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Wilkes Barre City Administrator Ted Wampole

Mar 15, 2017|

Update on Storm Clean up with Wilkes Barre City Administrator Ted Wampole

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At ten lawful as the city administrator for looks Barry's been checking in with us to tell us how wilkes-barre. Is faring in that Ted yesterday it seemed that he you know you finally are trying to get a handle on this thing. If it's not going to be easy. We are doing the best we can do we still ask for patience. And as we try to get all these street took the coming in. Actually when they're gonna get a swipe or really get the plows down that some of them but the issue is. That's when the western anti earlier. The problem is now some of the street there's sort of push this now. This special in this parking on both sides but you can't just put it there's nowhere pork to go so we actually have to remove that. Which we are gonna have to send back close in almost a well put it that are gonna back up what Gordon who ordinarily would take ten minutes. The crew are treated in the tickets you'd better part of 45 minutes to an island and not. The time can be of people just. And the fact and I I got to say you know that if people will have been extremely patient and understanding so we're gonna. After that the continuous as we get there are really good handle on this snell now. Definitely what we're blessed to have a lot of parks. If so what they're doing is they're they're dumping. In those parks into pollen back into. Morgan B Williams up and almost purple heart anyway that we can. That allowed right. We were talking they're just a short while at the reprieve meeting and they're saying that one of the contract that had already taken out 250 dump trucks of smoke. I mean you know up around. General hospital in north San so. It's a hit it's a huge undertaking. We're definitely up for the task. Ask in yeah between the contractors that he could that be great again I can't say enough and and I started broke the record they have done and out. Standing up and and the and then the people who have been patient and and we appreciate. Okay did they clear the hydrant street guys and stuff like that idea I NAS at the other day against them. I haven't Dahlia. Most of them have an and I have yard draw down on the street some way and today and inside out some of the titans there were clear he could tell that they were cleared up by the residents and that is. A huge help no one might treat their tight turns. That SI without smoke blowing yesterday it to cover when you could even see well what if you didn't know where what does. You you never do the would have been higher prepare so those that have quick about the beer from a fragrance we're so appreciative that if the if the continue to do that. If things happen again we've Lucretia. You know I attend little out of our our seniors who get very nervous about their sidewalks and stuff of leeway does the city give. In an ML like this which is very very significant. Well obviously you know what is it for have a cup I'm. Keep up with but I can imagine the way it is true residents as well so yeah we're gonna be we're gonna. He'll obviously you know be a little bit more lax and and not be as strict as it has. That is inordinately would be a minute put that in the system is up to 2530 it is a spell the end it is. I think people sometimes the psychic stake in the cities and crimes so. The ignore it into your quiver walks on the cannons and and let you know obviously we don't want people out there over exerting themselves and and I think any help that you soak. We've pre sell that they can do. Content in terms of from all the snow total in the city looks very G get an official measurement on this. But delicious cup in the butch and he was saying something about 22 or 23 inches. So. You know more than what we expected. But. We're deal. Tyrant and we know that it's a it's a very. A trying thing for for a lot of for individuals and residents because a we've we've heard tech not from what spray but mother. Municipalities from my people in the medical field and they say we have to get to work and we can't get out of our houses is there any advice you can offer. Those folks have you taken any calls like that in the city. Can pick a number of thumb then yeah all we can cover that we're getting there. I know we're doing the best we can look where we're trying to get you know this sometime to they call their employer you players sometimes can help bring you up to something that's already on the way you maybe he gets some theorize. I put about people going to BA. To work and endemic part of posted on FaceBook where you know they were hitching a ride with them forty that have already gotten out. That was treating the post yesterday that if somebody that maybe it. May have been fed president and term. 911 daughter. You know taking people in the twelfth. Employees and soak. You know it is that a lot of that out there's there's what could blow up and we're seeing a lot of yen but the people need right. Think they should really you know ask friends relatives coworkers is that they can help get them right then. Plan and it's the best they can do and a situation like this and hoping that some of the employers are a little bit understanding about this. I would believe that as the day wears on today Ted that you guys will be able to get even a better grasp on it now that's. The snow has actually stopped the winds aren't too bad maybe some that blowing and drifting will not be as impact fault. As it was and then that was our big thrill last night is that that might make a mass was up much of a problem for eight hours. I didn't see it I mean like as what that that they're briefing yesterday and they were talking about your potential voters are ten to twenty. You know that was a little. Worrisome but that didn't come to happen at least as far as Yahoo! weather in the city. And we will last though is. Dog the people need to go to work pretty committed to work for the city but those that don't have to go out at all. You should heed the warning no please don't allow you don't call on the roads don't get stuck it allowed this to clear the roads a lot quicker. It allows for easy passing of emergency vehicles which is you know the public's faith is no news in the utmost importance. So they can help by doing that not take a second date stay home. It was the only and we will get look at the under control. Yes I have I hope people are still enjoying their families of this points out of the house thanks in the at a very on time in in close quarters sign up that that didn't. Is that something that they can still enjoy together but I think that a lot of things. Worked out well on the storm I mean we didn't obviously expecting that the vast amount of snow but I think that a lot of people heeded the warnings I know yesterday at at and a certain point there are people there are itching to get out. Om and some some of them were making problems that I was saying that you were aided. As significantly. By people who. Heeded the warnings and that weren't caught out in trying to get home at rush hour which is always a real hassle so that. I think the timing is deviant Pannemon opt. That that would be the silver lining you know it the fact that it happens you know after midnight. In the end we got to go to candlelight captivity and a lot of programs for the better part of the morning. And be you know if so that that would be this summer line but I gotta tell you again did and it's the work of that the crews in the city. From the deeply that we probably were you workers have just been outstanding job and I am really believe. That view and from what some of the problems some of the other neighboring municipalities have had that guy. And our team and and we'll follow up really well and I. Could be more prevalent people. Sorry I know that day in and strand they were planning on closing a bunch of city streets and bringing in loaders to get this not conjure downtown is just a look like unique and need to do better Yucca. That we did that overnight so that you can get downtown that was the goal last night it was one of but I cruise we had an astute you know quick around the square and then. You know the main arteries coming into downtown because of business summary here that have requested. You know that it would make some bogeys you further. Employees say to get downtown so. We did that and now we're taking that out that he into the neighborhoods as well so. It was a good strategy and and it would think it's got up well for people wanna get downtown. Time to attend lawful as the city administrator for looks very it's been our pleasure to have you on to talk about. What's occurring so congratulations to you the mayor of the team everybody down there. Don't think that Rihanna will talk again real soon and sure sure thing.