know our our response and beef again murder or afraid or worried were anxious. You have lower back pain. I think he's tried chiropractic once or twice and it didn't work for you on that visit. And you gave up on it you think all higher fractures are bad or maybe you try and something may be tried exercising in new exercise once or twice in each and in your horse paying your back hurt more your hips hurt more after her. And he's believe it's something you just have to live west. Do you have an approach your problem from a comprehensive big picture perspective. Okay if that's you we can help you know it's okay we can guide you don't. Okay there's no one size fits all approach the lower back pain lower back pain is something it's a very serious. It affects our life and it affects our quality and quantity of life according to new research. So what we need to do is first of all. Look ourselves in the air and saying OK there's a problem here. What are my options what can I do. The conservative way to go about it is to see a corrective chiropractor. Someone who's gonna do a thorough analysis of your spine and your nervous system your nervous system controls your body if you're nervous systems being interfere with in your body can function can't recover and can't recoup from where you are. It's just gonna stay that way it's gonna gradually decline over time that your whole level of function healing so you're paying its potentially. Turning to some of the acute sub acute and chronic and then it just lingers and it stays with you. And that can typically have a negative impact psychologically on an individual. And again you're increased of die you receive a year increases by 13%. According to research. So that's the first in corrective tire package and the next thing is focusing on a popular concept CAA emit Annika concept that. May many of us are unknowingly putting your bodies into a scene of that what's called inflammation. How do we decrease inflammation. Because a couple of elements that contribute to inflammation. And the third thing is hydration fourth thing is rests OK many of us are dehydrated are muscles are discs and you know in between of our vertebrae with an. We're dehydrated. Okay car brain needs water OK we can't you know are its signs are and you're dehydrated you muscle cramps. Year. You're not focus you know mentally alert here your muscles just fatigue your fatigue that you feel like your thoughts are all over the place. You're getting sick frequently your allergies are worse those are all signs he dehydrated. Casey wanna make sure you're bringing in a foreign final thing is precedent a lot of the same symptoms go hand in hand with dehydration and with lack of of good sleep and so it's important. That you get these various. Essentials to a healthy lifestyle in order. But as far as the corrective chiropractor part goes we can help you at higher power chiropractic health sir we take X rays on site. Or do apostle analysis pulled Thurman graphic imaging to determine whether his nerve interference within your spinal column. And that will develop a plan Peta begin to correct these problems only you know what could be corrected what can't be corrected but what can be managed conservatively at this time without drugs and without surgery. Okay without any other cause an interference so we actually get to the were in the probably being correcting the problem and that we maintain the problem from there so. The week of Monday April the third through Saturday April the eighth. We are opening our office so we're opening up new plays a new patient appointment times. At our clinic where a 113 Weston road Hanover township Wilkes-Barre and if you haven't visited our clinic before this is a great opportunity for you to do sell. We have morning afternoon and early evening appointment times during the whole week we open up specific times for new patients. To check your spine offer you the first adjustment spinal exercises and then a follow up appoint the world go over your exam findings. And gold recommendations for care moving far. So this is a 250 dollar value. For only fifty dollars during the week of Monday April 3. Through Saturday April the eighth so we do have Saturday morning appointment times this week till we've never done this before. So if you like to schedule something to have your spine check if you're having lower back pain neck pain middle back pain sciatica hip pain knee pain. Let us take a look at our car approaches a little bit different it's not. We're not just gonna treat the pain we're gonna look more specifically at the whole picture we're gonna look at you comprehensively and we're gonna check your smile called. And we're gonna determine what can be done structurally to improve the integrity of your spine. And the function of your central nervous system so caller clinic today to take advantage of that special offer 250 dollar value only fifty dollars. Monday April 3 through Saturday April 8 caller clinic today to schedule appointments will fill up quickly if you don't. 570829. 3580. That's 570. 829. 3580. Achieve any questions about scheduling our. Anything of that nature you can send us an email at PWR Cairo at Has PWR. CH IRO. At What wanted to shift gears. On talk about the micro bio on team right so what's the micro bio on. Inside your belly is he thriving bacterial world which is an ecosystem commonly known as the micro bio. Still with trillions of bacteria it's all going about the daily business of keeping you well. Without a year of being aware that there are busily breaking down the food you eat the extraction and nutrients into your belied. Producing vitamins and brain chemicals in neuro transmitters and hormones and their fending off microbial invaders for should the germs so we all made us worry about. This is protect you from disease pick from hundreds of tasks essentially keeping your systems functioning optimal week. That's when we're fully healthy when armed systems are functioning optimal it. The promise you this reach adulthood with our micro bio in the best shape over the course of time it's picked up a few dents and dings along the way. From the gut busters like medications and antibiotics. Junk food GM lows conventionally or factory farm meats and other assaults. Our inner ecology. All throw our micro my rounds out of balance. So again people who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome means. And bloating constipation gas so we assume that these are normal but I'm here to tell you those symptoms are not normal. They can be the first signs that your micro my arm is not in its best condition. The damage micro bio Kim nursed the gut and won't see the results increase in personal for me ability. Which is called leaky guts and from those you who watch doctor doesn't read up health magazines or go online to various natural health web sites probably have credit article or two regarding leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome. Happens over a period of time over Perry years OK so if you're having the warning signs like the gas constipation bloating irritable bowel symptoms. And it could because being due to increasing tassel term humility or leaky guts and from now that condition depending on how long it's been there has potential to reverse and heal itself. As long as we don't continued interfering cause damage. To our micro mound and to our gut ball. And tackle the problem is we need help leaky gut. Holes literally begin to be well within years your cell walls it was your digestion tract and that leaks into the tissues and have an effect on the rest your body that causes an inflammatory response throughout your whole body. So what action steps can we begin to follow. That will help promote healing of our micro bio and that will restore balance or micro mild and promote healing for our. A gastrointestinal system now again you may think both just the stomach it just the job of my gut and my small large intestine sonic is to bring down food and absorb nutrients from Matt that's just beginning. Your gut is connected to your brain there's a connection via the tenth cranial nerve which is called Vegas serve. Which starts in the top of it within your brain stem area and basically travels all the way down. In the year gastrointestinal system. Source and directing neurological connection there so. If your guy's office there's leaks if there's holes just from damage from from eating too many toxic foods empty calorie foods. Information to any met deal medications. Antibiotics. We don't have the right racial bacteria from good to bad bacteria. And then there's going to be problems not only your cup but throughout your whole body especially within your brain. So what can we do we're gonna go through nine things that we want to avoid and then we wanted to we're gonna take another seven steps of all we wanna begin doing so number one thing to avoid genetically modified organisms AKA GM most. These whoa ha cause inflammation and want manager got number two you and avoids the minimize greatly minimize sweet starchy foods. So what's the sweetened starchy food that's a bagel dad is a bowl oh meal that's a box that's that's a bowl of cereal for breakfast. That's obviously a Snickers bar or handful of candy of your choice. So anything sweeter starchy sugar has an inflammatory impact and that all caused problems with in the gut if you're consuming that consistently over time. Number 31 avoid junk food processed foods which are typically your sugary foods. For GMO foods. Crews with additives and preservatives. And oh Wales industrial seed oils like canola oil and vegetable oils you and avoid these are all costs next you wanna avoid preservatives artificial ingredients any anything with coloring isn't it. Anything with chemical compounds that you have a challenge pronouncing it. He read the ingredient lists on the food products you buy at the grocery store. You wanna avoid these. Next number five you wanna avoid gluten and there's a compound gluten is a compound protein found in wheat products mostly breads and pastas and pizzas and goes. We'd ride Barley and some other grains also in soy sauces so if you go to Japanese restaurants are Chinese restaurants. You're loading the soy sauce on your sushi or your. Your Abbas cheek just keep in mind that these contain gluten so if your gut is feeling inflamed below and are irritable app if you eat eat a meal like that with soy sauce. With gluten Elaine products. That could be. Something you wanna begin to cut back on in a void also berries Beers. Packaged processed foods contain gluten as well they have grown embedded in them. For many people Clooney is irritating in the gut trigger in the immune system to fight back responding by launching that inflammatory response so that's. Those are the effects that you're feeling happy meal that is a latent with gluten so you wanna avoid gluten this isn't just me if you're if you have. I have been diagnosed with sillier diseases is from people even healthy people. People who are eating well you wanna try and just keep in mind to be aware if you once or twice it's not going to create any any problems but long term is when you get yourself into trouble. 61 avoid conventionally farmed meat poultry dairy products and eggs you wanna begin to select or organic meats. Organic dairy and organic eggs. More specifically. You can do unpasteurized. Cheese you can do if you go to house nutrition you can find a rod goes smell pork cow's milk there. And it's capacity it's safe it works explode with more nutrients and probe by out of sync good quality proteins and enzymes that are essential. To help building your body don't your health up eggs organic grass fed pastor eggs are the only eggs you wanna consume you wanna be careful if you see organic eggs. Free range eggs these aren't the best quality 51 look for the grass fed has turned. Organic eggs. And number seven you wanna minimizing come back on the pharmaceutical. Antibiotics if possible again I'm not telling anybody to discontinue. That's not my position. I do however and encouraging you to become more aware more. Responsible for your health and that's punctured doctors about this. Sometimes you need antibiotics but pharmaceutical hammer out a ski kill indiscriminately wiping out the bacteria trigger hold a justice system both the good and the bad. You can use herbal antibiotics and said so what's an herbal antibiotic that's something like colonial silver or golden seal. Okay these you can pick up dead at house of nutrition you can purchase these online also oregano is an anti microbial agent that can help. Kill off an infection as well but for more than dangerous microbes anime ice for short term period might be necessary but just keep in mind. You wanna be supplementing with a probe by ought to along with the enemy access to keep the ratio bacteria in balanced. Next he won a minimize the proton pump inhibitors these are the didn't beyond medications people take for acid reflux. These are the acid blocking drugs like next to him premise of pro second ass affects. These have less micro bio diversity putting their risk for infections next you'll avoid the artificial sweeteners Caesar the things you put in you tear your coffee. There in your Ice-T your year your fruit juice and maybe you're feeding your children. You know again you you know parents if you're gonna give your child shall refer to choose to get true. Get a blender and gets some water. And then make it that way don't hate there's some veggies and fruit in there that's the best way for your children consumed for truce don't by the sore but synthetic. Concentrated fruit juices they're loaded with processed sugar. That's going to affect their day just a system that's gonna weaken their immune systems of they have allergies and asthma if they're getting ear infections are nearly a third authority complaining of a bloating and problem and pains. This is the reason folks let's let's get on track here with us. So what should we be doing. Performer you're back to this rethink your quick commercial break we're to go through seven steps of what you should be doing to help balance your gut bacteria in the we're gonna go through a gut Huey smoothie recipe. And if we have time at the amber and go through seven exercise missed. That sets are keeping you from optimizing your health so this is maximize your health with doctored Angola ciskei power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in the corrective chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching at. And one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold from. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro way onyx can coach you tap this. Did you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build healthy for the future the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is. Call 8293580. 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Trout openers this here are April 1 in the eighteen southeastern Pennsylvania counties Ben's statewide April 15. Really in the memory or did your fishing license now. I've gone fishing BA dot com. This is WI OK empowered by Sherwood Chevrolet into uncanny PA stop by Sherwood the view full lines a Buick GMC and Chevrolet. Back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana Galicia ski. This is maximized your health with your health coach doctor Dan in college show ski featured delivered the truth. When it comes to building in restoring your health naturally so before the break we were talking about. Pro but we're talking about. Basically in the how to balance your gut had announced the micro my own which is your GI tract we call that your second brain does direct connection with the brain near Vegas and urban went through nine. The easy one avoid to help restore the balance of your micro bio. So what are the seven things he should start to do to help build up your health your guide and an intestinal system number one is when add fermented foods your diet. Few servings a week of sauerkraut Kiefer was just fermented milk Kim she was just Korean fermented cabbage or other types of fermented vegetables like pickles. Next you and incorporate pre by onyx in your diet pretty bad extra foods that contain the fiber on which the friendly bacteria feed including tomatoes garlic. Onions radishes leaks asparagus and artichokes next he won't eat the stocks. Of your vegetables. Not just the Florida part so these are vegetables like broccoli. The bottoms of asparagus. And the stream gets in the celery these contain cellulose fibers for certainty and good for the good bacteria they feed on that and more help replicate in and developed into more and could bacterium. Next to an empire probes from a farm stand spring is right around the corner so best time to support our local farms RCA assays. Next door to take in supplement with April bionic contain these we have available power chiropractic also our sponsors house of nutrition. Offer good quality probably out of supplements I personally take one every single day take fifty billion. CF views a day and they good he's garden of life's doctor formulate a probe by onyx first thing I do I drink a full glass of water in the morning. And -- I wash wash that chromatic down with a full glass of water. Okay I'm already setting the tone for the day for my gut because of the bacteria are balance nicer to introduce the right foods maybe have a cheap meal here and there. Police and vice announcement by knows what to do with the unhealthy. Food and get written it but for many of us. I think ninety and 95% of his listening right now for not taking a pro about it we should probably be taking a pro bionic. Next joining get a good clean water filter because you wanna keep he's. Hard and elements out of your body chlorine in tap water Sony killed microbes. In your gut. And next he won a move more exercise more meditate more okay yoga. High intensity interval training which is basically short bursts them a work at a twenty minutes may be awesome and you need right now. This is going to help as well help produce more adequate blood flow. Finally sleep and rest we know sleep does connect with everything 78 hours of restful sleep per night if you of questions about. How it got healing got healthy it's a mean email right now PWR Cairo and As PWR CH IR oh at Also for more information about myself. Podcasts. Are available. On my web site need a doctor Dan dot com that's an EPA DR DN dot com and two weeks going to be going FaceBook live with the show here are some the first segment and each show is going to be FaceBook alive. Be sure to go to our website click on the FaceBook icon and like our FaceBook page its power chiropractic health center again and the owner and only the voice here maximize your health and the owner founder of power chiropractic health center. In Hanover township and looks very. And the week of Monday April the third through Saturday April 8 we have morning afternoon and evening appointment times for new patients we've opened these appointment times up. If you wanna coming get a full detailed analysis appears to find an adjustment any necessary exercises and then a follow up visit. Or will go over your exam findings an offer recommendations for you and as a 250 dollar value for only fifty dollars for new patients who are clinic. And we're a 113 Weston road wilkes-barre but you don't wanna wait because he's spots were expecting these fill up rather quickly summoned an already are showing up. We actually got a few emails already so call now to schedule. 5708293580. That's 570829. 3580. So until last thing I want to touch on here. As far is. GI health bouncing in my compile this is gut healing smoothie recipe so many so review year not currently subscribe for our weekly emails and health tips. If you're interested you can send us an email right now PWR Cairo and That's PWR CH IRO at I will be happy to get your email address on our list and using. These weekly recipes in the weeks. The gut feeling smoothie recipe and won two cups a full fat coconut milk or Allman Malcolm X where you get all of your healthy fats fiber in median change triglycerides. Two cups of scale vitamins minerals and accidents and enzymes along with two cups of spinach. Half an avocado which is in one of the richest first and potassium fiber and healthy fats. Two bananas cut into chunks great source of potassium and vitamin B six. One teaspoon freshly grated ginger which has anti inflammatory effects on our joint soothing effects on our stomach and are gastrointestinal system. Half tablespoon of organic cheer or flax seeds seeds are rich in Omega three's anti inflammatory also an abundant source of fiber and antioxidants. Happen tablespoon of beat pond bee pollen is available house is nutrition and you can think that's a good fifteen main street who has earned. Because an abundant source of protein and antioxidants. One tablespoon of hemp protein or hem parts which again a complete protein. Omega threes and fiber. Raw honey one tablespoon of raw honey which is great antioxidant and anti and planet torn finally two tablespoons of either. A plant based protein and other plant based protein or away approaching a grass fed whey protein you wanna put all these ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth. It's even serve it over ice if you wanna chill out. If you like a copy of the Skype healing smoothie recipe and Simien email right now PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO. Pat So let's wrap up today's show with seven. Myths when it pertains to exercise that may be keeping you from optimizing your health number one. If you believe that weight training and this is more geared towards females weight training is going to make you look bulky if you if you pick up any even it to ten or fifteen pound on the else. That is not true. Okay women even heavy Weight Watchers are not likely to gain access a box simply because in less muscle tissue introduce a lower testosterone than men. For a woman to turn into the hole she'd have to be graced with exceptional genes. Or Gallagher professional athlete can take anabolic steroids are ending up looking like Amanda really isn't a concern for most women. And they'll go on women have a muscle tone. Coming from a man yeah. Okay. Women look I believe with more attractive and and it's it'd keep your stronger your health your your hormones are more imbalance in you just feel. Mentally more empowered just from the women that I've talked to who lifts. Who lived and worked out using wastes you have an overall sense of neo just feeling better okay who just won that we all one that the don't let that. That miss those thinking that if you pick up weights you gonna turn this big bulky brawny whole clay come woman this is not true. Myth number two it's dangerous to start exercising when you're older not true. You're never too old to start exercising in fact research shows that no matter how old you are when you start. You can gain significant improvements in strange strange emotion balance bone density and mental clarity through exercised. Myth number three walking is useless. There's more the fitness trackers at their chronic sitting. Korea research is the new smoking people who sit at desks all their signature from the TV if you're retired you don't want you don't move at all. You're setting yourself up for a lot of health problems. Smith some reform you have to exercise long hard to lose weight and improve fitness is not true because according to new research. Twenty minute ten minute workouts his work outs which is an acronym for high intensity interval training is the way to go if you want examples of these forecasted to be done at home with little known equipment. Be sure to go to our web site right now Debbie Debbie W dot neat but doctored and dot com and EPA DR DA and dot com and click on the YouTube icon in their you'll find our YouTube channel. Amare hit work outs. A myth number five you can target fat in trouble areas with spot training not true one of the best things you can do instead is worth something called intermittent fasting along with the high intensity general training that combo is the best way to tell you hit those trouble areas for men is typically in their core for women it's in their button their hips myth number six. If you don't need to lose weight then there's no point in exercising not sure that should not be our mindset we what we should meet. Approaching. Exercise why we should be exercising is not specifically you EO if we of course skinny. For those who's been if you're skinny not to lose weight that we read exercised I exercise to maintain my health. To have a good muscle tone good energy good blood flow a good healthy brain. I'll sleep better at night myself full turn over more health leak. I increase my chances of the living a longer more productive life so that's a factor and then to number seven here is no pain no gain not true. On the high intensity exercise. If you think you've to work out and maximum intensity all the time that's not true so if you hear it well. I hear these personal trainers and health coaches say no pain no gain that's not true even if you do the start at a low to moderate exercise program. That could be a game changer freedom so if you have questions if you like to set up a fitness consultation with myself at our clinic you can call our office now. 5708293580. S 570829. 3580. Were at a time folks but I'll be back next week same time same place right here on W oil came is radio to help you gain victory in your health. I maximizing your health. Be well stay safe I'll see you soon.