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Cheech Marin's new book, "Cheech is Not My Real Name, But Don't Call Me Chong".

Mar 15, 2017|

Cheech Marin's new book, "Cheech is Not My Real Name, But Don't Call Me Chong". with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She's by Aaron thank you so much for brightening our day good morning mr. Marron how are you. I'm just ducky how much you didn't our producers tell you that he slapped. With a picture view next his chest last night. So that they would basically be with less but it's a. They say that's all the producers across America who I didn't even notice when you left it up and he left quietly and that's always good isn't that. This is a good view them that don't let them storage in the bud. Yeah we've been haven't heck of a time last couple days had enough you know we we're in a major snow Stanley had two feet of snow. Here where we live and it's been a tough go I an a for why I'm liking you move from the West Coast that must seem like a lot of snow. That's a lot of slope where anybody. In and it's good to have you on we wanna talk about to the book thievery and she is not my real name but don't call its young and that is that that's that's agree titled how to get it on the cover by the way. He had to top commander what he says. Then they would wanted a title called teach you know. Here's teach but did you went the distance there and it was really a problem for you teach that you've got to mixed up I mean you kind of look different and what have you. It's known to have a little bit more facial hair so what's up. Yeah who knows. I mean that people would call that jungle that it would come with John and his colleague Jeanne. King the changes are shocked the idea as you were to individual. And they would they would act and happens all too that they all the time hey I'll be by myself look at a nearby is seeking jobs. And my wife goes down tone. Goodness gracious well she sounds like a good sport that she's very good as a general sense of humor which is rare among Russians. All that's from Ron and she's and she she is saying into what you're into right to issue ads that the fine arts right. Yes and I wish you concert pianist McCoy yeah slate going. And beautiful and lovely and funny and intelligence. Is elected she seeing you I'm just asking. No that. I have got to go to go to our titled as you can see that well. She's not listening to this interview by the way. No he's sleeper but all good for her you know you eat you call I said caught fire the free got a marriage I guess is kind of punt. The seventies you guys you know you are that you are setting records is a recording artists and then you hooked up with up and smoke in 1970 and I spotted in theater room it was a marvelous time to be young in the 1970s let me tell you that. We did. Hook up well with Tommy Chong originally. But what was it that attracting beauty each other and I annually even had some rough times of the year bit. The years but at first what was it like was it like a little bit of a weird marriage. These villain who look like who first met Maggie Tilden in the book it was freshman so that we looked at each other and says what are you. You could get to meet who looked like like a Mongolian biker list. Jail house set to it and the and the and the I was the first to I don't he would ever met for the aid in militant violence that. And what we got together what drew. You together who who had more humor who had more writing skills. So was it a combination and know what isn't like it in the original. The Genesis of your your relationship. Well we got together and Tommy lose. A run in this improvisational. Theater company quote. In a topless bar in downtown Vancouver riddance and why no build skid road donkey milk. The worst part of the city and it was it was popular. We had public schools and but did did comedy improvisational comedy and what I figured out at the end this is we're doing here people who live. And that sort of look at look at people who live. And Willie who cracked each other out because you know we were kind of a high degree of the intelligence that that we match. Under these characters but it was still there and everybody appreciated I think that was sort of that's the charm licences they could be. Dumb and intelligent at the same time. Ray and I think that works in humor you re so different levels with people you can write some low hanging fruit. And then you write some of that upper. Echelon level humor and it seems that that does please a lot of different people that once. You know it's it's a classic. Would the category of of comedy as the too that he's clearly pointed that out to us saint Timothy Leary settlement. Remember him he was Taylor's deep groove and he became a very good friend of licensed to hang out all the time to put him in movies. And he says. You're you're doing classic comedy here and initially booked so the encyclopedia and there was three different kinds of of comedy. And as well as the one that comes right off the street that's rough few minutes. But it really represented the voice of the people of what's happening out there they get. You know refined and then refine more but we used to do you view or the classic example of this kind of comedy so. It really validated us for me anyway. You know in our society today at the line is often blurred between the re on the faith and people wonder why Israel. During the the pinnacle you know when you were doing some real weird stuff. Can share with us where you felt very surrealistic. About what was going on around June and with whom you share those memories. We're in a place in in a time with a bunch of people who we know very well and he could talk about what it was like to. Engage in discussions made do with a couple of people once that we don't normally associate with each other in their yarn a club bird at comedy show. Tucked into a bunch of people together that are just very eclectic. You know the one. Saying their loot that was in that category is when we first met Peter Sellers. And in London and and eve because those but circumstances. He would go very early and he has got our our album weren't acetate around before will be released in London because of our producers. Lou Adler knew him that. And and so. As he heard the album. And he says this is the most. But the finding is that the most excited the efforts of the groom show which she was gone. Actually he wanted to meet as soon as we came through with the hope that we're doing a tour of England. And he may disappear within the book and the Mets in the airport and then became my biggest band in and took all around town and introduces all the as the and the one surreal saying that that. That he did is as he slumped to its most tomorrow at any pixels so that is little Mini Cooper and it was so he had a buddy with him and Tommy and I got back. And the doable all around London. Do we get our album due in two and all our characters and they would have they would loose. A letter to take out gloriously than they would start it again and they would do it again they were like in the backseat. Six months ago we were collecting pop bottles. Obviously doesn't have to live. And and the next ten and we know we're in the backseat of Peter's Phyllis car he's doing a bit. That was the most surreal moment of our whole career. Did you ever reach a point where he just didn't want to do the same mall same mold humor you know people. Even loved when they hear common Vienna now and they like to see it replicated at live and I know I'm from seeing comedian myself. I love it and I know fruit for people like yourself he must think we. And don't you wanna see something new did you two point of utter frustration or did you try to teach yourself in a different direction. And did you find it may be to work free and in May do little bit upset. We don't. I believe we will wanted to do other stuff but we were we'd never noticed how much action because we're doing it every night. It was him who lose some element of them product is that we can't change in this incrementally every night and it wasn't aware that we. He's somebody that the new well this is. Had seen this through like six months at some point you're actually changed and we weren't aware of it you know. And that at the end who have I'm and I and our association we. I wanted to kind to move that they do like thirty degrees in the other direction include other. Topics you know and besides that it was a rock Rolen and that's where the that came. In this environment is my last question to but I do we really enjoy talk continue and she struck today in this environment. Does the up tight political correctness ever get a New Year's scanner you over that to significantly needs just don't care for. And I've never cared goods for its height never have cared about that like. A note saying that the that the feels safe for me is everybody laugh if I hit a good point if it's true you know so. In there's some very very it would group will very. Polarized right now as a country I mean I feel all over the time followed and and I try to disarm it with humor but making my point is the same time and people if you make of a true point and the funny and they get it. She's been Aaron thank you so much for brightening our day you are truly treasure and we loved having you on the show and we wish you the best. But the book Chichi is not my real name but don't call me chunk thanks so much this was such a treat the pleasure. I play I have appreciate it who say again and get over that small. Well eventually we well we will endure thank you are.