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Storm Update with Rich Barbolish Lackawanna County EMA

Mar 15, 2017|

Storm Update with Rich Barbolish Lackawanna County EMA with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rich bar bullish is back with us from lack on a county and in it's great to hear your voice her tight hold enough. Now I'm always all it's so good I can hear it here awakened at. Alert and we just tend to abduct a caller on who said. Hey you know I lived in Denver and when I was at Denver a lot of the stuff was cleared away in the next day. But I really rich we may have some extra challenges because of the number of of arteries in roads and in all the things that are here that make it a little bit difficult to how hard you. Seeing the so far with your assessment of of the response. Well there's the challenges that they see. Or that they. We have a much denser population area and by that I mean homes are closer together streaks are smaller things of that nature. There's a lot of narrow streets we have vehicles parked on both sides and can sometimes that is typical hurt you know large plow truck to get through. And that just slows down it complicates the process. For the plot truck drivers. That that's one job I wouldn't want him to serve them while truck. Absolutely none and rich we understand that a lot of people are. Overwhelming. Lack wanna Connie emergency services and an asking about road conditions that rate. Yes yes so and I thank you for getting that message out for us. We're just getting inundated in our and I don't want center with calls about people complaining about getting back in there roads not plowed. And unfortunately that's not something we can help them went home I understand their frustration when they just shoveled her drive way out and they go back in the house and come home. A few minutes later and they find. The pilots know what if your driveway and blocking him and it happened to me this morning. Unfortunately at a shall at all before it came to work so you know like this and they understand their frustration but. Again it's not something that now long can ultimately if it's Saturday and issues that people could Calder municipal laws TPW department see if they can help it if it's an emergency. Phone by all means call mile long one by itself. Just because your driveway got plug Bakken and there's not much we can do worry and it takes a dispatcher away from a potential emergency situation. That rich and we've got a couple people call today who say they worked in the medical field nurses. Of people who are in the hospitals and there are they're scared about getting to two worked do you have any advice for them and all. Well oh without addressing that all day yesterday and still today. If they really need to get there. The roads are somewhat passable if you drive. You know in at a reasonable speed and and used car should calm and now that's not to tell everybody that issue brought on the road drive if you don't have to be absolutely did not go on the road to the Apollo crews a chance to get things cleaned up and that this is an unusual storm. We've this is a record snowfall in one day. And you know is just thing that's out of the norm so it's gonna take a little bit longer to clean it up and we ask your body have little patience with the. Anything else they need to tell the people rich while we have you. There's a question some of the questions about their travel ban right and is still in the fact in that doesn't mean you can't drive on the roadway what that was or was the interstate roadways tractor trailers well. You know motor homes and things of that nature wanna keep them off because they just. Day in all candor than the other stole removal effort on interstate also talk. But in in years he just your normal municipalities. Say everything's now. It you're thinking get through yeah no police nobody blocked roads are stopped throat but again I would I would caution everybody if you don't need to go anywhere don't go away and then until at least tomorrow. An army it'll be good for you guys because they think that there's frustration on on both parties and you're fighting for their road space so maybe it would be best if you could just and the rich we know employers are demanding that we encourage people they can. Spirit to maybe just sit back one more day maybe take care of the neighborhood right helped out your elderly neighbors and get the job done in your house. Correct I was lucky this morning whenever cannot help me and hit it just speeded up the job and and I appreciated that. But you know we ask and there are some patience with the the plow crews in there and getting them clean though it's a difficult job home. Sometimes there's no place to push additional and it just comes Apollo fault where we're saying and and it's again. And should. I sensed our frustration but it is something that's pretty much unavoidable. We want Karen may is my point. No not really has ordered all know slowly now and will be good and we see the weather forecast looks good for it kind of slow amount of the snowpack so. I I'm encouraged by what I see in the end of the folks we've had I'm from WNET have echoed that that it will melt less than slowly so I don't have to worry about. Another problem I flood awareness week in the emergency services community is not true. I'm not certain that those who do are you you're too busy with other things. And rich it was. Great a viewed as spare the time they did this these last couple days to get the messages out to the people in and not the now. The you'd do sensor frustration you're doing the best they can and they're gonna need to be patient so we're rich has been great to speak to. And all the folks that lack wanna Fannie Mae we appreciate what you do. Thank you for getting arrested joke it is our pleasure will do it all the time all day every day.