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Sarah Sespico "Clarks Summit Wall Captain"

Mar 22, 2017|

Sarah Sespico "Clarks Summit Wall Captain" discuss the #HappyActs campaign and nationwide celebration with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We love happy days Jolene I mean not the television show from the seventies only we just Lemond people are happy. And that we are going to talk about to something that has been done. In northeastern Pennsylvania and to celebrate the international day of happiness it's really all. Sarah says B go. Is the clarks summit while captain and the swamp Syria is in the Abington heights middle schools that rate. I good morning how are you. Didn't marketing and you can't hack it out and I'm. Spending a lot and I'll mention it worked well so can you be happy and. A little bit about the concept behind this sending and in your involvement in particular. The first and that supports implicated in that let you walk out. That thirty year and known about the company include abstinence while we're talking with started. Actually he didn't and instead of the international day can't come across the world. And really need to partner company that really she can talk from the inside out how calm knowing. Can't cents. Cute to be happy and not G tablet segment it's the tipped we have to actually to be the first and then things just happen priced at. You know it's to try to some lengths to make happy that actually penetrates. It's tender Sony being to partner with a company content with each. He told. To score some waves to be happy and in Allentown kid looks like that the correct acute in their life should come and sneaking. Other people are happy to looking at and know that looking to make other Indian. Let's face it that's the key right there is an and I mean now you set yourself heating choose to be happy and once you do. Spreading that joy to others I think is instrumental in ending. Yeah a lot backed out of that. You get more tactically and put it that the only thing about it out yeah. It's a setup a making it makes you feel that return back to non cash not the parking lot and helping an elderly person get back to the content loads that sound neat things. That we can deal and then to cap in other people. And into early in the facts that's strictly personal. Let's talk about debt the why else first of all you have enemy and I mean in the middle school who helped too with that. I'm. Actually going to need to come in the couple and he is at street and the tiny but with the school believes that there are. They blew it here. Take a little bleak I mentioned that he can detect it. A little more trying to play. I'm looking comfortable. You can't really put them on your health problems along with the and one of their conference at keeping track and then cut to the people. And seeking to. And so yeah to. Gotten into it from the Nobel people name now and that it had to people in our area hooking up with a bottle and it's helping middle school it sticks. Look at saying come to that accent train at in stagnant. The Internet calling him and I thank you got it from. Protect it from. Now in the and in Japan Canada and then he brought the new template there but it's extinct and excited about having a trap and actually getting. Would be scrapped it booked air. Just the tip came from and to accept that stand and then picking talent there. Thinking that's been true and I'm like yeah declared active capping it by. Could be but I think it can be reading a doctor and and they wanna take a while between sticking out. And they tied up and that being Orleans wild and then they get the great French Catholic happy. And contents happy acts the middle schoolers can probably use that are on track a little more than a nonsensical that. Can we pro. Active in the big speech and get good targets correlated into your approach to international. But happy. I'm on the ball well. Excellent this year it's great of you to join us today if people wanna see know are they can go to www. Happy ax dot org and learn more about the program and you're writing I know that we missed the designation because a snowstorm and Abbott doesn't mean we have to be stopped and I liked that about your presentation today is that to you you framed and up in a way that it's actually positive is it more time to work on projects and see Barack. Are introduced and we appreciate it.