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Mar 25, 2017|

Saturday March 25, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend ranks and now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning good morning. Well we're here or I am fine pain and so luckily after blizzard day. Doesn't have to blizzard week you know look this week is like them what. It's been so crazy because everybody's rescheduling from the week we had and really when you think about it the loss of the week is such a big deal. Because like there's so many things that needed to get done and didn't and now here we are and it's. You're catching up so it's it's been a little crazy so fired a course you guys know we're taping on Thursday so. Tracy but all good because the snow is melting. And the whether it was getting beautiful and then of course on Wednesday it was freezing and blowing like you know what. And. And I think hopefully it'll get better well sailing thanks so hope that our the listeners who really I think people it's gone every week. Gave us a little bit of leeway last week because we've recorded everything on the phone. Hunt and even though sound quality is as good as it is somewhere here in the studio. I certainly hope people customer value because there were some man some good stuff that we talked to. He's with a lower back here in the studio everything is back to normal. And here we are concerned do anything really wild and crazy because of the storm. No but I you know I stayed home actually did not leave my house all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday. Did not leave and then. Thursday. Ayman Al for a little what will you and I met we went to we are supposed to come here and we decided to do everything on a fine and we went to scam in which we have been banned in a long time right. The skin was happy to see SC was months and then. Couple things I had to do NN Saturday. I went to us filly to see my sunshine who came in from DC. And we met in Manny out for dinner so that was good to see him. Nice little ride to many young and we had. I think if we talk about we didn't talk like that as I was last week but am I his girlfriend and friend of Terry Danny and Sean. And my iron I had dinner in this great little place called the top couched in May tell. I've been there I love it I love it's okay and what I love is they cater Big Ten too loose and free here. Am PM people who are moved traces of China and yours truly so it was great we had a nice time and we love to go there channel saying mom don't you ever wanna go any well site so now I like to go out there it's okay. Because you know what's good about it is that we. Yeah I can get what I want and that's I think south and it's good and did you get any bad weather are doing now can look good no traffic pulse show. It doesn't snow that was supposed to come on Saturday. Never did and I love and I know what's good business I know they have to track because they were right down about the snow that we mean a couple days before. But they do rush right over the next day when it doesn't happen as though. They never said that the day before I'll say did you ever notice that meaning urology meteorologist twist to. It didn't happen and now I don't know what to do so we'll just pretend I never Tenet and Brett yeah I mean yeah yeah yeah I cared just make you made a mistake irate voice and some girls isn't. Yeah it was interesting to see how they handle all that stuff. I just thought that they did a great job. For us for doing things. Everything they had to be about the blizzards they did a really good job yeah they were great scientists say hey hey who went some teacher wins Sunday Zulu snap but. OK so that was fun but I also think they they were just so overly cautious. Yeah how about everything that they could see that storm comment on Saturday and oh here we go again. Yeah but are and no one wanted it like I know you will I think the will of the worlds are connected over. I mean your just being pushed it right out of here because we just did not want one more ounce snow falling in its. Really enough is enough. Now as far as I'm concerned that snow was enough for the next ten years for me that's out of management came on now that so we don't play eyes please and also then of course Friday night. I had the big society of Irish women dinner we didn't say yes we had to sit. Zero PM Hilton yet and I'm Hilary spoke and she did a beautiful job. She was gracious and wonderful and it was a great and a great night for all the world I think. Mary Claire said their summer around 679. People between two rooms and if you hear snapping in the background. It's because we have a lovely name is Julie Jordan here taking some photographs live shots while we're taping. And some post candid shots are now some co shots she's doing candy now the post should ideally that Julie king imposed candidate I did not and I don't know about what tomorrow and do that. But a yes so but we done our she was there is a wild man am I gonna say Julie met Hillary and did a lot of the. Photographer she was hired by cash bid to the gals the president's Mary Claire Kingsley and Jane strive. And Julie did a wonderful job in the background and I have to tell you though they booted me out. You know I noticed there was something missing in everything gas saw there that evening and I wondered where yeah gore well I got in because I would have no reason to really be there I don't really do anything with the society. Other then. I'm most one of the founding members and a past president but you know twenty years in nineteen years you kind of let other people take over the reins. So there he they had to cater and I understand that they did at the group shot about the gals who go to them weekly meetings and do what they need to do when I get that that's fair. I am so I just wasn't and that you know I wasn't back there right but I didn't I was able to get back SEC gone gone back the Secret Service let me in and I got in and then one of Hillary's acts say their minions this he said ma'am excuse me that you really. Can't be back here we are he had the phone now and grab a black and IKEA OK okay. So I politely she was only doing her job I turned around and I walked the heck out. So I did not get to see here. Closeup in person I didn't meter although I met him before because should be forced the first time she ran she appeared as she had to rally at the Scranton cultural center which is where I worked JoAnne aren't during JoAnne friend Danny was the executive director still and she was there in 2000. Eight I think. And then so anyway I mattered backstage dad and she was just as lovely as she was just wonderful. So but they did a really good job. She did a really good job I thought I was staying with she had a say in doing what she needed to do and it was very very nicely tended and all the guys always staffing and yeah prior to going to the friendly sons dances they know it's better place to be and I didn't EC TV. We did the I wish we were staying here at the women's dinner because it's much more fun. And we have them on tape saying that now they may be just BS saying that to bed it's on tape I guess so I'm but it was it was a great night for our region and you know and kudos to Virginia Macgregor because she did bring her in and I ran into Virginia in church on Sunday and I see you know thanks for that because it was a big you know shot in the arm it and she said it was their first. I know a public appearance since. She ash as Andy says did you really and not enough I Andy's favor she's like. I don't know if I would have been walking in the woods after I lost that election and and she's and so Hillary said to add the inner speech you know I think it's time for me to come out of the woods so she it was it was a good thing in the it was great it was just it's just so neat to see. How are. So close TO and to know what she's been through in her life what she's accomplished like her or not. I don't care. Be doing not ideal but that's being dad aside her accomplishments are unbelievable so it's terrific to beat you know sixty some year old woman and look back and say here are the things. How that I sixteenth. Even something I don't know really sixty something. I was curious about tactics does something late so I want to thank him but she looks great. I'm she did it was a great night and Dunn Julie you can you on the back great night or what job. Historically. I would hate it. So it was it was terrific in and congratulations to the girls Mary Kate and JJ no not everybody who helped put them on it was it was we had a good time I thought I have a question for you and I started watching an 11 o'clock uneasy teaming has. I know was there PM and I never saw you once you know I thought you were gonna because oh yeah I think I ate he'd say yes because here's what happened. The first airing an eleven that night was just the actual dinner part. Now the next day when we second aired it at 8 o'clock on Saturday night. They had my can clean up the interviews and put the mother and it it and then put it together prior to the dinner part so he caught when I when the times called and said when we you re air mark said I will re air at eleven. Friday night the seventeenth but he said just so you know you don't have to preface this but I will not have your interviews until Saturday because I have to. Make sure they all run together nicely into a little he usually doesn't and it's he has not an edit what I say because I always to live to tape but he had to edit and piece everything together because there were shaky spots you know we we stopped. And then have to pick up so he needed to kind of yeah I read them all together and so yes. I well Patrick your friend Patrick gave to Napoli ninth. Intentionally. Stayed up till twelve iron sorry we monsoon Lari can't lose yeah. And now so it was upset maybe it'll be re aired and you find the end I will I will make sure that we can see now. He was very. Upset that he could Wear is Lari yeah sorry that's what happens okay I understand him and now. I was a good thing we did we had a great night and that was a big deal a big deal so we weren't very happy. It was it's good I don't people all over the place people are out. All over I think we all I can. Yeah everybody much but that's what happens yeah Patrick's day though you really it's a with the clocks turning the you know you yes you get more sunshine and I aid to people around people register in that mood it's really good time and he even though lens is still happening it's still and you know we got the dispensation for the fans of the food the dinner that night even though I didn't need to have that because I'd. I even though I ordered it I didn't it was just little crazy south. But it was it was a good it was a good thing that's an OK your best. They Hilton we had that it was after Hilton yeah I thought I saw a chance to Jaffa there. She was there can't you there but I'm not in capacity no shoes hair as a guest if you've designers last year casting her memory man Mary Allen. Coleman was the Peabody winner they shared she's married counts just talk. So yeah we are very happy an Emmy did a wonderful job as always she called governor wolf the bald guy. And she said not Hume the race but the bald the other bald guy. It was since Darren on the she is asking how she just doubling or ends. I guess I guess Hillary called judge Theresa Parise yeah. And Eddie said. That's where racy amber did say after Hillary left she hasn't but that was kind of funny that the next thing you know. Help me ask you really give me your address yeah. I tell you the stuff that was yet to bring in somewhere. Else. If she is she's are much he just didn't. It was really fun it was man really yeah. She was really good fan and that and I thought about it there was so funny is that she can never. Never loses her. Ability to just be with anybody and have them feel like normal ordinary I'll yes. Except at one point she says something about Hillary she's so I think I can die now because I actually so yes it's a stick he has. Really can't imagine she says storm red and pink and wouldn't and the woods and no. Maybe she's just too funny he is so nothing is saying. For not into he's PS announcement from whatever. This is very refreshing yeah in a world where though so contrived and so it's funny in a hurry to. About whether this thing is politically correct knowledge and just said late and it and it and that's the beauty of that they should I so I am running under. But I do is and you know Patrick. Her mother that's where she definitely gets it from because. Nancy armour Falco is I loved a woman and an MD. The stuff that comes out of that lady's mouth is just as funny as Andy and she's on it's to their timing is perfect. Yeah and that's really flourishes that make him mad and Eddie's just like her mother just like her mother so. Finance we love you honey and you produced a wonderful daughter didn't she sees it and say yes and but anyway we're gonna take a quick break. Will be right back we have the lovely miss Kathy rappers with us today. From truly scrumptious and now we'll be right back in listening to our human shop. Your jewelry and Lynn. Welcome back everybody you're listening to Larry Lynn shall I Mari cat and the owner of lard can enter prices. Which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And my name is Lynn Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Fear freeze finances for baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. Thank you very much. Then we have with us as I said before miss Kathy record who is the owner. Cake. Artists take extraordinary maker K everything there is eat cake first dot com. And all of the above a truly scrumptious which is. Right in beautiful Maine what is the main street as the other main avenue. Slamming him Wyoming avenue seven main drag is what I mean OK because they see everything that's the main thing I think says main my main avenue and where land well and landscape out. So. We're used to or so Wyoming avenue I in Kingston is we're truly scrumptious is located Kathy here with us should now learning as we always say is one of our new. Guest experts this year we're delighted to have her she brings some sweetness to enough that the rest of the brides are sweet too busy now. Kathy truly drinks sweets because her case she is a free cup okay thanks yeah. So she does so I. Always thank people bring their I couldn't use this so do you tell you know you look at those are hiding your head in half like god I am your god this. Yes it but calf what's going on and add to. Truly scrumptious. Well were we started to offer cupcake decorating classes. And I also offer one on line classes in the kitchen where. Someone. Don't call me and say OK I wanna learn how to do acts and now. They come into the kitchen for a couple hours and I teach them how to do no matter what whenever they finish now ice. Of these people that do this are they really. Did today really have anything like to most of them feel they just don't have the skill and they need Judy Trainor when. Can even go I think everyone has talent and and I am just amazed by the people I've come to me and the talent that they have to. Any ideas that they have and the designs. That they come up with its so generally if you wanna do that I know you're going to help but said evening of fine food and wine with. Doing what grade auction item four's Kathy tell what we do what you're gonna happen duo there. What took things as we talk how we definitely sure about the demonstration yeah allocation money you talk a little bit about that so calm during a demonstration. For each of the groups. Or five groups. I'm going to be showing people how to do interpret cake. My philosophy wanna do a demonstration is I want them to be able to take something with them so rather than do. Something that no one is gonna try on their own entropy kick I think. They can take home with them I think it's need to tell him what that means and what Senator McCain well I don't know she seems kinks but it looks like there's trusting dripping down my. OK can and then you can decorate the top anyway you want. It's sort of like the Jackson Pollock of cake decorating. I roll out. I can totally relate to they drew it starts to come down again I love that that looks so neat thing that in just a flat surface to trips down sneak. Seeking to many collar. And you don't have to be in an artist now obviously dribble where the heck it once and that's what passes find you can get your children involved are you can do on your own them to a friendly fast can you make trips Sutton trips this designs he do those uncut pacers are really better on a case. I think he's and a lot of space raid on a cupcake and the cocaine Serb. Their round at all yet yeah. So that this quake was down the ash and it would be done at and the paper where rice cake it's on the actual peak body of the Kate Brighton I always think. My mother used to make the find takes its okay saying that which is stripped down the sign. And I think that trophy and it looks good doesn't it remind listeners plus or Kathy easily deal with deep need to find food and wine counties also give me an auction items. Which is to have this afford to be safer for our results. Doing a cupcake class yeah okay take her down I heard great studio which is in the back in the back section of her beautiful storefront that building is beautiful home fans so well done in the front and then in the back she has this phenomenal. Speaking high eight you know top notch kitchen. Which is where show had these like think about you win an auction three EU entry your dear friends could data cap decent have a a little fun time didn't at decorating cupcakes knowing what to do I mean I love that I'll be bidding on them. It paid out to me. I don't mean you I was (%expletive) yeah might have a good time yeah. Now that's something caddie getting to that Lin was talking before we went on air about. How do you come up with fewer are the flavors and what you're gonna do to put in some of the year I'm tiered cake. The way your demo cakes and the people can see what you can do an end and options they have for weddings or parties or whenever. And your video your debt keeps running on the loop of all those judicial cakes. I am. How do you get then dad and what is your inspiration. For making you need to to say a Y I think. Like I know you do that champagne. Is it orange what do you do with the champagne. Are you mean this campaign came hey Kia and we actually have a I yellow cake that has champagne and it. And then the felling we can do either strawberry era where are your stock letter with orange which the one I got my hands aren't. And yeah it's so good because champagne and aren't you mean it's okay to. Partly hungry after almost a cake and then I think to see it because just could you talk about you can tasting gang is so Scott and I think outbreak at a but in debt so how do you do you play pay attention to like our US food channel nine or do you like should pay attention to any of those things and then order. Today just kind of happens your mind it's a combination of things. Sometimes I'll just be reading your cup book cannot tell sees something very unusual in that not think huh. My gosh I wonder faction translating to a K cannot can't try to develop a recipe. I know with the champagne cake one there was early six so I was at home and I was. Reading these recipes and and all of a sudden I saw this pink champagne cake pops. I thought why residency pink champagne and we can they do we can adapt this to a kick him. So good at sound and also. I like to go through my grandmother's recipes because she just had some great ideas and my mom and Islam are really really good baker took. So come. Cathy kind of their trends is an Anaheim. Again it uses this example but I don't ever expect to see any cake apparently found void that I Cahill good. That's hail on the sun has been liking seafood. And before that and it was coconut then it was there all these things that people started it becomes trendy to have certain foods. Are there certain combinations of things that are trending now in cakes. If people come in and ask you for. Had a really good question I would say. The gas the most recent one would be. They can in the cake with chocolate. Yeah and I did that as a grooms cake. Tony and I'll have to I did not pay us back I didn't tasted. Has not been made in person. I had my my assistants try and I love being taken but let me just tell you one thing getting back to that I wish they would tape Cahill well. And shove it somewhere where I don't want to say I did so I hate it I can't you see him talking about how did it disgusting I let's just it's pretty I like how it looks yeah but it's gross it tastes gross I don't care what you do it's good I do anything to it to make it now I don't care it's a big deal it is you know what let's just lay it out there it's terrible terrible I hate here. He even sing in the words I don't even like given that the publicity I just get RF well. Julie now I've read improperly. Spent format to. And Romaine and and and give lettuce and stuff an end and then green beans and miss you sugar snap peas keep his campaign kick them all equal time right I'll just address me not to forget and don't put Caylee you're okay. And you will EnerNOC salsa karma odd. I had no comment out there. May have its it's been around for a while. While people still ask for that so too now if you would do what Kate cube like actually sprinkled this ultra real NASA is that would assault is Dennis on the tab yes and sometimes. Well. And we offer of about 25 different flavors so. Com and then some people come in with save for their grandmother's recipe for a XYZ and their thing. People from. The South America. I have pastor very specific flavors and very specific showing so it purely depends on on the scene if you're event and and what you're trying to do. And I know this is different I mean gluten free stuff as savvy as is a very hard thing to do in a big win without separating. But I got to begin type K can you do people ever request those or do you don't do those seat him because you feel it's the same thing. They do I just it's just something I haven't seized. Now different and I haven't been able to prefer act. Either that the gluten free I do offer far less chocolate. And non but I haven't really been able to sort through and her friend act. Other flings. It's time and I just don't like the way I consistency you know if you know. Yeah I'm so you're open have people come in and say this is the kind of kick and like to have so it doesn't have to be just the 25 that you have right and I. I think that's absolutely that is important because people like serve that I yeah bacon thing must have been. You know and now it's effort there's a lot of that I think if this all the time for weddings and things there's a lot of ethnic cakes that people want out. I had no rain. I don't know if they feel like well you're just a cake artists and you do whatever you wanna do. I can't I can't bring my grandmother's recipe and but I think that's important for people know that there's so there's so much ethnicity in our area. That people like to hold on of those traditions and you could do a cake and so III probe he cake. Are we truly had you know that the Pentagon only do this. And I loved them yeah yeah yeah the longest jail I guess yeah. I admire Gaza kale I don't care how. Yeah. I was so you can through the play music but anything can. I think I also. Want to ask the question about. I have seen on that little thing we just talked about on your website at all the different things you've made room. And some of them are actually they're more than just to cake there therapies are good hard look I'm thinking and I just wonder how it. How do you decide when somebody brings and whatever it is is it a photo is there's. Three dimensional thing and say can you make this into a cake how do you know whether or not it's really possible to do something like that. Well first of all. And I'm just China's I get inspiration from so many different things like. Went and I was sitting in church and I looked up at the ceiling and I am trying to and I and I saw this beautiful rose on the ceiling so. I I tried to paint her rose on a cake and come from architectural. Details some when people come and we have a long conversation about the event that they're doing and how many people are having him and try to get a feel for the theme in the deck to think core. And whereas or having it and the colors and then. Then we we come up with the design based on everything else that's going on. Sometimes they bring in pictures and I have to say I do not copy other people's designs even if someone brings and a beautiful take a picture of beautiful cake. We will dash. Can change put your spin now Massa yeah. Yeah well I told you before until we said that but that would nice two months for shines cake for its graduation I won and he he to do we minus. I have a me I was his frustration but I'm in the they did bog turtles and she actually make a research what they look like had made them. And I still I want my dining room and I looked in my cap might break from my speech so than those are the things that would be in the Indian take individual ice the cake Israeli made. And I am and the timing did for a friend devised the butterflies remember hours after he had a far. I remember and I. I love doing Mac came thought you guys are my favorite thing yes so. That was viewed gorgeous I'm thinking so heated those are the things I think if you have hopes and you know desires of what you want to bring you to Kathy and and and she can do a trash is a good mind if you have an idea bring it to you never know which is gonna jokes and Kathy how could people get in touch with deal. I'm my website is eat cake first dot com. He's I'm I'm also on FaceBook instead Graham Twitter. Under truly scrumptious Kingston Pennsylvania mosques on FaceBook far you can call me and 570283. Cake. Two to five straight time. Their new album here. I right now we're gonna take a quick break you're listening this morning to Larry when show will be right back. Here Gloria and Lynn. Good morning good morning my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firemen clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women available on MS. Amazon.com usage baby blue marriages and you know yeah OK I love it I prefer that don't you David verb bloomers I don't know I managed by Larry. Hey don't and I'm sorry can't the owners Larry can enter prices it's a fundraising appearance special bond business. So Susan current NC. As associate vice president gore I see this as an assistant size. I have initials and and a branch manager. At the petrol office of fidelity bank can say she's here from. To represent fidelity bank today because they are one of our corporate sponsors. And we're thrown out here this is a freaking me tell she's been I have your marathon. And news things going on and felonies they can't always knew man oh man. The newest thing is our what we call community connections. And and we knew we are banks that is we we hope to be a little bit different. We tried to build relationships. With our customers not just transactions. Coming in and out of the bank. So what we've done is we've tried to find new innovative ways. To give back into the community. So what we came up list. That the official name is called fidelity bank community connections. So each of our ten branches. Has sometimes and each branch has to have four events a year important. Okay and it's after hours so after we closed the bank for you reopen the doors and invite in the community. Not just customers it's free it's open to everyone and we're doing. All kinds of fun things informative things. I got to be the first. Oh so you'll have I did when I came up with was right before Valentine's Day and I did wine tasting with chocolates. I think sub at the time Cooper ranks. Moments so we've had that at some of the other branches we've had the state planning. Everybody needs. You always had. Meet yoga. Beginner class yoga. Later in the month this month will have to Kingston branch is going to do being beaten. Canal plus think OK in the future I have one on how to reduce stress. And we can have some people and we did. Say I beat each AD ING. A nap eating. Sorry non cash. Sorry Sony yeah. I'm going to have kids party classes and copy sampling. And local performers. We also have someone schedule scheduling a golf swing analysis. It was so they'll analyze here's some wind yes. I'm not our thing not a computer complete thing analysis of the thing oh yeah cool so it is all ways to give back to the community there's no selling of checking accounts or mortgages or he. He would use and whether their customer nap an obviously your customers who see it coming in at. Know that they can take advantage of it that's just great for their business as we talked a little bit about this. With Jill wasn't that last month about this starting when you look at that point no one had done anything so you're worried that you I was first. Guinea pig yes. The Kurds and boy you are scary can happen while. But it didn't thought so well received and was gone he's able do I have. Had about 35 people in my small branch which was yes I had and a smaller branch. But how could you say no to wine and chocolate now I know yeah so. We had our day customers have to they were they customary where customers and non customer I'm sad I'm praying and the way we got it out there was we have it's on FaceBook time. We do fliers and I take them out and put him in the grocery store again just get the word out with our businesses. So that there are many of the businesses some of their employees can. So it was a fun night see you play and I do mile once a quarterback wants what what planet so I tried every branch since ten I now so I really don't always timing going on and so would you repeat some of those some words. Will you did it impact felt will need a green orange France doomed wine and chocolate they could. They can do whatever they want and we can do whatever we want and we always serve in the refreshment saloon you know we mine happens. Free okay you don't want chocolate and end of the wine but he'll have. Water and then jeez maybe. I'm sure you catch what rendered I know how big their forget these decorating. Yeah yeah right at him with our kinks in grand day out downtown parade then his legs yeah. So that's that's the newer of the events and there's no strings attached nothing. Streets of the public and to our customers I love that I had and like a great idea I think we we need to make sure that the general public. Who knows who contacts. Certain people infidelity with their ideas and that's another thing to get anyone has a fun and different idea. Yes please be glad to take it on. Couldn't ask for you know I think you know there was a woman Fed's I think she's still part of they're local not vote after. Who does so in that movie I think her name fans who does laughter. Oh yeah I'm Guinean Geneva so Antonin. And CBC does the course is like that we didn't listen if I had any thought at all yes stress relief you know and I thought yeah. But it's just a riot to see how people actually do some of the things she asked the doom him and it is very funny. And but it would be good thing I think something like that's fifteen minutes twenty minutes absolutely he's. And so we FT of what he can then do you have a time limit for people to commend you give them some type of perimeter now. Well what we normally scheduled. 530 to 730 now pegged staved it depends on the vendor in this coming in or the person that's giving the the presentation. You know how one. They need to but other then damn doing in bringing whatever their props and stuff Barney. Everything else is on the bank everything else is something mouth PS3. And if I can just mention one other thing nor have we have I can't report April. The bank does. Teaching our kids. So all of the branch managers the business partners. All of a school out into the schools. And we teach the kids to say I love it necessary so we need to first second or third grade we go out and this year we're doing. Lemonade for sale. So we teach them how to. And sell lemonade and then save some money. So you and this year where adding. It's called how to start a business and it's for fourth to sixth grade. Okay and it's four. Lessons in entrepreneurship. Right and starting your own business. End. Our mascot Sammy is always there via so we'll we that in the second lesson. I'm confident the older children. And now we you do the lemonade stuff again this year or are absolutely absolutely right after that we'll go into you so much fun yeah so much fun because. The book last year I did it was one of our. Commercial lenders. John Dornan. And he played the parent in the. But that that the flow. Every time the parents to block off the and every time the parents blocks. John played the Paris and I forget what the parent says but he was pretty good in the background it was a it was a big camp with the kids he made them all look at all on. So was a lot of it's a lot of fun. And we take prizes and we you know come up with questions is if they're really listening to a story it's not it's a great way to get it and again give into the community mom. Sometimes I think it yeah. So what is is there any are there any new products out at the bank you know these. Next well we have a sale going on and on our home equity loans are only now the rates are still. Fairly low even though they just. Went up a quarter of a point that's still very very reasonable so we have home equity loans right now fixed rate as well as 275. Thanks that's good great isn't it peddle everything. You know it's like give any O giving it away is so high near term to 75. Can't go wrong. Which could be you know I think it always makes me think and I said this before but just from historic purposes. Years ago when I started banking like two years up. I'm an anybody but when I was a young woman starring can't quit the honest to god there was certificates of deposits. That we're at eighteen point something. An 821. Point something he annual yields on like almost 90% and the annual yield alleging that there would be no compound interest it was. Unbelievable to think where we I when we work and in the eighty's as to why are we are kinda that my first house that I built Kia. The rate was fourteen C center on your mortgage on my yeah target I. I know it yes I I how people did it act really when you think about it. People make more money now when did men in yet Derek. It's even did TV while they were making a lot on their investments that exact thing on regular banking paying instruments it was easy CDI and savings I don't know what else I now the rates were a member regular pass Texas cities the 6%. Is now it's like what's going point 905 point oh file embodies. Some of the Izod as a best time to fix up your home Monday. Kind of remind all men really great yeah it's her best friends. Well it's just keep on keeping everything low from the Federal Reserve does write downs keeping them simmer down now he. OK so anyway so thanks for joining us today for half candy wrapper thanks for joining us sanctions and Lenin medal for joining us and of course and a master. With the camera miss Julie Jordan Julie Jordan photography if you ever need your photo. If you ever need your child's Christmas wedding anything you wanna do OK that Julie other than a wedding of mine I think has its vivid. Snapped how many parties last. Great art. Big part and that's how and but she's the best I lover I say it all the time Julie Jordan photography in the house as we all work should these candid shots so thank you enjoy something you're gonna make her happy new year welcome thank you and so and Kathy again thank you and everybody out there thank you again so much. Prince listening we sell appreciated please have a good week enjoy the spring weather coming and we'll see you next week. Be safe and please be nice guy. Okay.