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Mar 18, 2017|

Saturday March 18, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Laurie in live. Distort your weekend. And now Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Good morning. My. My. Let everybody know that we are recording all of their. Not entertained you know a black movie we actually did it early got our our troops guest expert Laurie and I will be together for those. First part as we always are and we hope that you'll enjoy this show because it sounds like any other great show we've never done. Yeah it that Lynn I must say I would never want I have to do this like. All the time I got no radio shows are often done at like this. If it and I think you would agree that it would have to do it out of necessity it's great to have the people stipulates however there's nothing like being in the actual studio don't you agree. Oh yeah you can make things that you didn't and I don't. Yeah like I can't doing is that because you can't I played up up up at it I think you can't. That attacked the prankster that I haven't. But back and keeps it Regis let go the other guys don't keep it to a different seven and now almost three months six or eight years so it's in the past seven years and three months stepped back at you hate it's how we wanted to be there but yet are killing it get it the fly out of. I taped by default which is really cool that we we have the option. Other facts and then you noticing that I don't sound made Alan I have on my new generation and you. Oh yeah I think our current Kelly yesterday it sound that great. Now I know I don't know what it was but miraculously cabinet like her Patrik. Last week we met you and pat was actually he went from not being good at that I sent you out east sound great news said. Yeah he'd say all of a sudden it's just gotten itself that it could accept. And it's good yet Catalina Island world now. Well you know as when you're listening to a shield we'll have had just the night before it finished up by the hour. Society Irish women dinner and help with the Hilton and of course our keynote speaker. Secretary of former secretary of state sentence former senator. A new York and former First Lady Hillary Clinton. So we're all before we can that it's going to hit it did and we all had to look forward to it that put it will be over folks that I will let you know Ali you know a little bit more at the following week but. Yes so that's. That it settled had been a day and night at the current that. Part of me wearing that it's that they don't get it it would it it should put that they hope that. There are okay and so how many tickets were old. I'm not a 100% sure about I think about 600. And I went. I'll. Yeah accept and learn big event at a club Williams. When you're live in the event that will be over I had a little red cent fall. And wonderful it will they had they always side no matter who's there we have a great time so we'll talk about more about that last. Next week because obviously I'm talking as though it's as if I know anything right now and then get even at that probate and right now. So I'm sick anyway so we were trapped with this snowstorm. Like where acts. In my house again all day it is they aren't they Wednesday. When I actually loved by the way out of the ground guy because there was something about. Knowing that everybody else is in the same location. And yeah they all know most people aren't. Anywhere other than where it is their home tilt the other good thing for me because I can guess this is all about contacts and trying to get people in which. So I know. If I needed to call somebody I was pretty much get that and if I didn't get them I would say I Rick how are you really Eddie Money your audience your aunt. Don't get your house don't give it out but anyway for not quite 98%. Of the people. Where available which so that would monetary old I was able to get stuff done it yet. Selling and I kind of liked to. Being kept and I do think. This day I read the paper. You know about the article and you know that the fear everywhere and always has with people shoveling and heart attacks and. You know all of those kinda think you can skip Durbin and anybody out there have been put that's strenuous job dealing with ago I'd have to say that. I. I have to say how grateful I am that my ear is in my life because I have to say having him. Come here and take care of my life getting like. A passage ways to my house said no you feel like and I live in dog or radar and Jefferson avenue in the middle of the city and. Yeah I feel like we're in the middle of the country with how much out of the country with all of this now what how it's. Taxable the road and everybody in these amounts amounts of snow now. I guess I'm hoping they'll like you know what in the very best period and I can tie it off I eighty and looking at app but he can't just. He would like I'd just. Big thanks and and gratitude because. Having that kind of help. Means a lot when you read this email I mean I live in my house I'm by myself so I'd known as my kids aren't here to help our. You know people there are other people that not an saying it is good and somebody can calculate that and it's. So. Slated to save big thank you and how much they love him because it's up. It's Egypt put those things for granted because people just do what we hear that it'll be you know in a relationship or your try to help someone when you can't kill it you realize I am. How important it is for people with kitchen and and help out I'll come. I think that sent one of the things that many people have said in the got interviewed on television wherever it was. About what they learned. About human experience and the storm. Howell. Eight given what we've experienced in the up all. Months and all of the popularity and interest in the country and the hatred and all the other stuff. Because they election results from the whole thing. It all brought it back maybe full circle 180 degrees. When people started realizing that we're all in the same boat. And we all need help and everybody. Are there political view this side. And it doesn't matter where they learn and regularly until it yeah. I want to help against last night yesterday afternoon I was looking out the window my window from my family road and my nephew and they patents. Had brought my his the hatred that drove one of my Brothers vehicles over with the power and proudly in front of my driveway so that because I. All of these. No blowing and shoveling admire in Jerry had done the night before expect sort it was proud decade because the crowds have done more what you're doing a wonderful job without any kinda get re proud in that area so he came back and got it out against. And all the sudden they look out there with the tire across street one of my neighbors tried that match circle was but they got stuck so what Jerry admire and Kennedy. Went right over and pushed. The guy out of the driveway and he got uncomfortable was because I was in I didn't recognize the car credit that anyone maybe they were turning around I don't know but. Like dates after they were killing and just went right over and that's. And edit my nephew who's you know it does a nineteen year old did not freshman attempt ball is one of the sweetest kids in the whole world that he could delete something from me is the favorite. And they all get out help another pedestrian which again goes into things and I just had a big island make it could think that the system Stuckey just. He can help you just do it it didn't ask what you don't. I felt I had a although I'll. Now I'm gonna say it would get a good time to say until two you know anybody. As Nicole was saying it. It's going to and that is saying that if and we'll talk about because that's with when you had spoke to surgery yesterday she says I want to talk about all the things that have been going on. The thing that get getting thinking about it to people who have that broke like the first responder in PM and police and of course my favorites firemen these guys there. And gals are out there. You know helping and even National Guard everywhere who were deployed to kick helped. An area I think it's amazing so big shout at all the TPW workers I mean I can tell you the gun where guys are all. Over the plate go to great job and Scranton. At the TPW trying to clear out the city and do what they need to get. And these are people work around the clock it is I. Unbelievable so just stick to show gratitude and you know that we appreciated just simply because they Q everybody out there. Who are cleaning this place up because it's it's that's. Yeah. I would think that my neck or neighbor called last night and just call this thing however don't. And the people needed anything. Angelos you know there he would going out and that he needed any kind of slow the Watergate and. I don't know and they have plenty of it in their house. I'm mutual come not well that. And actually catch that there are talking about that that's what this does is brings out the goods you. Quality good human being absolutely had absolutely hasn't even up all the time it's just keep it wouldn't yeah. Can't wait. Yes. Well I have and it's still think the category. Is doing so also coveted apparently I'm sorry it's short. Okay. Blue okay. News okay. It's. It's. Use. The moon. A and. General plan takes some time Washington here I'm sabbatical which Pinehurst Phelps she said she missed the experience in the sixty. When they're hit anybody think he also went abroad under collapsed. Since you were there early sixteen and had no idea what you want to do with the rest the correlation to punch in my tribe that. A little later in life but better late than never. How does start. Are your body can't long pass that noble experiment and doubtful at collaborations. General. So learning how to take a year off for introspection. But probably less than on their minds. Change of government augmentation that allow people in the 67 days to travel and volunteered their time all around the world. She thought that might not be her a couple of occasions you run into international travel. And her right gear roster yet for the team's star hotel. So she looked online innocent domestic program. The volunteers of America retired grain. And many other collects what we're standing actually very excited about all the punk Malaysian law. Although there was no income from the opportunity at this provide housing for very low cost. And the opportunity court in the national arch they just couldn't get United States and other capital of the way places. How could she afford to leave her oncology practice partners cash and have a misadventure. Apart from the rig ocean probably counter she would concern about her status with the group. Per contract with the hospital system and a pension. Not to mention having earned income lotion figuring out who she walked. Which came to see mayor Hanna was about to explode choose where she should start wishing really seriously want to do that. How much of her kitchen security wishing mortgage indicate that you're rush. I listen to her story her fears her apprehension and her excitement. When we got through all of that I suggest some kind of action. First I want her to explore the option that much more fact finding when she had done. Her homework was to call trick plays solutions low interest to bench and get information on how to apply for each program. How solution must participate if elected. How long each committee that was sports and what if any cost. She might have to gear herself. She says she would do that they've set a timeline kidnapped by the prime we. She's actually had on a special education credits it and we'll wait and after she was done with that she would begin. Secondly I had to try ultra financial information which I can work on what she's doing her part. I suggest you're following case statements. Are deferred compensation agreement with the practice. Her accounts receivable. A personal income tax return. A personal investment statements if any and her Social Security estimate. We decided to reconvene in three weeks at my offense and get the project off the ground. She was very excited but cautious but it could could really work. Stay tuned for the next meeting and a result. The end. Okay. How I think they'll probably at a point where we need to take a break and we'll be back. With our guests doctor and they've been called low work from the age pensioner referral and emergency center. And clarks summit in listen below are England so we'll be right back. Hi my name until eleventh I'm the president and CEO of northeastern China at some consultants. We're actually only I need to plan turned in car trying to. I'm also the author of the book called power of the purse. Carefree finances her baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. And I'm like I hadn't the owner Larry can't enterprises which is a fundraising PR a special event business hello I'm Nicole. Hello how aria but certainly we have the wonderful what do we call you my name your I don't. Granted Amare actually yes they have that she is the I'm just one of the humble little heard and that that and her hobbled you can go ahead. To beat wreck or. Veterinary referral and emergency center. And Nicole as we color I like color debate week to grant pool but let's be and other names saw that shirt no. We're here talking budget we're thankful again which speak it could never take so much the COLT thank you. For what you do for us with the show and bringing the information that you Gil and get service. Dennis provide it right here in our own backyard for our beloved pet and that's. The people you have there are incredible so again thank you for all of that. He OK we I always talk about you know nobody ever wants to have these are terrorists there than we understand not gorgeous so happy that we're here so in case something does happen. You know whether it's an emergency or somebody needs specialty services and and that's what we're here are so you've got the white and black and now you're nick lots of stuff didn't happen. Yeah let down the technical. Tell us it. Well. You know it's it's interesting because it just like for any of I I have played I have a personal friend that when it became very sick on Monday and we had to raid and then Katie emergency room and in the storm hit on Tuesday. And you sort of think to yourself oh goodness can you imagine that he had had this kind of an emergency the other Tuesday when the Charlotte I think. But the truth is that also impacted all of us or our family members including our four legged. Family members and down. You know what a storm everybody here has lived through and the hospital stayed open we don't ever close street 65. But even for us just managing to get our staff members into that facility. We were running at a skeleton crew but. We were here for emergencies and who. You know we tried to let everybody know that it is like an effort airfield. And there were definitely some pretty critical patients they came into the he has over the course so. In the past several days. And I can tell you that. We've had storms before and we always are amazed that the types of clients and patients that ball managed to get to this start to get a glass of this was different this is definitely could tell everybody was saying hold unless that was like and that. And it I think any. Anyone. Any family members that things that we never think about are those things until we're faced with that kind of a dilemma it's. And those kind of things I would get talk about they was. You know for example one of the patients that came into the he has supplies. Almost 200 pound. Giant breed dog. Who collaborate out in the yard and a source in the middle of this massive snowstorm in a kind of stellar night and. He was so large that nobody in the family could manage to kind of get an optimist. To get him into the house let alone into the hospital until we had to document several times over the telephone system makes recommendations about things that they can do. But these are all things you don't anticipate until the moment is happening in a person of that happening. It's the noble blizzard. They're just trying to come up Blair's. You know you never want to think about these things but this cut trying to come out west you know what would we ever do if you know fluffy body whatever you know your pets David. Have some kind of an event it's how old what would lead you to train managed the crisis to get them. Q an emergency facility because you know it's not like human anatomy and unfortunately don't have an ambulance service you can call. New entrants so just considering transportation. Hit do you have. Big blanket at the dirty enough to be able to support that carried them like a Gurney. What vehicle do you have that you might be able to sit have been killed. And I know that I'm kind of silly you might not think about it but if you had a carrier pound dog that you drive a little tiny you know I don't know how Smart Car. Yeah and what happen again to grade and if you don't have the resources do you have a neighbor or family member that guy is. These are all just little things I can't think about. But but I will play. And hopefully everybody out there listening is okay in world digging out from the storm and everything's there are getting back to normal but. And just planning a typical kind of medical planning trust any family members currently my. I have a question call I was thinking about since it. I live in a neighborhood where there are plenty of dogs all over the place and they're McCain had the look of the owners but that's kept parents. I regular routine take the dog out to walk them. Do not allow them to do their business that's concerned but yeah well what do you what do you do in the situation like this where. You can't the dog can't get out in the dogged pro trained. Not and that was the whole planet not to do any of that stuff in the how I don't know how how do you do that with the animal I mean look what happened to them. Well even in my hand situation my house I have. For a dog is what is norm what I like called normal sized dog and availability of its. And so I will even the fact that yesterday. Eventually I got so played try to shovel out this sort of like you know three foot square patch outside the door so that they are all desperate to go outside. And you know desperate. Times call for desperate measures that and there are you know in my own the house it was kind of like well at and I couldn't gonna happen it's now I couldn't hold it against them. Can't it believe they're not my dog is. Just if there was an act and that's because they peek inside the house. But if you ask me or even half of the staff that's here at the hospital we are all joking about the fact that our dogs have been content for three days because nobody want to have to go group NH. Run outside and opium center dot not putting out here I'm not that any kind of outdoor event and after the hour. And settled into behavioral needs I think dogs realize it just as much as we do like what is going on out here this is not going to ask. But yeah I'd be very very little concepts you know. My eight my back porch. That you can't see out of the back from my house it's just that giant address to. So I ended up finally getting a pass the credit instruments front door around the pride in my driveway in the side door so now they can have had a little loop it's. And do I want them being in that thing in my driveway of course not but that's the only place they have to go there's no place else for that sense. Then ran it so at least it's something that I've been able to clean out for them and I know. You know some people just don't have up front door and a front that can edit the worst candidate they kept the pedal pads and the Diamondbacks back. And then I'm sure that there's some families that have just sort of sequestered at a spot in our kitchen and sent out guys you know this is I mean it's just whatever we have to do right now. You know it's funny it's. I would tell you that I am offered my act. I'm doors French doors leading out to my deck in my kitchen. My dogs when I had them got less officials when I they would go out run through the deck and down to one side is step. And I had to like. In the heart patient got so that they couldn't get anywhere else so they would go to their benefit and that's what they would kill. When that's how would I used to have to make sure of course I knew was going to sell I would keep snow shovel right at the back of my depth because it's not covered. And I would shut it doesn't that look what can get out there we sell I would shovel off just like you're saying a little area. So at least they wore it like. Because I remember the one candidate looked out they've looked at me like how do you think I'm getting out of it and they actually know you don't think and they do it like to see could be wet and they cry and her two girls of course that would help. And and just last night but I was putting something out Mike. I'm against it galvanized KM outside I was putting something out there. Just open the door customize the same way with this victory is now one they its gigantic. And I thought oh my god I remember every candle is gonna still I would make sure what my shuttles was right here because you would look like okay. What do I get to do with the dog and still with outlook that dealt with it's so funny that. You think when you have to dodge you know it your responsibility was. Now that might dogs aren't here I don't even think wiped out because they don't have to anymore so I guess it's instinctual as. Pet parents as well you know the little things have to kill. Bet you're gonna need help with if it does now because they eat most ducks and I can't they don't like it. Should be this how do they have been. Are up and yet there are certainly some dot straight now that. You know if you could match up in your front door there are digging leaps and bounds to the seller they'd like an elite tennis they disappear underneath they hop back out they. So there borrowing and having the content and the parents can't even get them to come inside of but you know. Rabbit population. They you know what it depend on the size of the dog if your dog can manage to jump up over the top let us know undo all that that's great but you know I have three little dog that. The nose. It's like L vault. You know three times there there can't tell I don't see the so we've been very fortunate I mean we didn't have. Well we were anticipating what parent calling it a panic because they were running out of medication when needed resells it. Until it seemed like everybody kind of prepared well enough for that but those are things I think about extreme got medication stocked up. Right now he actually exactly right now. They're not as much concern because it's just kind of Robinson now but once people start putting. Salt out and they and I very calm stepped up their tissues and you know all those different things that. Normally when it's as what to do interest we sort of think oh that's a lot of knowledge you know I don't know. I can tell you personally I would kind of prepared for a storm but I don't know what I was expecting a wasn't expecting men now we want. And so. That not that I think you start to realize is well I was expecting this I didn't go to the purchaser of hand I can't attack at what about the dogs if it's almost like he's sort of forget about all that but they they are you know I need. You wouldn't. So we've been very lucky. Those those have heard that had become men. You know that they were able to have managed to make it safely and and so we we kind of rolled with everything just like I'm sure all the Cuban hospitals in Scranton has done through that the beginning of the week out. Yeah. The call did you have any particularly. I usual situations. Because their lips no. I came in that wouldn't normally happen during the normal weather fire hitting a usual. No I think. Yeah I think the most difficult to act difficult case probably trusted logical phase was the case where like I say there was a dog that was. I'm very very large and the collapse into the backyard and got size normally would have been challenging. You know but that the parents try to cut and that got him until blankets but you have to imagine you've got a cure pound dog. Who's out of middle of a blizzard that they have to manage tech can get him. And then trying to wrangle them on Q. A blanket and that situation and get him back at how slow and get into a vehicle. That can make it a lot of eaten by the time they got black. It was. You know this dog would covered and so much snow he looked kind of like just this big frozen. I typical of the dog believe or not he was not. Can cold it was normal temperature. But he had not announced into the yard and I had been having seizures. And that's what was happening in and I know that the mom called into the attic and assistant I need your help I don't even know how to get from him. So these are all things you know how can you possibly anticipate appetite in the middle of a blizzard something like that happens and so I would probably the most unique and we've been very lucky. So far we haven't had issues in daily wintertime there's. We'll have emergency verb Davos all through a patient says. Voluntarily can't. Apple has situations about frostbite or chemical burns because of what has led the assault or that the nature of the people utilize its. Knock on wood we've been pretty fortunate this year and I do think that. You know information kinda gets contaminated pet parent with a source say here's something you just need to consider and think about. I'm for the wintertime so. Okay well we're gonna happen. Comment Iraq so you have pants and those who thought I had a editing a dormant safe out there. Yes exactly the thank you very wanted doctored there's no bump and tell people how we can find you. So Vieri he can be contacted by telephone 570587. Haven't haven't haven't haven't played prior that they. I you can always go to our web site which is VR EE PA dot com or FaceBook page which is also the RE CPA. Thank you and we'll be right back with doctor Barbara partner gladly come back here. Lori went shot. Lori and Lindsay. I sat. I didn't play eleven on the president and CEO of northeastern China took 1000. Square the only financial long term partner summit. I'm also the author of a well called. Power of the car carefully I won't it's her baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. And I'm glory and the honor of my cabinet to practice to keep the underage NPR special event it. Hello everybody. And I special guests all those people it. Doctor Barbara but won't rule as the owner of the world and college kids so if we don't them. We have got another really good relevant topic is also welcome doctor thought more. Good morning thank you don't. Plus all the old school. Don't traded up and recently and let people I've had a conversation a couple of people about. I'm chronic disease content from particularly. They might not. What they should be doing because they know I'm more of an actually than a medication person and I look at them all I hope you're eating more of an anti inflammatory diet. It may until what is that and I think that when I kind of bring up the word anti inflammatory diet most people have the same response what do you mean by that. Because let me hear anti inflammatory. Rethink of medication that he creek inflammation like. I'd recorded on cream then and act I'd according none that helped. I'm but I'm talking more about food based on the situation than dietary habits. Though we think about chronic disease. Actually ninety million Americans are affected by chronic disease and it helped treat 70% of all death. And 75% of the nation's medical care costs. So it really does involve a lot of our our. I'm momentum here so what I continue that we talking about a heart disease diabetes chronic pain asthma. Any of the inflammatory gut or GI disorders. And obesity cancer and alzheimer's accord is an inflammatory condition. So. Our body creates inflammation. In an effort to try to heal old something that's minor and small. But when need condition purse at the inflammation itself becomes its own disease. And so we can monitor in the blood and I do that I look at blood packs for inflammation and the one that I commonly used. Although there are others the one that I look at a C reactive protein. What ERP. And that he reactive protein packed the range of anywhere from less than one all the way up to ten. I'm in less than one in the ideal. One to three is. You're at a mild increase risk and all of course up to ten you're an increased risk for. Inflammation it's gonna cry you persistent could be. A simple blood test that we can get. But part of all of that since that 60% of chronic disease could be prevented by a healthy diet. And I think that's the part that always honed in with me and that you know if there are ways that we can prevent. And or make these chronic Indians batter and then then I'm all about that and it really just come down to who did. So there's certain foods that. Can prevent. Inflammation and we know about these Kirk humor in North America. There are certain foods that actually will worsen. Our information we'll talk about that. We know that if our blood sugar and are insular elevated they will increase inflammation. And we also understand that apart ducks. Our GI system is not on and a good lately we've talked a lot about crow by attic. That we have a lot of inflammation stemming from that. And my motto is that all information starts that got the that if we're not putting in healthy food and we don't have a healthy environments. Then our son got inflammation will rebound to our rent the rest of our body. So really there's no single diet purse say. That we like to say will be that anti inflammatory diet. It's a it's a combination of different factors that we want to accord vegetable we want fruit we want whole grain. I'm and that can mean would be a gluten free whole grain that they do not specified I'm being gluten free they just wanted to be a whole grain. Which it's something you can do. That's the way that they look at a whole grain. And of course stroking them talk about the different sources. You read a you mention always we want minimally processed. Whole foods so I would say no processed. Whole foods or food that you can recognize when you pick it up for when you edict that had not out of the box not come out of a package and has not had a lot of work done Q. So really good example of this is the Mediterranean diet. And think about this before this probably one of the best. Types of eating habits eating style that people can follow. Because the bulk of your diet comes from fruits vegetables grains. Beans beans. Herbs and spices. The next at some level if you were talking about pyramid scheme so so to speak would be efficient include. The smaller portion would be poultry eggs and cheese. And lastly at the very top of your pyramid would be neat and sweet. I would have never thought to put those two things in the same bad category all got there so that the structure of a Mediterranean diet. Is that meet meaning red meat. Really has got only a small place and you're dot I Kerry election and really we should be talking more about. The fruits vegetables and grain and then finish because you know what we gonna talk about it had the Omega threes and exit in the Spanish. So track are important and we want to do a little bit of cyber began the task. There are facts that are saturated. Mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated of course we know about trans fat. Which we want to avoid it all costs and trans fats. There's something that's been done to the fact that makes it shell de bulk them that it. The natural liquid that is made into a solid Communist who quietly used in and restaurants such as McDonald's that the because. It didn't become granted an attack on the shelf for prolonged period of time. But they found that the type of a fat which is now and remote. Is is really not good for. The fact that we want we want hero Montel unsaturated which is liquid. Or sort of like olive avocados sunflower and a or poly unsaturated. An art to kind of had to make it's like an Omega three. That ratio in life it can post could be you know a good L won this three week ratio meaning we want only one type of a mega. It hurt it can't park Omega three. Now sadly the standard American diet or what we eat currently it attend one or even a 25. To one ratio. Of the Omega six to Omega three why does that matter. Amid if it is an inflammatory. Promoter. So we start eating things like corn oil soar away oil vegetable oil these things. Promote inflammation. And we want to win. Bed eat the things that are anti inflammatory which you're a mega Reid. Now this come from cold water fish. Flax seed Chia seed camp wall let things of that sort so we want to make sure we're getting. Pro the anti inflammatory make it three. Little bad tidbit that I pulled out of my researcher that chat with that if you ate a free range egg. The a mega a six to Omega three ratio is one victory. If you ate a conventional egg. Neil megapixel Omega three is nineteen. Have four. Simply because of what the chicken eating. And so it helpful when they have these Omega three enriched and it you know if you can't get a free range egg looks for that. So what it's all about he'll make it three. We mentioned olive oil we mentioned coconut oil both of these are tremendous for inflammation so we want to make sure we're getting those choice. Carbohydrates. Again whole grain something you can Q. You wanna make sure you're getting fiber in your food ar fifteen Graham try every thousand calorie taking and and you wanna make sure that they're not we talk about a great scenic index. Meaning if you meet particular fruit. Prince and pineapple your blood sugar righted a whole lot more than if you were to eat a particular food budget the blueberry. Into the pine apple has the high Blake scenic index. And we wanna eat food could have a lobe like in the index you can Google that list and after that. As for vegetables. Get at least tried serving today and have as many colors as possible. Most Americans get if they're lucky one vegetable day. And we're doing really well can get three vegetable that they edged of the day but the gold actually five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Lastly protein. It should be a plant based protein if you can which would be coming from beans nuts and seeds. They do think it means grass fed red meat or wild red meat is a better option then regular red meat because of course there's hormones and antibiotics and things of that sort. And of course station is ideal and you wanna avoid the high Mercury fish and no swordfish note shark no golden bash and things of that sort but what you want to look for things like Latvia. In Chile encampment. Kid going to economy because everywhere I go entry and show these they think that just among the worst thing you could ever ask slower but it still wouldn't. They are good they are good fell at you ninety you have to try to eat them. So that that's the basis of the inflammatory. Diet. I just want to put a shout out the fact that the Environmental Working Group has come up with it's a dirty dozen and clean chit 2017. Which means the dirty dozen is the twelve. Fruit and vegetables that have the highest likelihood of pesticide on them and they made a remark that. In which has claimed the number two position which it had not been before and they're finding a whole lot more or residue on it pesticide on spinach. I'm so strawberry number one always on you might try to buy organic when possible. And spinach nectarine apple peaches pears cherries grapes celery tomatoes sweet bell peppers potatoes. You're gonna eat at the end. I think you should buy organic. Because of bad blood. The best way to make you don't have to be pesticide on the skin I'm inadequate they have a clean fifteen which you can look up that shows that this team thing that. Are least likely to be contaminated by pesticides. I'm and then you can eat though as they are if you cannot find organic. What little you mentioned that Bartlett went. The Environmental Working Group. Warren EW AG but they cannot with a list every year and it's just an updated its usually April but they gave out a little bit early this year. You can go on their web site and they have a nice little copy that you can print out. It just served a little pocket reference that you can keep in your purse. I'm but I do refer to it a lot and try to buy organic whenever possible but I'm sure can buy organic when those things are on that list. The group. None since then he hit OK so can we if we give Google that it'll come up. Yes it will especially now that I can't come out it's gonna be a top player because the new list had just come out for everyone to keep our environmental Arkin group. Scary deadly and a clean fifteen looking up at grilling up great. You break until running into high Mercury fish right arm yes it is yes it is not hammering out a side note that late. So emanate you're gonna kill you know get better fish to eat would be out that the mega trade cold water fish. Outcome. But then unlocks her. It could they could include lobster cold water and you're Indonesia dinner. And I want to lob up there we don't I don't own good now I know I'm feeling you know it's fruit and vegetable that the waiting. Oh a little bit of hokey. I'm trying to clean up those diet can really will help mom Iowa ads this oil at the end of the day what I don't feel like I'm getting out. How much I think inflammation and it's truly attacking most individuals in some way shape or form. I'm I'm only about who. And I look my dad I don't monkey boy that's a myriad. And I can look it up that'd be good. I couldn't imagine yeah. Yeah we'll be everybody yelling happy things happen halo. One day good night and we love you next week thanks so let's have a great weekend. A completely nice guy. And I kind.