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Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright

Mar 15, 2017|

Storm Clean up update with Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright with Webster and Nancy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here comes the mayor of Scranton mayor court right joining Baltimore and yet your honor how are good our you know I what's happening is credit we understand the Rosie got there were gonna start you can but. We had a couple of call this morning people were talking about they weren't exactly thrilled so far. Well I mean it's still largest known event in the history is pretty natural we have we I'm gonna give you wanna give it up it I have chain of 22 is sixteen coming in my office and possibly spend time in a little while but I want to give you guys updates. We have to sixteen. I'm one of our vehicles 16 am out there we have nine private contractors out there. We're trying to do is open the Maine rose to make them at least passable and then we'll try it's on the secondary roads. It's and a departure which are getting stuck. That that we wanted to give it up it is what we're going to do tonight. In the downtown area. And well today let's say we get we're getting a lot of calls are gonna inundated with calls and to DPW. I've been out. 5 in the morning yesterday and today down there and now beginning a possible garbage pickup. We will resume garbage pickup until Monday in a Monday hopefully it'll be on a regular schedule okay but I know she's from 10 o'clock at night until 2 o'clock in the morning. Now wouldn't it be polished on the downtown so it seems avenue pop from lock wants you to mulberry street will be shut down. No that Washington avenue from Locke wants him to Mulder street will be shut down. I'll light on the avenue from Laporte avenue to Mulder issue will be shut down and asks avenue. A lot plan to mulberry street to be shut down. And then a lot on revenue from that one up until recess and so that will be shut down. Does this help while I guess that this is the secondary challenged now because they were talking with some of the official from looks very early this morning has not just. You know plowing the snow is what do you do with a after you apply holiday and it just gets in the way. Right we'll be calling it down power twenty try actual beat these are contractors and bring in twenty tries axles are coming down tonight with a decent front and orders. And fourteen cents for about gaps. And then that in addition to our DBW equipment so that's somewhere in the streets to shut down San going to be columnist a lot of there. Such a large volume I don't even know will be able to get it out Apollo and that we must combat duty tomorrow night also. Trying to get traffic in downtown openness as best we could and all day long they'll be they'll be polymer. TP WB plowing into some central sort of 10 o'clock tonight yeah. These is some of these projects have been getting stuck but have you had any malfunctions or breakage we just heard of a plot turn that you know the plowed just for a great off and a trip you have got her. He's that was which might actually help a couple penned actress has stopped we've had some minor things but the whole world yeah look yeah these trucks that stop. For most of its task now you know so something's gonna break down the and that's considered think we we went down damage to get very dear to get any we'll Gallagher and and it assistant. And on everything all except cause unfortunately we knew it was coming. That's just build the biggest know that this city's ever seen and it's it's gonna take some time. I know there's a lot of people that are that are acceptable what we're doing this because mistaken to have a bit of patience what is we'd appreciate it. I guess it would probably help also if unless someone absolutely it's necessity to go out it would be easier if there are staying in the. Yeah we we estimate gospel stay up to us what we saw yesterday was most people do is stay out DeRozan it December of people that had been at work and try to get home from work. There was besides getting stuck. It's who you know we'd we'd do our difficulties with people bottom challenged a back out into the road do we pilot stooges that may not much support it. Great it's hard to figure out what to god you're never the blizzard in 93 that happened on a weekend. So you know is little more difficult although a lot of people did not go to work you still have people going so that obviously added to some of the challenges. Rex so DPW organism the next forty years possibly said that this is well sourced in ninety. Yeah and and we heard that from the meteorologist today said it's more snow all now we didn't have as much wind as we had back then. But we had more snow this time so yet hearing your your guys are right I mean that's at their sand. All right so I tonight you talked about all those. Restrictions and again just to mention the garbage pick up we're not happen it until Monday right there. We're hopeful hopefully we'll open that a Monday at Barksdale appreciate things or hoping somebody we get back and that the schedule sorted and he would start up. Not supposed to be collect on Monday were not going to switch to did basic understand the days that they originally 0%. Okay are able mayor court right thanks so much for check and it doesn't really do appreciated and and make sure you call later on if you need to get anymore information out okay all right thanks so much appreciated and is there yeah.